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  1. No different to what already happens in the West
  2. Just goes to show how greedy these Bengalis are
  3. even he thought his performance was lousy
  4. I forget the author of this quote, ''Man is the only animal that can blush,or needs to''
  5. It is badly written, she was sentenced to 10 years in absentia and the case is now closed ie over, she can't appeal,that's just my take on it
  6. so does excessive heat and drought. Climate change is a normal function which takes hundreds of thousands of years,even millions on a natural basis so life has a chance to adapt. The man made global warming is extremely fast,nothing can adapt. Even rice needs lower temperatures at night otherwise it gets stressed and you have poor quality low yields.
  7. A long time ago in Germany, before the Euro, i saw a young man holding a placard, 'looking for one million people willing to give me one Mark each' I got chatting to him thinking he was homeless but he wasn't,he had a job and a flat. ''So why are you doing this'' ''One Mark wouldn't mean anything to them but if a million people gave it would make me so happy'' I couldn't fault his logic and at least he was honest,no sob story, one way to become a millionaire.
  8. He wont get away with this,he will definitely have to apologize to the coffin,life can be a bitch.
  9. To protect and to serve the public,all in a days work for the fine upstanding examples of the Thai bureaucracy.
  10. I did something similar, left for Germany with 14 pounds in my pocket and worked my way all round Europe for a year,that was before the EU and yet it was surprisingly easy to find temporary work all over Europe, i worked in kitchens in Switzerland, assembled cupboards in Germany, cleaning saunas in Finland washed cars in Italy and did some farm work in France, a great way to get to know the countries.
  11. Wait for it, there maybe still nothing done,depends on who daddy is.
  12. Standing in line and making tea, yes well, we always were world beaters.
  13. Only 10 !! must have been the army
  14. I think England still beats Thailand in this respect,in the UK he would have had at least 3 knife wounds and perhaps a little splash of acid.