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  1. She does what she wants. Pm go worry about the real gangsters not some young chick who dances to feed herself and the family.
  2. So a wannabe criminal acted like the real criminals. What's the problem? The real thugs got jealous and don't like competition?
  3. Now what was the point of this? Now everybody knows that the son of the cop is actually a daughter, because no real man fights a woman. Lol. He's cute.
  4. That's a money hungry b....!
  5. I just think differently that's all. Just because you keep repeating that most have kids it won't make it true. Some do, many don't.
  6. Some of them do. Many of them don't. I have been with more women in my life than I could possibly count. Many over thirty. A lot of them didn't have kids. But I am talking about proper women, good looking hot educated smart well off chicks that stand on their on feet, not the average girl from udon and Pattaya. Maybe we move in different social circles. I rejoice in our differences.
  7. Some women, not most. No I would never get married because marriage was created for the sole purpose of controlling people.
  8. The ministry said they would revoke the passport as quickly as possible. That was some time ago. They could have revoked it already and then the boy would stop traveling. By the way why does he call himself boss? Lol. Looks more like a man, who has to run and hide like an animal, to me.
  9. I totally agree. I once was seeing a chick in Chiang mai, she had a son. I told her, I was not gonna have a gf who had kids from another man. And that I am not going to have children, until I am sure that I can take care of them well and give them everything they need. Then she says, that's selfish. Lol. I am like, honey you are already a mother. You have a child(from a man you never actually loved; which is usually the case)but you aren't able to provide for that kid. That's selfish!!! My thoughts: no woman with kids from other man! Second, if the woman you have is not working on something(not doing something), chances are she's working on you, fool. Third, not only that but an intelligent, smart woman is the bare minimum. Like one that can stand up for herself and tell that text driver to go ..... himself. If she wants that hotel then nobody cares about where the taxi driver would like to go. Take me to where I want to go, idiot.
  10. I thought I would share this, it works. Most people especially men suffer from hair thinning or hair loss at some point. First of all balding is NOT natural. It is a byproduct of our modern ways of living, a toxic environment and not giving a toss about what we put into our bodies. The number one reason behind balding is an acidic unhealthy body that is unable to cope with the amount of stress it's subjected to and the toxins that stay within the body. Here what needs to be done: 1. The human body needs to be alkaline!!! An acidic environment is only acceptable if you are dead. The majority of what the modern man puts into his body is highly acidic. An alkaline diet is necessary. 2. Products that actually work when it comes to regrowing hair: Lipogaine or Kirkland Minoxidil. The active ingredient is Minoxidil, which is very effective at regrowing hair without side effects. 3. Natural products that actually work and very important: saw palmetto, rosemary oil and pumpkin seed oil. Along green tea, they are all very effective at blocking dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the main reasons behind hair loss. From these, saw palmetto stands out as it effectively reduces the presence of 5 alpha reductase enzyme, that binds to testosterone, creating dihydrotestosterone. 4. Most people take calcium supplements but don't understand that magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K2 also need to be taken otherwise the calcium won't be absorbed properly, leading to calcium deposits in the body and the calcification of the scalp. This prevents the hair from growing! Again, it's abnormal and not natural at all, when the hair stops growing. 5. Consume herbs/teas regularly. They literally purge toxins out of your body. If you use a good shampoo, that exfoliates the skin, have good personal hygiene, while paying attention to what you put into your body, and use the recommended products simultaneously, the hair will grow back. Of course, it takes time. You need to be persistent! The above is based on scientific research and real life application. If you are interested, do it. If not, then don't. But there's one thing you should steer clear of. When I create a thread to help others and an uneducated know nothing jumps in and without knowing anything about the subject at hand, starts telling me how it's not true and it doesn't work and it's a scam etc, like another thread I created, I always laugh at you so hard, that some sh+& happens. Last time I dropped my coffee at Starbucks because I was ordering as I was reading the responses. Then I had to buy another one. So please don't be a comedian. Whatever I say, i say because I know for a fact that it works and I want to help. Just because your mind can't comprehend it, it doesn't mean it's a scam. Lol, again. Amen
  11. He will have a good time in prison.
  12. Fisherman's friend. Strepsils.
  13. For a place to stay check out renthub.in.th For aas hit a few pharmacies, you can get them there yes. Some will say no, then just go to another one. Go to the ones where the employee is a man. They are doing these things to make money on the side, women are usually afraid to wheel and deal.
  14. It's not implemented yet, only at certain places such as the idc.