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  1. RIP, disgraceful actions on a man clearly unable to defend himself
  2. Feel a bit sorry for the guy if he couldn't afford a stapler, however I don't condone stealing. Hopefully a caution suffices
  3. Omelet Lady

    Me too
  4. RIP stands, even if he were reincarnated then the old body is still gone and can RIP. Why were you told not to speak ill of the dead if they are incarnated...makes no more sense that saying RIP.
  5. Why bother persuing this ( her). A decent chick won't be playing the field and you don't have to ask a forum whether to continue. There are plenty of genuine nice girls out there and when the right one comes along you won't have to ask a forum whether to keep dating her.
  6. You are dead right. My wife is well off ( earns it herself) and when we go out if I want to order 3 dishes she will say let's order 2 and if you are still hungry afterwards we can order more. It doesn't matter what she earns she would never waste or let me order and leave it as wastage. She grew up appreciating the value of goods.
  7. No dramas, I'm just doing what I can for me and my wife's future and that means saving like a crazy man while I can. Just don't want to struggle when I do retire. Take it easy.
  8. Thanks mate but the just comment wound me up when I just punch a clock everyday and save what I earn. However I guess there are plenty of story tellers on TV all the same. I will be glad when I get to retire and tell stories LOL. Have a good one and I will keep punching that clock while it makes sense.
  9. Not the same person thanks, I work a 12 hour day in a sh**hole in Kazakhstan to earn my pay. Currently -29C here so by all means take over for a week.
  10. Tax mate. I earn a good income and pay 10% tax. I don't reside in Thailand more than 180 days a year so don't have to suffer tax questions from the Thai Government. If I send to Australia they will ask why I shouldn't pay the gap and I would have to justify the tax difference. I have worked off shore for more than 10 years and own no assets in Australia but they would still require proof etc and I don't want to pay to prove non residency. I earn a lot, so an Australian tax bill would exceed $200k a year and at the end of the day I decided to live out the rest of my life in Thailand with my wife. Not trying to be sly, just using the laws to deposit where I think it's a better choice.
  11. Toyota Camry 2018 Hybrid Availability and Delivery

    Pretty impressive fuel economy on them. I hired one in Australia and drove from Sydney Airport to Brisbane CBD on one tank of fuel and it was a comfortable ride too and that was the previous model to the new 2018 vehicle.
  12. Land Valuation - Chiang Mai

    I actually did think of Korat but my wife doesn't want to move there, she grew up on Korat. Her father buys and sells parcels of land there and he could probably find us a great deal.
  13. Land Valuation - Chiang Mai

    It's slap bang across the road from the new convention centre on Rural Rd. As I said, I lived about 200 m from the block of land a few years ago and like the area. However I was renting a condo and have no idea what land values are worth. I will get my FIL to check it out.
  14. Yeah, hopefully she gets some support before things escalate any further