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  1. Are you saying there is little Buddhas running around?...hmmm.
  2. It would be nice to know which country these people are from. I have an idea but it would only be a guess and thats for another posting.
  3. Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

    I did not see the segment but by tRumps reaction it did not put him in a good light. Good for Oprah.
  4. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Two problems I see with this. 1. To have a system up and running (bug free) in six months is a very tall order. Tall as in Mount Everest tall. 2. This will mean hour upon hour upon hour of line ups at immigration coming into the country. Having to enter your own info at electronic stations. I forcast that it will be one big cluster at the airports.
  5. It seems that both were quality tourist...
  6. Is there CCTV in this bar? That video should tell the true story of what exactly happened in that bar.
  7. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    Whats the problem...you don't like it then don't get your coffee there. Besides, the girls are covered up. Showing enough skin to let the imagination run wild.
  8. Butts Out: Smoking Ban To Hit 24 Thai Beaches

    Smokers brought this upon themselves....pick your butts up you lazy <deleted>.
  9. Swatting or not, the police officer had trigger finger and shot an unarmed man. If you point fingers it should be at the police.
  10. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    What percentage are Thai nationals and foreigners? Would be nice to know.