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  1. It's called "Bad guys out, good guys in." Does it sound familiar? Good idea in principal.
  2. Perhaps by calling him a "son of a B(#(h" ??????????????
  3. It's only important if the home of the foulee belongs someone Hi-So ore otherwise important. Especially if he is important enough to be able to stop anyone even parking in front of his house............................ TIT. Otherwise you will be S**T out of luck in even complaining about it.
  4. Yeah Nice Aircon. Poor guy. Maybe he came here for medical treatment and it didn't work. But many people sleep naked.
  5. Don't you mean Swedish? Me being cynical and attempting black humour (also - again.)
  6. How disappointing for all concerned,. He would have been welcomed with open arms, particularly if he flushed his new passport down the plane toilet and cried "Refugee." All he had to do was get onto that BA10 flight. Am I being cynical? Again? As usual?
  7. Let's hope he has misplaced his get out of jail card. He must have offended someone important to get caught.
  8. There is no point in checking people who you know are compliant unless you are hoping they will dob in another overstaying foreigner. I was doing overstay checks for the Immigration Department in my own country off computer generated lists about 42 - 43 years ago. We used the address given on the original visa application and the fact that no departure card matched by the visa expiry date. It was dead simple even in the relatively uncomputerised mid 70's. And we knew all the shonky overstay addresses back then like they would know them all here now.
  9. False sense of entitlement and total denial of any responsibility for ones actions: Are these components in the clinical description of either narcissism or psychopathy, or perhaps, just something in between? Whichever, it seems to be a very prominent component in the psyche of violent offending Thais. My guess is that it is not so much a national characteristic as a function of the widespread use and abuse of methamphetamine (Ya Ba.) I wonder how many non-South East Asian countries are as awash with this dangerous drug as is Thailand. (Bearing in mind that most of our neighbouring states are in a similar situation.) In my home country, Methamphetamine, (aka Ya Ba, P, etc) is the very widely recognised and obvious common cause for deadly rage both on & off the road. Here it is clearly the same. No surprises! It is rapidly addictive, makes the non-violent murderous and the already-violently-inclined, even more dangerous. And they want to de-criminalise it here!!!!!!!!! TIT!!!
  10. Crypto Currencies

    Like Kim Jong-un buying missile parts in Germany?
  11. How Prawit has succeeded where Prayut has failed

    "More time on his hands" Good one. 555
  12. The firearms were not his? Perhaps he borrowed them from a friend who subsequently died. That seems to work with watches! Not sure about guns. 555
  13. Thai police finally get their claws into trouble-making Brit Damon Wait

    Google: "skag1" skaɡ/ noun NORTH AMERICANinformal 1. heroin. 2. an unattractive woman." (Make that "slag" (I wont touch either Viagra is my only recreational drug, but washed down with a beer rum or scotch!!! 555)
  14. Thai police finally get their claws into trouble-making Brit Damon Wait

    Pity it was not only ONE!!!!
  15. I am sure he would confirm that there are much more heinous things to occupy his attention. Dress and dancing styles etc? 'Nuff said!!