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  1. elzach

    Pattaya bus to Suvarnabhumi airport

    You're right and I did think about that. In fact the Roong Reuang bus I was on from Mochit station to Pattaya broke down in March right after the toll booth in BKK. It was afternoon, we waited for 45 min to an hour for the replacement bus to pick us up. I think many of us can attest that many/most of these buses are near the end, or have exceeded, their serviceable lives. I ended up taking the bus from Thappraya station.
  2. elzach

    Pattaya bus to Suvarnabhumi airport

    Thank you so much. Yes the last bus with Bell appears to be at 7 pm, which is too early for me (my flight is at 3 am). So I guess I'll go to Thaphraya station to catch the 9 pm bus. Getting there at 8-8:15 should be no problem in getting a ticket?
  3. The info on the Pattaya Bus web page clearly states that it leaves from Thaphraya Rd, every hour till 9 pm. However, when I called them, the woman said from North Pattaya station. I also asked if I can check in 2 bags totaling 25 kg, but communication was very difficult. Can anyone confirm this? I need to catch the last bus tomorrow night, as my flight is late after midnight. If for some reason I miss that bus, I can catch the bus to Ekkamai and how late?
  4. Yesterday Uber sold its entire SE Asia business to Grab. It seems that the "local" brand (Grab, based in Singapore) had far better political connections. The latest evidence of that was in the Philippines a few months ago where the DOT basically suspended Uber. Now in Thailand, as others have reported, GrabCar rates have already gone up markedly since last year. In BKK last month I was quoted a rate of 350 baht from Sutthisan to Don Mueang at 8:15 pm ( last year it would have been 200-250). In Pattaya Klang last month, I had two Grab drivers cancel on me, back to back, 10 min after they confirmed (i.e. practically zero enforcement of policy on drivers by Grab). GrabTaxi all of a sudden makes more sense.
  5. Hi all, any promo codes for Grab or Uber recently?
  6. elzach

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Well said JT. I was wondering the same thing myself looking at the photos. A taco is not just slapping together some cut vegetables and meat and putting them in a tortilla. The meat (usually ground beef) has to be seasoned slowly in taco/burrito seasoning mix and have to use taco sauce on top, not just any Thai spicy sauce lying around.
  7. This reads like a "China apology" attempt. Peeing behind bushes is the same as shitting in front of one of the largest shopping malls in Pattaya/Thailand?? Just curious sadinc, are you zhongguoren?
  8. elzach

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    And now for something slightly different....if having a 130 baht cup of coffee at Starbucks and watching the other patrons mesmerized with their phones is not your "cup of tea", try Cafe de Palms on Beach Road (250 meters north of Pattaya Klang), next to the Twin Palms hotel entrance and adjacent to Pastry Addiction (which also looks very inviting but definitely pricey). You get a beautiful serene setting with views of the beach, plus some of the best cafe prices in town in that area. For example, large iced coffee + ham sandwich (tasted pretty good) for 110 baht. Smoothies for 75-85 baht. Cappuccino for 80 baht. It's a small place, there are only 2-3 small tables inside, but quite a few tables and chairs outside in the garden. The service was good, efficient and polite.
  9. The other day I made a cash deposit to my landlord's account at a SCB branch in Pattaya of 2000 baht (as deposit for a rental in BKK) and had to pay a fee of 30 baht. The owner's account is at SCB in BKK. I don't remember having to pay any fee before for any cash deposit, but I never had to pay from out of town. Curious if it's a fixed fee.
  10. It's become a huge deal in China. S. Korea became enemy no. 1 (in the "rotation" of countries that are the usual suspects) for quite a few months. The government shut down Lotte supermarkets (kid you not, google it) and there was vandalism at a few that stayed open. Basically China, along with many of its "impressionable" people in fact, aspires to have a N Korean type of regime.
  11. In certain places, such as North Pattaya, Huay Khwang in BKK, not to mention CM etc, they comprise about 80% of foreign tourists. In the end though, from my experience of living in China on and off the last 6 years, I can tell you that the above has a lot less to do with Thailand itself, than it has to do with China, in fact. The Chinese today are so thirsty to get out of the hellhole called the Mainland, that a) we'll see similar numbers in places like the Philippines (or wherever the government is friendly to the CCP). Yes, the government in China controls everything, including the outbound tourism business. Eg: after the recent spat with S Korea over THAAD, Chinese tourism there dropped by 80%. And the "China dream" has become "emigration". If they cannot fully achieve their "dream", they can at least take as many short and cheap trips out of the mainland as often as possible.
  12. Did you just advise him to move on from "Thailand" to "other SE Asia" and "China"? :)
  13. The only thing I'm surprised at is....how many people here are surprised of this. This is standard behavior ANYWHERE in China (despite what a few people claimed here), including their biggest cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Source: 6 years of living in Shanghai on and off. In fact, it doesn't even matter what the education or wealth level is. Proof: instances of this are regularly happening in Hong Kong and posted in the mainland media. Now, the majority of trips to HK by mainland Chinese are shopping trips of luxury items.
  14. elzach

    Aeon Bank ATMs

    Agreed, the advantage is dwindling. But if you do your shopping at Big C or Tesco then there's no reason not to use them. Btw, Aeon ATMs are not so rare, outside of Pattaya that is. In Rayong, of all places, I see 6 ATMs on their site. And in BKK they are in every single Big C and Tesco, i.e. everywhere. The reason I believe is that Aeon targets the "local" market, not the tourist areas.
  15. elzach

    Aeon Bank ATMs

    Where are the Aeon Bank ATMs in Pattaya? I mistakenly assumed that Big C supercenters would have one, but the one at Central Marina does not. The Aeon web site only shows three ATMs, 2 at Tesco Lotus and 1 at the Big C on Pattaya Klang. Is that possible? Thanks!