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  1. I reached the same conclusion as you did, to leave, after making several visits to CM as a tourist. Filthy air and water. I will never return.
  2. Singer critically injured in Sihanoukville nightclub fire

    This is exactly what happened to a nightclub on Bangla Road in Patong in around 2010 or 11. What made it worse is that there were large characters on the perimeter off the dance floor made of foam that burned in a flash. 4 or 5 people died. The exit door on the second floor had been padlocked to prevent people trying to get in for free. The usual coverup followed. I paid attention as did the expats. Years later the owners/managers were brought up on charges. Paid a fine and got off. No jail time. Photos of the charred bodies were up for a few hours on the Phuket Gazette then quickly taken down. I saw them. Don't want to ever see that again. Want to know what happened to the evidence, the electrical rig? It was taken to the sea and dumped. Welcome to the Land of Smiles...Thailand.
  3. Raise the minimum wage to a "living wage" and some of that problem could disappear . The current minimum wage is a little over $1/hour. That's why in most Western countries the hookers are often drug addicts who can't hold a job. Women with average skills can earn enough to live on. Why can't the government see that? Because they are afraid that the businesses will move to other SE Asia countries with lower wages than the new rate. It's all of SE Asia that has this mentality and why hookers are so commonly found in this area. It's economics that lead women to be sex workers.
  4. The materials that are shown in the photo are for "plumping up" the vulva not for genital mutilation. This COULD be a misunderstanding
  5. Phuket airport worker arrested for theft of passenger’s phone

    That's the real solution at the end of the piece. Set up a committee. Works for every other problem in Thailand doesn't it?
  6. We can only hope so
  7. Phuket residents left in the dark over huge blackout

    Uninterruptible power supply? That doesn't take into account the traffic, pollution, crime, rudeness, mafia and corruption on that god forsaken island.
  8. Phuket residents left in the dark over huge blackout

    Funny response. Unfortunately, I don't see Thai infrastructure getting better in our lifetimes. Why would you put yourself through all the bullshit and uncertainty to live there? Of course...up to you.
  9. Phuket residents left in the dark over huge blackout

    As one who has visited Phuket numerous times and had once thought, foolishly, of moving there I can understand your frustration. My suggestion...move elsewhere in that 3rd world country or to a better one.
  10. Couldn't agree with you more. Why doesn't the Thai banking system work with its many low income people? I think because some of the elites in BKK benefit from this scheme.
  11. And use a stun gun when all else fails
  12. Does anyone else agree that she looks a lot like Melania Trump?
  13. 'Most beautiful' girl in Krabi crowned

    Ladyboy...someone had to say it 555
  14. Life for an iPhone: Man stabbed to death in Lat Phrao robbery

    I recently had a niece who had her iPhone 6S stolen in New York City. She used the feature called "Find my phone." If the phone is turned on it will be found by GPS coordinates to a very precise location and it was. The location was Brooklyn. She then remotely wiped out all data. She then remotely "bricked" the phone making it impossible for anyone to use. She then notified NYPD. They weren't interested in following up on the theft. Probably low priority which is understandable. She then bought an iPhone 7 but this time bought the insurance which would cover theft. Unfortunately, I don't know if these features are available in Thailand. I carry the same model of iPhone in Thailand and would give it up in a moment to save my own life but I can understand one fighting to keep such a valuable possession.