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  1. Best place to buy laptop?

    Bought an Asus from powerbuy last week and it was reduced from 23000 to 15000 bht but they only had the 6 month old display model to sell me. As it had only a display programme to show the specs etc it wasn't messed about with in the shop much I figured so bought it. It was high spec but didn't have system on it so I went to JIB to buy win 10. While there I looked at other Asus laptops and the specs were terrible but they wanted 15000bht with no system on it. But I bought a custom desktop before from them and it has never had a problem. BIT I know of many people who have had many problems with service and products. I bought a ipad air 2 and it had 10gb less memory than expected.
  2. Newbie Land Purchase

    If you are buying land in samui to make money then I would say not likely going to happen. Cost of your property should also be a factor as you have to think will you ever get the money back you pay out. Several large companies have came here recently and are building projects from 12-40 houses that are sold out as quick as they are being built as the price is so cheap for what you get and location and size etc are all good. Take a look at any estate agents websites and you will see the reductions on some places are huge. Some are people who were asking too much and are now having to reduce to sell and a lot are people wanting out off here due to finances . If you are buying the land to build and live the rest of your days here then I suggest you check it out in all weather conditions etc and various times of night and day to see what the drainage , neighbors , street lighting are like. Hire a lawyer that is recommended by several people not one that someone you know says is great , post on samui community page on Facebook and several names will be suggested im sure. I would check out if the owner will clear the land so you can see what you are buying , if not find out how much it would cost to remove trees etc so you can see . I would also be checking the state of the dirt road as some people are still waiting for their roads to be concreted years after building and every year in rain season the dirt roads get washed away. Last of all I would ask around the area for other plots as they might be far cheaper than you are going to pay or have a good drive around as there are signs everywhere saying for sale. Also out of interest what area of the island are you looking at ? And no I don't want to try sell you land . There are no shortage of people willing to sell land here or help you .
  3. Can you refuse DHL delivery ?

    Never use DHL for anything here. I always check who companies use and if they say DHL I tell them use another way or I wont buy the items. Been charged 50% of the value before for some clothes from UK . That was the last time they ever seen any money from me !!
  4. Better than BanYan Tree

    I stayed at lebua always before and while the service was great I found the hotel lacking. I just stayed at So Sofitel and its the best hotel I have ever stayed in. The food, the staff , the service and the hotel design itself are all amazing. The staff are something else . Whoever hires the staff does an amazing job.
  5. Hunt on for stolen UK cars

    I find myself wondering if it is really about collecting money from high taxes and to protect the Thai car industry. I think it is kept like this partly so the poor know who has the money and to get out off their way and the rich get to drive about advertising they have money !! After all the rich wouldn't want just every normal person driving around in a merc , bmw , etc then they would have to think off another way to show they have money !!
  6. Would love to know the sales total for one off the lotteries versus the payout total in prizes is . Someone somewhere has to win it usually but im sure the odds I seen off winning the jackpot here were insane like most lotteries.
  7. They are here already plus other groups cleaning up crap from the beaches. This is waste from a property that is just getting dumped rather than disposed off properly. I read about water tests done here several years ago and it was polluted then so god knows how bad it is now !
  8. Whole island is turning into a dump. Im pretty sure what I seen yesterday was happening in maenam. It looked like there were two large hoses coming from the back off a main road property area and they were both going into the Main Street drain. I'm guessing either emptying waste from something or their septic tanks straight into the streets. I have also went from south to north of island for last 4 days and every day I have seen piles off garbage just lying at the side off the roads, not one has been picked up !! Its only going to get far worse and nobody will care until its to late and nobody comes here !!
  9. They were stopped opposite a family mart as there is a soi that goes down the side off the shop. Last week I seen a car stopped in same place waiting to turn right and a Thai on a bike came screaming round the corner and almost slammed into the back off the static car. He stopped about 6 inches from the back off the car. Bad area made worse by the family mart now being there also.
  10. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    Some I think quite a bit but no idea off costs for most countries. American lotteries seem to be cheapest with biggest prizes.
  11. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    The lotter use agents to purchase the tickets in the countries and they will collect it if you don't wish to travel to collect it or cant due to restrictions. Any winnings I have had were sent straight to my bank .
  12. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    You can do any lottery in the world at Thelotter.com from anywhere.
  13. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    Best send wife in as she pays slightly less tax on it I think !! But obviously don't let her out off your sight !!
  14. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    just as bad as the odds off him having one winning ticket !! Thais usually but multiples a lot . But the odds compared to payout are some off the worst available but it keeps the dream alive for the average poor person !! 9 years I have done it for and not won 1 bht !!!
  15. Samui Taxi driver wins 30 million baht lottery

    He bought 5 tickets all with the same number. one ticket has 2 parts to it both same number. One part off it is worth 3 million so if if you have one whole ticket you can win 6 million. He had 5 whole tickets , hence 30 million. You can buy single tickets, books off 5 and books of 10.