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  1. I see. I find it's much better to keep my head up. I also do not go to bars. That's for a certain demographic and we have nothing in common. It takes a victim with a victim mentality to be victimized. Predators don't become targets. As for street smart, considering my past, all I've got is street smarts.
  2. Yes. More nagging please. Oil on the fire.
  3. Alright alright. You are a tough one. Let me propose a solution that benefits both of us. I'll continue getting rich, you continue hating on internet forums. Just ignore everything I say. Simply go on being a jellyfish.
  4. And and and? And it's the ultimate..i am trying to act like i am indifferent by asking..and? And don't bother saying you truly don't care. If you didn't you would have ignored my thread. Regards God
  5. Thank you. The trades are all manual i don't use any robots or other nonsense. How much i trade differs every day. Totally unpredictable. I trade gold only. Net worth remains a mystery. My strategy is that i refuse to trade the way others trade because it doesn't work. The most successful traders are right less than half of the time. They say it not me. So after many years of practice they are sitting in front of two screens for many hours every day and this results in them being right less than half of the time. In my eyes that is extremely inefficient. They might as well bet on the weather forecast. I simply carry my smartphone wherever i go and i trade whenever i feel like trading. I set the take profit on every trade and leave it alone. As long as i go by feeling i know i am making money. The moment i start analysing it and try to figure it out, i f*** up. I posted a screenshot of November but as i said i have done it through several months. I have not had one trade that i closed with a loss. I trade quite a bit because i enjoy it. At any given time i have max two positions open. I personally know a chick in Japan who trades in a similar fashion. I am fully aware that this doesn't make sense to the logical mind and that's why people attack it on the forum. I don't mind. I know what i am saying is true and i couldn't care less if others didn't believe me. I believe me. That's all that matters.
  6. But Swiss Chocolate. I have already said that six months is Already gone and i also happened to say that I've got nothing to prove. I simply opened a thread and said that i make a lot of money. That's all that happened. Then losers jump in and call it a scam. Those that have more time on their hands even take the time and look up my older posts hoping that it will help them to be more hating and sarcastic. The simple mention of making money gets people so hurt then they throw a hissy fit. Calm down. Being wealthy is great.
  7. It works like this.we open accounts and then we trade. Easy does it
  8. Thank god. Yes i already thanked myself. Next
  9. Cry more sweetheart. First of all its you are not your. Go back to school. Secondly nobody got rocked up. Thirdly yes it is true that I was 3 euros short but this has nothing to do with trading so it appears that the joke is on them and you as I previously discussed. Fourthly nobody got peeved. I simply told that story that whenever I see that someone is in need of help, it is obvious to me that I will help. So it was amusing that while I never get rejected when I offer help, all of a sudden when it's time to give instead of receiving, nobody has a few euros to their name. They must have a similar mentality to yours. A bum that is. Next please
  10. I did. You didn't. Next please
  11. No worries. Then it's back to the pub.
  12. Okay sir. If i don't forget it i shall get back to you in a year. Should not be difficult since as i said 6 months have already passed.
  13. That one account is actually three accounts and that one month is actually six months. Btw as i mentioned in my original post, i don't need to highlight or prove anything. I know what i know and that's sufficient. But your hatred and jealousy is much appreciated.