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  1. All is paid with 1 envelope only
  2. Unfortunately lesson not learned. Would have been a good opportunity to ban this "business" forever.
  3. As long as they use the meter, BKK taxis are really good, most of the times. Phuket's however are a disgrace, probably the most expensive in the world, if you look at value for money.
  4. I am neither Thai nor young but I am proud to be loud and btw... loud pipes safe lives ! You don't like it ? Leave
  5. How can you open a hotel without a license ? Pay taxes, employ staff, get a bank account for the business and many more questions. Answer: TiT !
  6. If it fails, I see only 1 responsible, not 60 million
  7. Usually people don't jump out of a plane, if they can't fly. Whey the hell do they go into the ocean if they can't swim ? Must be a genetic deficit in this population, as they haven't been the 1st to try - and die.
  8. And again coz of one of these beautiful "mindf***" ladies, which however should not justify murder. People not mature in mind easily ruin their life in this place.
  9. Can hire him as handy man ? Has all needed equipment ready.
  10. After work they use them as fishing rods, the can of worm they have already
  11. Might have pissed off the wrong guys. Kind a Krabi story in Amsterdam, probably.
  12. I rather walk barefoot over broken glass before using a tuk tuk in Patong