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  1. The strange side effect of tattoos

    totally correct, i should have stated CSABO
  2. The strange side effect of tattoos

    well she definitely wouldnt be a bloke, but she might like a free beer
  3. The strange side effect of tattoos

    The OP is likely to be the sort of bloke that sits on a barstool dying of thirst waiting for someone to come and shout him another free beer before he slinks off to avoid his round.
  4. The strange side effect of tattoos

    I know plenty of blokes who are dropkicks that don't have tattoos as well. Defining someone as a loser or having limited intelligence based on a tattoo infers to me that the person making the connection might need a mental reboot. Anyway we could argue all night and not reach a resolution as to what tattoos define people as. Personally i dislike piercings, but that's my personal view only and shouldn't be my trigger to call them wacko's. As for your classmates, maybe it depends on the industry's they work in and what is perceived as acceptable. Construction and mining are pretty relaxed industries in regards to what is defined as a social norm and I am certainly not the sole university educated yobo with tattoos in my field of work. As for your last statement that i will have to live with the realization that i am perceived in a certain way by the general public, i think i can manage that.
  5. CM Aboretum Fitness Park

    Try Nong Buak Hard Park on the corner of the moat, that has a pull up bar but it's a lot busier than Lumpini Park. Seems to get a lot of pollution from the traffic too.
  6. CM Aboretum Fitness Park

    Quote from Amazing Thailand "Situated next to the famous Chiang Mai University and the Chiang Mai Zoo, Huai Kaew Arboretum is a lush garden featuring an intensive mix of mixed of tropical trees and exquisite flowers where locals and visitors come to relax and take a walk during the morning and evening hours. Opening hours: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm"
  7. The strange side effect of tattoos

    Alright, I will bite. Define lower level of society. I have a university degree, two in fact, work as a Director in a mining company with several thousand employees, have tattoos and have a great life. Loser? I dont think so. Maybe you should stop being so judgemental and actually get to know some of the people that you view so disparagingly because they dont want to look and dress like you. You might actually learn something and your next post might have some basis of fact, instead of being dribble.
  8. Do Japanese women only date Japanese men?

    Given that high profile marriages like Yoko Ono to John Lennon have occurred one could definitely assume that yes, Japanese women do date and marry other nationalities. In 2003, there were 740,191 marriages in Japan, of which 28,831 involved a non-Japanese bride and 7,208 involved a non-Japanese groom. Non-Japanese women who married a Japanese man were predominantly of Chinese (10,242), Filipino (7,794), Korean (5,318), Thai (1,445) and Brazilian (296) nationality. Non-Japanese men who married a Japanese woman were predominantly of Korean (2,235), United States (1,529), Chinese (890), British (334) and Brazilian (265) nationality.[275]
  9. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    I think he is going under an alias as well...... his new name is idont givashit
  10. Life in perspective

    RIP at least she had a few laughs on the last day with people she was close too and then went quickly. Not much of a sentiment to those close to her at the moment but something to remember in the future.
  11. yeah, they are starting to sound as bad as Catholic Priests (slaying aside)
  12. You are right and wrong. Because of my work, my wife and I have lived in various countries, where we were both strangers. My wife always makes it work, food, language etc she rolls with the place. However she is totally stoked with Thailand and that will always be her go back to place. Does she love Thailand? 100 % and she does have the worldly knowledge to make her choice, absolutely. As it turns out I also love the place, though I can think of plenty of places I love the same
  13. Thai Girl's Top 5 Needs When Buying A Home.

    My wife loves her own bathroom and toilet, nothing else is a drama
  14. Wisdom Credit Card

    So what's the difference with leaving in my existing account or moving to the wisdom account and earning higher interest and a free membership? Either way I'm not going to spend it during the 6 months. I'm not the sort of bloke who gives a rats ass if someone mocks me, if you are then no dramas. I would rather save a buck that spend money because I was worried about some internet slagging.
  15. Wisdom Credit Card

    My wife has about 5 or 6 M invested in the SET, some of which has been locked up for a couple of years when the share prices dropped. She does manage to generate enough cash flow to cover our yearly living expenses , but if she had to cash out and drop money on the shares that she is stuck on then who knows if she would be cash positive. She did well for a couple of years but the last 2 havent been stella, but she does have fun buying and selling shares though, so good for her. I don't pay too much attention to it, but i know she has been recycling shares a fair bit on the ones that are actively moving (buy,sell,buy,sell type transactions)