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  1. Good or bad experiences at bx.in.th

    Americans not allowed but the owner is American lol
  2. That's not a massive snake tbh.... They found one in the Phillipines or Indonesia that was a couple of hundred kilos....
  3. Cme and the hedge funds are only going to focus on bitcoin, they are not going to invest in the other 1300 "alt coins" which have small market caps and are not worth bothering about for institutions... Everyone should hold a small amount of bitcoin if you can afford to, the upside is a lot greater than the downside over the next few years... https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/13/novogratz-says-institutional-investors-will-soon-adopt-bitcoin.html
  4. New scooter BMW 400

    But they never have been popular in any market or country, have they? There is a fairly large market for maxi scooters..... They wouldn't bother making them otherwise (obviously not best sellers in budget conscious countries like Thailand)
  5. Benelli TNT 135...

    The Aerox 155cc is cheap and pulls like a train up hills... It doesn't weigh a lot more than most 125 but the performance is way better... Tell her to test one if she can live with an automatic
  6. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I live in the city so the Aerox is perfect If you want to go touring, get a 650 or bigger Much more fun!
  7. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I rented both and I left the nmax back early to go buy an aerox.... Only minor annoyance is a smaller fuel tank on the Aerox but the Aerox is smaller, faster, lighter and more agile, great price too Either of them is way better than a Pcx tho
  8. Jewellery What size bars do they sell in the largest denominations?
  9. Buying Ethereum in Thailand Safely

    it simply isnt ready for non technical users yet you dont have to be a hacker but its not recommened safe investing for grandma either it will get easier to use just like the internet did but the % gains will obviously be lesser too when its more mainstream
  10. It didn't evaporate, it's still in the address it was in and not a penny has moved Check your facts first plz
  11. Avoid 220b ATM Fee

    They used to give 100k thb per withdrawal but unfortunately they dropped it to similar as the other atm machines
  12. Invest or not?

    Put 10% in bitcoin, it will outperform everything else combined in the next 12 months
  13. Avoid 220b ATM Fee

    Might be easier to list banks that don't have a card reader....... In 2017..... I think every bank I've used in the last decade or so has them on the desks....
  14. Window cleaner

    Seems expensive, a maid service cleans my house every week and they only charge 400 and it's 220+ sqm and they leave it like brand new
  15. Deffo not cheap anymore Just spent two weeks visit on UK mainland and practically everything you need for day to day living was cheaper.... I hadn't been back in a long time so I was shocked to see how cheap the stuff is, and normally higher quality too...