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  1. O remember it well. I was stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Japan as a C-130 Loadmaster from 2000-2006. I was on the first plane we sent from Okinawa to assist, we arrived the morning after it happened. The first 2 weeks we were based out of Don Muang, and flew maximum crew day permitted each day, shuttling in humanitarian aid from Bangkok to multiple places in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and taking people, empty pallets, and bodies away. After a few days, the airport was full of planes from around the world, who also were there to assist. After two weeks of nonstop flying, we moved to Langkawi and did our missions out of there for the next month. I remember taking in an all terrain forklift, loading team, and air traffic controllers into Banda Ace, as the entire island looked like it had been leveled, and there was zero existing support services, personnel, and equipment. The controllers set up a tent and began to direct the flow of aircraft into and out of the airfield, while our loading teams worked around the clock downloading aircraft, and coordinating cargo. It was was one of the most challenging deployments I ever was involved with. You never knew what was going to show up or where you were going to go. I used every single trick I had to load/unload my aircraft at fields with no material handling equipment or support...coordinating what could and couldn't be safely transported, dealing with completely chaotic situations. There wasn't a moments rest to be had. We all were driven to work as hard as we could, because we knew people's lives depended on us, and you could see the immediate impact of what you did on a daily basis. I never felt as motivated to push further and try harder than I did during the relief missions. It was unbelievably tiring, but also personally rewarding...knowing I was making a huge difference.
  2. So much fail here...I don't require permission to protect my men don't need permission, slaves do. If you think you're in a better position to make decisions about what's best for me, congratulations-YOU are the problem.