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  1. Just another “crackdown” annoncement, like all the other previous “crackdowns” before this one. Its like the “hub” announcements. It all sounds great and effective. And it is all forgotten in a week or so.
  2. I think for us who can live without the daily need for deep “What your name, Hansum man?” conversations with bargirls, CM is actually a great place.
  3. Same thing happens to my wife 3 years ago. She could suddenly not stand on and control her left leg. We went to the hospital and she was 2 hours later diagnosed with a brain tumor. Only partly insured, we had to come up with THB 700.000 within a week for the operation. Luckily we had savings and the tumor could be removed or she would have been dead today. Things like this does happen and a brain tumor is one of the worst forms of cancer there is. Insurance or not, I hope this guy gets help and recovers. Cancer sucks!!
  4. LOL!!! That Guard could really use some basic boxing lessons. That swing was pathetic.
  5. khunpa

    Thai universities drop in world rankings

    We all learn from our mistakes. But when mistakes are not recognized and attempted to be improved, it will always keep going backwards. The “Loss of face” concept wins again.
  6. And here I was thinking I had a shitty day...
  7. But then what about all the peace, order and happiness?
  8. I am confused now???? Not long ago, I read that there was no prostitution going on in Pattaya. Must have taken him a hell of a long time to find those 5 then...
  9. khunpa

    Is Thailand a bad idea?

    True, I work online and make much more...
  10. Yeah, but don’t worry. Soon nobody will care about these boys... just like before they went into the cave.
  11. What’s all the drama about? She seem sober and has only one kid with her...
  12. One day, when my son grows up, I hope he becomes a military officer instead of a brain surgeon. They seem to be much much better paid.
  13. I was thinking the same. But at least we should give them some points for spending the money locally ?
  14. Well, using Thai-logic this is just a simple case of “bad luck”. It is even more bad luck that it was not a farang or a rich famous Thai causing the accident. Properly the correct amulet was not worn, thereby causing this bad luck. It is now time for all involved to meet with the local police chief and settle this matter. With some luck the family might get some compensation and the police chief will also get paid for his time. Respect, empathy, taking responsibility, learning from mistakes etc... What’s that?