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  1. Hua Hin tackles 1-in-2-million shark threat

    perfect, now we can swim. No worries at all,
  2. I think you don't know the Swedish laws. You are fined if you go TO a prostitute.
  3. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Good chioce. Do you need them all?
  4. Merkel, Macron meet to plot euro zone reform road map

    ???????? WHERE you read that? Please show me!
  5. Sure, that is the real reason to delay election. Up to now he is not ready but unfortunately he'll be next year when elections will be held maybe......However if Thai people are as stubborn as they are he has to delay elections again and again and again and......
  6. WHO....? Name that idiot....! That's "knowledge" of last century. Get an update if you want to live healthier!
  7. Where's the NO SUGAR soy milk?!? V-soy stock is gone!

    Buy a Stainless Steel machine and make your own Soy milk. Cheaper and more tasty
  8. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Actually not worth to comment, nor to read
  9. Songkran Death Toll Surges To 418

    I mentioned here already that UN estimates more than 35.000/year.
  10. Did somebody checked Prayut, Prawit and cronies already... ?
  11. I definitely don't need to be an expert or clairvoyant to predict heavy smog the next weeks in CNX. It's simply common sense