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  1. Ok thanks for the info. So the immune globulin is only given once on the first visit to the hospital? It's only the rabies & tetanus shots that are given 4 or 5 times all up over a few weeks?
  2. My gf got a bad dog bite recently and went to her hometown hospital. She's got a few upcoming job interviews in my province in the next 2 weeks. She will still require a few more vaccines for the dog bite over the next few weeks, but needs to go for these job interviews in my province. Do you think there is a possibility for the hometown hospital to refer a hospital in my province to provide her the vaccines and give the injections free of charge? Otherwise maybe she needs to collect the vaccines from her hometown hospital, and bring them here, but then there's the issue of refrigeration of the vaccines of an 8 hour bus trip or via a flight.
  3. I've had a Thai person tell me that apparently the free medical care from a Government Hospital for Thai people can only be used in the hometown of where that Thai person has registered. If they travel to another province and have an accident or needs treatment, they need to return back to their hometown to get free treatment or if they don't, they will have to pay for treatment in a Government Hospital of whichever province they are at. Same with if they get treated in their hometown then need to continue treatment in another province, they will need to pay for the rest of the treatment in their non-hometown province. To me that sounded really strange. Is this really true? Also, does anyone know where a Thai person can call to confirm if this is true or not?
  4. Ten-pin Bowling places

    Does anyone know of any decently priced Ten-pin Bowling places somewhere around Sukhumvit? Went to Blu-o today and holy smokes we paid nearly 1,600 baht for 8 games total (4 games each for 2 people) with one buy 1 get one free Pepsi ordered. A bloody ripoff compared to the prices I've paid in the western countries.
  5. Alcohol price for Onyx & Route 66 in RCA

    Haven't tried counting lol. But there is a sheetload of foreigners there, it's becoming a foreigner sausagefest compared to a 4 years ago.
  6. Pattaya Beach morning visit.

    OP mustn't have ever gone for a walk along Beach Rd early morning. I have numerous times after strolling out of the clubs after a night of clubbing. Chinese tourists are always lining up to get on the speedboats. Need to get out more my friend
  7. Yeah I thought it'd be silly to have to but you never know!
  8. Isn't porn illegal? Why did the girl take a porn pic?
  9. I think you need to first learn what is a real police/cop and what is not. The only tent on Lower Suk is the Thetsakij tent.
  10. ‘Cup E’ model arrested for DUI

    Hahahahaha E-Cup my ass. I've had D-Cup girls in Thailand with double her size!
  11. When flying out of Suvarnabhumi airport from BKK to another place in Thailand, do you need to fill in your Departure Card and and Arrival Card at the next province? Seems a bit silly if you did imo.
  12. Alcohol price for Onyx & Route 66 in RCA

    Fri/Sat hasn't been crowded every time I've been there recently. It's about half the peeps of when it was a year or two ago. probably why they are trying to rip off foreigners by only giving them 200 baht drink coupons instead or 300 like they used to.
  13. Alcohol price for Onyx & Route 66 in RCA

    DJ sucks balls at Route66. Whenever a good hip hop song comes on he plays like 20-30 seconds of it and changes to the next one. What's the deal with that? But when a crappy Justin Bieber song or Korean song that no foreigners like or know of comes on, he plays the whole song while the Thais go crazy lol. Problem with BKK is that there's no good hip hop clubs. Too much EDM & house crap being played and no good DJs in BKK. I will DJ better music at condo gym from my phone while I'm lifting weights lol.
  14. Alcohol price for Onyx & Route 66 in RCA

    How do Thais go to meet foreigners when they're in a big group of Thais (male & female) standing around a table all night (which you can't get access to) or already come with foreigner friends at their mixed group table? Not to mention the Thais who only hang out at the Thai band side. Maybe a very tiny handful might.