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  1. I love the stories from the trumpeteers. In this administration there are no people that are in key positions and can think for them self! Sorry, I take that back, they only think for them selfs and leave it up to people like you to defend them, and please, don't start complaining when they take a runner and let you to take up the bill.
  2. Please read post number 4 by ubonjoe and you have your answer. If you think you can stay in Thailand indefinite on visa exempt stamps, than maby you should start reading the many post on this subject on tv. good luck to you.
  3. Didn't this, so called, POTUS, tell his followers during his campain that he wanted to talk with North Korea! Only he, the Donald, understand everything and with his knowledge of doing business, only he can solve all problems! And if you think that this clown is coming to the rescue of the USA, than please keep supporting him from your nuclear shelter.
  4. Again, where will Trump get the money? Oh, I forgot, Mexico will pay for it.
  5. Man, the way that you "try" to express yourself, the tone you use!!! so, you are against people on welfare, right? Than your u make a, so called, statement that people on this form cann't speak there mind about "Your President" when they are not American! Man, please bow to the picture of Trump, that I'm sure is hanging on your wall, and just keep on believing your master. In your eyes, he can lie, blame everybody except himself, goes against the constitution of the USA, and you keep supporting this clown. Do you have a clue what your so called President is doing?? No, you don't, he is just in the WH for himself and not you or the other people of your great country! I agree with one thing Trump said; lets make America great again! The American people will need this, and that's only after a few weeks in office. But please keep doing what you do, posting nonsense, because I need my daily laugh.
  6. Jingthing this time you are wrong. If this clown had the cajones to show up, he would be standing at the door and tell most reporterters they can't come in. It would be the clown, all by him self in a big room.
  7. If you really think he is a smart man, than my friend you need some help. This clown is nothing more than a coward! He will keep running away from everything and everybody that doesn't agree with his lying BS! He doesn't understand anything, the constitution, being honest, respect, etc. All this clown does is only for his own wellbeing and not for the people that supported him. By not going to this event, he only shows again what a -/;:(€& he is! he like to give sh*t to everybody, but omg, he can not take it! I'm sure he will watch it on the television, than start tweeting his insane responds. I can read them already; everything is a lie and it's all fake news. And the trumpeteers swallow his BS.
  8. Good post, to bad the trumpeteers will not read it. The only thruth they believe, comes out of the donalds mouth.
  9. Opl, thank you for your your post, however, the trumpeteers on this form, will not read anything that is against Trump. But just be happy, because they are the same as there master, Trump doesn't read anything either.
  10. Why don't you ask your potus, Trump, that question? He is the one that say he will take care of the American people! But inthe mean time, he uses the tax payers money for his own business. The amazing part of this is, that so many people believe everything that comes out of his mouth! And about the free world, keep supporting your clown president and see what will be left of a free world!
  11. Good post, just have a look at this.
  12. That only means he is a elected dictator!
  13. So you was working 25 to 35 hours a day! keep dreaming my friend and pretty soon you will pay a extra 2 dollars for tomatoes on your big mac. Just keep supporting your clown president and please, don't complain later.
  14. I always like your posting, I can't help you with your building project, to far away, but pm me if you need some help with your website stuff.
  15. I use GSB as my main bank and use there internet banking without any problems for the last few years.