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  1. Guy must be really special. No sunglasses etc for him . He has the cops waving their arms about to cover his face !!
  2. ronaldo0

    Pattaya cop fired for bribery, sexual assault

    She must be a somebody or know someone of great importance for all this to have happened so quick. Not even a yellow card and transferred but a straight red !!
  3. ronaldo0

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    If you can find them check out alpina or Hamilton for not too expensive but good quality watches. You will get a good omega or tag for that price but service of omega is between 22-28000 bht . Can get used but in mint condition with box and papers in few places in bkk for about 100k for decent makes. I bought a tag grand carrera for 110k that was three year old and looks like new and you can get a panerai used for around 140-170 k . Lower floor in Siam paragon is full of watch dealers and brand watch shops.
  4. ronaldo0

    DLT introduces electronic driving test

    So just how much are these systems going to cost to install in all the test centres and to train the staff how to use them ?. And what’s the cost of a new S class merc
  5. The pictures are a bit confusing. The guy in grey t-shirt looks like he’s aboit to thump him at the back of the truck , but the same guy is walking him somewhere while the police or whatever they are in uniform are just strolling along behind.
  6. Brilliant how everyone in the place doesn't hardly seem to care !! The old guy at the counter sorting his papers still probably doesn't know it even happened !!
  7. Why take an overdose then throw yourself of the building ??
  8. All that for one guy with a bottle ? Seen less people tackling a lion !! Tazer and a tin of mace to the face and he’s running into the nearest wall !!
  9. ronaldo0

    All day on the phone.

    Change the house WiFi password !!
  10. Most decent vets sell royal canin food that relates to the dogs problems. I have had two different kinds of tinned meat and two different types of feed that were specific to the dogs problem. One was a Pom with low blood count and other very large Thai dog with digestion and liver issues. Now both perfectly fine and the large dog is 9 years old .
  11. ronaldo0

    Curved screen is it a pro or a con?

    I would say the curved edges would make it more liable to be dropped when held. If you want to protect your phones buy a case made by spigen . I have the slim armour case for my htc and have dropped it countless times and when drunk on purpose to prove how well it worked !! So either the case is brilliant or the phone is indestructible .
  12. ronaldo0

    New tires for my truck

    Just changed my tyres which were duellers on my pajero at 70,000 km. Not really worn to much as don’t really drive long distances or at high speeds but thought best to change them to be on safe side. Looked at Pirelli as an alternative but reviews said they wore very quickly and they were couple thousand bht more. Stuck with duellers in the end.
  13. Guy in pos truck gets thrashed taking of from the lights so pulls a gun on the biker . Really just about done with the pathetic way people act here , be they rich , poor or in power !!
  14. ronaldo0

    Dangerous Extortion Threat in Samui

    Don't think you could buy any land of use on samui for 800k a rai . Is it perhaps zee French ??
  15. ronaldo0

    Dangerous Extortion Threat in Samui

    When you say local group are you meaning local Thais or foreigners and can you say what the land scam was ? Although there are plenty of them in scamui !!