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  1. Boomer responds: Most Chinese kids in cities don't know that the sky is blue, because they have rarely, if ever, seen a blue sky. Smog blocks sun. With less sun, eye problems develop in kids (maybe also adults). I notice Bradford only took issue with one little part of my missive. Does that mean he agrees with the many other things I mentioned? Probably not. More likely, he can't counter with anything scientifically solid.
  2. Sounds cool. I wish they would do some of that in Thailand - particularly at fairs, where people are milling about. There's a Burmese border town I go to, and there are 2 large daily markets. Shopping requires constant vigilance, as motorbikes go racing through the narrow passages with no warning. Annoying and dangerous. Bangkok which, as we know, has some of the worst gridlock in the world, could adopt the European idea of even numbered licensed vehicles on even days, and odd with odd. But not likely to happen.
  3. I haven't heard of boycotting cars, but have heard of getting rid of motorbikes in China. California is striving to eliminate fossil fuel cars in the near future. Is that what you're referencing?
  4. By the way, there is no 'winning the war against climate change.' Only deniers plop that silly idea into the discussion. Any reasonable person, who cares about the well-being of people and other species on our one planet, will tell you, we want to lessen the damage being done. if deniers can't understand that, then here's a comparison. There are liberals in the world, who are concerned about heavy blankets of smog which affect every large city worldwide. No liberals expect to eradicate it. Yet, they don't throw up their hands, and say, "It's such a problem, that it's silly to try to do anything to lessen smog." No, instead, they educate their kids, and try to get them to understand the causes of smog, and how it can be lessened. One step at a time. And yes, smog is a part of the CC issue. Smog is pollution + CO2 and other chemicals that cause problems for humans in cities. In China, for example, a high % of little kids wear glasses. They don't do it as a fashion statement. The do it because their eyes aren't as healthy as they would be in a clean environment. New Delhi is having mega problems with smog. Those 2 examples are just a tiny fraction of the ww problem. Smog mostly comes from fossil fuels + internal combustion engines. Connect the dots.
  5. No reasonable person said, "We won the battle against climate change 2 years ago" Neither has anyone claimed, ".....CO2 emissions finally defeated, oil companies driven into perdition, the polar bears saved....." Except Bradford and perhaps some other deniers. Rick, here's some unsolicited advice: Don't go and try to make a living as a writer of fictional drama, unless you want your audience to be only anti-science shrill Trump fans.
  6. I kind of agree with most of what you posted, but why say, "On the other hand the green warriors get orgasmic to stigmatize the commoner, his car and his commuting, but what alternatives on efficient 24/7 public transport are offered ?" ? If some folks are more careful (than others) with how they use internal combustion machines, no need to denigrate them. Different people act different ways to show their environmentalism. Personally, I try to lessen my pollution footprint (for lack of a better term). I wash clothes using cold water and hang them out in the sun to dry. If there's no sun, I hang them indoors (takes 2 days to dry, instead of 1/2 day outside). I use motorbike or bicycle when I don't have to use a p.u. truck. I only fly on planes when I have to - in contrast to Trumpsters who fly jets every which way for the dumbest reasons (to show up at a ball game in order to walk out 5 minutes later, which entailed a r-t flight on an expensive jet for several dozen people). I just spoke with a Swiss friend who flew r-t to Switzerland from Thailand, stayed less than 24 hrs in Switzerland, just to sign one piece of paper relating to insurance on an addition he's building on a house. Can't people figure a way to deal with that electronically? I've been called a lot of things, but never a 'green warrior.' .....and I don't think I ever 'got orgasmic to stigmatize the commoner, his car and his commuting,' Observer, what's in the pipe you're smoking? I've been orgasmic at times, but not about the stuff you're on about. Maybe I'm therefore not a 'Green Warrior.' Darn.
  7. sorry to keep posting so much, and harping on about wasteful US spending on the military. But I crunched the numbers a bit more, regarding air-conditioning for tents in the M.East, used by US military there. How many tents are there? 50? 100? 200? I don't know, but the cost to air-condition those tents amounts to over $40,000 per minute. Yes you read that right. Forty thousand dollars per minute. That's more than a new Lexus luxury car, every minute. 24/7, all year long.
  8. So, are you saying to Macron and everyone else: 'it's happening no matter what, so there's no need to do anything - except try to get comfortable.' ? .....maybe your solution is to move to higher elevation, and buy more air conditioners. If you've got enough money, yea, not difficult. But if you're like a third of the world's population, you don't have enough money to even put enough rice on the table for your family. Macron sounds like a leader who sees a looming and dire issue and tries to find ways to lessen the impact. That's a stark contrast to Trump, who doesn't want to see it as dire, who doesn't want to accept what scientists tell him because it's counter to what he wants to believe. Trump worships money. His buddies in the fossil fuel industries may make a bit less than the tens of millions/year individually that they're accustomed to. So naturally, Trump is doing all he can to protect his rich friends and himself also.
  9. Climate scientists aren't dummies. They're taking into account volcanic activity, increased methane releases, and lots more.
  10. If the NW passage, N.Canada, and Greenland keep getting warmer, that will be indicative of warmer temps in lower latitudes. Desert regions, for example, like Sudan/Sahara, Gobi and north Mexico, where tens of millions of people are already failing at surviving, ....will get even hotter. If you think mass migrations to Europe, N.America are bad now, wait until things get a lot hotter in north Africa and the Middle east. Migrant numbers will go up exponentially. You're the first person I've heard use the term 'constant climate'. So, you're coining a term which doesn't apply, then you're attacking liberals and environmentalists for using the term WHICH WAS MADE UP BY DENIERS. Taxes pay for a lot of things: war, bailing out Wall Street, bailing out GM and Ford car companies, paying for Trump to watch TV for 9 hours a day (while sucking diet Coke non-stop), paying $60 million per day to keep a few tents cool in the Middle East for US occupiers. If you want to talk about wasteful tax spending, that's whopper of a topic. When you can't counter Macron's initiatives with science or logic, you attack him for supposed use of 'make-up.' That's like Trump attacking his sex-assault accusers by saying they're not young cute #10's any more ("Have you seen her?! She wouldn't be my first choice, believe me.")
  11. From yesterday's NPR (US's National Public Radio): "The Arctic is a huge, icy cap on the planet that acts like a global air conditioner. But the air conditioner is breaking down, according to scientists who issued a grim "report card" on the Arctic on Tuesday. They say the North Pole continues to warm at an alarming pace — twice the rate as the rest of the planet, on average. This year was the Arctic's second-warmest in at least 1,500 years, after 2016. Researchers say there was less winter ice in the Arctic Ocean than ever observed. And ocean water in parts of the polar Barents and Chukchi seas was a whopping 7 degrees Fahrenheit higher than just a few decades ago. " npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/12/570119468/arctics-temperature-continues-to-run-hot-latest-report-card-shows
  12. A new accusation against Trump showed up today. She was interviewed on a major news show. She's still young and pretty and blonde (her hair hasn't yet gone gray), so Trump can't as readily say, "Did you see her?! She wouldn't be my first choice, believe me." She claimed Trump grabbed her butt cheek. Believable, as are all the other Trump accusers.
  13. Mostly statesmanship. Macron is filling the void Trump has created for the US. Similar, with Macron's offer to try to lure US scientists & engineers (who focus on environmental issues) ...over to France.
  14. BS. There are two people who know for absolute certain whether it happened. The victim and Trump. How can you say '....it's impossible for anyone to really tell.' ??? I and a large majority of Americans can tell what's true in that scenario. For decades, Trump has been sexually assaulting women.
  15. The above missive, spoken like a true Trump shielder. Let me ask Baerboxer: When you were young, did you ever have anything traumatic happen to you (sexual exploitation or otherwise embarrassing) - that you did not tell anyone, until you were older? It's human to have such things happen. There are a zillion reasons why people don't speak up at the time (something bad happens), but instead speak up later. People who toss the excuses (shielding Trump) articulated in the quoted missive above, are clearly shielding - and not being honest or realistic. Humans don't act like programmed robots, they act like humans. BTW, the women are not looking for fame. Do you think the woman who suffered Trump's hand darting up her skirt to land his fingers in/on her pussy, .....is fame-seeking, telling that story? Or the woman who was groped by Trump while sitting next to him on the airplane .....do you think those women are somehow seeking money or fame by telling such sordid stories?!? The simple answer is NO !