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  1. zhangxifu

    Any BTS cards I can top up online?

    Bangkok Bank's debit card can be used as Rabbit card as well. That can be set up to direct pay from the account, or so the bank app suggests. Haven't had time to figure it all out yet. Bank told me to top up at BTS. Rabbit card also has an app which would make your phone replace the card I guess. Please reply after figuring this all out for us.
  2. Where is the assigned motorbike parking. Is it safe/have you used it? Thanks!
  3. Sounds like a nice service for easy visa run over there. BTW, why did you do a 90-day report to local immigration if you just entered the kingdom three weeks ago? I was looking for some travelling advice and found this thread. It's good to know border is open and operational but my plan was to ride my own bike from BKK and do things by myself over there. So, the question is, will I usually be able to ride my own bike all the way to Burma immigration or will I be forced to leave the bike behind to thai side anyway? Will there be something to see on the Burma side, a teahouse, market ? How far will I be or will not be let advance on the Burma side during the day? What is there to see on Thai side? Could someone link me to more info on Phunamron on this forum please? Cos if this border serves just as an automated rubber stamp might be easier for me to fly KL or SGN. Thanks!
  4. I have a similar question/problem scheduling the 30 days waiting period and summer travel plans in Europe. I have heard I can apply 45 days before my 90 days permission to stay expires (multi-nonO). Is this rule strict? I will be applying in Bangkok for the first time ever. Could I apply for the one year extension based on marriage say 48 days before my stay permit expires? And is the processing time always strictly 30 days? Am I correct assuming that if I travelled abroad during the 30 days processing period with a re entry permit and expired non-o visa and returned back just one day late the whole thing would collapse and I would be stamped in 30 days stamp? Thanks for advice, it is needed.