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  1. Denmark has a boarder with Germany, lots of intermingling, mixed marriages etc. in many towns on or near the boarder you can speak German or Danish.
  2. he seemed such a nice boy said the girl with dyslexia.
  3. They were, he isn't a president he is just.........Trump
  4. I think that they are protesting about blacks being shot with impunity by the police. A soldiers job carry's a risk, goes with the job, they know that when they join up, they can kill others but must accept that they can also be killed, where is the problem when it is a matter of choice ?
  5. Have you ever been burgled ? I have been here 13 years, I have never been robbed,threatened,beaten or scammed, I doubt that I am unique in this respect but there are always those who cry out for it.
  6. A not very intelligent but emotional response, perhaps you should meditate and practice some self enquiry as to the reason for this emotional discharge.
  7. I have worked and traveled in many countries of the world, some risky some safe and at 69 years old I have never needed a gun, what one does need is a minimum of common sense, guns don't make you safe, just the opposite, look at the low number of gun deaths in central Europe where gun ownership is heavily restricted and look at the large numbers of gun killings in the USA, they all think they are Wyatt Earp on steroids.
  8. build them on stilts, every condo should have its own little harbour instead of a car park.
  9. What sane person needs a gun anyway, apart from those with a small penis. Ban all guns in private hands.
  10. In Brexit poker, clock narrows transition options

    nothing was done to the UK, they did that all by themselves, didn't they do well.
  11. It isn't that serious, he lives on high ground.
  12. maybe in BKK, not where I live, I asked at the amphor, a nice lady said bin them.
  13. where can I dispose of my batteries ? they are real poison, in my house everyone dumps them in the dustbin, better to dump them on the beach maybe, it,s allowed i'm sure.
  14. so not the 1st of April then ?