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  1. I'm finished here. Good night everyone.
  2. My point is "I think you are making his point for him".
  3. Thanks (or is that too passive aggressive?). I guessed the moan but failed on the other.
  4. No. I'm not sure of the boundaries of the thread either. Previous contributors have alleged that I am trying to tell Thais and their visitors how to celebrate their festival. I am not, but I do think that there is mileage in exercising an element of discretion. Various agencies have designated times, places and styles of the celebration. I support all of that and would happily shut up if there was a return to traditional styles of celebration that would allow me, simply, to join in or not as I choose.
  5. To be honest, I think you are making his point for him. It does not sound as though you and your friends were sitting at your table with water guns loaded, buckets full of iced water etc. It sounds like you were having a thoroughly civilised evening out. That is what I enjoy as well. Generalisations are seldom very accurate but they can sometimes be used to make a point.
  6. That is a well made point but I had thought of this thread as being about Songkran starting early rather than the bigger issue of where we choose to live.
  7. So you are saying that, in Thailand, there are no rights or freedom. There are some that would agree with you. Now actually read my post and quote for me where I actually "tell Thais and its visitors what they can or cant do". I'll save you the trouble, I don't.
  8. We all have our rights and freedom. Those rights and that freedom exist so that we can choose to do something as well as choosing not to do something. I choose not to smoke. If someone comes into a bar, sits next to me and blows smoke in my face he is denying me my choice. Same with Songkran. I am a prisoner in my own room because I choose not to play water games at Songkran but the streets are full of people who deny me the option of going out and exercising my right to go freely on my way without a soaking with cold water.
  9. I think you have the answer now, loud and clear, but here is my tuppence worth about the plan you were considering. Find a long term THB vs GPB chart. Look at it. Think about it. Talk to some old timers around here. They will tell you about 75 baht to the pound and more, even a comparative newbie like me benefitted from 66 baht to the pound. Now, based on this evidence, stop calling this a post Brexit problem for the pound. It's been happening for years. Now ask yourself what the likelihood is that you will be making big money in the next two years if the pound turns around. It might or it might not, I certainly do not know, but just look at the trend. Better secure that extension now.
  10. It just has rather a large crumple zone.
  11. Planned ahead. Lots of time to take the initiative to organise the festival in your area. (Or did they mean 2018 or 2019?)
  12. While on the subject try using a pool where Thais are swimming. I try to do lengths but am constantly barged or interrupted by people swimming across my path. I stop to allow them to pass but, as you say, they have no awareness or peripheral vision.