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  1. Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash

    Yeah the kid should stop horsing around
  2. That's why my dads nickname is "swahili jock" because when he has got a skinfull his Glaswegian accent comes to the fore and he might as well be speaking Swahili.
  3. I did open the joint account with my wife before we got married, so no we didnt need to be married at the time. I was working in Vietnam at that stage, so no work permit required.
  4. Strange, I transfer money from Kasikorn Bank to my Australian Bank via online banking a few times a year and no WP. I will qualify that it is a joint account though.
  5. Woman falls to death from Bangkok condo

    poor thing RIP
  6. EmilySB, Have you investigated "Golden Visas" for Schengen Visa, which allows you to live, work and reside in countries that are covered by the Schengen Visa. Very easy if you can buy a property.
  7. And your comment is what, racial profiling. Thank god for white society, where scum don't steal wallets.
  8. Is this what the perfect home looks like?

    ugly house, not to my taste at all
  9. Can I take more than 20,000 US from Thailand in cash

    I guess thats why they wrote Bt 50 000
  10. Opening a bank account.

    My wife and I have a joint account, no idea whether I would have had an issue with a sole account, no work visa needed.
  11. yeah, i've just asked my wife to make a donation too
  12. Hair Loss in Phuket

    Maybe wash your hair in bottled water? There are bergamot tonics and shampoos which supposedly help control hair loss.
  13. Can I take more than 20,000 US from Thailand in cash

    To clarify, the above is not my opinion, these are quoted regulations on restricted items for Thailand, so the veracity of the information should be cross-checked