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  1. Don't worry, the world will accept beastiality soon to be normal then you will be labelled a "hateful bigot" too if you don't accept it as normal.
  2. They absolutely must be doing that! How else can Big Joke know now there's exactly only 500 overstayers?
  3. What are the current good banks for foreigners to open accounts and use? Most user friendly to open and also keep for the long term.
  4. Does anyone have a link and also know the fees Kbank charges? When Googling "Kasikorn fees" I get this page but it says "Sorry, this page is only available in Thai" https://kasikornbank.com/en/rate/fee For example, I have a bank account setup in lower Sukhumvit in BKK, then I wish to withdraw some cash over the counter from say Pattaya, how much will they charge? Also if this was done via the ATM with their Visa debit card? Talking about this, if my Visa debit card has expired, and I was to get a new one, but I'm going to live in Pattaya, is it best to get the new card at a Pattaya branch since I would be using the ATMs only in Pattaya? Would that mean I would have no ATM fees?
  5. I've come across a condo I'm interested in, but the ad and communication is directly from the owner. I'm wondering if others had issues renting directly from an owner or is it better to find another unit in the same building but from an agent? That way any problems/issues etc. you can liase with the agent and they can press the owner if need be.
  6. "He said that previously there were 100,000 people on overstay. Of these just 500 are left, reported Komchadluek." - So immigration has a list of these exact 500 overstayers who are left? lol
  7. bbi1

    Almost refused entry

    It is illegal but it's the owners who are renting it out to short-term one week or so tourists. They do it all over the place where tourists like to stay. I'm a long-term tourist who likes to enjoy touring beautiful Thailand and has lived in the same condo for many years
  8. bbi1

    Almost refused entry

    Sure they do! In my condo I see some very short-term rentals being done to tourists staying for a week or so. Annoying to see these types of people but they do happen throughout most condos.
  9. bbi1

    Almost refused entry

    "My passport was almost full, since i travel since 7 years to thailand and of course i had several tourist visas from the past. as im a tourist (i also stay there with my parents which do not speak english at all, so they need help). She asked me to show the 20000 Baht, which i didn't know about it at this time. I had absolutely no money in my pocket." lol.....you've been coming to Thailand for 7 years and many times on a tourist visa and you don't know that you need 20k baht cash on you? What the hell lol
  10. Well, maybe they asked it for you for a retirement visa this time. For me I've never been asked in 5 years of going to Chaeng Wattana starting of with ED visas for 2 years then tourist visas for the last 3 years. Not once have they asked for it for any of those extensions.
  11. Why does Jomtien only say that for retired people? What about all the others like the ones on tourist visas, Ed visas, etc?
  12. This is 100% correct. Even if going to a hotel somewhere else where they photocopy your pasport then coming back home to my rented condo I don't need to report my condo address again.
  13. I never saw the people before me being asked to draw a map of where they live, and I had a decent clear view to the two immigration officer's desks as I was sitting on one of those seats in the waiting area in front of them. Never once saw them being asked or of them drawing maps. Just pay the 1,900 baht or being told to go away for not filling in the form correctly or small things like what's their phone number and signing every page of their photocopy documents or being asked to go back downstairs to photocopy a page they forgot to copy. Why would immigration waste even more time when there was a MASSIVE queue (biggest I've ever seen in 5 years) of people already waiting there at 10am in the morning? Unless they want to work until midnight processing the extension of stay while people were trying to figure out how to draw where their condo/apartment is located or where their hotel is located.
  14. Thai people are generally smaller in height and body girth than Westerners, therefore that's the reason why the beer bottles here are only 330mls to compensate for their small bodies.
  15. Why make that assumption based on none of that info provided by the OP? Why not make an assumption that it's based on an Ed Visa extensions instead? lol