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  1. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    absolutely right view.
  2. ASH Thailand says e-cigarette is harmful to health

    that is absolutely right and I'm happy that e-cigs are forbidden here
  3. Baby boy found stuffed down the toilet on tour bus

    it's terrible. A proper law for free abortion is a must!
  4. Yellow Book at Amphur Hang Dong - how long?

    you can wait for it. provided all documents not more than 15 minutes
  5. That woman with the tumor in in video could be happy. The "husband" might pay a treatment with probably expensive medication.
  6. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    I like your jokes....same as "Laughing Gravy" too.
  7. why they are searching? They haven't seen like this before?
  8. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    look here. If you want to be informed 8in Thailand) about politics at home you got the choice (except www) between many TV channels e.g. Al Jazeera, RT, DW, AUS, chinese and Japanese. After watching news you can make up your mind and find the right view for yourself. The truth is always between all these facts showed there. if British people would not listen to BBC only information would be much clearer. In this case the coming disaster.
  9. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    Good man, good ideas. Congrats. I hope proEU brains will win over outdated proBrexit finally. It's still not too late for a good future.
  10. Tough and brave guy with good equipment and good mood. At night probably he came to beach, cooking some rice and going around on his bike. And the axe he used for cutting some branches for a shelter and to hunt some sharks. A tale? Who knows?
  11. They should have tried first with LEGO bricks.......
  12. Why do Thai drivers continually modulate the throttle? Because they can.................
  13. Maybe he should have asked somebody before he made plans concerning his family? Anyway when he is retired he might live in Thailand if he can show 400.000 Baht. And probably he voted for Mrs May?
  14. Maybe he should ask somebody before making plans....? And if he is retired he might live in Thailand with a proof of 400.000. So what?
  15. and.....what do YOU expect they should do? Please explain.