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  1. I have a re-entry permit
  2. I am leaving the country to get a non O visa at Savannakhet, have been working on a non B extension good til early 2020 that after leaving the company I was at last week has yet to be canceled. Can I ask the immigration officer on the Thai side of the Friendship II bridge to cancel my non B extension as I leave and cross into Laos? USA citizen, done the Savannakhet thing before in 2016 and it was easy.
  3. PhuketAmerican

    Visa Question

    I had worked 2016-2017 on a non-O multiple entry marriage visa from Savannakhet because since I went abroad for work frequently it easily filled the 90 day requirements. In 2018 I got a job for a multinational that insisted I get a non-B Visa with 2 year extension (BOI Company). I recently left there and plan on opening a company in the coming months. My BOI visa has not been cancelled and they have my work permit. Do I need to go to immigration and ask them to cancel my BOI non B visa before I leave to fly to Ubon Ratchatani and take the bus to Savannakhet to obtain another 1 year multiple entry non-O visa? Edit: I had a valid work permit at all times