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  1. She does not have to go back to murder island if she is uncomfortable to do so. This is 2018, everything can be done electronically. If BIB wants to, they could send an officer to the UK to interview the lady in person. The thai police had their chance to interview the lady in Thailand but ignored her plea at that time. As per any forensic evidence, let the it be done in Briton so there is no accidental loss of important DNA. She is a fighter and will not go quietly into the night. The Thai police / government were hoping this lady was a mouse and go hide away. But they now see they were dealing with a lion and are scrabbling to try and discredit. You go girl.
  2. Competition is good fro Joe consumer.
  3. This just does not pass the smell test. Canadians do not commit suicide in foreign country. They are to polite to leave a mess in someone elses back yard. But this is Thailand and good police work just is not happening. It will be ruled a suicide so BIB can close case ASAP.
  4. Still waiting for DNA evidence to be processed with the British police. Why is BIB so quick to close case without the DNA results? When results come back which say the DNA was from a Thai national, BIB will make up another story.
  5. Would be a good example for Thainess or Stupidity? I would put this at 60% stupidity and 40% thainess.
  6. That will be 30 days in the crowbar hotel.
  7. Karon beach is no place for a croc.
  8. No one wins in a trade war.
  9. Its the wild west on Death Island. The law is paid off by the wealthy landowners and mafia. Stay away from this island. There are many more good locations in Thailand to spend your tourist dollars.
  10. Wish them all a successful rescue.
  11. mdmayes

    First two boys RESCUED from Tham Luang cave -

    Great news