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  1. Comes under blasphemy laws I think
  2. They are all in the A-one hotel taking part in orgies.
  3. A-one hotel is now overbooked even though the room prices have trebled.
  4. more money for the BIB, instead of a 200 Baht backhander it will be 2,000.
  5. To better herself, she can come back with international experience.
  6. soalbundy

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    Ignore it, close down your FB account. If she tells the wife it will be by phone not face to face, she has your wifes phone number ? You could tell her you have reported her message to the police. It won't stop at 1,000 Baht, once you have paid once it will be on going.
  7. He will now probably face charges for filing a false complaint, now he really will get a scolding from his parents, 20 years old, time to grow up.
  8. same here, the hotels prefer it that way. I went to Chiang Mai from Surin, before I left I asked at IO if I needed to give up a TM 30 when I came back, "How long will you stay in Chiang Mai?'', "'Two weeks'', ''No don't bother''. In Chiang Mai I offered the hotel desk my passport which they ignored and took the wife's ID card instead.
  9. Unfortunately you also get a big accelerator pedal as well
  10. He's already decided, like the song 'I got the power' ( and I want to keep it)
  11. I do feel the frustration of Somboon but a heavy piece of concrete thrown on to the bonnet from three floors up would also have had the desired effect, I did this once in Europe, the car left with screeching tyres and never came back.
  12. A hyena barking, it's what rednecks do.
  13. No ! TIH, this is humanity. The world of humanity is a world of problems, self made problems. All problems can be solved with acceptance, 'it is as it is, I say yes to what is'. Life wasn't made to be easy. Those who record another's suffering are viewing their own suffering which they have under control, "Look! there is someone who has said no to what is"