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  1. I've have had a salt water pool for 9 years No problems at all Beautiful water Swimm every day. I live on the dark side
  2. Wow I have never come across such a perfect person before. You must be a bugger to live with. Me, I make mistakes all the time. But i enjoy life, what i have left of it. I'm living on borrowed time. But I've had a great life and hope for a little more.
  3. This morning 20/6 the boys in brown are at it again. I was going down Pattaya Clang and turned on RED into 3rd road. Big sign says TURN ON WAiTING LIGHT On the turn guess what !! Your right The boys in brown I explained that there was a sign He told me, and was confirmed at the police station that the sign means You can not turn left on a red light Once again Thai logic Ho hum. 400B
  4. Just go into any bar in Pattaya and you will find dozen sat at the bar Aĺl experts with years of experience. Sorry I couldn't resist !!!
  5. Why not try the Little Deli right at the top of Nuenplanone and around the corner. Great bacon and it's shop next to it's cafe. Have a big breakfast and you can try the bacon and sausage I think it's the best Breakfast in Thailand. It also has mushroom & Blackpudding but I don't like thoes. Enjoy Edd
  6. Contact the PILC Google it for info. My wife collects the ring pulls for them. Also you can call on at Palm Beach hotel Jomtien at the Bowling on a Thursday at 11 am for the ladies Bowling. It's OK they don't bite
  7. The first 20 or so topics on repeated on the local forum for Pattaya. This takes up space unnecessary.
  8. I've been going there for over 28 years. I would be stretched to fill in more than 5 hours. Totally boring place.
  9. You can not use a debit card at Makro. Only a credit card.
  10. I would class my late mother in law as a quality woman. Very poor Had 4 children Took in 4 more to look after Never complained or asked for anything No schooling but was sharp as a knife. Never any problem Died at 82 in her village
  11. Sometimes heart breaking often very gratifying. Only had the kids until the kids were found a permanent foster home or adopted by loving parents. I had a great Dane and a Labrador & my dogs are the things that they remembered the most. Didn't get to see them much after they moved on but the social services would contact me and ask for pictures of the big dog (the Great Dane) they all remembered ( Egor) 12 stone, 6ft 8ins when he stood on his back legs. Soft as a brush. The local children would come and ask if Egor could come and play out. Happy Days.
  12. When I was in the UK I was on the emergency register for children. If the social services or the police found a child that had been abused/neglected they needed a place of safety for the child. When I got some children I saw the same behaviour when I fed them Shaking, grabbing food, looking around to see if it was going to be taken from them. I can't stand cruelty in any form. Hopefully it will pass with your dog.
  13. For the past 5 or 6 days there has been no ITV. All it says on the channel is No Information Or Channel is scrambled Have they forgotten to put put a shilling in the meter Or perhaps they have upset the powers that be.
  14. I have run out of sherbet lemons I have tried all my usual places I'm just hoping that someone has spotted them for sale somewhere around Pattaya. Thanks in advance
  15. I had occasion to go into Central yesterday and went into McDonald's for a Burger. On paying with a 1000 Baht note I was short changed by 500 Baht. The girl put the money in my hand, no receipt, and walked around the back. I was left standing there, other customers behind me. Eventually she came back and I told her wrong change She said you pay with 500 I known I paid with 1000 as I had just been to the ATM. I told her I marked all my 1000 Bahte notes She went into the till and got out a stack of 100 Baht notes and about half way down there was 1 500Baht note. Obviously left there for collection later. No apologue Just a sneer So be careful And McDonalds Take note.