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  1. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    Sure they make huge profits. How is it that Laptops, Hard drives etc are made in Thailand, transported to Europe where they attract import tax plus 20% VAT and yet they sell cheaper in Europe?
  2. I'm no expert but 75C seems too hot to me. I would think that over 70C the CPU would shut down to prevent itself burning? Have you read the spec for the processor that you have?
  3. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    I can confirm. I have suffered from acute Hayfever all of my life, been de-sensibilised etc. but nothing helps, yet in Thailand, in spite of the abundance of air pollution, dry grass, dust, flowers and trees always in bloom, a beautiful garden with all sorts of fruit and flowers, I have no symptoms. When I return to Europe the symptoms always return immediately, usually in the taxi from the airport to home!
  4. I think the Government is happy for her to go, it defuses what could have been a very confrontational situation if/when she is convicted.
  5. Great breakfast buffet recommendations

    One of the best hotel breakfasts I've had was at the Amari Boulevard, Sukhumvit 5?, 2 types of bacon, crispy or not crispy, a press with honeycomb in it to squeeze your own honey, and a cook to prepare your eggs to order. Just about everything you could ask for from a Western or Asian point of view, even lamb Kofta. It is a couple of years since I was last there but give it a try.
  6. Different things on different days, always real coffee, with either pancakes, a boiled egg, toast, muesli with plain yoghurt, butter croissants from Makro and on Saturday a fry-up.
  7. I can remember when Indian restaurants first started opening up in the UK a Tindaloo was normally in the menu but now have not seen it for the past 15 years or so. My limit is a Madras so not a problem for me but I did ask a waiter once and he said UK people just couldn't manage it, so off the menu.
  8. I wouldn't tell anyone "official" that you were leaving the uk for at least a year, then make your decision. Just say you are moving to your brothers address. The only down side is that HMRC will tax your rental income but if you are not working and have no salary the tax you pay will not be too much, it may even be within your personal allowance (depending on how much rent and other income that you may have. On the upside, remaining 'resident' means your pension will continue to be indexed, not frozen, and your NHS cover will continue should you need to return for health reasons in the future.