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  1. Well for some 500.000 THB is a lot of money. For others it is really not that much. Personally, I find it good value. Like I also sometimes like to go to a fancy restaurant and spend my money on expensive wine and food. We all have and make choices in life. A lot based on our financial situation. If I see a guy driving a Super Car, I do not see this as a waste of money for the guy owning and driving the car. Obviously he can afford it and I would not mind driving one myself (that is if I could). That does in my eyes not make him an idiot. It just makes him richer than me :-)
  2. - Me want go first. - Me can drink and drive crazy, because no police. - Me no need wear helmet or seat belt. - Me put family in back of pickup. - Me get license in 5 days. - Me safe and can drive fast, because have Lucky Amulet in car. - Me only think about ME. What did they think would happen?
  3. Ahh okay.. Well, that was just a suggestion until the OP can find 500 k :-) Better than having to marry some strange Thai Woman to get a visa :-D
  4. Why is it not viable? If not working a Thai Elite Visa is a perfect solution. The OP just needs to save up the 500.000 THB and get the visa. Until then... in and out by air. I retired 2 months ago and purchased the Elite Visa. Best thing I ever done. Only thing I need to worry about is just doing the 90 day reporting. When I see people getting their Married or Retirement Visa extensions etc. rejected, I am just happy I do not need to worry about that. Some might say 100.000 THB a year for a visa is a lot. I think it is peanuts for a trouble free visa.
  5. I would highly recommend you to NOT open a company here. What people do not know, is how difficult it actually is to close down a company in Thailand. It is a pure nightmare! Get the Thai Elite Visa for 5 years and then just save up for another 5 years during that time. Until then, just travel in and out and get a tourist visa and extension each time. If you are not working in Thailand, that is the best way.
  6. In our street we have a huge cement electric pole, that will fall at any time. Of course nothing or nobody has reacted to it and will not. You see, the thing is that it simply has to fall before anyone will see and understand the issue. Just the way people think here and then things like this does happen. Its just all about luck or bad luck. I figure the odds are low for getting the thing in my head, so I mostly worry about how long time the electricity will be off, when it happens. Guess I have lived here way too long :-)
  7. Does this guy not have a father, who could talk (read: BEAT) some sense into this boy?
  8. I think the point of having security, is that it gives jobs to people. A bit like when you visit HomePro and they have one employee for each product sold. Most security guards I have seen are good at opening doors or just hang around watching their phone. Well, at least they got a job.
  9. My wife makes her own money from running 2 shops. I never pay for food etc., but pay whatever else we need (if she does not pay it herself). I have no idea how much we spend on food, but I think it is a lot. Maybe THB 20.000-30.000 or more per month. But we also eat out a lot and we both like to eat :-)
  10. No change. My wife also just kept her last name. Reason was that too many places to change and we just could not be bothered.
  11. Yeah, I live in Chiang Mai and always drive myself. But when visiting Bangkok, I have to sometimes uses Taxies. However, after today it will only be Uber or Grab. And I would be happy to pay much more than a normal taxi, just to avoid the trouble. What annoys me the most, is that you have to end a great day with negotiating with a bunch of idiots, who are clearly just there to rip you off.
  12. I always also normally have okay rides with taxies within BKK center. But it never fails that I run into rotten drivers, when I need to get home from Siam Park. Today it was just super annoying. Had they asked THB 500 or 600, then okay. I needed to get the kids home. But THB 900 is just a total rip off. Siam Park and Mo Chit is just the worst places I have experienced in Bangkok. Lots of drivers, but no one wants to go anywhere, unless the price is totally crazy. I dont understand they would rather sit and do nothing, than at least make some income from what is their job.
  13. Good you reported the driver. I have sofar never tried a bad Uber trip. Once drove with a guy who had the most dirty car I have ever seen, but he was a really friendly and funny guy to talk with. But the fact you can rate a driver is exactly what I think is so great about Uber. Also it is great that you know they will not rip you off. I am so tired of taxi drivers refusing rides, not using the meter and having to constantly be aware that they do not cheat you.
  14. I think a bad idea considering I had 3 kids and would have to fight 7 guys, if they became agressive. Would not even consider it if I was alone.
  15. They wanted THB 900 and seemed pretty sure they could get it. Seemed to enjoy that I was standing there with 3 kids and thought they had me on the hook. Outside Siam Park is a really bad place, because there are no other alternatives there. (Unless you do the Uber thing, like I did).