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  1. Go to the cops file a report on what he did. And don't pay him. Cheapos always try to make money by playing tricks. Don't let them get away with it.
  2. You should get her drunk. Social conditioning doesn't work on drunk people, so you should have no trouble then.
  3. Oh look how their words changed, now that half of the world hates them. First they said they had not done anything wrong.
  4. Okay you are right. I know they won't be punished but then don't make me laugh with this - we are after the criminals- stuff. No they aren't. And it's not about Thailand's affairs. Nobody cares about them. The same happens all over the world and I simply find fake idiots amusing!!! I don't support the phony. I support the real. That's why I said what I said. And it's scheme or scandal but definitely not scam.
  5. They will close the brothels? Good, that means there will be no government house.
  6. They are cleaning up Pattaya? That's cool, no more crooked cops, no more crooked politicians etc. Crime rate declines to zero.
  7. I agree. No jail time needed. Just strap them behind a motorbike and wipe the main street with them. They will never do it again guaranteed.
  8. I see a lot of people getting arrested for drugs regularly. Anybody got arrested lately for this rice scheme????? The people involved in this made a lot more money than joke drug dealers. All of a sudden enforcing the law is not so important, huh?!
  9. 50k for 80000 X. That's not much. For 50 thousand I wouldn't even get out of my car. But this "acting on a tipoff" again!! These snitches are still boring!
  10. 20000 baht for a rape? The cheapo government should have just apologized instead of making fun of themselves.
  11. Any gap is acceptable! Anybody tells you otherwise, run! I am young. I have always been a womanizer and even in my case, every time I am with someone who's younger than me, there are always some know it alls, including family members, that try to tell me how I should live my life and she's too young etc. First of all, age literally doesn't matter. It's not just a nice saying, it's a fact. If you love each other and enjoy each other's company, who the hell cares what year you were born in. I remember this chick who was a few years younger than me and someone close to me, a relative noticed how we stared at each other then said something off putting regarding the age difference. This relative has a husband, who's like 20 years older than she is. When people talk bad and have a negative opinion, it is only because their own pain, their own low self esteem comes to the surface. Later I went to talk to this young girl and we got into the best and craziest relationship I have ever been in. Had I listened to this insecure person who was trying to put her own negativity on me, I could have never had that amazing experience! Don't listen to people!
  12. What's that true money credit??
  13. A handing back ceremony. These people need Jesus. Why not simply give it back because you are kind hearted and that's it. There's no need to advertise it. Like the politicians that are on the front page, handing food to those in need. Why take pictures and advertise it? Are you giving it because you are a good person or because you look to gain something from it? And they even tell him what to say: 'Thais are so kind'. <deleted> Do the authorities actually think that someone believe this staged nonsense or is it just for laughs?