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  1. Ok sorry. Someone else was accusing me of denying Carlin had said something different. I shouldn't have second guessed you. Carlin and Mencken were both originators of some great quotes. But we are way O.T. here now.
  2. The advice doesn't change.
  3. And the sky hasn't fallen yet. However he is a foreigner on overstay and other possible bad skeletons in his cupboard. Good in. Bad out. Good riddance.
  4. As long as they didnt have to coach them and show them how to hold the club
  5. I believe it is a misquote from H.L. Mencken. I never mentioned George Carlin!!!
  6. The Deerhunter

    Family not notified of man's execution

    Cold, but.......... Yeah!
  7. We will end up making him think he is some sort of wierdo or monster. If his presentation, documents and particulars are right he should be good to go. HOWEVER!!! We all know there are xenophobic or just jealous public servants in some offices here. Or officers or agents who want a commission to do it for us or just a bribe to do their normal job just because it is a farang and they should be prepared to "pay a fee with no official receipt." Or just ladies "who wear comfortable shoes." Yes, lesbians or passed-over ladies cause a lot of the problems in every country for older westerners with younger foreign partners. Meeting a few of these xenophobes or "tea-money takers" or butches in a row can certainly make one paranoid. I have had difficulty keeping a cool head when a lass in out Amphur taking forever and inventing impossible complcations as to why I could not have my own blue house book. Visit after visit and every time lots of insincere smiles and a new roadblock. (Or as it turned out, she may have been waiting for a hurry-up bribe.) We got an appointment (by complete coincidence) with her boss and after hearing us out he called her in and bollocked her out in Thai in front of us. He then told her to come and see him in private "immediately after her lunch hour." Dunno what happened there but after that she was contrite but as slow and bureaucratic as she could be BUT did her job. It is a small world out here in the sticks and my wife eventually heard through others that this girl always was slow with foreigners until they offered money. Banks are also definitely getting paranoid lately as there have been lots of cases of in-house embezzlement lately and new rules are being introduced to make a lot of thing more difficult. (My own bank here told us this.) I am just thinking you have found a street with a lot of speed bumps. Hope it all works out for you. Never lose your temper or raise your voice. (Real hard for me.) Good luck.
  8. If you get the bureaucracy sorted out, ONLY bring money over as needed. Any Westerner to any Asian or African country is always safer to keep his bulk funds back home
  9. There is definitely a visible component of that here. They liked and show appreciation when you try.
  10. Good try but neither of them. Google it or look under wikionary and full history of origins and versions is offered.
  11. And get a Thai driving licence Don't try to drive forever on an IDP.. #1'it is not legal if you live here and #2.' In some places they see it as a proof of residency and give Thai prices.
  12. The Deerhunter

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    In my country it always to do whether the bank should be charging with-holding tax on deposits interest earned, or not. Could be similar.
  13. There is a quote that goes something like " No-one ever lost money betting on the ignorance of the general public" I know I have it incorrectly quoted but you get my drift.