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  1. Forensic team there for what ?? More people walking through the crime scene than the turnstiles of a football stadium !!
  2. Why is he running up the stairs with gun drawn like the FBI when there are people already in the room standing with their hands on their hips talking to her ?? Pathetic. Try catching the big people but that wont happen . Never hear of the big guys getting caught only the lower ones . Try investing in sniffer dogs and proper border guards !
  3. My wife likes the transporter movies and die hard type movies which suits me apart from the who , why , where and what during it that she asks !!
  4. ronaldo0

    Getting a pair of jeans shipped from US, any tips?

    Think I paid 1900bht in the levi store and if you add postage to here and if customs get a whiff then add them seems no point apart from the sizes you cant get here.
  5. ronaldo0

    MG ZS 1.5 X

    Any feedback on the car ? Seen a lot of them yesterday on koh samui and good looking little thing in black and when I looked it up online it seems packed with stuff . Thinking about one for the wife to pop down the shops in etc and the few comments I seen from owners on thai visa seemed quite positive.
  6. ronaldo0

    Getting a pair of jeans shipped from US, any tips?

    Yeah true and their sizes always lie !! I got a 38 and they feel like a 28 !!
  7. ronaldo0

    Getting a pair of jeans shipped from US, any tips?

    Why when levis cost peanuts here ?
  8. Look on youtube as there are movies uploaded on there that are fairly new . Or treat her to the cinema for all it costs !!
  9. Kasikorn gave my wife a 'credit card' after she deposited 20,000 bht in an account for it . The limit is 20,000bht and to me it is basically a debit card but they call it credit. Oddly enough she took out 18,000 other week and next payment said she had to pay 3000bht as payment which I thought was high and they charged her about 700bht I think despite all of it being her money anyway !!