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  1. My wife once had her iPhone stolen in Bangkok. Took a while for the police to turn up, but once they did I followed them around on my motorbike, chasing the thief (Trough the find my phone feature) 3 offices were involved with in the chase. One on motorbike and two in a car. Although, we did not catch the thief, I have to give them 5 stars for effort and dedication. They really tried their best and it was a positive experience with the Thai police.
  2. Thai Women, The Goose and the Golden Egg

    If you just met a woman... ANY woman in the world, the best test is to tell her, that you still live with your mom, that you hate working and have no money. If she is still up for a date, the she is a “good” girl and properly likes you for real. Good luck... you will need it.
  3. It is quite funny how basically all Thai-women ends up being gold-diggers in these posts. But especially Isaan women always gets mentioned as the worst ones. Personally I think it could properly be much harder to “control” a relationship with a Hi-So Thai woman, who would have the education and skills to really rip someone off, if they wanted. I know a lot of really sweet, honest and decent Isaan women. Some are married to farangs and are really good hard-working mothers and wifes (this includes my own wife) Also people often tend to forget, that there are two sides to a bad marriage. I have seen lots of Thai/Farang marriages gone bad, because the man acted like a prick or just did not use common sense and disrespected the wife. Just saying... Not all Isaan women deserve to be called gold-diggers. And just because some Thai woman is middle or upper class, does not mean she can not be a bad person. And this goes basically for all women in the world. E.g. My ex-wife (Farang) cost me more money and worries, than my Thai wife ever will.
  4. Sad story :-( Why is it that so many farangs here, just give away all they own, when they are in Thailand? Why do they e.g. just pay up a house fully in cash, when they instead could pay a small down payment and then let the wife struggle with the monthly payments, if things should turn out bad? Why do farangs not make sure they have an account abroad, as a constant backup? It is unbelievable how many farangs just go “all in” here and seem to lose their common sense on arrival.
  5. Here a one point plan for the police: - Start doing your job!
  6. Clearly the bus driver had not been to the temple lately or was not wearing the correct amulets. Yet another case of just “bad luck”. May this be a reminder to all bus drivers, to wear the correct amulets and vist the temple often. This way they can drive as crazy as they want and be total accident free. RIP to all the victims, while we wait for the next “bad luck” accident to happen...
  7. I get offended, when walking a market with my 4 years old son and being invited to a Ping Pong show. What are they going to do about that?
  8. Wow, what a deep, interesting and life-inspiring story. I love her! Not only as beautiful as a lady-boy, but also so intelligent. Every mans dream! Anyone got her Line ID?
  9. I really do not understand, how these fights start? Been living here for years and have never found myself in any trouble or fights of any kind. Sorry, but I simply do not believe the 3 Thais jumped on this guy without any real reason. He must have provoked them in some way. They do not jump people, just because you say no to buy something.
  10. Yeah, one of those cultural things, I will never learn to understand. Don’t worry they will be shared on your timeline soon ;-)
  11. Feel sorry for the victim and his family to this horrible attack. Only comfort is that the killer will be going to a Thai-prison. I am sure after the first day he will be crying like a baby...
  12. So What? No double that who leads this country, MONEY will be the only thing that really matters. Everytime there is a new leader, people hope for the better. And it always turns out the same.
  13. She forgot to complain about the weather... which is terrible in Germany. Besides that, I think she is right. Farang-Land basically sucks!
  14. Why is the the guy blogging about Traveling, when it seems that he has never been away from home before???
  15. Its in the article. When they say they are number 1, then they are number 1. Its that simple. Don't spoil the moment! Now please just enjoy the number 1 position and stop asking so many annoying questions and bringing other numbers into it. ;-) You really need some attitude adjustment :-)