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  1. Iam a mere pleb in the mechnics world compared to someone with an associate degree, I asked my question based on 25 years of hand's on experience. Black smoke has typically been associated with fuel issues, but today, I have learnt something new !!
  2. What vehicle blows black smoke because of worn valve stem seals, ive blueish white but never black.
  3. same same but different. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/982689-young-female-mechanic-showing-the-guys-how-its-done/
  4. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    I thought the thread was about manufacture here by actual companies, not something you see at the local bike show built by Somchai. If thats were it is at now I can put up a heap of picks from the various Burapha Bike Weeks ive been to over the years, but that not really the spirit of this thread.
  5. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    it is a cool looking bike pee paub but it would be an absolute pig to ride.
  6. Resignation

    You would be on probation which allows either you or the employer to terminate the contract with immediate effect.
  7. Future Classic Cars?

    2018 ZR1 Corvette, Yes please !! http://www.caranddriver.com/features/the-2018-chevrolet-corvette-zr1-is-a-car-worth-waiting-for-feature
  8. How ...

    Ask a moderator to change your password and registered email adress !!
  9. Did she shat her pants again or am I thinking of someone else ?
  10. What’s your Favorite Thai Dish?

    Meh. If food needs it to make it tastier than it must be poor quality ingredients or badly cooked.
  11. What’s your Favorite Thai Dish?

    How many spoonfuls of MSG is in that ?
  12. What’s your Favorite Thai Dish?

    Steak and mash potato with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts lathered with white sauce made from ingredients purchased with baht at my local supermarket and prepared at home in my kitchen at my house in Thailand. Lush !! The food served from carts and "thai" restaurants I would not feed to a pig.
  13. Facial shop using "Hoover" extraction device

    First hit on google. http://www.lanitivadee.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=article&Id=538850019 " Deep cleansing facials are also offered ", I guess this is not what you are after.
  14. Gun Laws in Thailand

    Seems that the days for the average pleb paying off the big man are rapidly diminishing, If you come from a seriously wealthy family that option will be there.