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  1. thaigirlwatcher

    Submachine gun seized in ongoing Phuket crime blitz

    I don't see a submachine gun in the photos just some wooden device in the first photo. Am I missing something?
  2. I also say that it's unfair to say that all mafia are Italians. Just look at the tuk tuk and jet ski mafia in Phuket as two of many examples of mafia in Thailand.
  3. Here's a suggestion:school buses. And not kids hoping on overcrowded songtows. Real school buses run by a school district. Has worked for 70+ years in America. No need for Thailand to reinvent the wheel just do what works.
  4. Here's a thought. California addressed the problem of plastic bottle recycling decades ago. They charge a 5 cent recycling fee on every plastic drink bottle. Supermarkets will then refund the same amount for every bottle that is recycled. There are enough poor people in Thailand that some would actively search out plastic bottles for a few baht. What's to loose by giving it a try? The status quo is a mess, literally.
  5. I hope the government puts in a proper well for them. So sad.
  6. I hope that these houses meet the same fate as those houses in California that were also built in the forest.
  7. April Fools joke? I think so...
  8. Same in America. I totally agree. If we see a stray we call the local animal control officer. It's his job to deal with it. No strays and rabies is virtually unknown and has been for decades. This sounds like the Philippines where all birth control is against the law because of the influence of the Catholic Church. Didn't realize that Buddhism is the reason that we see so many stray dogs in Thailand. It's best for a country to have separation of church and state in my opinion. That would allow for mass culling and greatly decrease the rabies problem. Finally, I realize that the culture of every country must be respected but that doesn't mean that I have to travel there.
  9. I reached the same conclusion as you did, to leave, after making several visits to CM as a tourist. Filthy air and water. I will never return.
  10. thaigirlwatcher

    Singer critically injured in Sihanoukville nightclub fire

    This is exactly what happened to a nightclub on Bangla Road in Patong in around 2010 or 11. What made it worse is that there were large characters on the perimeter off the dance floor made of foam that burned in a flash. 4 or 5 people died. The exit door on the second floor had been padlocked to prevent people trying to get in for free. The usual coverup followed. I paid attention as did the expats. Years later the owners/managers were brought up on charges. Paid a fine and got off. No jail time. Photos of the charred bodies were up for a few hours on the Phuket Gazette then quickly taken down. I saw them. Don't want to ever see that again. Want to know what happened to the evidence, the electrical rig? It was taken to the sea and dumped. Welcome to the Land of Smiles...Thailand.
  11. Raise the minimum wage to a "living wage" and some of that problem could disappear . The current minimum wage is a little over $1/hour. That's why in most Western countries the hookers are often drug addicts who can't hold a job. Women with average skills can earn enough to live on. Why can't the government see that? Because they are afraid that the businesses will move to other SE Asia countries with lower wages than the new rate. It's all of SE Asia that has this mentality and why hookers are so commonly found in this area. It's economics that lead women to be sex workers.
  12. The materials that are shown in the photo are for "plumping up" the vulva not for genital mutilation. This COULD be a misunderstanding
  13. thaigirlwatcher

    Phuket airport worker arrested for theft of passenger’s phone

    That's the real solution at the end of the piece. Set up a committee. Works for every other problem in Thailand doesn't it?
  14. We can only hope so