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  1. Thanks. I will turn 50 in January 2018 so if i can get another 1 year Non O based on my son this coming November will be perfect. I am divorced and have the legal custody of my son from the court. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  2. Dear Ubonjoe, Is there a limit of age for the kid to get a Non O or any extension for it? My son will turn 18 tomorrow. I have been on Non O 1 year multi entry based on him since many years. I never applied for any extension because i am working in neighbor country and just would not have enough time to apply for extension instead getting a new Non O every year (which is fine for me). I never been questionned about the age of my son when i apply for new Non O at the embassy but they can find out easily as i provide his birth certificate. My point is that my actual Non O will expire this coming November and I am wondering if they might told me "sorry but your son is 18 years old now, you can't get another Non O" when I apply for another one... Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  3. Yes so far unless it has change recently, for the last 5 years, i always got my multiple entry the same day by paying an extra 1,000 bahts (it is official and printed out in the embassy). You submit your application in the morning and get your passport back the same day at 3pm Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  4. Coming back to you on this bit late. Been busy these last days so no much time to look at this. Yes Iflix is working fine on Minix and so on my smart phone ( android & iphone).So i need some more time to find about about the Nvidia. One more question about the Nvidia: is there any way to Thai as keyboard language? I checked in the settings but can't thai. The main reason for that is for example sometime my wife want to search something in Thai in utube for example but so far you can type only in English (in the minix was easy to add Thai). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yep, I understand that. For the small boats, I have no idea. Just decided one time last year to go visit the other side of the river (Dala) as I was downtown, near Sule and many locals where asking if I was going to Dala. I took then the ferry... Ranong-Kawtaung. I was there 2 weeks ago. Not for a visa run but to go with a friend who needed a visa run. I drove him to Ranong from Phuket and instead of waiting for him at the pier, I decided to cross to Myanmar with him. it cost us 100 b each for the boat, I think 400b for him in Myanmar for immigration. I didn't had to pay anything to Myanmar immigration as I have a multiple entry visa. Weather was very nice so the trip was cool.
  6. So, I went back home to Phuket last week end and tried to find out about my Shield: HDD: I tried with a spare HDD (WD 2TB) that I have at home and it was not working too. I then tried with a 2nd spare HDD (also WD 2TB) and then it work immediately. I loaded with some movies and music and no issue at all. Hard to understand. Iflix: No way, it's not working. Impossible to login. I checked the version of the app and it is the same that you mentioned ( It just said that my username or password are incorrect. I contacted the Iflix customer support and they told me that Iflix is not compatible with Android TV yet. They suggested me to use Chromecast instead... I then tried with Chromecast using my mobile phone and it work. I followed your advice and turn off the location and managed to sign in with Amazon Prime. No issue at all. As I saw you were mentioning about Plex (which I had no clue about it), I decided to try. I have an old Mac at home that I am not using anymore. I installed Plex Media Server, create an account, and load my media files. It's work very well, I am surprise. I can even open my files from Myanmar. I played around with the Shield, installed some apps, using sideload as you suggest. So now, I am happy with it so far.
  7. So, if you mean Dala township: Unless if it has been restricted very recently, there was no issue to go there in 2016. I went in November 2016. Took the ferry downtown Yangon, cross the river. Once in Dala, there are plenty of taxis, Tuk Tuk waiting at the pier and you negotiate for a tour wherever you want. And I was not the only foreigner. Said that, there is not much to see over there. I will ask next Tuesday once I am back to the office my colleague who live in Dala if something has change recently. Attached 2 pics from the river and my way back to downtown Yangon
  8. You mean to go to Dala township? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Well, last night, I followed your advice and tried with a spare USB thumb and it was working! So, it sound that my external drive (Seagate Backup) is not working with the Shield, even I tried on NTFS and Exfat. I also installed X Plore and TV app Repo. As for Iflix, I uninstall it and re-install but I still can't login. I even installed VPN and use a Server in Thailand but still not work. I will be back to Thailand this Saturday and will try again from there. I will also try others external drives that I have such as Western Digital and see if it work. At home, I have 2 Minix Neo U1 with the Minix Air Mouse A2 lite and will try with it. You definitively need a mouse or such mouse for the shield.
  10. Well, when I came back from office last night, I found out that the apps that I remotely installed through Playstore from laptop were properly installed in the shield and appeared on the main menu. I opened them and it work properly. The only problem I have is Iflix because I can't login. It says "wrong password" even after few try and I am sure about the username and password. I tried to login on iflix on my laptop and it work. Maybe something wrong with the network. As for the external drive, after re-formated on exFat, I tried to connect it again. Not working. it appears on ES Explorer but when I click "open", the message is always "failed to open". Also, when remove it from the Shield and connect it to my laptop, it is not readable anymore. I had to format it again. I am wondering if I should reset to factory the shield?
  11. Thanks Sookee, that's very helpful. As I said earlier, I am new in this kind of thing and your feedback is appreciate. As for Iflix, I will see when I am back to my hotel this evening if it has been installed and appeared on the home screen. If not, I will then install the TV app repo. As for the drive, once all my files have been moved already, I will re-format on Exfat.
  12. I think I have already found out how to install those apps. I spent quite a lot of time on internet this morning. I am going to Playstore from my laptop, select the app and click install. Then it ask on which of my compatible devices I want to install it. And on the list, it show my Nvidia Shield. I will check when I am back to my hotel this evening if it has been successfully installed. As for my drive, it's a Seagate Backup 2Tb formatted NTFS. I also checked on internet and the Shield accept NTFS and exFat. Anyway, I saw on some forums, people are advising if such problem happen, to re-format the drive, leave it empty, then connect it to the shield and if it's working, load the files. I actually also managed to recover my files this morning and I am moving then now before re-formating the drive. I am not very experience on such things. just trying to find the solution on internet. Let see if it work tonight
  13. ok, I finally managed to take out from the box my Nvidia Shield that I got Sunday in Bangkok yesterday evening as I have been busy. But I am confused. I already have another android box, a Minix Neo U1 and when I bought it, it was quite straight forward. Connect the box, then enter your google account and then download all the apps you want. Connect an external drive and start to watch your movies. But yesterday, I unboxed the Nvidia, connect to the TV using the HDMI and put it on. So far so good. After few steps setup (wifi connection, google account...), then it upgrade to 5.1. ok. Once the upgrade completed, I started to play around with the menu. there was few apps already pre-installed (Netflix, Utube...). I went to Play store to install some others apps but not available. I used the search menu but "not found". I am talking about application such as iflix, ExpressVPN, Google photos... none of them. Do I miss something? Then I gave up. I am going connect my external drive and watch a movie. My external drive is a Seagate backup 2 TB, NTFS with plenty of movies and series downloaded from torrent. I installed ES file explorer and could see my external drive but no way to open it! After several try, I gave up and disconnect the drive and connect it to my laptop. Then, what a surprise: your drive is not readable, you need to format it! Did I miss something?
  14. Yes I live in Phuket and work in Myanmar. I am very often in Bangkok. As I had to stop in Bangkok today (going to Yangon this evening), i sent an email to the Thai Nexus Man to pickup the Shield this morning. By the way, i did not open the box yet. Does it need any batteries for the remote and the controller? I will open it when I arrive in Yangon this evening but i wouldn't be stuck because I miss some batteries... Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  15. Interesting. I am just now on my way back from the Thai Nexus Man where i picked up the Pro model Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk