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  1. Checks & balances, bud. With politicians and lobbyists, it's mostly checks.
  2. Well, on the positive side, at least Trumpsters are somewhat adhering to legal processes. If Trump thought like Duterte or Erdogan, he would just send uniformed/armed authorities out to do his dirty work, without any concern for statutes/regulations/due process. Will Trump sink lower, and enforce his (actually Bannon's) will more extra-judiciously? Stay tuned. Time will tell. Trump has at least 1360 more days to do added damage to the US - that is if he doesn't get impeached or thrown in jail in the interim.
  3. a bit of trivia: Cyprus is the longest-running continuously-manned UN conflict zone. When I went to school in England for a year (Aldenham in Herts), my best friend was Nigel Sproates, A Brit who grew up at Cyprus. Last I heard, he was running a yacht club there. As for Turkey. I think the reason EU heads wanted them in was a buffer between Europe and crazies in the M.East. Earlier, it was thought Turkey was reasonably moderate. They're not raghead fanatics like some of the Dune countries, but they've slipped on turkey grease (Greece?) downward, and are about to be eaten by Hungary (none of that sentence makes sense, but I wanted to slip it in there). When I was a kid, one of the schoolyard jokes was, "Hungary slipped on Greece and ate Turkey." Oh well, I never claimed 2 b a comedian. Erdogan is a tyrant. Let him drown in his own juices.
  4. When I first visited Thailand, 35 yrs ago, I heard about police owning/running houses of ill-repute. I talked a hill tribe girl into leaving with me, which she did. Her police boss didn't pay her prior month's earnings. Surprise! This story in the OP sounds particularly devious. I hope every one of the conspirators are brought to trial and if found guilty - are subject to the full weight of penalties. Of course, this being Thailand, and the accused are VIP's - it's not possible. It's more likely a chicken will fly to the moon, than any rich VIP Thai get seriously busted for breaking the law. Now, if it was a group of messy-haired, t-shirt-wearing, pimpled farang accused of the same, ......they'd be busted and fined hundreds of thousands of baht quicker than you can flash your get-out-of-jail-free card in a game of Monopoly.
  5. Thailand's self-appointed head honchos will grab at any excuse to further tighten the screws of censorship. It's a ratchet affect. As for what happened: yes, there is severe mental sickness among some people. There are ways to try and lessen their destructive actions. That should be the topic, not FB.
  6. .....only about 100 years behind UK and US. Seriously tho, China has a crappy reputation building simple tools, how can we expect them to do a decent job building giant complicated tools? Sorry if this sounds churlish, but I've bought dozens of various Chinese-made tools, and each has had at least one glaring flaw. Everything from caulk-guns, to electric saws, has problems from the get-go. I heard that their spiffiest fighter jet, copied piece-by-piece from one of the US's, is not even good enough to be used by the Chinese AF. Instead, they're making them to sell to places like Uganda, maybe trading them for bananas. You might ask, "if they're copied, down to the last rivet, from US tech, then aren't they as good as the jet they copy?" Answer: resounding 'NO.' Reason: Chinese skimp on metal quality and on tolerances. A true story from WWII: 3 US B-29 bombers were low on fuel after doing a bombing run in Asia. They asked for, and were given permission, to land in Russia. Surprise! the Soviets kept the planes. Bonanza! Stalin then demanded top mechanics make exact replicas of them. One was stripped down to its bolts, one was used for pilot training, and one was used for reference. The Soviets (who are much better skilled mechanics than the Chinese), did as ordered, but by the time they got a fleet of B-29s (they named 'em Tupolev Tu4), they were out-moded, because American ingenuity were making improvements for each of the many years it took for Soviets to build up their fleet of copies. Then there are the Thais, who are buying several subs from the Chinese. Not only will the subs be sub-standard (pun intended) they will also be out-dated. Thais would have been smarter to buy German subs for much cheaper. Smarter yet, would have been to not buy any subs, and use the money for more useful and smarter things. What do you expect from a bunch of self-appointed generals who don't give a crap for people outside their inner circle of privilege? The Thai purchase of Chinese subs has tea money written all over it, possibly in the billions of baht. Any guy reading this who wants to get rich very quickly? Here's how: marry one of the daughters of the Thai generals who are setting up the Chinese sub deal.
  7. She is told, and she believes the jive, that she is a moderating influence on her dad re; his draconian policy proposals. Yet, out of 25 policy decisions made by her dad, only one was influenced by Ivanka. That's one more than Tiffany (who is probably the wiser daughter). Bannon is the primary policy driver in the Oval Office. Kushner has all the intellectual acuity of a mannequin in a shop window. Both he and his wife's purpose is to show pretty faces for public consumption. Trump is 96% about image (1% substance, 1% convictions, 1% intelligence, 1% knowledge). Both Ivanka's and her husband's job description is to look smart, dress smart, nod their heads knowingly and chuckle fawningly at whatever the Dufus in Chief says.
  8. American presidents have influence. They can also unleash the most powerful arsenal of weapons the world has ever known. I happen to be a US citizen, but even if not, I'd be gravely concerned about the dufus in the WH and the just-as-dangerous ding dongs he surrounds himself with, Ivanka included. Why do I dis Ivanka, you may ask? Ok, she's pretty and shapely, that's undeniable. No, the 2 primary reasons I'm spooked by Ivanka in the WH are: A. She's an enabler. Similar to Pol Pot's or Mussolini's top lieutenants; anyone who is close to and encourages a tyrant is an enabler. B. She wouldn't have been given a security clearance to be on the WH grounds, if her daddy wasn't in the top spot. Google her involvements/investments with Kazakstani mafia & Iranian secret service (formerly known as SAVAK), if you like.
  9. You can put a scented artificial flower on a pile of dung, but it doesn't make the dung smell good. Getting booed, is the #1 reason Trump didn't do what all presidents in the past 100 years have done; throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. He knew he would get roundly booed if he appeared in public. Instead, he only appears in tightly controlled situations (and seldom) where there are regular people. Trump also skipped the Correspondents' Dinner for similar reasons.
  10. I think we're on the same page. Affecting peoples' outlook is paramount - to slowing Earth's degeneration. Start with gently discouraging people from making more babies. Numerous studies have shown that: allowing/enabling females to be educated is probably the one best thing - toward that goal. Continue by educating folks on how to get by - by using less resources and electricity. It's almost funny, there are thousands of different sorts of 'experts' who get hired every day to advise on things like 'mental disorders', 'business strategies', 'interior decorating' etc ad infinitum, but there is no such thing as a specialist who advises people on 'how to live with less of a damaging footprint' (for lack of another term) Granted, there are books, such as "Diet For A Small Planet" or videos like Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." ......but environmental concerns and lessening human populations should be put on the front burners. It's the most important WW issue. Instead, politicians can't stop talking/worrying about money and wars. A prime example is the current unelected men running Thailand who just committed to spending tens of billions of baht on Chinese subs that aren't even needed, ....and did so without any public or political input. They just decided, "We want the subs. We control the money. Let's do it." If countries' leaders put 1/50th the concern and funds toward trying to slow the destruction of the environment as they do towards war and fattening their wallets, .....we'd be on the right track.
  11. Like some other big issues, limiting immigration is a divisive issue with many facets. In a nutshell, it boils down to: Are individual Americans open to immigrants or not? Anyone who was schooled in the US as a child, knows that openness-to-immigration is a basic building block of America. It's as infused as Buddhism is for Thais. Of course there are drawbacks to being so open (crime, etc), but do the drawbacks overwhelm the advantages (diversity, etc) ? My father, a Dane, came to the US during the Great Depression. I was 'naturalized' at age 12. Trump's grandfather came to the US awhile ago, and got his first wads of income by working as a pimp, .....and so it goes with millions of other peoples' stories. The only true native Americans, are...... Native Americans, and even they came from elsewhere, if you go back far enough in time. When I think of immigration in the US, I tend to dwell on the diversity - most of which is good. Immigrants generally want to establish families and are willing to work hard within challenging conditions. In contrast, many white folks who trace their lineage back generations, tend to be fat, sedentary, and expect/get gov't handouts. Granted, I'm generalizing, but if a person looks at the reality, it's evident everywhere in the US.
  12. Perhaps less-than-hot-heads are prevailing in the Oval Office. The danger of Nuke war was about 80% last week, but has gone down to about 73% this week, due to the items mentioned in the OP.
  13. "If NK was not involved with nuclear stuff nobody could give a toss what they were doing" Unfortunately Trump is US prez, so what he decides matters. 'Lunatic in charge of the insane asylum' comes to mind. Trump does give a toss about a lot of zany stuff. While president, he tweeted about how his daughter should be treated fairly in being allowed to have her high heeled shoes displayed at Nordstrums. He tweeted that a particular man had personally tapped his phones (no one else and no other entity supports that stupid allegation). He recommended all Americans watch a specific TV program on a specific time slot - which showed a nutzoid woman ranting about how awful Ryan is. So, to say 'nobody could give a toss......' about what a crazy man (Kim) halfway around the world is doing, is completely wrong, because the man controlling the most powerful military arsenal in the world (Trump) is mentally deranged. Trump has put forth many zany assertions which NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET SUPPORTS. A recent example: Trump was the only prominent person to support O'Reilly's pussy grabbing adventures. NO ONE ELSE SUPPORTED O'REILLY. Trump is on an island with his mental deviancy. Not even Bannon nor Kushner stoops to his low level of stupidity.
  14. People like us, who are concerned about a rapidly warming planet, are concerned about many of the aspects. One can be concerned about GW and also acknowledge major problems with population explosion of our one species (and accompanying dogs and chickens and rats, but those are side issues). You've got a point. I've often thought about how politicians won't touch runaway population issues with a ten foot pole. It continues to be a taboo topic among politicians, but it can't be hushed up for much longer. Three primary reasons population issues are not much mentioned publicly: A. Developed countries, in particular, think they need ever-burgeoning numbers of new babies in order to provide retirement funds for elders. It's a dumb reason for most of us, but who ever said politicians were smart? B. Mention of 'population control' can quickly devolve to non-PC issues like forced-sterilization, gender-preferences (hence; killing female foetuses), and dreaded quota systems. China was on the right path, but chickened out, and is now back to; 'make as many babies as you can'. India is soon going to surpass China as the most populated country. C. Religions have always wanted to increase their numbers, because they're always vying to dominate all other religions, whether officially stated in their jargon, or not.
  15. Speaking of conducting battle attacks from a keyboard: Cyber warriors are showing many of the same psychic problems as people who are on the front lines.....