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  1. Lawn mower for under 15k

    Totally scary looking things. No Way Hosay!!! The army over the highway from our soi use one to mow the very wide (about 50 metres) verge in front of their highway frontage wall and they throw stones and stuff everywhere , A totally uncovered and unprotected blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!
  2. I would guess that under capacity sewage treatment facilities are the rule throughout the country and have been for years. The problem will undoubtedly be that decades of appointed officials wanted to spend their budget on things that were good for their egos or pockets not for the good of the population. Other than by gross dereliction of responsibility, how do we get a city producing 80000litres of sewage with a capacity to handle 65000 litres without some sort of plan or strategy to cope. Is there even an idea where such a treatment facility could be built? That would be a start but now the ghastly facts are published, it might be a good idea to start thinking how and where it could be fixed. How many other Thai cities are in the exact same situation? Submarines, aircraft carriers new tanks and fast trains and missiles are not where the true priorities lie. They are all ego trips, or to pay back favours and keep support in important sectors. Nero and Rome!
  3. Lawn mower for under 15k

    I contacted Honda Power Equipment in BKK and they gave me a list of shops who sell Honda equipment. I then rang the several shops in the nearest big towns and selected the one who sounded most cooperative. This was to buy a HJ216 self propelled walk-behind mower at around 24k baht. This is a much bigger and more expensive mower than you ask about. A number of Thai companies make cheaper 18 inch push mowers with smaller Honda motors than Honda use on their own Self propelled model. Stay away from steel bodies unless you wash it scrupulously after every use. They rust out easily. Honda motors are wonderful. Just change the oil as directed. Hope this helps.
  4. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    Pointing or touching things with feet including dog & cat food plates. Since September 2013 never believe that wine or any other alcoholic drink that has a label saying "made and bottled in" (the original source country) actually was. Particularly the cheaper wines & Whiskeys. And if it really was not bottled there it has probably been watered down, flavoured up and other wise monkeyed with here or in another SE Asian country with re-bottling contracts. I am not sure whether the home countries provide bottle & seals or whether they are made in Asia. If the latter then the contents may well be local too
  5. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    Mostly true. Jap companies' Thai branch sometimes reply. Honda Power Equipment was helpful. The people who made my UPS denied ever getting it . I know they lied. They told my wife when she rang things they didn't learn from her but were in the email.
  6. Electricity poles removed as utilities go underground

    Worse. Everyone will lose their cable TV connection as most of the wire we see up there are just cable TV wires. I'll bet PEA are only going to bury their own wires not all the freeloaders on their power poles.
  7. Not at all so strange. Note that below that both words Seize and Freeze are used in the same article . Freezing accounts and assets is common in all countries if theft is suspected to prevent hiding or moving stolen assets or assets bought with stolen funds. Unsophisticated translation or reporting could easily be the culprit. Her actions cost the country over 500 billion. She is lucky they are only trying for restitution of 35 billion. Meanwhile, Somchai Ngamwongchon, the Central Administrative Court’s spokesperson, said the Finance Ministry had submitted its written explanation for freezing Yingluck’s bank accounts as part of the government’s civil liability lawsuit against the ex-premier. Yingluck earlier sought a court injunction on the government’s seizure of her bank accounts and other assets.
  8. Same old faces may not meet reform goals: critics

    What were you expecting?
  9. And so it goes on! Well that seems to have had good handling by the authorities. It could have ended with all staff dead and bombs everywhere. Very difficult situation that appears to have been rescued from a potentially very bad result. Hope the two staff recover and the rest of the 5 or 6 miscreants are shot trying to escape. Don't talk about prison. I'm sorry but ideologist terrorists like this don't easily reform. We need to put them where they can't do it again, ever.
  10. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    There are advantages. You have 3 million here in the bank instead of 800,000. That is an advantage to the bank or someone if not you.
  11. Damn.!! You found the video of my daughter when she was Eddie's van Halen's teacher
  12. One of our dogs was becoming a pest and even I could not control him. All the other farm dogs no problem. A local poisoned him. She poisons any dogs that annoy her. He looked exactly same shape and colour as a Basset hound and they, and all true hounds are known to be difficult to train. My point is that someone might throw him a meal. His last meal. Very common here. Thieves do it before robbing a place.