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  1. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    what about the watch ?
  2. reminds me of the story of how king Solomon settled the dispute between two women as to who was the real mother of the child
  3. reminds me of king Solomon settling who was the true mother of the child.
  4. walk away, painful as that may be, he can't win and may even end up being accidentally killed. It's a mess waiting to be ignored, it cant be cleaned up.
  5. but they probably achieved something during their travels or at least didn't make things worse. I think he does it on purpose to show he matters.
  6. Couple sue Nigerian Prince who ‘left them £1,800,000 out of pocket’

    They trusted a Nigerian
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    according to Bloomberg the pound just dropped again, mind you the Euro isn't doing too well either.
  8. Starboy ? He obviously seemed such a nice boy. Nigerian, what can one say......ooops not PC.
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    no foreplay ?
  10. Unprecedented jobs decline demands quick action

    Here in Isaan the minimum wage often isn't adhered to, a neighbours wife applied for work at a petrol station, they offered her 200 Baht a day, when she said that the minimum was 300 they said take it or leave it,there are others who would work for even 150 a day. Big firms like Tesco or Big C stick to the law because they have to as do firms who have unions but small firms and farms don't pay anything near the minimum wage
  11. Prawit skips meeting as he dodges watch scandal

    I can explain it.... but I am not going to, I wish to protect the innocent.
  12. Treason ??? Obama is a highly intelligent intellectual man with great diplomatic skills, Trump is.....well, just Trump.
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    we shall see, the pound didn't soar before EU membership. The British civil service has many highly qualified people, unfortunately this quality isn't reflected in a majority of the politicians.
  14. The maddest patient has taken over the asylum.