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  1. I would class my late mother in law as a quality woman. Very poor Had 4 children Took in 4 more to look after Never complained or asked for anything No schooling but was sharp as a knife. Never any problem Died at 82 in her village
  2. Sometimes heart breaking often very gratifying. Only had the kids until the kids were found a permanent foster home or adopted by loving parents. I had a great Dane and a Labrador & my dogs are the things that they remembered the most. Didn't get to see them much after they moved on but the social services would contact me and ask for pictures of the big dog (the Great Dane) they all remembered ( Egor) 12 stone, 6ft 8ins when he stood on his back legs. Soft as a brush. The local children would come and ask if Egor could come and play out. Happy Days.
  3. When I was in the UK I was on the emergency register for children. If the social services or the police found a child that had been abused/neglected they needed a place of safety for the child. When I got some children I saw the same behaviour when I fed them Shaking, grabbing food, looking around to see if it was going to be taken from them. I can't stand cruelty in any form. Hopefully it will pass with your dog.
  4. For the past 5 or 6 days there has been no ITV. All it says on the channel is No Information Or Channel is scrambled Have they forgotten to put put a shilling in the meter Or perhaps they have upset the powers that be.
  5. I have run out of sherbet lemons I have tried all my usual places I'm just hoping that someone has spotted them for sale somewhere around Pattaya. Thanks in advance
  6. I had occasion to go into Central yesterday and went into McDonald's for a Burger. On paying with a 1000 Baht note I was short changed by 500 Baht. The girl put the money in my hand, no receipt, and walked around the back. I was left standing there, other customers behind me. Eventually she came back and I told her wrong change She said you pay with 500 I known I paid with 1000 as I had just been to the ATM. I told her I marked all my 1000 Bahte notes She went into the till and got out a stack of 100 Baht notes and about half way down there was 1 500Baht note. Obviously left there for collection later. No apologue Just a sneer So be careful And McDonalds Take note.
  7. The best dentist I have found for price and quality is Dr. Chanis. He is directly opposite Friendship supermarket car park
  8. Thanks everyone First guy quoted 12500 b for a kick up job He went Second guy quoted 4500 to replace the full run with stainless Guess who got the job. Thanks again
  9. They are Aluminium I need about 6ft replaced On a bungalow At my age I don't do ladders.
  10. My gutter is starting to leak and I have asked for a quote from a local gutter man. WOW does he know how to charge. Can anyone recommend a repairer that does a good job at a realistic price. I live on the dark side. Thanks in advance.
  11. If you know where to buy king Edwards or Morris Piper potatoes please let me know. The potatoes they import here are awful for chips.
  12. Another thing I can never find is DIET cloudy lemon drinks In the UK in every super market there are hundreds of bottles stacked high. I known that there I a huge need for it in Thailand There are thousands of diabetics here
  13. Gold Money Eating Wanting a BIG nose Did I mention Eating Bum Bum if you have money Eating I took my Thai family, 14 of them, for an All you can eat BBQ They ate for 3 hours none stop Picked them up and returned back to our village. Then they started cooking for a meal before they went to bed. TIT
  14. I had Gammon there recently sorry but it was like it had died from old age. I think it was the worst ever. I'm willing to try something else.