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  1. bbi1

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    No and no. I've never ever been stopped anywhere in Thailand (guess I've been lucky) but have seen heaps of foreigners get stopped at Asoke/Sukhumvit intersection late nights either walking to cross the road or who are in taxis turning left onto Sukhumvit, that's why I always make the extra precautionary effort to take the stairs up and use the skywalk. Seen normal looking asians & koreans get stopped when walking to cross the road too, so they will stop any foreigner they wish to. Also seen cops during an afternoon on the weekend hanging around Sukhumvit 23 corner stop people walking by, about 8 cops there. They stopped these normal looking 4 white tourists who were couples, two of the guys were walking in front and two of the girls were walking behind them, and I was walking behind them. At least I wasn't stopped but the 4 of them were. Also seen two cops on their scooter very early morning slowly driving up and down near Sukhumvit 18 to 22 looking for foreigners to stop, and saw them stop a Korean dude walking between Sukhumvit 20 and 22 to search him in a dark area on that stretch of road. Coming back from RCA going back to Sukhumvit on a Fri/Sat night very often just around that area there's a number of roadside police roadblocks either way to stop taxis to search passengers too. Better be safe then sorry is my motto, especially when everyone knows it's never good to come in contact with any of them. That's why it makes me also wonder about peeps who carry Kamagra or other ED meds on a night out if it would cause them any issues. Never seen anyone discuss that.
  2. bbi1

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    Not unless you popped an extra one 30mins ago before going for a walk. Anyway, in all seriousness, what would happen?
  3. bbi1

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    What happens if you have one or two Kamagra Jelly in your wallet and the cops stop you and find it, will there be any issues?
  4. Sydney told me the ticket out of Thailand needed to be within 60 days. Last year they required no airline tickets into or out of Thailand at all.
  5. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "dummy" airline ticket. I read there are sites where you can make an actual booking for a ticket but don't have to pay for the ticket until a few days in the future, so that ticket and the PRN Code you get immediately which are all legit and can be submitted to any Visa application for any country around the world. I'm wondering if the Thai embassies/consulates actually check the PRN code though or not.
  6. With the stupid requirements of embassies/consulates now requiring METV applicants to provide a copy of an airline ticket indicating date of arrival to and departure from Thailand, has anyone submitted a "dummy" airline ticket for a departure ticket out of Thailand within 60 days of their 1st entry? Considerisng that after 60 days you can extend for 30 days at immigration this is a very stupid idiotic rule they have placed on us all!! Not to mention that lots of people will book their ticket out of Thailand once they arrive, or some might cross the border by land, not plane. Apparently there are some airline booking sites where this can be done where you actually get a confirmed booking that you can pay within a few days but get the PRN Code which can be checked to validate it's a legit booking, if they were to actually check it. I can't seem to find a site that works anymore though that gives the PRN Code. Does anyone if embassies/consulates will check the PRN Code or a site that actually works to give it?
  7. Exactly. Go to BKK and go to one of the Kasikorn Bank that has foreigner customers
  8. It's disturbing that every year the requirements are tightening up more and more. A year ago in Oz there was no need for a METV to have 1. Copy of an airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to and departure from Thailand 2. Confirmed reservation of accommodation in Thailand The year before that there was no need for an METV to have any bank account statements showing any bank balances. Maybe next year they will introduce an extra few things that we will all need to provide, making it harder and harder to get a Visa.
  9. Have all the embassies and consulates tightened up recently on METV issuing? It seems that way to me that they are..... Being an Aussie passport holder getting a METV for the past couple of years was super easy in Sydney. Now I was in communication with the consulate and they want these extra things which were never needed before: 1. Copy of an airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to and departure from Thailand 2. Confirmed reservation of accommodation in Thailand I've always bought a one-way ticket into Thailand, then I buy a return ticket to and from a neighbouring Asian country within two months into my stay, sometimes staying in the neighbouring Asian country with relatives for a few days. I also extend 30 days at the Thai immigration so I get 90 days before having to fly out. I told her this and she said the permission of stay is for 60 days and I must have a ticket out of Thailand within 60 days. She seemed to really have no idea METV holders can extend for 30 days at immigration as she was saying it was only for SETV holders and I told her I've been doing that for many years!! This seems really stupid if we all need a ticket out of the country within 60 days, when we can extend it for 30 days. Why would they have this stupid rule? Don't they want people extending anymore? Too many foreigners at immigration and they are trying to cut down queues there? lol Accommodation - I told her I've been renting a condo for many years and if the one page lease renewal is ok. She said that would be ok. Application Form - Now they also want the dates and flight numbers of the first entry & exit. They also want it for the 2nd entry & exit, if you have a double entry visa but the only double entry visa is a transit visa. So I don't think it's applicable to METV. None of these things were required before. Now they are wanting more and more from us. On that note, is it possible to fly into Thailand on a one-way ticket without a visa, getting the standard 30 day visa exempt stamp then going to immigration to extend for another 30 days? Or will the airline check-in staff stop you if they see you have only a one-way ticket and no visa?
  10. Preceding that particle it said: want to know "someone's name" then it had that particle at the end.
  11. แหม่ะ - What does this particle at the end of a sentence mean?
  12. bbi1

    Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery in BKK

    Ended up seeing Dr. Chucheep at BCH. Registered over 2 hours before he started working but ended up seeing him about 3.5 hours after he started. Was surprised that I spent the whole day at the hospital just waiting to see a doctor and this isn't a public hospital. His fees was exactly the same as what I paid at at one of the other top expensive hospitals.. I mentioned to him I came to him for a 2nd opinion after seeing another doc at some other hospital and mentioned the meds the other doc gave me didn't help at all. After his examination he said I had thrombosed hemorrhoids (not sure if that's also classed as Stage 3 Hemorrhoids???). Recommended conservative treatment and said sometimes within a few months the body will absorb the hemorrhoid, otherwise if it gets very painful then can get surgery. He said rubber band liguation is only for internal hemorrhoids so not suitable for me. He prescribed Arcoxia 120mgs of 7 tablets and T.A. Cream 0.1c for me to use. I said I'd prefer buying at the outside pharmacy as it's cheaper but he told he with BCH the prices are cheap so I bought it there. Arcoxia 120mgs of 7 tablets was 532 baht and T.A. Cream was 45 baht. After seeing the bill I still think an outside pharmacy would be cheaper?? Wonder if those meds are right for hemorrhoids as I just Googled those meds but they don't seem to be for hemorrhoids though. Arcoxia seems to be an anti-anflammatory painkiller for arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, gout, etc: https://www.drugs.com/arcoxia.html T.A. Cream seems to be for skin irritations and skin rashes: https://www.drugs.com/cdi/pediaderm-ta.html
  13. Chiang Mai has worse air pollution than BKK?
  14. bbi1

    Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery in BKK

    Sorry, meant IPD inpatient. Regarding rubber band ligation they said: general price for rubber bands are starting from 10,000 -15,000 THB per band and the patient needs to stay around 1-2 nights in the hospital and needs to follow up 5-7 days after the surgery. Depending on the numbers of rubber bands, the general cost for the hemorrhoidectomy would be starting from 120,000 THB and more.