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  1. roads aren't normally deadly, people are
  2. My father always told me to make good choices in life, never marry a woman older than you and never take drugs, maybe he was right.
  3. over the top, I would have gotten wound up as well. Unfortunately though sometimes you arer best to the plod do their job and argue to point in court.
  4. You might want to add add Kazhak women to that list, very mixed heritage, you have the ethnic race, German emigrants, Russians, Koreans plus others who originated from Latvian country's as well as and mixed ethic group. Some of the most stunning women I have ever seen and educationally probably one of the highest university rates in the world because the government sponsors them to study in Europe. Most are at least bi-lingual with a lot who speak 3 or 4 languages. Not too many single blokes who come here leave single and age gaps are very acceptable.
  5. Australian man dies in fall at Pattaya hotel

    RIP, could be any number of reasons for the fall but regardless he doesn't care anymore. Hope he had a good time before he passed on.
  6. credit card

    I ended up getting the K-Bank Wisdom Card, just had to put money into a term deposit for 6 months and my wife the same. I didn't want a secondary card. because some of the Wisdom privileges are for the card holder only.
  7. credit card

    My wife has used hers in South America, Europe and Australia. So not sure where you got your facts from.
  8. I think that we can all agree that under age prostitution shouldn't be accepted.
  9. Horses for courses, I think happiness is as much driven by personal circumstances and surroundings. I didn't say that anyone would be happy without money, its just that you tailor your lifestyle to what you have. My wife is happiest when she finds a bargain or saves some money and her personal wealth doesn't come into the equation. But if you personally need a fat wallet to be happy then that's fine.
  10. 6 pack killers....sugar, alcohol, bread. Get rid of those and do sit ups and the 6 pack will follow, no drugs needed.
  11. When you are 50 you might realise what money can't buy or isn't needed to buy. Happiness and health can be had without a wallet full of cash.
  12. Former actor and colleagues surrender to police

    hahaha...when fantasy becomes reality, sometimes it all goes pitong