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  1. Hooters Samui – Chaweng Beach Road

    Live here and go out twice a week in chaweng . I only know of one person who has been that I can think off !!
  2. Not a lot of this makes sense. It is fairly well lit by Thai street standards , straight road , why on the wrong side of the road as it’s quiet looking so could have crossed no problem, who’s is the bike in the photo as surely not the taxi guys as it’s sitting with the light on and if that’s blood running down the road then how is there loads of blood near the bike but zero around the taxi guy unless it’s from the passengers head wound . Roads here are the reason I won’t let my wife use a scooter anymore , car or nothing !
  3. Guy is 5th richest person in the country I was told. You can bet the other guys with him will be confessing to firing the guns etc and he was with them and knew nothing about their plans. One or some will do bit of jail and pay a fine and he will walk free. They will obviously become slightly richer for their hassles also !! He has also seemingly tried to say he told them to stop when they started shooting but they wouldn't listen !!
  4. Look in racing world in bophut opposite samui town centre. The dogs are the least of your worries !! You should be more worried about the state of the roads , people driving the wrong way towards you , people passing in vehicles within an inch of you and general insane driving that goes on here !! As suggested best cycle first thing in morning for safety reasons or get a mountain bike and avoid the roads.
  5. If the meter was switched on they might be able to tell you . But I highly doubt it was !!
  6. Bored to death of going out in samui and place is full of people who don't seem to work or cant tell you what they do for a living here etc. Thankfully balance is still in plus for decent people here !!
  7. Got them lastnight 3400 for main grandstand .If I don't go the nephew will have no problem finding people to go with him. Just hope its sunny !!
  8. Has anyone tried to buy a ticket . The moto gp site says they are not for sale yet as does another site
  9. I'm scared to go into the jungle now if there are all these lost people wandering around . Might end up getting eaten by them rather than the wildlife !!
  10. New Color Blindness Test ?

    You can try it as many times as you want over different days . Guy just expected my colour blindness to cure itself overnight Also before but not sure if same now they were told to ask the colours to the person sitting the test in certain order . Few people said this was how they passed the colour test as they remembered the colour in order they were asked from what they had been told and they only asked about 5 colours.
  11. All they need is a wrecked plane now and we can have a TV show !!
  12. New Color Blindness Test ?

    I went to renew my 5 year license and first thing was colour test. My wife was standing beside me and I failed on a few red and greens . The board was faded and sunlight beaming in the window which didn't help. I am colour blind but hold a UK license for 12 years with zero accidents and strangely in one of the local hospitals they have a chart on the wall with 12 numbers hidden in dots . I can pick out all the numbers on it no problem . Guy doing the test just said to my wife sorry no can do come back try again tomorrow !! Never returned and only time I have ever been asked for my Thai license was the day I got it 9 years ago .
  13. Ah yes indeed . Samui island boat pier .!!
  14. For a start there aren't any tuk tuks in Samui as police have deemed them illegal as far as I know.