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  1. Oh pleez, you just gave me a horrible pic in my head. Prayut doing his 3 (allowable) twerks!
  2. "Democratic Party stronghold" Luv it!!
  3. If you have an 'aged pension' from the federal govt you'd better make sure you have a plan B. The govt has tried once already to stop the aged pension being paid to people living overseas, but fortunately it didn't pass. One day . . . Gotta pay their own exorbitant retirement benefits somehow . . . and who better to milk than old agers?
  4. When did Aus become legally responsible for refugees? When it put them in gaol, that's when. Just shows the folly of the "island solution". Serves the Aus govt right. Unfortunately the tax payer pays. As usual.
  5. Just go to the Thai consulate Melbourne website. It says 15 days. Never changed in recent years. Nothing to "clear up". It's very clear when you read it.
  6. Everybody is a bit nasty sometimes, but being "dark skinned" really seals their fate in Thailand.
  7. Well . . . Now you know that these things need maintenance. No point having radar guns and cctv units that don't work is there? Thailand is so good with maintenance after all.
  8. The General wasn't bothered by the crotch grabbing fixation? As for twerking, little miss red top is the winner!
  9. Does this crackdown on trucks indicate a reaction to analysis of accident records? I doubt it. My totally random observations tell me that many accidents involving trucks are the result of people running into the back of them.
  10. Technology transfers from Thailand to China? Ummm . . .
  11. If you can't see the sense in that regulation re emergency vehicles on the job, then it's probably a good thing you spend most of your time out of the country.
  12. No I.D. card. He's screwed then.
  13. We need locations!
  14. "be nice to people" - you mean don't tell it like it is? How very Thai!
  15. More than 500. 2000. Still way way less than I pay in Aus for travel insurance before coming to Thailand.