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  1. Not more than any other area. They are all into it because of the money. I remember this chick from isaan. I met her in pattaya. We met at a disco. She said it was her B-Day and she was partying with her friends. I said come party with me I'll be grateful. She says no no I am not going anywhere. Then I asked my Thai girl friend to talk to her. 30 seconds later she says okay for double that I go. Then later it turns out she has an American boyfriend who had been sending her large amounts of money but somehow she managed to spend it all.
  2. Taylor should be happy that someone even touches her.
  3. I don't ask girls out. I physically impose myself on them and make forceful sexual comments.
  4. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    You either pay the drink or give her money. On a side note don't worry about looking like a cheapskate. Drinking at the above mentioned places already qualifies you as one so there's not much you can do.
  5. You were not banned and you wouldn't get banned for some indo in your pocket but if you decide to smoke in a country where drug possession can carry a life sentence depending on the amount, why on earth would you walk around with the stuff like there's nothing to it? Lolz. There's nothing wrong with weed but educate yourself before you brake the law in a foreign country.
  6. You had to read it seven times because you are not wearing your prescription glasses.
  7. I like how they are not nearly as pretty as think they are.
  8. As far as I am concerned it's perfectly legal.
  9. Thai wife false accusations. Trouble ahead?

    Just go to the cops and makeup similar bs. Report it that she stole wads of cash and threatened your life several times. Trust me it works wonders. All of a sudden Ms Thang rethinks her strategy.
  10. First off, I would do little noël. Secondly, if someone started pulling at me on the street, I would start shortening his lifespan. Third, she is cute she says. Those who did it were not criminals but cops. She forgot to mention that there's no difference.
  11. Why would I give her any percentage of my income? It's usually them that pay.