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  1. The body has a maple top with mahogany backwood. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. I don't remember what type of pickups I had put in, but I believe an older Gibson type. They seem quite hot and I might actually have them switched for something less hot one of these days. This guitar is very heavy (weight) and is by far the easiest playing guitar I have and also the best sustaining one. I have a lot of guitars in my collection including Gibsons, Fenders, Epiphones, and a Jackson to compare it to.
  2. 555 no, that was actually some fiber stuck on my camera lens
  3. I finally got my guitar just before Songkran. Here's a couple photos. Nicest playing guitar I have ever had.
  4. This was a Strat made by this luthier ? I am interested. Where is his shop located ? I ordered a Paul Reed Smith type. Shane the owner is a luthier. Their shop is located on Rama 9 road, between Rachadapisek and Ramkhamhaeng. I don't know how to copy and paste their address using my mobile phone but you can look them up on Facebook, etc. I find my way there by GPS (Google Maps). I've been having my guitars setup there for just over a year and he does an amazing job. He does not charge much and has lots of foreign customers.
  5. Thank you for sharing. 5000 baht is incredible. Makes me wonder how he can sell so low after all the time put into making it, but happy for you. I am having a PRS style guitar made for 35000. Don't want a Korean made one and can't afford an American made Paul Reed Smith. I'm not knocking the Korean ones, it's just that American made guitars are becoming fewer and less affordable and I think will retain better resale prices. Aleciea let's me customize everything for the price, but I asked them to just do what they want and surprise me. They can change the pickups and stuff for me later if I don't like what they put in. I also play finger style on my steel string acoustics and would like to know how your classical guitar turns out if you ever get one built by them. I will post again after getting my guitar.
  6. Has anyone on this forum ever bought a guitar from them? I was in their shop last month picking up a few guitars I took in earlier for setup and just conversationally asked if Shane (the luthier/owner) was still making six strings because they only had bass guitars displayed. I was told that he was extremely busy and didn't really have the time to make many guitars these days. However, they brought out a Paul Reed Smith shaped guitar out from the back of the shop to show me (all it had was just the body and neck). But the wood grain was just the most beautiful I've ever seen so I decided to have them finish that guitar for me. Has anyone on this forum ever bought a guitar from them and what do you think of their guitars? Mine won't be ready until next month, but I'm really exited. I have a lot of Fenders, Epiphones, and Gibsons. Can I expect my Shane guitar to be better in build than these since it will be coming from a professional luthier and not a run of the mill guitar factory?
  7. I was there last month staying across the river. No more noisy bars while I was there but my friend who works at the resort I stayed at told me that they allow a bar up river outside of town to operate noisily and stay open later. The road to get there from vientiane was like a highway to hell though.
  8. Reading the above comments it seems like none of you have ever heard of Cloud Seeding. It is in fact an actual science although not that effective yet. However over time it could possibly be improved on and yield better results. In fact it is used in many parts of the world and I think the king actually has a patent on a technique he was developing many years ago.
  9. I bought one from one from a store inside Fashion Island Shopping Center (Ground Floor). I forget the name of the store, but it is a Thai store similar to those Japanese chain stores that sell everything for 60 Baht. It costed me about 60 Baht and is made entirely of plastic so won;t be good for grabbing heavy objects. I use it mainly for picking leaves out of my fish pond or reaching beneath furniture to pull my dog's toys out. I've had mine for about three years now and still works fine.
  10. I drive the same truck as you now, but have never had the same problem. However, my old truck an Isuzu D-max used to have a similar problem in lower gear or in neutral when stopped. They reloaded the program on it and the problem did go away immediately so I figure that if it is the program then the problem should have gone away immediately. Like you said, the problem probably is the programming. Maybe try taking it into a different Ford center?
  11. I've tried two of these machines here in Bangkok. The first one was about 5000 Baht and didn't work so I decided to try a more expensive one for 8000 baht and that one didn't work either. During the really humid months like April-May, They can actually make you feel hotter because they increase the humidity in the air.
  12. I don't agree with many of the posts on here about Thais looking down on you simply because of your skin color. Thais associate dark skin with laborers or rice farmers daughters. This is especially so in large cities like bangkok where much of the population consists of affluent ethnic Chinese (affluent by Thai standards). Thais can differentiate between black women and dark women from elsewhere in the world including Thailand. However they cannot differentiate between black women from say, North America and Nigeria. Black people from Africa, over the past few years have been making headlines in BKK especially regarding what people here call "Nigerian" scams. Theses scams on Thai women are extremely rampant here, especially those started through the local dating sites. I read Thai and these scams are so much reported and talked about through popular Thai web boards such as and I think that this is your main problem. I mean, have you ever walked down Petchaburi Road in the Pratunam area or Nana, and seen the number of Africans loitering there in the evenings? It's all very negative looking and you can sort of fathom why many Thai women would have a negative view of black women. Like I mention, they can't differentiate between black people from Africa, or even "farangs" from say Europe or America. Sent from my i-STYLE Q4 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app