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  1. Myanmar Tourism - The Moral Dilemma

    Moral dilemma ?? Never ever met people more friendly and accommodating than during my last trip in Myanmar. Far beyond everything and I wish it would be the same in Thailand. Looking forward to my next trip to Myanmar.
  2. One of the biggest mobsters in town revokes the contract. What a joke.
  3. Abdullah needs to face Shariah law = chop his hands off !
  4. Shooting at a Patong nightclub

    it's 03.00 a.m. closing time in Bangla
  5. Shooting at a Patong nightclub

    Usually they search patrons at the entrance. Carrying a 9 mm into a night club is really a nice one, always good intentions... The entrance shown in the pic is from Hollywood Club
  6. Chinese tanks arrive ahead of schedule

    do they come with drivers or are they recruited from the tuk tuk driver farm ?
  7. Nobody mentions that the pillion rider on the bike is not wearing a helmet... so not only the car driver to blame.
  8. And it's Chinese territory now...
  9. Discount on New Toyota Hilux ?

    For the dealer it shouldn't make any difference if one buys in cash or finance as he get's his share anyhow, either from you or the bank. Discount might reduce his profit, in this case it depends on how urgently ne needs to sell and gets cash flow. Giving extras at a reduced price of even free is obviously better for the dealer, as the RRP has a margin for him but in the buyers eyes, it's more value what he gets
  10. Do they really need a drug to act like Zombies ??
  11. Brain failure instead of brake failure.
  12. KEEEP IT ! I have 2 Honda Dreams, about 15 years old and would never change them to a newer plastic scooter. They run and run and fixing is easy and cheap. Missus complaints but if she prefers to walk... up to her.
  13. Can't built a freaking tunnel in Chalong but wanna host the World Cup ? Today is April 1st ?