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  1. Petchabun Roads and Effluent

    Why the hell you call yourself a "farang" ???????????????? You are an Australian Citizen living in Thailand
  2. could happen in ALL countries when drunk driving
  3. Following "Thailand moves forward" it's not really new news, isn't it? If you add to those figures the amount of people who died in hospital after having an accident it might be very much more than 30.000 a year. So another HUB for Thailand.
  4. ...and end up in jail.....!!!!
  5. wow, that are really news....yawn
  6. Man, 62, hurt after SUV plunges from car park

    too complicated for that man.........with automatic gear box....too many choices
  7. 4.30 am in Walking Street? You should be in bed with someone already. Maybe the Brit was frustrated because he was still alone? Then he asked the Algerian....and the whole thing started.....what a shame
  8. I suppose it would be easy for that girl to find an easy job......
  9. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    it is as common as in our countries as well. It's a matter of education.
  10. That is not quite right: I can attend a temple today and leave next week. Qualification? Not drinking alcs or taking drugs maybe Also: there are a lot monks here originally from Burma. If they were prosecuted there.....who cares. To become a monk is easy here. Many choose this as a profession to make money not because of belief. Some years ago we bought some land: owner was a monk. He owns more than 50 rai. So?
  11. they behave like any other humans.....you don't need to have any qualification to become a monk.
  12. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    deport???? and where to?
  13. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    well, this percentage doesn't say anything. More important would be for me, how many foreigners (Westerners) of every those mentioned countries stay in Thailand? Does anybody knows that? Also....12 cases in 7 years in BKK.....is that much? I would presume in our countries it's much more
  14. That's a sad story, but why the whole fundraising stuff? A good travel insurance will pay.
  15. Sign pays off for boyfriend seeking pensioner

    There was an interview in Thai TV the other day. The woman knows exactly what she is looking for. Also, what is not mentioned here, she expect the man having a good pension. Not less than 20.000 Baht/month. She is not greedy at all because she was married to a German and get his pension, almost 50%, more than 2o Tsd. And the house showed in TV seems to be a solid one build to German standard and quality. Not cheap. There had been already many men asking for staying with her, but.....poor. So that was the reason to go to the TY show. Successfully!