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  1. jphasia

    BIG Xchange Thailand

    You can check this website to get an indication of the points calculation: https://www.airasiabig.com/sg/en/calculator For the points needed to get free ticket, it also depend on the fare and promotion. But one thing is quite good is that you can book a ticket using Big points only or a mixed between big points and payment. For example, let's say the ticket you want to book will cost 10,000 points. You can reduce the number of points to use and complete with a payment: 5,000 points + xx$$. For this you need to use the application "Air Asia Big loyalty" only. of course, you need to register with Air Asia.
  2. jphasia

    New Ipad Pro 2018

    I was in Apple store in Icon Siam yesterday. Yes, it is available but only the wifi only version. The wifi + sim is not available yet and they don't have any confirmation date on the availability. Anyway, I have been reconsidering about buying an ipad for the time being.
  3. jphasia

    New Ipad Pro 2018

    Thanks. I will be in IconSiam this sunday. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  4. jphasia

    New Ipad Pro 2018

    Hello, I am trying to find out when the new Ipad Pro 2018 will be available in Thailand? I can't find any clear information's on the net.