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  1. Kim is crazier than Trump, but that's like saying a turd is smellier than rotten goat cheese.
  2. Both Trump and Kim skipped class the day their schools taught; 'Let Cool Heads Prevail.' US right-wingers (by electing Trump) are already responsible for much added suffering (ww and nationally), ...yet they could also be unwitting parties to an unwarranted (and world's first) nuke war. In the bigger picture, the Korean problems stem from over-population, as do the problems with mass migrations to Europe and the US, Rohinga problems, Middle East, etc etc, ad nauseum
  3. Defying Trump, Iran says will boost missile capabilities

    Why is the US acting so 'more-righteous-than-thou'? I'm American, but with Trump at the helm, I've dropped the mantle of thinking WE are superior. Trump acts like HE is (...and Americans are) superior. What a wrongheaded view! It would be like the first tribe to invent the metal sword, pontificated about which other tribes can be allowed to have swords - forever. All nukes, everywhere, should be eradicated permanently. Since there are currently no world leaders sensible-enough to back that idea, then let the arms races explode. Who can say whether Iran will be more or less responsible than the US re; nukes? I can't say, can you? The US is the only country in world history to have used a N bomb in anger. As things stand now, I trust Iranian leaders as being wiser and more cool-headed than US leaders, and I don't trust Iranian leaders much at all. As for Fat Boy Kim.... the comparison to Trump is like comparing a rotten pear to a rotten peach.
  4. Trump mulls new order to replace travel ban, no decision yet

    The best decisions Trump can make on all up-coming legislation, is no decision. He's invariably wrong. I'd rather have Putin making decisions for Americans (ok, that's essentially what's already happening). At least Putin isn't a nutcase. Putin knows how to be a gentleman (doesn't grab pussies), and can appear sage when he wants to. Trump? Fogedabowdit.
  5. True words. All the 'Bill Clinton is not pure' stuff is silly. Not only was it decades ago (would you keep harping on your dad for some untoward thing he did 30 years ago?), ......it pales in comparison to the illegal things Trump is accused of doing. It's like comparing shoplifting a bottle of mayonaise to robbing six banks at gunpoint. Every time I see right-wingers whining about the Clintons, it reminds me how desperate they are to divert attention away from the very real problems of today. Namely: A treasonous man (Trump, along with his family & friends) who are doing all they can to debilitate the USA.
  6. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    Britain and the US each got body-slammed last year. The US with Trump, and Britain with Brexit. How long before they each reach some sort of equilibrium? .....I don't know, maybe 15 to 25 years.
  7. It's different than the N.Korea/US debacle. Re; US/Iran, there is only one deranged leader, and it's not the Iranian.
  8. The primary goal is changing separating U-238 from the sought-after U-235. It demands astounding precision in instrumentation/calibration. A US nuke physicist mentioned in a speech I watched recently, that an associate of his was touring a refinement facility in Libya. Some centrifuges were on display with a bold sign saying 'Do Not Touch.' The associate broke the rules and, when no one was looking, he touched each centrifuge with his hand. Two things immediately happened. #1, regardless of effort, the oil from his hand touch can never be completely washed off. #2. the same 'hand/palm' oil will permanently render each handled centrifuge inoperable forever. That should be done to every centrifuge worldwide: render them inoperable. Nukes should be banned ww. No exceptions.
  9. Trump mulls new order to replace travel ban, no decision yet

    I'm so turned off to Trump, that even before he makes a directive, I conclude it's wrong.
  10. Looking at those pics, above, is further proof that Trump, in his profound ignorance, thinks he can fool most Americans. Granted, he can continue to fool his hard-core 19%, but the vast majority of Americans have been able to see through his bs for months. In the pics, he's having a grand time with Russian agents. Contrast that to how he acts when around fervent US patriots like Nancy Pelosi - with whom he acts like a wooden Indian. Similarly, look at how Trump speaks when, for example, he's trying to express empathy for Texas hurricane victims. He's stiff, insincere, low-toned, and won't even go near any actual victim. In contrast, when Trump speaks about something he's passionate about, like the canard 'fake news' he's brash, loud, red-faced passionate. In sum: Trump is anti-American. He's a dangerous fool, and quite likely guilty of treason.
  11. Russia tells North Korea, U.S. 'hot heads' to calm down

    Telling Trump to be mature is like telling Pee Wee Herman to be Swarzanegger.
  12. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    I think it's mostly pressure from standard taxi drivers. Like workers everywhere, they don't want competition, particularly if it offers cheaper service.
  13. As I look at the photo of the 3 men, I think of how many Republican right-winger dirty-tricksters like them have intentionally debilitated the US over the past decades. Forget the 'Commie threat,' AIDS, Drugs, N.Korea, heart disease, Al Qaeda, black lung, ISIS, ....... men like that have done much more harm to the US than all those threats combined. Noam Chomsky said in a recent interview, something to the tune; "The Republican Party is the most dangerous institution to the US, EVER" I tend to agree.
  14. Stone is the poster boy for Republican dirty tricks. He wrote the guidebook.
  15. If any security agency can get to the bottom of this crime, I trust the UK authorities to do so. They're the opposite of Thai detectives, particularly when looking at how Thais continually screw up Ko Tao murder investigations.