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  1. First a mention of wind power: I love the concept, but it's impractical in Thailand. Not enough steady wind - or at least not in any region that I'm aware of. The article paints a rosier picture (about solar in Thailand) than I've seen. Also, Thailand has very few (if any?) solar power experts - who are skilled enough to set up a low-cost system that actually works. I endeavored to sell solar panels for Thai-based people and support equip online. I got many inquiries. About 10 to 1, farang to Thai. However, everyone wanted technical advise and aid in setting it up. I wanted to just sell components, so I would recommend they search around their region for an expert to assist them. NO ONE COULD FIND EXPERT ASSISTANCE in setting up solar, in Thailand. Thai universities don't help at all. They've got a millions of students studying things like economics and hotel management, but about zero students studying solar and alternative energy. I would offer my services/knowledge (to set up a college course somewhere), but I'm a farang (without a college degree), so I wouldn't even be considered for such a role. P.S. I'm not a full-fledged expert, but have set-up and used solar since early 1980's. I had a stand-alone house in California which used Arco panels, which ran everything: pumps, fridge, hi-fi. One rule of thumb: When setting up PV solar, don't use if for things which require heat (cooking, hot water). I actually prefer PASSIVE SOLAR. it's the best means - for heating water. I use passive solar for half a dozen different water heating systems here in northern Thailand. I also built a parabola using 6 sq.M of recycled aluminium sheets from a print shop. I use it to toast bread and to heat corn tortillas into chips. There should be all sorts of detailed info available to the public re; solar, ....both PV (photovoltaic) and passive. If the powers-that-be in government knew 1/100th as much about solar as they do about various whitening creams, Thailand would be well on its way to improvements in that regard.
  2. I don't think China necessarily preferred HRC. I think Chinese officialdom had a similar outlook as Russia; the didn't like HRC because she wasn't shy about speaking out about human rights and other abuses - seen in other countries. Trump, in their view (Chinese and Russian views), was a clown businessman who was/is mostly unknown quantity. They, like us, didn't think Trump had a snowflake's chance in Hades to get elected. If Trump wasn't prez, his mouth farts wouldn't carry any more significant than Ronald McDonald's. But because Trump is prez, the press corps and everyone else are obligated to sit up and take notice. In the old days, when Trump would appear on one of the late night talk shows, the audience would laugh, as if they were being entertained by a pompous trick pony. Unfortunately, enough rednecks in the US took the trick pony seriously, and now Americans are in deep pony doo doo.
  3. Turkey has now blocked Wikipedia: There's are definite similarities between Erdogon, Trump, Duterte, Mugabe. It's like we're going through a period, not unlike 1940's, of particularly egregious heads of state. I hope it doesn't get worse. As for Thailand, ......jeez Louise, there are too many downward slides to list here. I don't want to get carpal tunnel.
  4. He keeps degenerating. Sad times for most Turks.
  5. I made it clear, earlier, that I'm just predicting what I think will happen in ensuing months. You can do the same. I've been right, often. I predicted, last summer, that if Trump got elected, he would use his real estate as much as possible to make as much money as possible (compelling visiting dignitaries to stay at his resorts, etc). In his 1st month, he doubled the membership fee for Mar-a-Lago to $200k. If you don't think Trump's top brass buddies will make messes overseas in order to shield/deflect from Trump's legal problems, then we don't agree. Already, the 59 Tomahawks (which accomplished nearly nothing) and the MOAB were useful in deflecting from Trump. They bought him a few weeks. Indeed, every time Trump does or says something which isn't ridiculous or wrong, his supporters say "He's Acting Presidential." Low bar. That's like saying little bratty Tommy, by not barfing on grandma, which he usually does when she visits, is acting polite. Pence, if prez, will pardon Trump in a D.C. minute. However, Pence also has some serious illegal shit on his shoes, that he's tracking all over the Oval Office. I'll make another prediction: Pence will be on his lying ass, much like Spiro Agnew was during early days of Nixon's election in the early 1970's. Flynn thought he could lie for the 100th time, and fall on his sword for both Pence and Trump. It won't work. There's too much proof that Pence has been lying, and.... of course Trump has been also. Dereliction of Duty is too mild a description of what those lying SOB's have been doing daily.
  6. Here's a term we're going to hear a lot of in future headlines: . . . . . . . . . ////// PRESIDENTIAL PARDON ////// Already, it's almost certain Flynn will get one. Pence too. Possibly also Manafort and Carter. Certainly Kushner will get a P.Pardon when it's shown he broke several laws (including money laundering?) and lied on his security forms (yes, the same security clearance forms which the WH refuses to release to the Congress). Trump will wait until the 11th hour in each case. In other words, when one of those conspirators get sentenced to prison, Trump will intervene to bail them out. Lots of soldiers are going to fall on their swords for Trump. It's not as painful when you know the Dufus in Chief can keep you from getting punished with just a wave of his presidential hand. One interesting scenario is: TRUMP CAN ISSUE A PRESIDENTIAL PARDON FOR HIMSELF !!!!! Doing that could wind up being the biggest headline of 2017, if Trump doesn't start a war with N.Korea. Oh waitakotonpikinminute .......that's why Trump is rattling swords with Kim. Another prediction from the all-seeing Boomers: I think military hostilities are more likely to break out, within the next 2 years, between the US and China re; the S.China Sea (76% possible), than between N.Korea and Uncle Sam (53% possible).
  7. You ain't seen nothin' yet. There are a lot of avid environmentalists in the US, and they're not going to be shy about stepping out in public and having their voices heard. There are a lot of people like me who put environmentalism + sanctity of public lands - at no less important than economics, treasonous activity in the WH, abortion, war with N.Korea, or any other issue. I'm not physically in the US, so it's not easy to go out an protest - from a town like Chiang Rai. So, I wind up posting on T.Visa and other venues. Maybe just a tiny voice in the conversation, but lots of tiny things together can have a big effect. Example: most of the oxygen on the planet is produced by algae - which are too small to be seen individually by the naked eye. Yet, when working together, in big enough numbers, they have a massive affect.
  8. The Feds can encourage people, particularly youngsters, to train/get skilled for the future. Hospital/health care will be a big one, because the population is aging. When Trump puts such a push on coal and fossil fuels, he's also turning his back on emerging alt-energy technologies. Europe, India, China and other countries (not so much Thailand) are realizing the exciting potential of solar and alternative energies for the future. Unfortunately, the US is saddled with the oldest prez it's ever had and he thinks like JP Morgan: Everything to make a buck for himself the old-fashioned way, and very little vision or encouragement for a bright future. He put Kushner in charge of something to do with Innovation. Kushner is already in charge of 20 agencies, and has as much innovative energy/ideas as a parked steam locomotive going rusty. Has anyone heard Kushner say anything in the past months? No, you haven't, because he doesn't talk. His lips are too busy being pressed against his father-in-law's ample butt.
  9. I wonder if there was any wrangling about price? Thais are genetically compelled to wrangle about big ticket items. Try this on for size: Let's say you have a car or property for sale. If a Thai person responds, 79 out of 80 times, .....whatever price you start with, the Thai person is going to cut down - along with all the other obligatory gestures and bellyaching, "oh no, ha ha, that's much too much, ha ha......" They do it even (by phone inquiry) when they don't know the quality of what they're bidding for. It's as automatic as putting socks on before shoes. However, when wrangling about really big items (entity to entity), like submarines, it's a different conversation. It's all hush-hush and focused on how much tea money can be paid, and how much skimming can come off the top.
  10. 55% of Americans pay no tax. Probably half of those are wealthy - because, like Trump, they can afford the craftiest tax lawyers.
  11. How about 55% if income between 120k and 200k 65% between 200 and 350 75% over $350k to 1 million 80% over 1 million. Either way, probably the only people benefiting are the holders of numbered accounts in offshore banks. If anyone wants to start a bank for super rich people to hide their money, please PM me, and see whether we can hatch a plan.
  12. Maybe he can build a wall in the WH Press Briefing room. It will have to be sound-proof, so Spicer (or whomever is spokesperson next week .....Conway?) ....can't hear annoying questions. Trump would much rather rule by decree. Just jot things down while he's playing the links at one of his golf resorts - maybe the back of the chit of paper golfers use for keeping score.
  13. Maybe the subs will be retro-fitted with retractable paddles - which project out the sides. They can then slither up mud banks, like giant iron guppies.
  14. True for USA, as well as Thailand.
  15. 36 billion baht for 3 subs (over $333 million each!), ......Chinese (read: 'poor quality') to boot. The Thai gov't's own studies find that, for large municipal outlays, about 1/3, yes; ONE THIRD, of money spent goes into corrupt middlemen's pockets. That's what the gov't's own studies concede. The actual numbers could be 50% or more. But let's take the conservative estimate, and remember the deal is between Chinese and Thai wheeler-dealers - both nationalities are historically corrupt to the core. Therefore, of the 36 billion baht purchase price, roughly 12 billion baht will bet divvied up among a few top players - or more realistically, clandestinely sent to numbered accounts overseas. Of course, any big-ticket purchase will also entail loans from banks. In this case, it will likely be Chinese banks. So added % rates will ramp the purchase cost up toward and above Bt.50 billion. Where does that money come from? Not from the 3% of Thais who are very rich. No, they have crafty ways of avoiding paying taxes. It won't come from the 60% who don't pay taxes, usually because they're too poor and/or out of the system. So that leaves around a third of Thais footing the bill, and thereby putting billions of baht in the pockets of self-appointed politicians in biz-suits who, just a few years ago, were parading around as generals, with dozens of medals pinned to each of their jackets. As if that weren't enough, the Thai gov't had an option to buy German subs for much lower prices, just a few years earlier. Even Chinese engineers would admit that German craftsmanship is head & shoulders better than Chinese. Trouble with that is, the Germans don't have a long deep history of bribe-taking, as the Chinese do, so it would be a lot less lucrative for Thai top brass to do business with German weapons dealers, than with dealers from China.