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  1. But than, the trumpeteers, don't care about facts, for them it is all fake news! I'm waiting to see the trumpeteers react on your good post!
  2. What part of corruption didn't you understand?
  3. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Yes, we all know that Trump won. Now, why don't you stay on topic? Oh, yeah, I know, you are the one that keep saying that everybody who's against Trump, hate him! Do you notice that only the trumpeteers use the word hate?? Maby it has something to do with you hating everybody that doesn't look like you!! Now do as all a favor, have a drink and stop your trolling, btw, make that a few drinks, maby you feel better tomorrow.
  4. Thank you for sharing this link. Now the trumpeteers have a other news source they can call fake news! And many others outside the USA. To the Trumpeteers; Fake news? Yes of course, if you follow fox and friends, breithard and the other stuff you get your news from. Get real and face it that you support a lunatic in the WH! Just one question, WHY do you support a lying, hating, racist, narcistic want to be??? Do you hate your country somuch?
  5. Trump is a waste of taxpayer money. Don't forget he is making money from the secret service to stay in his buildings or golf courses! He is not draining the swamp, he is using his position as POTUS to fill his pockets!!! And the trumpeteers keep defending this clown!!
  6. Visa for GF to Netherlands

    Why don't you check the webside of the Dutch embassy. There is a lot of information. Than see what you have on paperwork that you need. It will not be that easy, but can be done when you prepare yourself. If any questions , just pm me. Good luck.
  7. The truth is that the other side had a permid to! And than you say; ... Oh , there where casualties and both are at fault!! Than you think that these supremacist groups should have been banned long ago!! Please make up your mind; You keep backing up Trump, what I called you out on, you are doung he same as this clown, say something one day and something other than he next, or in your case the next hour. Please, get real, because this lady that died, and the other 19 wounded where standing up for what they believe in!! And run over by a neo nazi!!! But just keep defending the narcistic, racist clown!
  8. Yes, we all see the REAL agenda here! The occupant of the WH is a racist divder! People like you, who keep defending the his narcistic, racist clown will need a reality check. Because it doesn't matter what he does, or actually doesn't do, he can do no wrong for you and the other trumpeteers. But when you defend this person in his support for Nazi's and the other garbage that was in Charlotsville, than you sink very low.
  9. No, but you won the troll award.
  10. A other excuse to attack your dear leader??? Man, please get real and see what you he heck is going on with your dear "president"! This clown is insane, and I realy hope that the GOP has the guts to imply article 25 on this narcissistic, crazy want to be president. By defending his, lying and all the other BS, you just show that you're standards about normal behavior is even lower than that of your master! Now, you have a nice day, and look up something about HCR, what you can post later, and btw, don't forget to drink your cool aid.
  11. Trump getting refocused? Come on my friend, you are dreaming! The only thing this clown cares about is playing golf and screwing the American people, and btw, trowing his NY security detail out of his "beautiful" tower!
  12. Nine months, jesus, the time go fast. I realy thought the clown was only in office for 7 months! You also say nine months is enough time for compelling evedence.,,,,,,! This is not csi Miami, or every other tv show hat solves the crime in 50 minutes, this is the real world. But don't worry, keep posting your Trump defense, maby you line up a role on a tv show, or even better, you will get invited to FOX news.
  13. You mean, that picture the warden use as dartboard?
  14. Wow, I didn't know that 1 term is only 6 months!
  15. I think that you give Trump to much credit, this clown got away with everything before he became POTUS, but he cann't do this anymore. But the clown is sooo stupid and full of him self, that he doesn't understand or sees it. He will go down as the most horrible president, and I use this word lightly, of the USA. What I don't understand is the trump fan base, don't they see they are taken for a ride that the clown lies about everything, or these people just don't care? This occupier of the WH holds the USA hostage with his treason and lying, and the trumpeteers still defend this clown!!!