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  1. no, you left, and lost and you will pay compensation. No one asked you to leave.....
  2. I think there are some more battles in history. Who got a list ???
  3. Again wrong. It seems to be difficult following my comments: I will explain to you a last time: In case you get pension. You paid for that pension when you were young? Not you, because you did not contribute anything but the former generation. And the young now will secure your pension in case they will get into work and are willing to. If not, your pension will be shortened. Got it now? Then we can go back to the French Minister In case you did not understand pls don't bother me but ask someone with wisdom
  4. and we are talking about STATE PENSION. What you are doing with your money I did not ask nor want to know.
  5. the pension scheme is a generation contract
  6. It took the wrong exit in your brain. The young are paying for the elderly. Only this way. If the young would not pay you would not get anything.
  7. The good thing is> Donald and Teresa will be blown off by the wind of change But Merkel will stay probably another 1 or 2 terms as a freedom fighter and builder of a stronger EU
  8. wow, sounds very selfish unfortunately. And for the is the young generation who will pay for your pension. Not the other way round.
  9. No, not at all. The continental EU countries will stay close together and will push EU forward, but Britain has to enjoy your new best friend Donald. I would rather stay in EU instead to have that friend.
  10. Britain will pay a high price for the stupid ideas of some outdated elderly, who lost their way to the nursing home. The young unfortunately will pay because the elderly and old won't be alive.
  11. It is obviously what many of the OLD did not expect. Interesting is the fact that "Great Britain" sneaked back all time in history when it comes to pay money. So they left China, India and Kenya when it was evident that they could not have any benefit at all. (Or they were thrown out) And so it happened that they went into EU and now they can't see their they leave. It's a "CHERRY PICKING COUNTRY". Now Britain will become a unimportant little country which has still follow the EU rules (free trade) but without power and influence.
  12. yeah, that's all PAST. Who is interested in those times? If there is intelligence (Brain power), where is that gone? I can't see anything in UK nowadays.
  13. 'We want our money back' Here we go again...... the continuing animosities between the Pro-EU and the Pro-Brexit followers. Considering that in this forum are only OLD and VERY OLD people participating we can see that the majority of Brits are favoring May's policy whereas the continental Europeans are strictly following EU regulations including paying the outstanding money back to EU. The Europeans are for freedom and don't like to have borders. Same as the overwhelming majority of YOUNG Brits. So we have the fact that the OLD BRITS cut off the future of the young. May will not rule forever, maybe not even one year. And after a while there is time for a new referendum. This time the YOUNG will go for voting. For sure. But in the meantime UK will go into one direction only: DOWN. It's a shame.
  14. oh, and now the Nazis are in UK?
  15. First I admired the guy (not really) having grabbed a lot of money, buying some properties and having a good life. But that he seems to be soooo stupid I didn't expect. For that money what he supposed to hide somewhere he could have bought a wonderful EU passport from Malta or take advice from Thaksin how to deal with this junta. But now I will see him in prison soon. Wonder if they will get his money.