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  1. Swatting or not, the police officer had trigger finger and shot an unarmed man. If you point fingers it should be at the police.
  2. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    What percentage are Thai nationals and foreigners? Would be nice to know.
  3. Good. Sick of trying to find a cig butt free spot on beach to put my towel on. Smokers bought it on themselves.
  4. Bib are the laziest police force in the world. They put in the least amount of effort to close a case. Justice takes a backseat when it comes to police work in Thailand.
  5. Its ok until your nationality gets targeted. Then you would be on TV texting your fingers raw saying how unjust it all is...just saying.
  6. I cancel my Pattaya 7 day trip to nicer waters. I cast my approval of the crap filled beaches with my $$$$...or lack of.
  7. Isn't being married to multiply men at same time a crime in Thailand? Bigamy I believe it is called in North America.
  8. Down on luck or not. He must go to jail for long time.
  9. In Canada we call someone who does that traffic move a Dumb Ass. Unfortunately people were killed & injured. Lock the Dumb Ass up for long time...please. We Canadians don't need his Dumb Ass back in Canada.
  10. Death Island will again live up to its name and take two more INNOCENT lives by executing these men. Shame on Thailand for allowing such an injustice to happen.
  11. You sanitized the real reasons for the two losing factions and their causes. The civil war was about the south keeping their slavery institutions alive. The WW2 was about nazi faction wanting to exterminate the Jews and inslave all others. Both were losers then and their losers now.
  12. Where's the dog? Can't see/make out the faces of the tourists so how is the public supposed to help in this case?