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  1. What’s all the drama about? She seem sober and has only one kid with her...
  2. One day, when my son grows up, I hope he becomes a military officer instead of a brain surgeon. They seem to be much much better paid.
  3. I was thinking the same. But at least we should give them some points for spending the money locally
  4. Well, using Thai-logic this is just a simple case of “bad luck”. It is even more bad luck that it was not a farang or a rich famous Thai causing the accident. Properly the correct amulet was not worn, thereby causing this bad luck. It is now time for all involved to meet with the local police chief and settle this matter. With some luck the family might get some compensation and the police chief will also get paid for his time. Respect, empathy, taking responsibility, learning from mistakes etc... What’s that?
  5. Lets be realistic. We live in 2018 and digital normads can be seen everywhere in the world. Go to any cafe and you will see one. I was at a cafe today and there was at least 5 there, all working on their computers. Thailand has no interest or gain at all by chasing digital normads and they know it. Its the same as when tourist check their work mail while here or business people fly in for meetings on turist visas. It is and would be impossible to chase this in any way.
  6. khunpa

    Old thai guy not happy with me and my dog

    Any chance you are American and live in Chiang Mai? My wife came home yesterday and told me she had talked with a Thai man from our moo ban, who was pissed off with an american guy and his dog. The Thai man who is in the army told my wife, that he one day might get so angry, that he would shoot the farang and his dog. Anyway, hope that is not you he was talking about Because if so, I would advise you to bring a plastic bag, next time you walk the dog. (Above is true story... not a joke)
  7. I think it is more a matter of when it grows. It will grow and then someone new will take over. Some years after that, it then starts all over again
  8. No matter who is in power this will always be the problem in Thailand. It is simply a part of the "rules" and political culture, that when you get to power, you grab what you can. No different than at Tuk Tuk driver trying to get double prize, when he sees the chance.
  9. And once again history starts to repeat itself... The result of never learning from mistakes.
  10. How do you check in to a hotel with someone you just kidnapped?
  11. Just returned home from a few days I Bangkok. Not been back there for months. Normally, I always found the taxies to be okay in BKK (Lived there for 3 years). Of course sometimes experiencing the refusal to take the ride and also refusing to turn on the meter. However, this time it was just too much hazzle every single time, to take a taxi. For a total of 5 trips while there, I got refused 2-4 times before each ride. Also only ONE driver used the meter. ALL others demanded overprice to take me to my destination. If I had not agreed to no meter and overprice, I would properly still have been standing there. What an overall crap experience!! Obviously nothing in this place ever gets better. And what a shitty experience, it must be for tourists. Have I just been extremely unlucky, or is this worse than ever??
  12. My wife got her driver license in 5 days and it cost her around THB 5.500. She passed her last test with excellence... The day after, she wanted to go for a drive and called me to ask which pedal she should step on to break. She has not driven since and never will. Just to show the quality of new drivers here.
  13. I dont know why we need to know he drives a Toyota. However, good they caught this guy. Should have chosen to stick with his "sticks"...
  14. Just a typical Candy Crush, level 236 accident...
  15. My wife once had her iPhone stolen in Bangkok. Took a while for the police to turn up, but once they did I followed them around on my motorbike, chasing the thief (Trough the find my phone feature) 3 offices were involved with in the chase. One on motorbike and two in a car. Although, we did not catch the thief, I have to give them 5 stars for effort and dedication. They really tried their best and it was a positive experience with the Thai police.