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  1. ronaldo0

    Farang friendly hifi stores in Bangkok?

    I bought a denon stereo for a bar and one for my house. No problem with service or delivery from Mahajak in siam paragon . But after a year or so the equipment started to have problems . The cd player in one and the ipod input in the other. Fixing them was nigh on impossible and they wanted me to just send them to denon in Singapore I think it was or they were going to send it to denon somewhere. Months after sending the cd player off I was told the laser was done and needed a new one. Cost to replace was as much as new cd player almost !! I had a denon system in the UK for years and not one problem with it although I read online the quality of denon nowadays is poor compared to before . If anyone is looking for home speakers I seen a nice set in Piyanus online at a bargain . 190,000 gbp !!
  2. Pathetic sentence ! Should have been put down !!
  3. And if the woman says get lost I’m not talking to you and my legal team will be in touch then what ??
  4. Most Thais don't have a clue of the value of foreign money so of course she would take it to an exchange booth . If it was left laying on the bed or a unit all neat then yes she probably did think it was a tip. What kind off ass leaves more than a few quid laying around a hotel room anyway ??
  5. ronaldo0

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    Probably a pinotage from Germany. Cant remember the name but could drink it like water it was that good . Don't drink red wine here as find it horrible when chilled but some white wine I had when out for dinner wasn't bad but vastly overpriced !
  6. ronaldo0

    Cops Stumped By Bangkok Underpass Drowning

    Quite possible when she drove in it was deeper than in the photo. Got half way before the car started floating and she then called for help. Car would have then sunk and more water would have entered the area depending on rain and she either drowned in the car or trying to escape as it said she couldn't swim . Maybe a simple height marker painted on the side walls would help indicate the depth in places like this and stop people chancing driving through. Thais seem to think their pick ups also double as submarines from what I have seen over the years !
  7. WARNING !! DO NOT LOAN THIS MAN YOUR LAWNMOWER OR HEDGE TRIMMER !! 10 years Next week there will be a statement saying they done a séance and his dead friend told him to keep them !!
  8. I'm guessing you gave them copy of your passport page stating where you were during the withdrawals ?
  9. ronaldo0

    Is Samui rabies free?

    Most cases seem to be up north. Never heard of anyone in samui contracting it and as said there are many groups give rabies jabs to street dogs while giving them the snip also to keep numbers down.
  10. I’m moving to North Korea soon I think ! Seems more fun
  11. The famous samui island ?? Famous for what ? Come see our huge garbage dump as it expands every day !!
  12. Getting married no problem as she can get into Vietnam fairly easy. Buying property in Thailand , avoid like the plague . I bought 4 of them and lost money on every one when selling apart from one I live in . So yeah go to Vietnam !
  13. Singapore for ease to get to many places in Asia and good food , shops, entertainment and safe or somewhere in south of Vietnam . Da nang or hoi an.
  14. Yip I have wife and house here otherwise I would be out of here .