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  1. China is renown for making bogus claims on territories that aren't theirs. They've been doing it since they invaded and took over Tibet. Any child can take a crude map and draw a dashed line on it. The 9-dash map is worse than a child's doodle. It's dangerous, it commandeers other countries' territories, and it could trigger major military conflict. Even if none of that happens, China has already been destroying coral atolls a mile a minute, and pouring thousands of tons of concrete on whatever little bits of coral are left. China is to environmentalism what a herd of elephants is to lawn maintenance. In nearly every part of the world where there are still some fish swimming around, there are open clashes with Chinese fishing vessels which have been militarized and have Chinese navy escorts. Americans feel a kinship with VN, more so than with China. US is even closer with Phils.
  2. Follow the money: According to my 'back of the envelope' jotting down numbers, It looks like approx us$4 billion for approx 3,000 refugees wanting to settle in Australia. That comes to us$1.3 million per person. That's why there's scant little mention of costs in that article: The numbers are astronomical. If that happened, then people ww would be screaming about how Aussie gov't forced Muslims to denounce their religion. Muslims in particular would be livid, and probably step-up bomb attacks.
  3. The US has such an inept group of people in the Oval Office, that it's come to point where; if the Kremlin and the WH publish conflicting stories about the same event (like they did re; the Trump/Putin meeting), I'm more inclined to believe the Russian version, even though I know the Russians are lying. It's at the point where the general public have to decide which group is the bigger liars. Similar with Iran: Sorry to say, but the Iranians have more credence, at this time, than the dufuses in the WH. And again, I don't trust the Iranians, that doesn't say much for Trump and his dangerous gang of liars.
  4. What a colossal waste of time, and all the while, Congresspeople are getting paid salaries by taxpayers, ....for doing what? If just one added Republican added a vote to the two who were reasonable, Americans wouldn't have to suffer the next months' spinning wheels in the Senate mud. John McCain stood up and gave a speech which mentioned many reasons why the vote should be 'no', YET HE VOTED 'YES' ! What a forked tongued ding dong. Whatever bit of respect I had for the war hero, went down the tubes. He should have stayed in AZ and played dominos, or whatever.
  5. Allow me to re-phrase your opening sentence 'China only recognizes international law when it furthers its agenda.'
  6. It's one of a thousand ramifications of overpopulation. Other factors, relating to the refugee-producing countries...... >>> Dearth of resources >>> No jobs >>> Continual armed conflicts >>> Mean-spirited belief systems >>> Neighboring Islamist countries not doing much to assist >>> Abysmal leaders >>> Making as many babies as possible, coupled with no birth-control I'm amazed that Italy and Greece don't commission boats to take the refugees back to their countries of origin.
  7. Trump changing his policy? Perish the thought. If I was an Iranian, I would want my military to have nukes (and I hate for any nukes to exist anywhere) ....while there's a dimwit dangerous screwball heading the US.
  8. Mosul may get some of its tourist attractions rebuilt, but for how long.... until another group of fanatics storm into town to destroy people and buildings? What they really need to rebuild is their religion. Repeal and replace or, if they were free-thinkers, just repeal, and replace with real concepts, like science and nature. But people in that part of the world (and people in general ww), don't have the psychic courage to have a philosophy devoid of man-made hocus pocus. For them, it's as scary as walking around nude in public.
  9. Maybe it was the same one, but I saw a video where ISIS guys went to a part of the river where a bunch of boys were splashing around. ISIS guys waded into the river and commenced to playing with the boys, all the while espousing their religious ideas. That evening, there was a celebration with lots of food and soft drinks, candy and a bonfire. Many boys were indoctrinated and brought into the fold by that method. Each day, ISIS brings in dozens of new recruits, while concurrently, Trump loses dozens of supporters.
  10. It just reinforces the fact that Trump voters are dumber than dumb, and soooooo easily duped. Either that, or they actually want the US to go down the tubes.
  11. Hats off to Botswana for standing up to the big bully with its head stuck in septic mud. Note about Thailand: The Dalai Lama was scheduled to visit, sometime in the early 00's. Thai leaders got a message from Beijing, and Thais did what was expected (by gutless clones); they cancelled the meeting. ...and Thailand is a Buddhist country.
  12. If Trump had a 'town hall' about health care, here are the parameters: >>> hand-picked Trump fans in attendance. No others. >>> Trump would be tossing superlatives around, and making preposterous promises." "Obamacare is a disaster, folks. A disaster. My plan is better in every way. You'll pay less. You'll get better services. Everyone will be covered. Pre-existing issues, no problem. And best of all, you won't be paying anything, or at least it will cost very very little. A tiny bit. Less than a cup of coffee. Believe me, folks. Everything about Obamacare is bad, everything about my program is great." .....and all the dumb-ass hand-picked 'townspeople' will clap and cheer. Trump could say he was going to personally transmit yeast infections to everyone in attendance, and they would still clap and cheer.
  13. Maybe so, but it would be traumatic for the person hitting him, and there would be body work and possibly bodily fluids all over the place. What if the car that hit him was full of kids. Yikes. Q: it's interesting that most of the screwiest stories out of Thailand come from Pattaya. Runner ups: Phuket and Bangkok. I'm glad I don't reside in those tourist-choked cities. Mental illness seems to be all over, in those places.
  14. Maybe so, but it would be traumatic for the person hitting him, and there would be body work and possibly bodily fluids all over the place. What if the car that hit him was full of kids. Yikes.
  15. He could get a job in China as the Chinese Ronald McDonald. "Hey kids, if you don't all order big macs, and one for me, I'm gonna put on a blindfold and run into busy traffic, and you can watch me die."