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  1. Would love to know the sales total for one off the lotteries versus the payout total in prizes is . Someone somewhere has to win it usually but im sure the odds I seen off winning the jackpot here were insane like most lotteries.
  2. They are here already plus other groups cleaning up crap from the beaches. This is waste from a property that is just getting dumped rather than disposed off properly. I read about water tests done here several years ago and it was polluted then so god knows how bad it is now !
  3. Whole island is turning into a dump. Im pretty sure what I seen yesterday was happening in maenam. It looked like there were two large hoses coming from the back off a main road property area and they were both going into the Main Street drain. I'm guessing either emptying waste from something or their septic tanks straight into the streets. I have also went from south to north of island for last 4 days and every day I have seen piles off garbage just lying at the side off the roads, not one has been picked up !! Its only going to get far worse and nobody will care until its to late and nobody comes here !!
  4. They were stopped opposite a family mart as there is a soi that goes down the side off the shop. Last week I seen a car stopped in same place waiting to turn right and a Thai on a bike came screaming round the corner and almost slammed into the back off the static car. He stopped about 6 inches from the back off the car. Bad area made worse by the family mart now being there also.
  5. Some I think quite a bit but no idea off costs for most countries. American lotteries seem to be cheapest with biggest prizes.
  6. The lotter use agents to purchase the tickets in the countries and they will collect it if you don't wish to travel to collect it or cant due to restrictions. Any winnings I have had were sent straight to my bank .
  7. You can do any lottery in the world at from anywhere.
  8. Best send wife in as she pays slightly less tax on it I think !! But obviously don't let her out off your sight !!
  9. just as bad as the odds off him having one winning ticket !! Thais usually but multiples a lot . But the odds compared to payout are some off the worst available but it keeps the dream alive for the average poor person !! 9 years I have done it for and not won 1 bht !!!
  10. He bought 5 tickets all with the same number. one ticket has 2 parts to it both same number. One part off it is worth 3 million so if if you have one whole ticket you can win 6 million. He had 5 whole tickets , hence 30 million. You can buy single tickets, books off 5 and books of 10.
  11. My neighbor has been friends with this guy for years and said he has had a million people come out off the woodwork since he won. He is going to build his parents a house and give money to his kids seemingly. Also his wife left him a few months ago for another guy , bet she's happy now !!
  12. 1.7m ??? Where did that number come from ? If so everyone would be driving them !!
  13. The more I read these type of stories on thai visa everyday I am sure they employ a few people to just make up garbage to get a response to make an article.
  14. Funny how they only arrested two 17 year old kids !! Yeah it must be all theirs !!