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    Does anyone know the names of these two fish?

    Hey thanks guys for helping out. I didn't get any notifications or didn't see them. So a late reply. Thanks!
  2. I caught these two beautiful fish on the river Kwai last weekend. Does anyone know what fish they are?
  3. Dutchiebangkok

    Looking for a fishing buddy

    Hello fellow fishermen/women! Let me briefly introduce myself: I'm a Dutch guy who loves fishing. I've been living in Bangkok for 1,5 years but haven't really been able to fish successfully in Thailand yet. In The Netherlands I used to fish for pike and carp mostly. I've tried to fish on the Chao Praya and the river Pai but I haven't really caught anything mentionable, only a view catfish and some other small fish of which I don't know the names. I’ve brought 2 fishing rods over from The Netherlands and some basic fishing gear. I know that there are some really big fish on the Chao praya and the surrounding canals. But it’s also very hard to find a good fishing spot in the middle of this concrete jungle. I know about the fishing lakes in the Bangkok area but this is not something in which I’m very interested. I’m more interested in “wild” fish instead of some starving catfish that are really easy to catch. Although it does sound like a fun thing to do, it’s not something I would like to focus on. So I’m looking for someone who’s already familiar with the fish and fishing techniques in Thailand and who would like to go fishing one day. I’m looking forward to the responses and if you would like to go fishing, please send me a private message. Cheers! Dutchie