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  1. and who votes the government in? The British public are apathetic about politics, if they get angry they write to the Times, in many European countries,especially France, they take to the streets and make their anger known. 'Take our country back', that phrase always makes me laugh as if Joe Bloggs has any say at all apart from voting once every 4 years, if he can drag himself from the pub, we are putty in their hands. Joe Bloggs is enjoying himself with 'East Enders' 'The Great British Bake Off' and 'Football' he deserves all he gets.
  2. He will have something to tell his grandchildren, ''I lived the high life and screwed around on other peoples money and i wasn't even a politician, oh and kids remember crime doesn't pay, 555555''
  3. He's not an idiot, we are, he is on a nice little earner and can drink as much gin tonics as he can puke and all he has to do is blah blah blah blah. He is good at it to, he said nothing of any substance but it sounded to the uninitiated rather good, he is obviously a professional civil servant with a gold plated pension waiting for him after years of blah blah blah.
  4. Me to, he has held up well, i rather like the old gentleman, caustic, no PC, no false pathos. When you look at his face though one wouldn't like to bet about him waking up tomorrow.
  5. Look at the state of him, he looks like an advert for embalming salts. 96 is way past your bed time.
  6. giving your opinion in this country can get you arrested. At the level of working people politics will make no difference to their lives, it doesn't matter who is in power they just aren't a section of interest, until election time that is. Why risk showing your ID and giving an opinion that the army doesn't like, you could end up on their radar.
  7. I wouldn't be annoyed by an erection, just the opposite .
  8. That has ruined an already dodgy project. You can just hear the excuses already, that wasn't our poor work that made the train crash, it was the Chinese.
  9. Don't mention the poverty dear girl, the PM wouldn't understand it and anyway everybody is happy happy happy here in Thailand
  10. Thanks for that, my relations are either in Germany or Australia although i have a few that i have rarely or never met in the UK, would be quite a problem for the home office. Would that mean that my body would be rotting away in the coffin until they had contacted my daughter in Germany to get permission from her to allow my son (10 years old at present) and my partner to cremate me ?
  11. You would simply be a murderer,unless you then expressed that you had the intention of killing every member of the God squad,then you would be a terrorist.
  12. It depends on the circumstance, if an individual is attacked due to personal reasons it is an assault, here though we have a political/religious reason where hate is directed at a group in general, he has openly said he wants to kill all Muslims, he doesn't know all Muslims so the attack/murder wasn't due to a personal reason against those that he killed and injured.
  13. He is promoting and causing terror to a certain sector of the population,whether he is alone or not is irrelevant,it was an attack that caused terror, he is a terrorist
  14. Also, we pour money into the country, we don't take it away with benefits.