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  1. The former colony will teach the colonists a lesson. You have to lick Irish c**** as well as any continental one.
  2. Make a fullstop and leave those baboons sorting out their chaos. Seems as if they lost their brain. What an embarrassing drama
  3. sawadee1947

    Which brand? For children.

    I-phoneX would be the best to show off probably. Honestly you should care more intensive for your kids by playing education instead of leaving them with electronic equipment. Be more responsible and look for challenging adventurous education!
  4. Are you still living in Disney's World? Wake up!
  5. It's a logic of a soldier. However I can't follow. Is there anybody who can explain to me?
  6. sawadee1947

    Money in Myanmar? UAE?

    Sorry, that is not the point. It's about teachers for English language.
  7. Who wants to be ruled by a witch?? That belongs to medieval times. So does that president. Hunt him!
  8. sawadee1947

    Diarrhea for over 6 months

    And a blood count and electrophoresis
  9. sawadee1947

    Military to be out in full display for Children’s Day

    Well, peace and order and tanks and guns...... A good way for Thai education. Why not give them a gun when they come to school? And train them how to shoot their neighbors when angry or their parents? Honestly it's a shame to show kids all this deadly stuff. It's made for killing. But this unfortunately connected to Thai daily life.
  10. sawadee1947

    Money in Myanmar? UAE?

    If you would have considered what I mentioned before you would have been quiet. I complained about "so called " English language teachers here who indeed can't show any diploma of any recommended UK university. They are similar to Thai people. No qualification but just "I can"