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  1. What is it with you??? You think this is all a joke??? If you care about your country, why don't you ask the orange clown in the he WH, to come clean and stop lying! If this socalled POTUS realy care about the people of the USA than he has to come forward, and clean this up! But that will not happen, because ther is to much to hide. So, keep defending your lying want to be.
  2. What, did you have enough nothing burgers?
  3. He needs all the crap thrown at him, and than some more as long as he and his family keeps lying. I can understand that you wanted a change in politics, but you realy think Trump is the answer? This clown lies in everybody's face, multiple times, as he proofs all the time when interviewed. So no fake news here! I asked you this before, why are you supporting a notorious lyier to be your president. Even you deserve better.
  4. Well, we do compare the Trump administration, with, like you said the Obama adminstration. And guess what??? OnlyTrump and his family need a lot of lawyers to defend the lying from the WH! I can not remember that any other president has this much trouble in the 6 months he has the office of POTUS. But, hey, keep defending this want to be, because he is the only one that knows all. Defend what you want to, but I think to many people are sick of listening to a lying, want to be, except for the diehard trumpeteers. Why are you not standing up for your country???
  5. Yes you are right, specially the posting from you and the other trumpeteers.
  6. Do your self a favour, get a eye exam.
  7. Don't worry, just take a other nothing burger and keep defending the clown and his family. We will not blame you, with all those nothing burgers your brain is not functioning right.
  8. Yes, lol! What part of rhe emails, released by Trump jr, don't you understand? Please stop your trolling on this form. If you want to defend this clown and his familie than you better come up with something that is believable. Because the lies from the Trump doesn't cut it anymore.
  9. Want to copy a picture, but doesn't work, sorry
  10. Does it realy matters if was or wasn't a russian agent? Just read the email, she was introduced as a lawyer working for the russian government. And Donald jr answered; I love it. So what part don't you understand? But don't worry, I'm sure you will keep defending the WH clown family, and btw, enjoy your double whopper!
  11. Sorry, problem connection, will try later again
  12. So know they have a real time cover to put up at Trumps golf courses and hotels.
  13. Offcourse you like the dust to settle, but it will not. This is just the start of a sandstorm in the Sahara, btw, a good place for the Trump family.
  14. I just wonder why you and the other Trumpeteers keep defending and worse, believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Trump doesn't do anything that is not for himself, or his family members, and please don't talk about his agenda. What agenda, the great wall, that Mexico will pay for, breaking down healthcare and getting out of the Paris climate accourt? What is in his aganda that will help the American people? The only way to make America great again is to get rid of this clown and his family. But you are right about something, he is a steam locomotive. The ones that where saved are in museums, for people to talk about the good old times. You want to make America great again??? Than stop defending this lying clown and his family. Let this socalled POTUS proof that he his working for the American people, and not for himself. Just stop defending a lying want to be who spends more time golfing than working.
  15. Like father, like son.