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  1. Election possible late next year, says Pornpetch

    They are all a laughing stock... excuses and more excuses. At this point they could just remove that stupid facade and just tell they will stay as long as they like.
  2. LOL I would really love to know how they make those polls... "Do you agree that som-tum is a delicious meal?" was the real question, I guess. And btw... In the article is stated that "39.92% agreed to the new tax rates, while 20.88% disagreed.", that doesn't make the majority agreed on new taxes.
  3. They are out of stock of mineral water in the 6l jar for more than a month now. Only in 1.5l bottles and not always available... I lost my hopes they will restock anytime soon.
  4. You nailed it. Even in Bangkok, the biggest problem is not really the price or the quality of the grocery, but its availability!
  5. NLA confident election will take place in due time

    They mean the same roadmap that fixed elections in 2014, then 2015, 2016, 2017 and ad libitum?
  6. It's a very smart idea, therefore will never be reality here in Thailand.
  7. Great job by the authorities, volunteers and all the people involved. May the two lads rest in peace... On a side note, I wonder if Thai authorities would have ever performed such a big scale operation on a foreign family request. Not Thai bashing, just out of sincere curiosity.
  8. Just control freaks being control freaks...
  9. And the puppet theater show must go on...
  10. ...Do as I say, not as I do...
  11. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    He forgot to add that what he said was meant to be the joke of the century.
  12. Comparing Prayut and Thaksin ‘not appropriate’

    Mine was quite the rhetorical question, so we agree on this.
  13. Comparing Prayut and Thaksin ‘not appropriate’

    Both of them are the ruin of Thailand, why cannot compare them?
  14. Maybe if they would care about level of proficiency in English first...
  15. Dinosaurs, despite their huge size, have micro brains...