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  1. That would put me off for sure, I think it will end up being multiple smaller denominated Thai gold bars.... I don't trust any Thai gold shop with an advance Payment for a 1kg gold bar I won't receive until later Id rather buy gold that's in stock and get it when you pay for it... Is it still normal to pay spot price +100thb for every buy? That's why I was thinking about 1 large bar instead of ~20 Smaller ones
  2. Would it work out beneficial to buy multiple small bars or 1 large bar (like 1kg ) ( regarding the service and ordering fees above the spot price) I have no interest in collectors coins or "fancy" gold etc, it's purely as an investment to park some cash for safekeeping for some years...
  3. Who even counts fuel consumption on a bike that costs ~70thb to fill to the brim? A wave is a different animal, its not even an automatic and it uses honda pgmfi instead of a carb, also uses a chain so obviously more efficient on gas milage but really, I think gasoline 95 is about 25-26thb a litre Unless your running a taxi bike service the automatic twist-n-go will Be more convenient and the difference in gas consumption could be offset by drinking one Less bottle of beer per week /month You should probably change that Irish flag to a Scottish one lol
  4. Fino 115cc used too much fuel... I'm trying to stop laughing You should probably get a pushbike...
  5. There isn't really much "good" in a bowl of anything you get for 25-35thb at the side of the street.... If you want nutritious food that isn't loaded with salt, sugar, msg or fried in the cheapest oil on the market you would be safer to make it yourself... It is cheap though, I'll give you that much...
  6. Or Facebook or "insert any company here"
  7. Is it really a "punishment" to use another shop? Put another way, if only a small fraction of these problematic teens are stealing, then he is shooting himself in the foot by banning the paying majority Either way, it will work itself out
  8. REVO UNINSTALLER is a great product too (also free)
  9. You don't have to use it if you don't want to, in fact you need to sign in to use it, I find it convenient that they store my photographs, but if I was worried about privacy I would disable it... The same could be said for letting Google run your phone lol
  10. I got this installed recently and its not great tbh, The torrents are throttled to a crawl during peak hours and the service is sometimes worse than the 4g on my phone, is there any easy work around for them throttling the speed? Also the free TV is mostly garbage as far as I can tell Does anyone know to find the English speaking channels from the ~190 "free channels" without surfing through them all? Knowing which numbers they are on would be a great help
  11. Can anyone recommend a place to buy gold bars in bkk ? also , is there any risk of getting fake gold with less than the advertised purity etc or other scams to watch out for ? would prefer 99.999% pure but if that comes at too much of a premium over the spot price then thai gold will be fine
  12. One also has to learn a different English to talk with Scottish people .......
  13. Just because he can't prove it doesn't make him wrong... Most countries thesedays are deeper in the red than they would care to admit publicly (especially the western ones we all come + Japan and China)
  14. They will have to build more jails lol
  15. I've had that problem You need to try REVO UNINSTALLER Don't need to pay for it, free version works As well as the paid version