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  1. So sad mate and so bloody wrong!

  2. chownah

    The New Senate Will Consist Of 150 Members

    I think that have a truly independent senate would be a good thing....it is also a very difficult thing to accomplish....having military coups does not help to bring about a truly independent senate....having some of the senators apponted does not make them independent of those doing the appointing...and being elected does not make them independent of the constituency which did the electing. I think that perhaps the only thing that can be done is to educate the Thai people about the benefits of having seperation of powers as a major part of Thai governmental system...and by in some way developing the ideal that the seperation of powers is more important than partisan interests....I think one of the main problems in Thailand is that partisan interests is the highest ideal (maybe the ONLY ideal) for government....this is probably all that most Thais have seen. Chownah
  3. chownah

    Thaksin Completes Man City Buyout

    The concept of private ownership is that when one owns something one can sell it in the way that one chooses. If someone wants to determine the terms of some sale then someone should either get involved as a buyer or seller. Of course there is a third option...if someone could organise huge demonstrations that are disruptive of social order and do this every week for a series of months then the terms of the sale might be changed....or the people involved might be driven into exile at least even if the sale goes through. chownah
  4. chownah

    Vegetarianism and Buddhism

    I suggest looking on the internet for some information about the rules that monks are supposed to follow..a good place to start is Access to Insight. There's lots of information on the internet about the monks rules and I'm sure you'll have no problem finding them. Chownah
  5. chownah

    Vegetarianism and Buddhism

    Looks like a wordplay to me, and I didn't even use the word compromise in my original post. The austerity has its merits, sense indulgement is unavoidable, too. I don't particulary care what you call the solution as long as it's not used as an excuse for gluttony. Gluttony is really not a problem for monks usually if they follow the vinaya rules because the rules prohibit eating anything substantial after noon. Chownah
  6. chownah

    Vegetarianism and Buddhism

    The answer is to understand what the Buddha taught. He did not teach anyone to stop eating meat or fish. The only Buddhists in the Tipitaka who were vegetarian were Devadata and his followers. And now only nutty Buddhist cults like Bodhilak and his followers are vegetarian. Perhaps we coudl say unless one has some strong medical reason - like a rare disease- being vege is almost a sign of mental disorder. Actually there are alot of Buddhists who are vegetarian. I was vegetarian for many years and found it to be a perfectly good way to be....If my wife was vegetarian I probalby would be too since she insists on doing the cooking. chownah
  7. chownah

    Thaksin Completes Man City Buyout

    then use the report button chownah
  8. chownah

    Vegetarianism and Buddhism

    We all have views on many things....you clearly have views on how eating meat is connected with the killing of animals and you are sort of implying that by eating meat someone is acting equivalently to killing the animal...but you don't actually say it..you sort of dance around the edges of the issue. I would like to point out that there is a Buddhist reference where the Buddha is listing types of things that should not be eaten and he specifically indicates in several instances that eating meat is not part of the stated restriction....I really wish I could find that reference but so far have not. If someone knows it please let us know. Chownah Edit: I found the reference but I have not found it on line...the reference is: Sutta Nipāta, Hammalawa Saddhātissa This is a strange Sutta in that it is a dialogue between a Buddha from before the time of Gotama Buddha and an ascetic. My description above is not quite accurate....a better characterisation would be that the ascetic claims that eating meat is stench and the Buddha Kassapa indicates that there are alot of things that he considers to be stench but that eating meat is not one of them. Evidentally there is a Commentary to the Āmagandha Sutta (which I couldn't find on line) which tells of Gotama Buddha recalling the Sutta Nipata. Chownah
  9. chownah

    Honey Truck Septic Pumps

    Where do they dump the...ummm..."contents" after emptying a septic tank? Chownah
  10. chownah

    Thaksin Completes Man City Buyout

    I don't know much about football (I think that a football is pointy on the ends) but it seems to me that Toxin might be into the club for the long haul....he has already made some attempts at making a connection between the club and Thailand...I know that this hasn't yielded any tangible results from the team side but you know football is really really popular in Thailand and I think Toxin might be plotting a way to strengthen the connection between the club and Thailand...it certainly will make him more popular in some circles and if he ever should happen to get a Thai player into the club or even into any European football sort of gig then he will be even more popular...and think of the spin off cottage industries of shirts and other memorabilia............I think that maybe this sort of thing is a wide open market and Toxin is there at the outset so if it does develop he will have the control. Maybe this is ridiculous but to me it looks like it may become somthing big in Thailand in the future. Chownah
  11. Yes, of course, his supporters are going to give him a hero's welcome....of course, naturally, would anyone expect otherwise? Chownah
  12. Oh NO....take it away...its bad bad bad ....I don't like it....take it away....take it away. chownah
  13. The arguement they used to justify giving him back the diplomatic passport is that all the ex-primeministers are allowed to keep them and he should be treated equally. Those against this move argued that he was charged with a crime so his case was exceptional and so it is just that he not have the diplomatic passport while those in favor of the move countered that he has not been found guilty and should be considered innocent until guilty according to Thail law....to this those against reinstating the diplomatic passport said that there is a warrant out for his arrest for not showing up to trial so denial of diplomatic passport is justified and to this arguement those in favor of giving it back countered that death threats were made against him and public security officials publicly stated that they could not be held responsible to protect him adequately if he did return so clearly he was not free to return for fear of his life...... I'm not expressing an opinion here....just trying to answer the questions "on which grounds". Chownah
  14. I agree with this completely....no one else should create public chaos when he returns either. Chownah
  15. This sounds like some rhetoric that might have been delivered concerning some university students in Oct of 1976....before the death of that one that Samak claims to have seen.......scary!!!! Chownah