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  1. They don't live here They're on package bus tours you daft runt
  2. There are statistically more yanks than any other nation.... And this murder just happened to be committed by one which disproves your theory....
  3. speedtripler

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    The sell a few variator kits and lighter roller weights to make the Aerox go faster, pretty cheap, im thinking about getting one when I have time to tinker https://m.ebay.com/itm/Racing-type-Variator-for-Yamaha-AEROX-155-Nmax-125-155-scooter-4T-4-stroke/332540947066?epid=2278788644 https://m.facebook.com/commerce/products/1256951437749182/ Looks interesting.....
  4. speedtripler

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    People are averaging At least 150km range on the Aerox forums before the gas warning starts flashing but if you to be cautious better get the pcx with the 8 litre tank Doesn't really bother me, I'd never be 150km from a gas station on my scooter.... On my big bikes, sometimes
  5. speedtripler

    International Drivers Permit

    I don't need to trust you. I don't need to go check I just went through the bullshit necessary to get Thai licences.....
  6. speedtripler

    International Drivers Permit

    You're looking for the answer you want at this stage rather than the truth/reality .... Ask those police who told you to put it in writing and sign it with his name and badge number
  7. They are worried that they might not be the crow, but the pigeon....
  8. He put a lot of faith in conventional fortune too which has served him quite well Billions and Billions I read somewhere
  9. speedtripler


    It only gets worse when you start trading in tens of millions.... There is exchange opened recently I expect a lot of users will move over Can't remember the name of it but by 2020 there will probably be at least a dozen exchanges to choose from so bx can enjoy their monopoly while it lasts
  10. speedtripler


    Bx is good but the fees are a bit greedy sometimes for cash withdrawal but they have a practical monopoly at the moment which will evaporate when the market has now competitors (if you sell a bitcoin they take fees for the sale like any exchange would , but when you want to withdraw the cash, they ALSO charge 10thb per 10,000thb) and we are talking about a free kasikorn to kasikorn transfer before someone suggests it's the banks fault (it isn't) This is not the case with other cryptocurrency exchanges and it may not bother people who trade small amounts but it gets excessive when you want to trade larger amounts or only profiting from the daily swings etc
  11. speedtripler

    Start with crypto now - Should or not?

    You could also count From 2009-2013 onwards so the number of positive days to buy it would actually be even higher than 95% and I predict in the next economic crisis (coming soon apparently) more people will run into cryptos and maybe gold as a "safe haven" when the sky comes crashing down on stocks etc It matters less what the outgoing generation don't like than what the upcoming generation DO like and 2/3 of millennials surveyed would rather invest in cryptocurrency than stocks and they distrust banks and financial institutions (deservedly so) after witnessing 2008
  12. speedtripler

    Driving License not on Computer.

    In my opinion, all Thai driving licences should be reclassed as "fake"
  13. I don't know if they will let you renew your licence until its within 90 days of expiry date That's what they told me anyway in bkk
  14. speedtripler

    Start with crypto now - Should or not?

    If you stayed clear of bubbles, you would have to avoid investing in stocks, bonds, gold and the currently overpriced property market...... Not. Only. Cryptocurrencys.... There are no certaintys and no investment instruments worth doing with 0.0% risk, in my view the risk/ reward ratio in crypto is higher than anything else and therfore worth the risk but as always, stay well diversified in a broad group of asset classes