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  1. She does look kind of elegant though. Some of the floats fabricated are pretty wacky, world wide.
  2. And i thought the dodo bird was extinct, silly me
  3. Aussieroaming

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    You got fat because you chose too, with your food choices and exercise, so face up to that fact. The good thing is that you can choose to reverse the trend. Good luck with the later
  4. Calling someone a Pedo is bang out of line and in my opinion puts the recipient at risk of some drongo believing it. I backed Musk recently in debate and now regret that.
  5. Not exactly a top model, more like a run out model
  6. Yes, the money is listed on the bank book.
  7. Aussieroaming

    Youngsters inspire living museum

    If they want to develop a living museum they could always join Thai Visa, where golden oldies abound.
  8. Its a term deposit account, tied to a credit card
  9. How much of this crap would you see if they just pulled on a bong, zero is my guess.
  10. I have 10M Baht in a Wisdom Account with Kasikorn, which has the added benefit of the card. I never enquired into whether it qualified for the investment visa.
  11. Absolute respect for you Sir. You leave having earned the respect of your country and the wider world. I salute you.
  12. Aussieroaming

    Philippines vs. Vietnam - 10 days/30y old - Pro/Cons?

    I have worked in both country's and they have a totally diffrebt vibe. Each is excellent for different reasons. You really need to do both countrys.
  13. I can imagine many interractions where the police will preferrably turn off their cameras, so that the sacred teamoney ceremony doesnt make it into the public domain.