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  1. If you fund the work for reparations and the furniture and whatever needs to be bought, in order to protect yourself you should make a legally valid contract that all mobile goods (TV, washing machine, etc. ) belong to you and that you invested xxx THB in reparations. For this you have the right to stay in the place for xxx years without paying, unless your GF pays you back your investment. I know that there is such kind of contract possible but you need to talk to a lawyer for details. My advice: Don't do it - too many farangs got fleeced in that way
  2. 9 in Ranong not saying a word why. Would like to do the interrogation.
  3. Just wonder why they never put a bus and minivan drivers behind bars, after causing carnage ? Not even asking about their bosses... All about saving face towards the Chinese tourism industry now.
  4. No one mentions the standards for land transportation, which are much more frightening than the boats, specially when looking at the number of people involved. Most of the mini van drivers as just brain dead, as I can witness this every single day. This boat accident is sad but not even the tip of an iceberg, much bigger than anyone can imagine. And 5.000.000 Chinese tourist less p.a. for a while would be good for many in this country. Just can't stand 'em anymore, as many others can't.
  5. Deli

    Street-racer crackdown nets 203 arrests

    Hope the boys will be back on their bikes this w-end. And for those who don't like it: get some ear plugs.
  6. They can't even stop or control the Tuk Tuk / Taxi Mafia...
  7. Must be slow low season for the BiB's as well. No real crime to solve, let's hit the beach.
  8. 1st visit didn't supply them with enough money for the tea
  9. You mean you will Put Another Dollar In... the girls' pockets
  10. Make a movie: Showdown in Railey ! And it will not harm the tourist stream...
  11. Surprisingly they didn't need a Work Permit... Great job, guys !
  12. Basically correct, however, many Chinese run companies put so much pressure on the Thai staff / Captains, i.e. threatening them, to go out, also when the weather is bad. Too much money involved in the supply chain and nobody wants to refund anything in case of cancellation. With other words: If the Captain refuses to sail, he gets fired.
  13. Deli

    Usb / mac / music / Ford

    Throw the Apple outta the window and buy a real computer. It will work 4 sure
  14. Reason of death has not been investigated ?