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  1. Obama is getting flack from Trumpsters for not telling all he knew about Russian meddling in the election. Obama purposefully didn't tell what he knew, because everyone knew Trump would scream like a baby on fire about how Obama was trying to sway the election in HRC's favor. Trump was already screaming about the election being unfair, for the 3 weeks prior to the election, ....the whole time Trump knew the main unfairness about it was he himself (and his cronies) colluding with the Russkies.
  2. I've responded to this type of not-wanting-to-see-anything post before. It gets tiring. It's like responding to posts by people who claim there is no indication of Global Warming. There's a whole heck of a lot of proofs of Russia meddling in the 2016 election and of Trump's people colluding. LOTS. Trump fans would probably say there was also no fudging by Trump insiders on their security clearance forms. Then, when it's proved that many Oval Office insiders lied on their security forms, Trumpsters will say, "So what. It doesn't matter."
  3. Ummmm, let's see. Who has historically stayed on task like a bulldog: Some notables: Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Papa Doc, .....shall I go on? I'd like to agree, but I can't help recall that there's still a sizable number of voting Americans who are stupid and very easily duped. Unless they change, and become informed, reasonable folks, ....shysters like Trump can win elections. Here's some insight on Trump's most recent lawyer and mouthpiece. He changed from being Jewish to being a Bible Thumper, because he realized it was a fast track to riches. He and his wife started an organization which begs many small donations from poor people. Now he and and his family are fabulously wealthy; private jets, 60-million-dollar/year lifestyles, expensive properties in several states. Just the sort of person Trump lauds.
  4. Just don't tell anyone about his wooden dick.
  5. Suwanboom bosses are doing what Trump does; if you don't like a report, chastise those who wrote it.
  6. I wish I could be proud of the people manning the Oval Office, but I'd have to wish for the downfall of America, for me to feel that way. The debilitation of the USA is already happening. Open your eyes. I recall feeling good about Obama. Many reasons and times, but particularly when he gave an informal speech to his campaign staff right after his victory for a 2nd term. He was standing in front of a blank wall, on the same floor level as his staff. He spoke softly, without text or teleprompter. He was sincere, decent, kind and eloquent. .....such qualities that Donald has never, and will never possess.
  7. That should be required watching for anyone who doubts Trump is a despicable character. If I had a little boy who was having a 6th b'day party and Trump wanted to attend, I'd say 'no.' A suggestions: One slight addition for the video of Don's lies: he said during the campaign, "I would love to release my tax forms, believe me." Of course, there are hours of other video/audio proofs of what a mafia-wannabe punk Trump is. Someone will make a feature length film, ....and there will still be miles of tape on the cutting room floor.
  8. I agree with all but your closing sentence. is growing by leaps and bounds, despite some big electric companies trying to sabotage its growing popularity. In India and other places, solar panels produce electric at cheaper costs than coal. Anyone who is still saying 'solar is only good on sunny days' needs to hone up on recent developments. Thanks to the Dufus in Chief pulling the US out of the Paris Accords, China will increase its reputation as the go-to country for solar installations. Thanks, Trump, for putting the US at the back of the queue. There are many bright innovators in the US, many of whom are at the vanguard of developing alternative energy solutions - but they've all been disadvantaged (compared to other countries' experts) due to Trump's idiotic antics. You and I hope for two different Americas. I'd like to see an America where most people can get access to health care. Trumpsters don't. I'd like to see America maintain its national parks without letting parts of them go to mining & drilling, Trumpsters don't. I'd like to see an America with a president who is looking out for the well-being of all Americans. Trumpsters only want to coddle the rich. He got less than 20% of American adults to vote for him. HRC got a bit more for her. Most Americans of voting age didn't vote. Of those who voted for him, many are leaving the fold, week by week, as they become aware of his trail of lies. Trump hasn't hardly begun his plans to ruin the US economy, but when he gets his pamper-the-rich concepts fully cranked up, he will really shaft it to non-rich Americans. Republican Brownback destroyed Kansas' economy in recent years. Trump will do the same for America, but on a larger scale. P.S. Obama is wildly more popular in the US than Trump ever was. It's even more true, from an international perspective.
  9. N.Korea? Thai bureaucracy feeds on itself. It's in a vacuum, and won't discuss things with the people being affected. That's why most of their rules restricting farang are draconian. Thai bureaucrats could do a lot more good for Thais and the Thai environment/economy if they took an inclusive rather than an excluding attitude, but they don't have the mental abilities to do so.
  10. Yes, interesting. Did a US satellite photograph Syrian air crew pouring chemicals (from canisters labeled, 'POISON') into bomb cases labeled 'chemical weapons.' ? If Syria were planning a chemical bomb attack, you'd think they'd do it as clandestinely as possible, ....even going so far as to disguise the operation - to make it look like another faction was doing it.
  11. As much as we like to bash Bashar, he sure has hung in there, like a skipper on a ship that's been nearly destroyed. Will Trump look the same in several years? Clutching the mainmast by his fingernails, wrapped in torn sails and ropes, while the pulverized hull is listing 25 degrees, wedged on a coral reef, with all hands but Priebus and Bannon washed overboard......
  12. Who is surprised? Not me. Expect further erosion of the US's image - as long as Trumpsters are running the clown show. Just on the environmental front alone; even if Trump did everything else presidentially - he single-handedly dumped on US's image. Now, when people from outside the US want to get some alternative energy solutions (advice/hardware/service, etc) they're less likely to look to US experts/products. China, India, western Europe will fill the void that Trump created. It will translate to many jobs and lots of manufactured items and expertise (relating to, etc) bleeding from the US to other countries. A comparison: In the early and mid 20th century, the US was considered at the vanguard of pumping oil. For that reason, the Saudis, Russians, and other countries hired US experts, and many Americans became very rich from that. Imagine if Eisenhower and other US presidents of that time had declared; "Oil extraction is bogus. We want nothing to do with it." ........all those billions of $$'s in investment would have gone to other countries, instead of the US.
  13. Have the detainees been involved with serious crimes prior? If so, that would put some perspective on it.
  14. 3 people resigned? That sounds draconian. Was the article factually wrong? what degree? Could not a retraction have sufficed? Methinks there is more to this story. Perhaps the implicated person (Scaramucci) had threatened a mega lawsuit. That's usually how despots get their way in that realm. Both Thaksin and Trump have threatened and instigated hundreds of frivolous lawsuits - to try and shut people up from speaking truths. It's an ugly trend.
  15. I was in Namibia in December, driving a rented car for 9 days. Drivers there are miles above Thais in terms of decent driving habits.