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  1. She's playing you brother! Tell her to put up or shut up.
  2. Digitize a Paper Book in BKK?

    Once the books are digitised , they will go up on the internet & get torrented all over the world. That's if the books aren't allready all over the net and on torrent sites.
  3. I think the city should remove all the massive amounts of ladyboys from Walking Street, they pose the biggest threat to firetrucks being able to go down the street.
  4. how to dress to impress Thai ladies in Pattaya ?

    If you really wanna impress chicks in Patts then you need to have a 1,000 baht bill hanging out of your shirt's breast pocket and one from each side of your left & right side of your trousers. That will really get those chicks impressed.
  5. Bangkok area to live?

    Tru dat bro!
  6. London Pie shop delivery service

    Personally I prefer the Aussie Pie shop down the road. They've got way better meat pies and sausage rolls.
  7. Estate Gate Security

    Well now we know it was your security guards breaking into people's houses. Good riddance they're finally gone!
  8. Farang "cops"

    It's because the Farang cop was dressed in a clown suit and Gary is scared of clowns.
  9. Sourcing goods in Thailand, feesible?

    I know a guy who knows a guy. Let my guy talk to your guy. How do they get in contact with your guy? Might not be "feesible" but it's definitely feasible
  10. I just love it whenever I see a pic of someone pointing at something in a news article. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  11. Hasn't the word "druggie" gone out of fashion a few decades ago and the word since about 20 years ago or so is "druggo"?
  12. I'm about to start up my own religion similar to Scientology soon. The perks are too great to pass on. Have a bunch of suckers throwing money at my "church", get tax-free status so my "church" doesn't have to pay any tax ever, and purchase up quality real estate all around the world. The best business concept ever! Now I've just gotta think of a story suckers will believe in and name my God that they will all bow down to. Wonder if I can get Tom Cruise to switch over to my church....
  13. Does that include stopping with Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters too?
  14. I do love a bit of cock action in between some big breasts. Seems Tesco has the same fetish that I have
  15. It's called Melanoma. Go see a doc asap.