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  1. It's clear to any sensible person what the Oval Office is most spooked about. Whatever they try to cover up the most, is what they know will be most revealing of their law-breaking. It's like when investigators come to a suspects how to inquire about a recent bank robbery. The suspect, standing in his living room, says, "I want to comply. Ask me anything, but not now. Ask me after I've lined up my lawyers in front of me, and ask me in written questions posted to my mail box in Belize." "And search the house, by all means, but don't look in the basement or under my bed or in the garage. Everywhere else is fine, but not under the couch or in the false space between the kitchen and bathroom walls. You won't find anything there, so don't even think about looking there, do you understand? If you try looking where I tell you not to look, I'll have John Kelly come out with a gun and he will wave it in your face menacingly. He knows how to shoot."
  2. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    A major part of Mueller's investigation indicates at this point; HE DOESN'T LIKE BEING LIED TO. Manafort, Kushners, Trumps and all the other buttplugs have been lying their butts off since grammar school, - and getting away with it. Indeed, it's made them very rich and politically powerful. Mueller is making it clear: You can lie to your sniveling corrupt mafia and Russian comrades, but you don't lie to me and the FBI. He's still at the bottom rungs of the ladder. Much more to come. Even if Mueller gets bumped off (killed or fired) the investigation will continue. He's got some amazingly adept staff, and they're amassing a pile of evidence that we can only imagine. Watergate put over 50 people in prison. Russia-Trump will plausibly put two or three times that many behind bars.
  3. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    I keep saying this, and it's still true.... Mueller's team members are just scratching the surface. Manafort and Gates are small fish. Mueller's team are working their way up to the rotten fish heads at the top. No mention yet of Gucifer2/Roger Stone involvement. ...or Felix Sater or dozens of other mafia-wannabe buddies of Trump. Anyone wanting to get a sneak preview of some of what Mueller's team will be announcing, should check out interviews with Malcolm Nance. He has consistently been several steps ahead of news outlets. He has sources and can see several layers deeper into what the FBI and Mueller's team are looking at ....than media talking heads. I don't put down the media. Except for Fox and other Right-Wing propaganda outlets, mainstream media are doing a stellar job of news and analysis. Joy Reed is great, as is Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnel and others. I'm heartened that free speech is still allowed in the US - even though Trump and his cabal are trying to stifle it.
  4. I have two rural properties, and each is rather close to the new 4-lane hwy being built around the west side of downtown. I often walk, and sometimes ride on as-yet unfinished parts of it. Here are some observations (feel free to add yours'). . . . >>> It's a shorter route than I think it should have been. Instead of a capital D shape (the curved part), it could have been designed to T off from Route 1 further north. That way, it would have avoided the busy Ban Du stretch of Route 1. >>> Rather than curving around hills, the designers wanted it as straight and evenly flat as possible. To make a straight flat road in hilly country, requires mega amounts of earth moving and more than a few bridges. Bridges are a lot more expensive than roadway. >>> The builders don't want to use clay for fill. In other words, though they spend months cutting a giant swath through a hill (instead of spending half the time and money having gentle curve going around the hill) .....the builders are always trying to dump the clay fill in surrounding properties. I understand that clay is not the ideal base for a road (though all of the non-bridge road bed will be be topped with about 50 cm of gravel/clay mix), - yet clay can still be used in many situations. What appears to be happening is: Clay is excavated away from hills, but awhile later, the builders need fill - SO THEY BRING IN CLAY FROM DISTANT PLACES!. In other words, it's after they squandered the cubic Km of clay they had initially, that the realize they need 800 large dump trucks of new clay from somewhere else! >>> Anyone interested in bridge construction is advised to drive to the river where they're building the new hwy bridge. They're using a (to me) unique technique. The pre-fab sections (10 between each set of pillars) which FIT TOGETHER LIKE TONGUE AND GROOVE ! Look closely at the sections. They're all individually numbered, with arrows, and look at how one side has about 14 tongues - which fit in the adjoining section's same # of grooves. The sections have to be v. precisely manufactured. It will be interesting to see how they string those sections together to make an overhead bridge. Inside each section is a cabin-sized opening with three heavily reinforced concrete boxes, each about the size of a microwave oven - two above and one below. My guess is the crew is going to stretch one inch cables through those three two-inch holes. Imagine a string of large beads: pull the string tight, and all the beads line up. If the beads have t&g provisions, it would be even stronger.
  5. Chiang Rai Immigration

    I woke up this morning (yes, I do that occasionally) and realized I didn't report to Imm - that I had crossed over to Tachilek (and returned to Mai Sai) six days ago. Whoa. Saturday (today) C.Rai Imm is probably closed. Sunday certainly (despite Sunday being a Christian day-off). So, do I be a good farang and dutifully show up Monday to formally inform Imm that I live at the same house I've resided at for 19 years? I'm tempted to slough it off, and hope that Imm isn't worried about the ridiculous rule, ....similar to how it doesn't enforce other ridiculous rules. Police don't enforce rules, but that's a different story. Police can sit at a busy intersection and watch 50 cars and trucks per minute go speeding through red lights, but..... mai pen rai. When I went to C.Rai Imm 2 mondays ago, there weren't any 'take a number' numbers. I was told they were full and couldn't handle any more people, period. It was 11 am. So, if I go this Monday, will I get the same non-reception, or will it only take 2 or 3 hours - to formally inform them that yes, I still reside in the same house I've resided in for 19 years. Don't tell anyone. Thanks.
  6. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    You're responding to selftaopath, but I'll jump in..... I have been at some of the meetings, as much as is possible via TV coverage, and following transcripts and many commentaries on media. There is a reason why many of the top criminals are not answering questions posed by congresspeople. If Reps didn't control congressional committees, those evasive buttplugs would be slapped with 'Contempt of Congress' charges (yes, there is such a thing). Sessions, Don Jr, Hicks, Kushner, Cohen, Bannon and others in Trump's cabal aren't answering questions and/or are lying because they're hiding things. Some of those things we've found out, even before Mueller's findings get published. For example; Sessions has lied several times to congress, under oath. When Trump says he would gladly testify to Mueller's team, he's actually indicating he's scared shitless. If he ever does get forced to, he will take the 5th. Trump is the poster boy for the 5th. In one (of 3000+) trial in NYC, he invoked the fifth 99 times in one day. He's more cowardly than the armed security guard in FL who hid while the shooter was killing kids. Trump will no more willingly testify than he will show his tax returns, ....which he has said numerous times, "I would love to release my taxes, believe me."
  7. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    Manafort must be holding out for a pre-trial prez pardon. That's the only thing that could explain why he's hanging tough in the face of an avalanche of evidence against him. He must know that some of the charges against him are on state level, so a prez pardon doesn't have jurisdiction there. I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes, not for 20 billion dollars in a numbered Cypress bank account. I'm poor, but I have the freedom to go hiking in nature. Manafort and Trump have billions, but they're miserable. Look at how they walk, it's as though they have 50 lb lodestones hanging from their necks, bending their bodies downward, flattening their lungs.
  8. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    You don't understand how a savvy investigator does his job. It's like busting a Mafia den in a big city. You start with the little guys, and compel them to rat on each other - all the time working your way up the pyramid. If the Trumps, Kushners and the rest of the law-breaking creeps in the Oval Office understand that, ....they should be quaking in their boots, and staying wide-eyed awake in their beds at night, troubled to the core. Even with presidential pardons, many of the law-breakers will do hard time, and so they should. Wrong. The Russian accomplished 3 of their primary goals: >>> get Putin-loving boot lickers in top spots in the US >>> debilitate the US. Note, lots of money went back and forth between Russian agents and the NRA. Have you read recent news? It's paying dividends for the Russians: the more torn the US fabric, the better for Russia. Also, Russian bots deepened rifts between blacks and whites. >>> Getting the anti-American Trumps into the WH accomplished way more than the Russians could have hoped for. Now, most Republican congresspeople are either standing alongside Trump, hailing Putin - or on the sidelines dumbfounded with their hands in their pockets with their shorts down around their ankles.
  9. Anyone trying to decipher Trump has to understand one basic thing: HE LOVES PUBLICITY. He loves to be on the Front page of every major news outlet every day. His love for publicity over-rides his anger at bad press (when the press reports facts/truths). In other words, he would rather have people say he's a screw-up, than to say nothing at all. Of course he much prefers adulation, so whenever anyone or any media praise him, he showcases it like he's the 2nd coming of Christ. Love is not the opposite of Hate. Love is the opposite of indifference. Trump hates being ignored or seen as unimportant, that's why he's constantly saying stupid things - in order to keep himself in the limelight. If he had lost the election, he would still be publicizing himself, like he did prior, when he said Obama was a Kenyan Muslim. He would be bleating non-stop about how horrible the Clintons are and insightful & wise he is. He's doing some of that now, but he doesn't need to grandstand with ridiculous conspiracy theories as much now because he's prez. He's already headline news every day - but for all the wrong reasons. Maxine Waters is not a puerile name-caller. She is a mature and wise woman. Trump is not in the same zip zone as Senator Waters. It's like comparing Bozo the Clown with Indira Ghandi.
  10. Who is the #1 name-caller and denigrator in the US? If I have a randy boy and he goes around making up denigrating names for his fellow boys and girls, I'm going to gently discipline that boy. I'm not going to call him names, nor beat him. Instead, I'm going to try to instil a sense of decency and help him to understand that name-calling and denigration of others is not good. Trump is not my naughty little boy, but he acts like the worst naughty boys I've known when I was a kid. I think his parents failed in their duties, .....and now Trump is failing - not only as a parent (encouraging his kids to go and shoot to kill large vegetarian beasts, and cheat in business), ....but he's failing miserably as a political leader.
  11. I tend to agree. Unfortunately, there are still about 30% of US voters who are more devoted to the NRA than they are to safety of their children. They're the same folks who believed, for at least 5 years, that Obama was a Kenyan Muslim. A country is only as good as its people, and a significant portion of Americans are selfish dummies.
  12. The term 'pompous ass' was coined for Trump Sr.
  13. I'd rather have a bald spot than STD's. Trump is known to not use condoms. (His sexual conquests and their women friends say so). He's bragged about bagging hundreds of women, many of them married ("I came on to her like a bitch"). He's not only endangering Melania, but himself and the who-knows-how-many women he's seduced and/or paid for.
  14. How different is a trained cop and a trained soldier? Both are trained to go in harm's way with courage, ...when need be. Courage can't be taught, but it can be bolstered with good training (knowing your enemy/capabilities and knowing what you yourself are capable of, with the tools/strategies at hand). None of us know the precise details of what happened that day, but the cop/security guard should have at least checked out the problem. He could have at least fired a shot in the air or in the general direction of the shooter. Did he shout for the gun-wielder to put down his weapon? I don't think so.
  15. Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

    Folks outside of Mueller's team, following this stuff, think Gates and Manafort are the big fish. They're not. Mueller is working from the outside. The whole fish is rotten (to use the Mooch's analogy), and Miller is working up to the rotten head, ....but he's barely past the tail. There are lots bigger fish getting body slammed in upcoming months.