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  1. I didn't miss the point I have more than that in banks My point was I pay for my child because I want to, not because I'm worried the mother could take me to court for money if I didn't I know more than 1 Thai women whose husbands just left them with kids, loans etc and walked away and they are about to lose their land (grandparents too) and the court is taking the side of the bank
  2. God help all the misfortunate Thai people who didn't have a YouTube channel Not to mention land, farm, house, lakes Bkk has thousands if not tens of thousands of homeless, don't see anyone asking for their bank details......
  3. What's not to trust about a guy called "Crookson" ?
  4. I don't have any farmers in the family, either gfs or wife's or in laws I pay for my children because I want to but if I didn't nobody could make me
  5. He could have bought a 2nd hand one ninja 650 or versys outright for the price of the down-payment +mods on a brand new one There are loads in the classifieds...
  6. Child support is still optional in a lot of the world, especially when they're is no marriage or any shared property or joint accounts It would be possible for most people to get the ferrari instead especially if they lived in thailand....
  7. Dozens arrested over scams

    I still answer them and it costs me nothing to have a chat with them about my chronic haemoirds
  8. 328k for the 2018 versys And another 100k+ on mods I just lost my limited sympathy for this guy+gal but you guys go ahead and send some donations
  9. Well then he overpaid, drastically 650's cost 285-329k on the market today
  10. After I seen the 430,000thb bill for the motorcycle, I agree with your summary Nobody needs a bike that expensive and certainly not anyone who is living on goodwill donations It must be an 800cc and will have considerably more expensive insurance and gas consumption than a regular 125cc Thai bike line the one sitting beside the kitchen table in some of the videos....
  11. Crying, but eyes dry as a bone.... Not a real tear in sight
  12. He is not legally related to the gf His old Thai wife would probably have more legal claims to his accounts than his new gf but you obviously know little about law and only wish to be pedantic .....
  13. Dozens arrested over scams

    I don't understand why she has to pay for calls received When boiler room Scams call me I waste their time and it costs nothing
  14. Could be in the pc or the smartphone Click settings/advanced/passwords/PayPal and then you need to enter the password of the operating system (windows 10 etc) You can also only withdraw cash to the bank account connected as far as I remember so if she withdraw it to his account she will has to get it out of the bank which might be tricky if he's dead age they're not married..... You could use the option, and to another PayPal account and send it to hers.... maybe.....
  15. He seems to have burned so many bridges I don't know if he has good mates here to trust with what we're probably his life savings Let's not forget that anyone with the password can withdraw the funds and PayPal will only speak to the account owner in the event of a problem so unless they had a joint account, they're is no comebacks if the guy dies anyway....