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  1. Certainly noticed a lot less Chinese around Nimmen, what a shame
  2. banagan

    Some good news

    https://thethaiger.com/news/chiang-mai/chinese-arrivals-down-by-half-in-chiang-mai?amp Haven't had to avoid as much on my scooter in Nimmen.
  3. I'm looking online at train timetables to BKK... Some sites I see up to 18:00, and some up to 21:00 Does anyone know a reliable source to find train timetables? Is it possible to purchase online? (I'm guessing no) Is it possible to purchase at a travel agent, Nimmen area? Maya? Or somewhere close by.... or can they only be purchased at the station? Shows trains leaving up to 21:50 https://www.chiangmai-thai.com/train_schedule.htm Shows trains leaving up to 18:00 http://www.thailandtrains.com/buy-train-tickets-from-chiang-mai-to-bangkok/ Cheers
  4. Looking for a decent 1080p or higher home theater projector. Looking on Lazada, they're 1000 to 25000 baht, hopefully someone here can recommend one. Not looking for anything super high end, just a good picture quality, good functionality and not too noisy. Something under 10000 baht I guess. As for projector, I've a big clean white wall Any other recommendations, again, something that wouldn't break the bank. Thanks
  5. I don't. I'm close to Maya. Is there a well know area, road with a few of these? No luck with google maps, just seeing auto repair shops.
  6. Where would I find a made to measure, aluminum sliding door/room divider in CM? Size, 290cm x 290cm Any idea of the cost with installation?
  7. banagan

    New driving fines, also for scooters?

    Jesus, that'll be a real $hit show... who carries 5k on them!
  8. So, the fine for having no license is going from 500 to 5000 baht, right? Does this apply to just cars or also scooters? Is it in effect now?
  9. For 30 day extension for entry stamp, what time do you need to arrive at Promenada? I haven't done this in a while, last time was by the airport, real $hit show, had to turn up at 4am for a ticket. Cheers.
  10. banagan


    I don't see any Thai option in my transferwise account.
  11. Yes, nice staff, bad bank. Can't do international bank transfers without the 3rd degree.
  12. I tried to send an international bank transfer from Thanachart bank, they want all sorts of info, where it came from, what its for, do I have an invoice, a work visa etc... what the hell? Anyway, I have a Bank of Bangkok account I can try. How can I wire money with no hassle, possible in Thailand?