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  1. Maybe this has been covered on one of the subforums. my apologies if this is the case I am British, living in Thailand, legally married to a Thai, I wish to make a will that will cover my UK assets. Any advice, avoiding pitfalls, etc would be appreciated.
  2. My 90 notification date was Sept 12. Am i correct in thinking I have 7 days grace, which would mean I am ok to renew it on sept 19, or will they do the procedure of counting the 12th and 19th, thus making it 8 days, and facing a penalty? Also, do all immigration offices follow the same procedure? In my case it will be Ubon. Sorry if this has been answered before.
  3. Motorbike driving license age

    Very useful information on this topic, but not sure if the following was covered: I refuse my 16 year old stepson to ride our Honda Wave 100 on the main road until he has his motorcycle licence. I have done the test myself and am under no illusion that this will any way improve his awareness as a rider, However my concern is that if he is involved in an accident, and damage or injury is inflicted on someone or something else, will the fact that he has no licence mean more money for me to pay out. We have the bike taxed and insured, although I don't know if the insurance is valid for a non licensed rider.
  4. Det Udom get together

    A small group of us meet every Monday around 8.30 for breakfast in Det Udom town centre. The location is the big restaurant 50 metres East of the Krungthai Bank, just opposite the clinic. We speak your language.
  5. KTB Netbank

    i seem to be having a similar problem to the above. i made a payment , on online banking with KTB, it was for a regular payment once a month for 6 months to an internet company with a different bank. i now wish to cancel this payment but have no idea how to do it. i cant find the facility for managing, modifying etc payees i tried asking at my branch but got nowhere. i take note of your advice about fund transfer but i cant work it out. any help would be appreciated
  6. Na Chaluai Expats

    hi steve i live about 25 km North of you i sometimes go to Nachaluay and hang out at a coffee shop there its run by a woman called wai and is located right opposite the main hospital maybe we can meet up sometime cheers, Les
  7. motorcycle theory test

    thanks a lot benq , thats exactly what i was after
  8. motorcycle theory test

    i recently found a web page which had an interactive motorbike test., but cannot find it now. There is something similar on chiangmai buddies website but this is not interactive. Does anybody know how i can find the one im looking for?
  9. Thai Theory Driving Tests

    hi guys i recently came accross a website where you could take a sample motorcycle licence theory test online, and it was inter active. I can no longer find it. if anyone knows of it, please let me know. I know about the specimen test featured on the site changmai buddies, but this is not as useful
  10. planting coconuts

    many thanks for the feedback
  11. planting coconuts

    we have a small farm in Isaan, and I would like to grow coconuts. Is it best to plant from seeds or should I get seedlings
  12. thai id card for foreigners

    hi ubonjoe I showed this document to a friend who understands English, and it appears that it is dated 2551 i.e. 2008, and seems to refer to id cards for Thais. What I am looking for is a letter that the minister of internal affairs sent out to all tessaban and amphoes dated february this year (2559 i.e. 2016).
  13. I have read various helpful posts on this subject, but my local Amphur will not issue me with an id card, even though they issued me with the yellow book 3 months ago. I think the only chance I have , of getting this pink card, is if I can show them an official notice, in Thai, stating that I am entitled to one. Can anyone out there send me a copy of such a notice, of info on how I can get it.