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  1. There have been quite a few posts recently on TV that refer to "modified pickups" which, I presume, includes songthaews and any other variation on the pickup theme. I have a standard pickup and my insurance covers a driver and six passengers. Presumably carrying a number of persons in excess of the insured number invalidates the insurance. My question to anyone who knows is, do "modified pickups" have special insurance that allow them to operate in such a dangerous, overloaded manner. As Hippy says, they are not safer than a mere pickup truck.
  2. Agreed. I myself was thinking, murder in 2010 followed by law enforcement in 2017. That sure is "knee jerk" Thai style. I would like to see something less urgent.
  3. "Dozed off" sounds so harmless.
  4. Agreed. All littering, all places and, I would like to add, all times. Why just high season? The obvious answer to that one is "a major ASEAN environment conference in Phuket from October 22 to 23 in which sea and beach trash issues will be top of the agenda." Must be seen to be doing some thing by then.
  5. You and other contributors mention Muslims. As far as I am aware UK law and benefits do not favour one faith over others. Faith need not be mentioned, it only breeds misplaced attitudes.
  6. Pre-existing conditions!! I have insurance and was confident when I came to Thailand that I could always go back to UK if something had to be dealt with that exceeded my insurance cover and I could not afford to pay for myself. That safety net has now been removed.
  7. Yet again the development is only discovered after it has been built, is up, running and occupied. It is not even far from the road. Like the ones on beaches, surely someone in authority is able to spot the building and stop it. Now there will be all the fuss, expense and negotiations over whether to demolish or not. More cost and heartache for the victims.
  8. I don't doubt what you say but, for those who are interested, the link is to an article written in 1990. That could be a bit out of date.
  9. Honest question. To whom are you addressing this? You didn't quote the Thai bashing.
  10. Malt25. ChiangMaiLightning2143 said it.
  11. THAI is an airline. In Perth they took a jetway and "bashed" it into a THAI aircraft. Get it?
  12. Bus and truck curfew in place for Patong Hill

    So you've seen what we have all seen many times in Thailand. My question really attempted to address the issues as to why would the powers limit the curfew to specific times when what clearly is needed is to keep the (******) heavy traffic off that road.
  13. Bus and truck curfew in place for Patong Hill

    Thanks Psimbo. That is understood. So this is all about collateral damage and it is OK for buses with 21+ passengers to go over the side as long as they do not collaterally damage a motorcycle on the way. I think a good idea would be to address the whole issue in the ways so often given on TV.
  14. Bus and truck curfew in place for Patong Hill

    I don't get this. If the vehicle/driver/load is unsafe for the hill at 6 am to 9 am and from 4 pm to 11 pm, why do they suddenly become OK outside those times?
  15. I wanted to delete but cannot find how.