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  1. That's only the start of it... Then you still have to worry about which leg of your jeans you hang your lanyard...
  2. There is someone in Germany selling licenses on ebay for €4.99 or something like that Search for him
  3. But then you would sacrifice the equal weight distribution....
  4. The cbr500 is overweight and underpowered No comparison to the kawa 650 range (but it is cheap tho)
  5. I used to have one on my er6n (made by tsugiki) They will try and fine you anyway as they don't care about the law, the care about collecting revenue Best not to stop if you can zoom by safely
  6. Have a look at the mate 9 pro Its another great phone from huawei About the same price as the p10 plus Maybe slightly less
  7. I like to inspect my tires sometimes or keep the bike running on the stand to check /change the oil Centre stand weighs probably ~4kg A racing Exhaust will get you pulled over now more than it used to do... Whether thats worth it or not is debatable... I would rather not pay fine every time the bib are out collecting
  8. I did test one and wasn't impressed with it Anything else you'd like to tell me about myself?
  9. I don't know who would envy a HD owner I like a lot of different bikes but a "Hardly Ableson" is not on my rader Too much money and too less performance, crept for the noise
  10. Flashing custom roms is probably how you lost some of the base features (4g is notorious and tethering and hotspot are regional, some carriers make you pay extra for these features monthly) Flash official Samsung Thai rom+firmware+radio +bootloader and that will fix your issues with 4g
  11. Because he died suspiciously and the less fuss about it the better....
  12. 10 rich Thai men will be able to get rid of you a lot easier than you will be able to get rid of them....
  13. Let me know if you find some zero risk investments lol
  14. You probably at least know what your doing, Most people would lose if you dropped Them into a forex market with no experience Bitcoin and ethereum is doing the best from all my investments, best things I ever bought and before someone says I could lose that's impossible because I took out my initial investment many times over already....