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  1. I can remember when Indian restaurants first started opening up in the UK a Tindaloo was normally in the menu but now have not seen it for the past 15 years or so. My limit is a Madras so not a problem for me but I did ask a waiter once and he said UK people just couldn't manage it, so off the menu.
  2. I wouldn't tell anyone "official" that you were leaving the uk for at least a year, then make your decision. Just say you are moving to your brothers address. The only down side is that HMRC will tax your rental income but if you are not working and have no salary the tax you pay will not be too much, it may even be within your personal allowance (depending on how much rent and other income that you may have. On the upside, remaining 'resident' means your pension will continue to be indexed, not frozen, and your NHS cover will continue should you need to return for health reasons in the future.
  3. My wife took a European vodafone dongle to Thailand and then put a DTAC Sim in it, it didn't work. She then went to the local DTAC office and they confirmed that it wouldn't work.
  4. It's called profiteering! Think about it, all computer hardware, TV's etc. are made in Asia, They are then shipped at considrable cost to the US, europe etc. I don't know about the sales or federal taxes etc in the US but in the UK it's VAT and it's 20%, in Germany 19%. In Thailand, (close to where the stuff is made or nearby Singapore, China etc) VAT is 7%. So take the cost price plus shipping and add 20% (for the UK) and you still get the Uk price about 20% or more cheaper than in 7% taxThailand. That together with the fact that all Thai imports are channelled via a monopoly importer and there you have it.
  5. I have been looking at this route via Germany. As an EU member, Germany States that we can enter and live in Germany without applying for residency for 3 months, up to 6 months if looking for work, and indefinitely if employed (or self- employed). Partner can come to Germany to reunite with you on an EU Family Permit, issued free at the German embassy abroad( they also state that the free family permit can and must be issued even at the German border control without question or hinderance). On arrival in Germany, your partner would apply for a residence permit, with no requirement of employment. Once she has this, you can then both come to UK. No visa, as the partner is an EU resident. This is valid for 5 years from the date of entry into Germany. Approximately 4.5 years into the uk stay, she would go back to Thailand, you would go back to Germany, she would then immediately re-apply for another family permit. Same process, Germany then to uk. Using the UK rule of 5 year in residence in the uk, once she has passed a total of 5 years in uk, she can apply for citizenship. This is different to the 3 year rule of being married to a uk citizen, as she would not have arrived using any uk Visas or extensions. This is how I have interpreted the route, if anyone has any corrections or anything more to add, please do so, I would appreciate it. You are not totally correct. Yes, your partner will be issued with a free entry EEU family Visa to germany (Europe) and provided that you are registered as living in Germany she will be issued with a German Residents permit valid for the duration of her Passport. BUT she will still need to apply for a UK family entry visa, it is free and only valid for 1 year and must be granted, and you must be travelling together to the UK. If she wishes to stay longer, then she can apply for a 5 year Visa but that is not free.
  6. If you met a girl in your home country and fell in love with her, would you buy her a house in her name, for her family to move into?
  7. I think you probably got it from the young child! I had it many years ago after being at a friends house where his small daughter was recovering from Chickenpox. Dr. told me it is a virus, probably already in most of us and the Chickenpox can start it off. Had it on my shoulder, it was more than a year before I put on a shirt without feeling discomfort. At that time I was in my late 20's and very healthy.