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  1. edd


    Can anyone tell me why when i pay for the premier package Thaivisa NO ADVERTS it the sight full of adverts, fron health insurance to Investments. I know its not much money but it is annoying. The only reason i joined the premion service is that the free service stopped working & this one would get me back in.
  2. My wife & I have joint accounts. We both have debit cards. When she wants money she asked me to give her some or get some out for her. She is quite caperble getting money out but just gets me to do it. When she is doing something, going out with her friends, going bowling, etc she just gets my wallet and takes what she wants but always tells me. We have been married over 29 years never had to doubt her. [emoji4]
  3. The reason that indoor bars and restaurants allow smoking is they think that stopping smoking will loose them money. I had a friend, a none smoker who ran a bar/restaurant who said that he couldn't risk loosing smoking customers. When the law changed & he had to comply he found his customer base increased. And the profits increased by over 130%.
  4. edd

    Kokette rotisserie chickens

    I love chicken but I HATE GARLIC In Thailand getting a chicken with no garlic or any other spices is a problem. There used to be a company on the hill from Pattaya to Jomtien but they moved to the side of Big C Pattaya Clang but i have never seen them open. If you know of anywhere that just does chicken, NO Garlic or spices, Please let me know.
  5. My wife and i were checked 3 times yesterday Once and then again 30 yards again. Perhaps they thought my driving licence might have expired in the 20 seconds since the last police man checked it. TIT.
  6. edd

    Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    Sorry that was a stupid question in Thailand.
  7. edd

    Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    I wonder what they are testing for
  8. edd

    Health Land Sukhumvit

    My wife and I went there for a massage Saw the prices and left 900 B for an oil massage EACH. Nice looking place but WAY over the top price.
  9. I had this problem after replacing my pump. It turned out to be the O ring seal on the filter basket. The installer tryed for 2 days then gave up. As the bubbles came into the system the air must have been entering before the pump on the suction side if it was on the pressure site it would be a leak out. I went to the pool shop and bought 3 new gasket rings. The first one i fitted just the same, the second one i fitted i coated in vasalene (Patroliem Jelly) this worked a treat. Instantly cured. I told the swimming pool fitter but he said i was wrong even though it was cured. He had put 2 new O rings on but it had still leaked. He said that he had sent his wife to the temple to light some Josh sticks and it was probably that that had helped. ??? HA-HO!!! T I T
  10. I went through yesterday I can't see what all the fuss is If you want to see a real tunnel try the Mersey tunnels. Now that is a tunnel.
  11. They will stop bikes for a few weeks and then jusy ignore them jusy as they do at the start of the motorway where you can see large signs saying NO MOTORCYCLES fine is 5000 B. Or prison. Any day you can see 5 to 10 bikes on the first stretch.
  12. edd


    Thanks thats a back stop But Ricks bred is better. Unless you know of a better bakers!
  13. edd


    Does anyone know what has happened to Ricks bakery. I always ring up and order bread but for the last 2 weeks+ i can not get any answer from them. I have also called round, the inner door is open but the outer iron gate is locked No amount of ringing the bells gets a responce. I Hope that you can help.
  14. edd

    Good quolity rice

    Yes it was Dragon Jasmin rice We bought it from the shops and distributors in Manchester. Usually in 10 kg sacks. It was by far the best rice that i have ever tasted. As confirmed by my Thai wife. We have bought rice from many many shops but none compairs. When we go upcountry to the village we try all sorts of rice but still find you compare it with the Dragon rice. Its not that important but it would be nice if anyone could help.
  15. edd

    Good quolity rice

    When my wife and i lived in the UK we bought DRAGON rice It was perfumed, & a realy good quolity and tasty rice from Thailand. But since we moved to Thailand, 8 years ago, we have not found such a good tasting rice. I hope somone knows where we can get the equivalent or actual DRAGON rice from. We live near Pattaya. Thanks in advance.