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  1. There's that word again - "hub".
  2. Don't be too dismissive. Mangroves are the way to go in tropical areas - cheap and effective. What he is saying makes sense. And he's given a good example to illustrate it.
  3. Actually the return to democracy will not happen for a very long time, at least 20 years, so he need not worry.
  4. “Bikini party” host faces legal action 

    The country has gone crazy.
  5. He actually admitted to not being able to remember everything. Wow, that's a turn up. Most unusual for a Thai to admit to anything. 'Onya Prayut!
  6. Ha ha, good point. I was referring to the one with the asian appearance. But yes, actually there are two . . .
  7. Does seem like a big number. But they must have done their sums. The investment calculated over 10 years? 20 years?
  8. Alarm sounded over girls’ drinking

    "It's fun to watch but real ladies don't do such thing". I know which type I'd rather spend time with. And it wouldn't be the type I'd take home to meet Mum.
  9. There's a lot of rubbish here about fighting fair or not etc. Thai culture is not the same as farang culture. You want to live here then accept that "fair" in farang is not "fair" in Thai. It's different! And talking of "fair". What will those people talking "fair" be saying the about the US (pop 325m) in relation to a fight with N.Korea (pop 24m)? (Not that I support that idiot, he should be exterminated).
  10. Another community falls for river promenade

    So the rich *and the poor* can walk along the river. River banks should never be owned by anyone, same with the sea shore.
  11. Gotta larf. "Fair skin" - a relative term. These women undoubtedly come from Isan, are "dark" skinned according to Thais.
  12. Presumably he's speaking of his own experience - he gets through in 5 seconds cos he's who he is and his staff get through in 5 minutes cos they are who they are. The rest of us, who cares?
  13. Police prohibited from bar connections

    Ah yes, enforcement. We'll get the police to enforce it. That should work.
  14. You obviously don't get it. If there was no sex available then no tourists would come!