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  1. Cleaned above water line. How about below water line?
  2. mdmayes

    This thai girl

    I recommend you read "Thailand Fever" by Chris Pirazzi and Vitida Vasant. It may set you straight on the Thai-Western relationship. If you want to keep this Thai girl you will need to change sooner than later. If she just your good time, let her go and move on. She deserves better.
  3. mdmayes

    How To Get Thai Drivers Licence?

    The only difference is it has "CAA" stamps in the book (being from Canada).
  4. mdmayes

    How To Get Thai Drivers Licence?

    Yes. It has multiple pages with multiple languages.
  5. mdmayes

    How To Get Thai Drivers Licence?

    Location = Pattaya is where this is happening. Home Licence = Legal International = Legal
  6. With the trend of police stopping tourists on motor bikes or in cars and demanding that they produce a Thai Drivers Licence. The police are not accepting a valid international drivers licence and are confiscating vehicles on the spot. How would a foreigner go about getting a Thai Drivers licence? I stay in Thailand usually in one month segments and do not have a permanent home in the LOS.
  7. mdmayes

    Giant Mushroom found in Doi Tao

    Break Guinness world record?
  8. I would also like to see the finger pointing the purp out picture for the media
  9. Were these water jugs full of water or empty? By looking at picture the jugs look empty. If empty I would say not cruel. If full I would say cruel.
  10. It's common in areas were traffic flow merge is either ahead or was behind the solid white line. It's for safety reasons. It is common in Canada. I didn't know there were change lane camera tech out...another cash cow to add to cities bank accounts.
  11. DNA technology is getting sophisticated...amazing.
  12. When cabin fill with smoke you can't tell were it is coming from. Especially if in a overhead bin. Safety first...land plane, check plane out top to bottom. I wouldn't want anything less to feel safe when getting back on plane.