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  1. I can't see that borrowing money from a Thai bank and paying it off with your foreign income would be a problem for IO. incidentally while at the IO this morning my missus got chatting to a Thai woman married to an old American, she mentioned that the IO (rank only of captain but seemed to be the office boss ) said that there would probably need to be arrangements made for older farangs who had been here for many years on the income method, glancing at her husband he said that some of them wouldn't be capable of flying back home
  2. Which is why the embassy letter was the way to go. I suspect that they will want to see 40/65k monthly deposits in a Thai bank if you go the income way in place of the letter.
  3. no because they never look at them, just the embassy letter
  4. The Ti Hasn't said that, you are speculating.
  5. need an affirmation from Ubon joe on this but I believe that there is no mention of an embassy letter in the regulations, there may have been a separate directive but I think the regulations supercede that.
  6. I can't agree there because showing proof of an income 40/65k per month is already in the regulations whereas the embassy letter is not. I have just come back from doing my yearly extension (wasn't due until 07. 12 but decided to do it early as the 90 day report was due) it was quicker than usual, 25 minutes. They only looked at the German embassy letter. The missus asked about next year if there are no embassy letters, the IO said they are aware of the problems but as of yet haven't received any directions from TI. He did say that they were scrutinising the American applicants very carefully.
  7. that isn't stipulated, they would have to change the regulations but that could happen of course. From December onwards I will be transferring 65k per month to BKK bank to prepare for this.
  8. If they won't accept letters then they will stipulate what they will accept as proof of income. Their own regulations state proof of income of 40/65k per month is required for a visa extension, there is no mention of an embassy letter (in the regulations) so there would only be the need for all IO's to drop the demand for an embassy letter.
  9. makes the BE seem positively concerned for the welfare of their citizens
  10. This going to get expensive if registered translation bureaus are needed for every piece of paper you have.