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  1. You must be a very handsum man. Never had a LB try and hug me. Thank God for that!
  2. I confess, I like to steal a snatch every now and then. Have no interest in eastern European snatch though.
  3. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Lolllllllll, I guess the Navy are used to water so a bit of rain or walking in the water is nothing lol
  4. Considering that clubs have nobody in them until 12:30am then it would be pointless to close at 2am. Well, except one of them but that place is a bit of a s***hole.
  5. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Nice. As long as it's all clear by tonight then that's cool :)
  6. Who cares when they're " supposed" to close. This is thailand, they're supposed to close whenever they usually close. If u want strict rules, don't live in Thailand bro.
  7. Who said you have no choice? You can send your kids overseas and send them to a boarding school! Never heard of a boarding school or parents sending their kids to study overseas before???
  8. Yep it sure is amazing thailand. Time to get out of the room more and experience amazing thailand.
  9. That would explain it. But there still are a few clubs that went on like business as usual
  10. u need to get out more if that's what u think. Time to take a stroll out of your room every now and then :) closing time is 5:30am or even after 8am, depending on where
  11. Haha I meant in the am. That what happens when u are half awaken when posting lol
  12. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Hope the storms and rain finish this arvo so late this evening the weather is nice and fine for going outside
  13. Lolllllll that was a brilliant comment! Hahaha
  14. Does anyone know what's the deal with the cops closing the clubs early this morning around 3:30pm? Well, except a few handful of clubs. They closed 808 and Lucifer around that time, and probably a few more. Has this been happening recently? Is it due to the navy being in town and they don't want their boys partying too hard? Lol
  15. If it rains hard tomorrow and Sukhumvit or the surrounding streets flood yet again, I'm sure you can go ahead and float your Loy Kratong things on the flood water