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  1. boomerangutang

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    I had a dream: Trump was slipped a truth-serum 20 minutes before a press conference. Here's what he said: "Ladies and gentlemen. I have always wanted publicity. Lots of it. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity, because it's about me, great me. I like Melania, but I really love porn stars and playboy bunnies. Best of all are women married to rich men. I don't tell that to Melania, because I lie to her almost as much as I lie to the American people. I've got to go to a golf course to avoid doing my president act. Goodbye"
  2. boomerangutang

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    I dearly hope Trump will phone in to Fox & Friends often and long-windedly. Everything he says enrages his lawyers and digs deeper mud pits for himself to wallow in. Am I the only one who knew, when Trump promised everyone he would love to be questioned by Mueller, that he was lying out of his cake-stuffing orifice? When he says that, he's as sincere as when he says, "I would love to release my tax statements, believe me." Don't be shy about posting your opinion. Really, we get it. It's uncomfortable for Trump fans to see so many well-articulated posts trashing the guy. Well, tough tamales. Many of us don't like how Trump is trashing the USA. The scatalogical repercussions will reverberate far longer than Trump and his cabal occupy (soil) the Oval Office. If you can't see it, then that's your choice to keep your eyes and ears shut. I see it, and I comment upon it. That's what this blog is for.
  3. Real doctors should be assigned to give Trump real physical and mental exams. Today. The drunk doctor, who did Trump's physical recently is not qualified (to do Trump's physical exam), not because he's a drunkard, but because he's an unabashed cheerleader for Trump. He didn't even get Trump's height correctly calibrated - I jest not. He tallied an extra 2 or so inches in height - in order for his heaviness to not officially qualify as obese.
  4. I don't know if this has been mentioned in the 5,000+ posts in this topic, but.... Steve Bannon (Trump's bosom buddy) has been touring Europe, talking to groups of white-supremacists and hard-rightists there. He openly admits that: during the Brexit campaign, he tangibly aided the Brexit movement. If Bannon did that, then surely other US right-wing millionaires (including Trump) were involved. How does it feel, Brits, to know that US right-wingers were actively involved with affecting the vote for Brexit, .....which, btw, is music to Putin's ears. Putin also liked the idea of Brexit, because it weakens EU and makes it easier for Russia to spread its territory toward former USSR regions. Putin is happy, Trumpists and other American right-wingers are happy, Brexiters are happy. What's not to like?
  5. boomerangutang

    Pakistan moves jailed doctor who helped track bin Laden

    Reprehensible that the doctor was jailed. Perhaps Pakistan should round up and jail OBL's family members who provided DNA samples to the US - with which US forensics could compare to DNA sample that the doctor got from OBL - in order to confirm the buttplug's identity.
  6. Cohen will put off flipping until 25 years is staring him in the face. As for federal charges: That would be great from Cohen's view. Trump will pardon him quicker than a kernel of popcorn pops. It's state charges that spook him. Even if Trump is out of office by then, yellow-belly Pence will pardon him. Trump is so eager to pardon his buddies, that he may do those pardons before a trial or sentencing , as he did with AZ's Arpaeo.
  7. Deutches Bank is probably the #1 western bank for handling Russian Oligarch money. Trump couldn't borrow from any banks in the US because his credit was zero, .....so he went to Germany. Interesting that it was a bank, in the US, which started the ball rolling toward indictments in the Stormy Daniels' case. If it wasn't for the the bank flagging a loan taken out by M. Cohen (to pay hush money for Trump), none of the Stormy storm would be swirling around Trump and Cohen.
  8. It's like delaying getting surgery for spreading cancer.
  9. Kellyanne Conway says Trump is planning to call in often - in order to express himself on Fox and Friends. GOOD! Blab away, Stupidissimo. It's great to see him digging his own muddy burial trench, deeper, and deeper, and.....
  10. On the other side of the issue, Thai authorities should make it easier for Thai students to learn English. The current rules make it difficult, because it's difficult for native English speakers to get teaching jobs in Thailand. The Thai folks who hire at schools, hire on the basis of paper degree(s) and how young and attractive the applicant is. It's easy to get a fake degree. Even people with real degrees aren't necessarily better at teaching English than those who don't have degrees. I've met dozens of Europeans and Philippinos who have good jobs (Chulagong U, etc) teaching English, yet they speak English badly and/or their accents are awful. How a person engages a class full of students is also a factor, ....and is something that a degree can't improve or teach. Aristotle was Alexander The Great's teacher. Did Aristotle have a college degree? No. But he was a mighty fine teacher. The Thai staff, in charge of hiring at U's and schools, don't have a clue who is effective when it comes to teaching English. That's one of several reasons why Thais score abysmally on English comprehension - compared to youngsters from regional countries. Heck, more that half of immigration kiosks at both Bkk airports are un-manned. My theory is: they can't find enough Thai (who want to do that job) who can speak basic English. Well, that's half the reason. The other reasons are: bad management, and not caring that 1,200 people will be forced to wait between 1 and 2 hours (after traveling for long periods) while waiting for service.
  11. see my response below....... BTW, Schiff has heaps of evidence. Nunes is doing all he can to stifle it, but much of that incriminating evidence, against Trump and his cabal, will come out. A message to those who choose to wear blinders. Here are just a tip of the iceberg indications of collusion: >>> repeated and multiple denials by Trump and his cabal of ANY meetings with Russian agents, .....until, more recently repeated proofs show Trumpists were/are lying and covering up. 22 meetings thus far, involving Trump and nearly all the people close to him, including Ivanka. Note: Sessions will be busted and probably do jail time (for lying to Congress) along with dozens of others in Trump's circle. >>> Flynn arranging quid pro quo with Russians top tier. Of course Trump knew, and was orchestrating those arrangements. Do you think Flynn would be acting as a rogue agent? >>> Admission by Russian lawyer at the June 16th Trump Tower meeting that she's a Russian agent with connections up to Putin's right hand man, and probably direct contact with Putin. >>> 2 long phone calls, within an hour, to a top Russian agent - 2 days prior to the Trump Tower Russia meeting. Between those two calls, Don Jr called his dad. .....that's just an aperatif.
  12. As usual, Republican politicians are so sickly partisan, they can't think reasonably. Devon Nunes is among a cabal of Republican congresspeople who should be hauled off to prison - for conspiring with the Russians to harm the USA. I jest not. Today's biggest news is added proof (of what reasonable already knew months ago) - that the Russkie woman at the Trump Tower meeting (summer '16) was a Russian spy with close ties to Putin. Additionally, Don Jr, on that same day, called an unlisted number several times (before and during the meeting with Russians). It's a no-brainer that the unlisted # was his dad's. Nunes and other Republicans would not allow investigation of that - and other key factors which would prove Trump and cabal colluding with Russians to skew the US election. Mueller has all this info, including which Russians Trump owes money to.
  13. boomerangutang

    Trump to visit Britain, hold talks with UK's May July 13

    You're right, we shouldn't stoop to Trump's level - of using childish name calling. I don't think most English folk want a Trump, unless you want a lying SOB who would kick environmentalists in the balls, trash anti-nuke treaties, and make England look like a redneck nation of gun-hugging imbeciles. I predict there will be a relatively small group of Trump supporters for his visit. They will be put in a prominent position along the motorcade. Concurrently, there will be a vastly larger group of folks who will protest against the lying SOB. Bobbies will try to scoot them away and hush them up. Note: One of Trump's bosom buddies, Bannon, is touring Europe as we speak. Besides praising white-supremacists everywhere he goes, he openly admits he actively campaigned for Brexit during the Brexit campaign. It was a close vote. Was racist Bannon (and Trump, and Kushner and Stone....) affective enough to manipulate enough UK votes to get Brexit to pass? We'll probably never know. Food for thought.
  14. boomerangutang

    Military pledges firm backing for PM Prayut

    If the people are smarter than mud, then they're smarter than I think they are. re; the OP: sample conversation in a Thai military barracks: General Somchai (addressing a group of soldiers): "Men, who here does not support my friend General Prayut as PM for life?" no one speaks up. "I take that as an endorsement of the good general. Is that right?" Soldiers in unison, "Yes sir!" "Ok, I'm going to call Prayut and tell him he has 100% support in this barracks. Dismissed."
  15. By now trying to distance himself from Cohen, Trump is also distancing himself from lawyer-client privilege. Yet he wants lawyer client privilege. Flip - flop - flip - flop. It reminds me of when I was a little boy, and my brother and I jumped in the sea by a pier. It was deep water, and there was a rock sticking out of the water, 10 feet away. We swam to the rock, but it was so covered by black sea urchins, we couldn't even touch it. So we swam back to the pier, but that also had sea urchins every square inch. We felt stuck in the middle, danger on all sides.