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  1. In the UK with her brother to hazard a guess.
  2. Just came back from my local supermarket, Leo at 34 baht a small bottle. If the rate rise was immediate then who's worried at that price :)
  3. Not trolling, genuinely interested. What sort of advice do you think she needed? They can help find /inform relatives, other than that I guess you were in hospital and the doctors were your best bet?
  4. Apologies as I thought that was the article with just the source posted, thanks for pointing that out, I'll dig out the reading glasses :)
  5. Not for much longer, soon to be sold and the Embassy move into a non nondescript office block as the UK loses even more significance. Whats he got to say about that?
  6. Digital TV

    MONO 29 shows a fair bit of foreign programming dubbed in Thai, if you have dual language TV its possible to get the soundtrack in English.
  7. Digital TV

    Thanks, looks like you are down near Na Jomtien from the view :) Anyone the other side of town in Pottisan/BKK hospital?
  8. Digital TV

    Bump, whats the latest in Pattaya area with receiving channels, what type of antenna works best, are the easy to install indoor working OK?
  9. Yellow shirt leaders spared

    Plenty of reds have been aquitted over the years, also dont forget Sondhi was convicted and serving time,
  10. Stunning and shocking

    There you go, took me all of 10secs to find it, even a thread running on here, Let me know if you want the link for google too?
  11. Stunning and shocking

    You can google for the story as well as I can, suffice to say wongamat was Ithe first beach to be cleared because of agressive chair vendors.
  12. Stunning and shocking

    Nope certainly not, but I'm not really interested in telling somone to do one when all i want to do is sit on the beach. They are not stories, well documented with video from wongamat.