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  1. soalbundy

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    Thailand is economically in good shape FX reserves are good the Baht is strong so yes I believe them, Thailand is regarded as a bright spot in EM by economists.
  2. Oh good, Bubonic plague should solve the housing crisis, in fact it would solve everything.
  3. soalbundy

    PHOTOS: Royal wedding celebrations at British Embassy Bangkok

    explain, the waiter perhaps
  4. soalbundy

    PHOTOS: Royal wedding celebrations at British Embassy Bangkok

    Do they owe you money ?
  5. yes, we agree. So we are not opposed at all.
  6. you are blinding them with reality, doesn't quite fit in with the brexiteers simple view of the world, which is good, it's fine, it just isn't real.
  7. Poland has prospered in the EU.
  8. I'll be dead by then so all is well. There is still Fergi's two to go but they won't count for much. Mind you, we still have Harry's baby to fawn over, they have already started speculating in the press, 'she will be pregnant by christmas', Oh look, a baby.
  9. My Scottish grandmother (died at 104) lived 80% of her life in Balham, London, never lost her Scottish accent.When I visited her 50 years ago prior to leaving the UK she had two Jamaican families as friendly neighbours and she had taken in an Italian lady and a Polish man as lodgers. She complained that she couldn't buy English food at the local supermarket as they mostly sold Asian food, the cinema nearby showed Indian films in Hindi and advertised in the Hindi alphabet and her doctor was a Pakistani, that was before EU so not much seems to have changed.
  10. It's been my experience in life that things always end up differently to what was planned or feared, no matter how many combinations of an outcome would go through my head the result was always something unthought of, something different, that will be the Italian problem,the Irish border and brexit, there will be an aha moment.
  11. Gave it back just in time, under some duress, Churchill was not happy.
  12. When a government is in power what they said before the election and what they do afterwards are two different things, when in power reality hits, that isn't to say that the present situation is a comfortable one for Brussels, this is worse than brexit.
  13. The Austria-Hungary government penned an ultimatum to Belgrad after the assassination which was so worded as to be unacceptable to any state but the PM Pasic accepted with only one small exception, this was well received by the international community but the Ambassador for Austria -Hungary, Baron von Giesl in Belgrade broke off diplomatic relations and left for Vienna, 3 days later Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia who was allied to Russia but Austria hoped for a quick victory before Russia could intervene, this didn't happen so Germany who allied to Austria was pulled into the fray. One could say that the Austrian ambassador caused WW1.
  14. soalbundy

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    They won't want to relinquish the heroin of power but they may have no choice, another year of the junta and all it will take is a spark, Thai's are not known for being phlegmatic.