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  1. And I am sure they won't find back the cables, if they need a repair....
  2. 10 % zone is that much crap, that's unbelievable .
  3. At least he died in a fun place and not in Barntrup.
  4. Very serious crime... in the meantime illegal parasailing and jet ski scam on Phuket's beaches continuous as usual.
  5. Patong Tunnel update

    and pigs will fly
  6. Threat to Thai Society: Tuk Tuk drivers, tailor touts, taxi drivers not using the meter, many landlords, fishing industry, mini van drivers, teachers beating pupils...
  7. They have been replaced with Chinese zero Bath tourists on their beaches x 1.000.000
  8. Hope they stick to the sentence and make it come true.
  9. Ready not in this decade. Muppets
  10. In spite of all the Chinks, Mossies and head shakers, BKK is still a great place to be.
  11. new car

    Stupid rules with red plates. In other countries you get a regular plate immediately at the motorization office. When buying a new vehicle, usually the dealer takes care of this and you drive away everything set up.
  12. Engagement and sin sod

    Run man, run as long and as far as you can. Moving in with a mother in law... think twice or even more often. And paying a sin sod in 2017 ?
  13. Isn't the a wearing seat belt law in this country ? At last I got fined once for not having buckled up...
  14. Anyone has seen the pigs flying by ?