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  1. True, displaying them in public is totally stupid and I am sure any smart person, would not do that... I guess, we can then conclude that he is pretty ......... ;-)
  2. Sure, but I think we all know this is just due to a “mistake” :-D
  3. I know lots of Thais with expensive watches, especially Rolex. I guess it is the next step after the house, cars and the gold chains. Unlike most other watches eg. a Rolex watch is actually not a stupid thing to buy. It at lholds its value quite good and it is a good status symbol (like wearing gold. It’s also extremely easy to sell if you need some fast cash. Of course owning 19 and working in government is not so smart. But purchasing a Rolex watch is not so stupid, as some might think. And they do make a statement, when wearing one. In this case and for government workers... “Me like easy and fast money” ;-)
  4. In this process, I would highly recommend you to also remember the costs, headaches and time you need to spend, when one day you want to close the company down. (or keep it running, without activity) Opening a company in Thailand is pretty easy. They just forget to tell you the costs etc. of closing it down.
  5. A girl falls from a balcony and the guy just happens to be a former convicted violent rapist. Unbelievable that some actually think he is just a poor innocent guy...
  6. Moving to Chaing Mai

    Our family have lived in CM for nearly 3 years now. Have not noticed any problems during the burning season. The thing we love most about CM is the many places to visit, but you will need a car for that. Also the price level in CM is pretty good compare to many other places in Thailand.
  7. Well they could start by getting the drunk drivers off the road and people without drivers licenses. At least more effective that sleeping or play Candy Crush :-)
  8. On the way from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai right now. Have already passed 4 police check points. Not one police officer to be seen at any of them! No police = No reduction in the road deaths stats. It’s that simple!
  9. Exactly!!! And that is also why this computer law will be out of people’s minds in less than 24 hours... Nobody here cares about these Ting-Tong “We can all go to Jail”-laws. Thats also why they have no effect at all.
  10. Laws have changed, but I do not see any real changes to everyday life - except a worse economy. Thais are very patient and accepting to all stuff that does not affect them personally and hurt their wallet. I am personally not worried about e.g. strange smoking or computer laws. There has always been strange laws and coruption here. The bad economy is what is going to at some point create a real counter reaction. That scares me more than anything.
  11. Yes, Thailand is a prime example, when it comes to justice and law-enforcement. And good they got this guy. Up next... the Red Bull guy!
  12. Doubt it, since that would require him to have 4 full time Thai Co-Informants hired in his Informant Company.
  13. Because the informer is in trouble himself and now the Swedish guy can rat someone else out :-) A story like this is a good example of why I would never do business here and why I never hang out with other Farangs here.
  14. Motorbike Accident

    One of the first things I learnt, when I first arrived to Thailand, was that you have to forget about your normal understanding of “right” and “wrong”. In fact, perusing the truth or “fair” thing, can even bring you more problems, if you are unlucky. I learnt my lesson, not by an accident but by making a successful company here. All I got from that and doing everything right, was being harassed and attempted blackmailed by corrupt government officials. At that point I understood, that it has nothing to do with right or wrong here. It is all about money. I then moved my business out of Thailand. There is no social responsibility or fairness here. But the weather is nice :-) In a racist corrupt place like this, with no proper justice system, it’s best to walk away in a case like yours. And then just be grateful, that you can prove you were not wrong if ever needed. Regaridng the kid, he will never learn anyway. You can’t fix stupid. Don’t expect his parents to be any smarter than him. And then get a proper insurance instead and let them handle it next time.
  15. Happy to see that focus is on this and not the traffic problems. ;-) Well prioritized and managed!!!