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  1. Garment wages soar

    and soon they will be unemployed and orders go to cheaper countries...
  2. It would have been easy, if there wouldn't have been the (Thai) greed. Now... too late to close the doors as too much $ involved.
  3. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Stay away from Patong and it may be ok but don't expect having too much fun with that amount of money. Nevertheless much better than staying in a cold place for the winter months.
  4. Can't they put the hunter in the same position ?
  5. He feels like a fish now, Neptune's punishment
  6. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    Travel time must be around 5 hours ?
  7. Just makes it a bit more expensive for him to get out of it.
  8. Phuket ghostriders in the spotlight

    I might target them better with a Sherman, going into the right direction
  9. Sick - leave to S'pore coming soon
  10. Bike riders doing this have a death wish, as they must be already brain dead.
  11. Easily to see with every road they ( try to ) build. Potholes after a few weeks already
  12. Phuket airport GM addresses hours-long queues

    Efficiency is an unknown word to these guys.
  13. This time it did not hit me personally but one I know. I was in Kota Bahru last September and had no problems, maybe one of the last ones lucky. Will check out Myanmar and Hong Kong, HCMC... when time has come again for a new sticker. Thx for the updates so far.