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  1. Has anyone got fresh info on which is the best term deposit account for cash thesedays? (I know it changes like the weather)
  2. Too late to become a bitcoin millionaire?

    This happens every time the pboc shut down bitcoin exchanges (even happened earlier in this year a few times and it always shakes the market and then the price reachs a new all time high) Some Chinese people with inside information could be making millions and millions of dollars each time this happens (if they were corrupt lol) but everyone knows there is no corruption in chyna
  3. the "best" properties are going to be subjective
  4. or pay a few thb more and drink the same amount ? i dont see this affecting anyone but the lower tier of workers really ....... a bit pointless imo ......
  5. vietnam beer is not as good as beer laos but damn its cheap .........
  6. Too late to become a bitcoin millionaire?

    rumour is a 2 trillion dollar market cap .....http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-could-be-500000-by-2030-first-snapchat-investor-says-2017-3
  7. Best way to Buy GBP with THB

    to save a tenth of a thb of a baht per pound it seems barely worthwhile unless your buying a house or something the rates published are : Buying: Selling : GBP United Kingdom 50 44.55 44.85 20- 5 44.45 44.75 not sure how much discount they would be able to give ,maybe enough for a beer and a packet of crisps on 2k lol
  8. If you think federbrau is "premium" then you are not qualified to talk about beer lol
  9. I only drink imported beer and it was already expensive but I doubt another 10% will stop anyone who likes to drink or smoke.... It will probably hurt the kids more than anyone else because if they parents are addicted anyway there's less cash for the ordinary household stuff like food and clothes
  10. If you can get a submarine to Laos and back to pickup cheap beer and cigarettes I'll be impressed lol
  11. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Diahorrea from clean water means something is wrong
  12. Best way to Buy GBP with THB

    Can you haggle for amounts as low as £2k ? I wouldn't have thought the staff have the power to give you any other rate than the one on the board....
  13. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I Just Don't take medical advice from people who rather believe in superstition and amulets than medical science....
  14. I need around £2k for a UK trip Is it cheaper to buy it in bkk from super rich etc or just use my Thai credit or debit cards to pay for stuff in the shops?