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  1. Good quolity rice

    Yes it was Dragon Jasmin rice We bought it from the shops and distributors in Manchester. Usually in 10 kg sacks. It was by far the best rice that i have ever tasted. As confirmed by my Thai wife. We have bought rice from many many shops but none compairs. When we go upcountry to the village we try all sorts of rice but still find you compare it with the Dragon rice. Its not that important but it would be nice if anyone could help.
  2. Good quolity rice

    When my wife and i lived in the UK we bought DRAGON rice It was perfumed, & a realy good quolity and tasty rice from Thailand. But since we moved to Thailand, 8 years ago, we have not found such a good tasting rice. I hope somone knows where we can get the equivalent or actual DRAGON rice from. We live near Pattaya. Thanks in advance.
  3. I tryed livv, i was unimpressed. But everyone's taste is different.
  4. Vanilla slices

    Is you can guess i love Vanilla slices I usually make my own. But i would like to find a bakery etc to save me the effort. If you know of anywhere please respond[emoji57]
  5. When i was a kid in the UK we used to get a loaf that in Lancashire we called a Banjo loaf. It was wonderful Soft on the inside & quite soft on the outside. You could just cut a slice off & butter it. I have never been able to find it anywhere else. Dont realy know what the propper name is. Just fond memories of an old man.
  6. Taxies.

    If i rember correctly about a year ago the Boys in Brown were going to make the Taxi-Meters use the meter in the cab instead of just plucking a number out of the air. I thought at the time that this will never happen. And as far as i can see it hasn't happened 🤔[emoji6]
  7. Pattaya General Tips

    I love Milk but when you get full fat milk in Thailand its not ŕealy full fat milk. I remember as a kid in the UK when you got the milk bottel off the step it had about 2ins of thick cream on top that you had to shake the Bottle to mix it in. No need to here creams already gone so not full fat milk. But i still have to shake it up. Meiji is the best tasting The others ha a bad after taste.
  8. When i first got my dash cam i went through a GREEN light in Udon Thani. I was stoped by a Muppet in Brown who said i went through a RED light . I went to the pay desk at the side of the road. Showed him that the light was green. He said it was still 400B If i wanted to go to court It would cost me 4000B. No contest. Paid up
  9. I went to Boy Air & Sound for mine Good job as always, fitting is free.
  10. Banglamung TV

    Banglamung TV the Universal channel is not on. When i called them they told me that they no longer have that channel. They say that they will no longer have a contract for it. Is universal on any other provider? Your comments would be appreciated.
  11. Orange-Juice?

    I thought this was supposed to be about Orange Juice ?
  12. First date with a Thai Girl in Udon Thani

    I dont know how much it cost him but i saw him smiling for weeks
  13. First date with a Thai Girl in Udon Thani

    My friend met a young Isan girl who was working in a big department store in Udon. They agreed to meet later She asked if she could bring her friend He said OK He said it was the BEST 3some of his life.
  14. The Boys in Brown

    2nd road into clang. Left turn explained by an extra sign. OH!! Its a BLACK arrow Thought it should be in RED And the lights in green only show for ahead and right Sorry my qualifications are in sciences not pigeon English. (MSc) Oh. And by the way 29 years driving in Thailand. So not quite new at it.
  15. Swimming Salt water pool Pattaya Jomtien

    I've have had a salt water pool for 9 years No problems at all Beautiful water Swimm every day. I live on the dark side