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  1. neither...nor, don't trust anyone but myself, specially in this place. Age discussion is useless as long as there isn't an adequate education available for everybody.
  2. Indians do 7 for 1 girl Thais do 7 for 1 guy Not that much difference...
  3. Can go to the Army and kill at the age of 18... but can't go to a Club ? Hmmmm....
  4. As we have seen it before with these guys, no plan, no idea about real needs and far away from having ( better ) solutions.
  5. I have business with 3 different banks, males in all 3 banks can't cope with the OL's and even appear to be a kind of stupid in comparison.
  6. Vachira should get reimbursed from the Taxi and Tuk Tuk cartel, as they are highly overcharging every visitor using their "services"
  7. THEY shouldn't even bother trying to change it, people come for that what it is, or will stay away
  8. I know a lot of good reasons, as I have lived in much worse places
  9. Not even in the darkest night, in a dark room in a forgotten country. A fashion sin.
  10. Would be better to carpet bomb the whole area with that stuff to shut them up 4ever
  11. Arrested them a short time later... hope the BiB's had fun
  12. Never liked this guy but this time ne is right
  13. Has always been like that. They are not begging, they are performing something and people are free to support, or not. Street vendors going from bar to bar and offering their goods are nothing different.
  14. Neighbor needs a ticket to Lan Ka Deng
  15. Maybe an updated version of Deep Throat ?