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  1. New traffic tickets include English, allow appeals

    They issue tickets?
  2. 2nd Lieutenant, so not even a general, hardly worth the effort
  3. I have heard (don't know if it's true) that in any accident involving a car and a motorbike the car driver is always to blame. Seems to me that the Russian was innocent.
  4. It's probably the only chance they have, the conviction will never be overturned, the sentence will be reduced to life imprisonment and the story will fade away
  5. Let us not talk about left or right, there are intelligent reasonable people on both sides of the spectrum, it's just that Trump isn't one of them. I personally think that Trump has mental issues that have probably become worse due to the presidency, he is a lonely man, frightened to come to terms with the reality of his own incompetence, in his own business he was cocooned by yes men.
  6. file a complaint for malfeasance of duty, if they wont accept that get a lawyer to file it, brings surprising results.
  7. It isn't a good idea anywhere in the world to go to a police station drunk, bare chested and emotionaly outraged. He probably deserved a good kicking as well as the assault by the bus driver.
  8. Burglar dies following accidental glass cut

    So much for the law, ring up the police and say your house has been broken into and trashed all you get is a crime number for the insurance.
  9. Apart from lack of intelligence there is no good in the man, he is an evolutionary dead end.
  10. Not just the UK, I received a letter from my German bank wanting an Ansaessigkeitsbestaetigung by the 26th at the latest, it was already the 23rd, it is basically a confirmation of address but since they know my address and sent this letter there I was a little perplexed. I sent them an E-mail asking what documents they wanted. All my alarm bells started ringing when they wrote in civil service jargon (worse than British civil service language) and mentioned the German tax office. I joined a German forum in Thailand especially to ask about this. The German guys were helpful and told me to go to the Thai tax office who would confirm that I don't work in Thailand and that my Thai address was correct (take your yellow book). I don't work in Thailand so I don't have a tax number which meant the Thai tax office told me to go away, not interested (round trip of 100km for nothing). I rang up the German embassy but although sympathetic they had no idea what to do. Eventually I spoke with a German expat who suggested I ring the bank up and ask them what it's all about. I did this and a nice lady told me that since I was registered in Germany and Thailand that the German tax office has asked them... ''One moment, I am no longer registered in Germany, I gave notice of departure at the town hall when I left'' ''Oh in that case ignore the letter'' Three sleepless nights for nothing.
  11. His one saving grace is that he is incompetent as well, so no need to worry
  12. She was waiting for Brad Pitt and got Homer Simpson, enough to make any decent well brought up lady annoyed. Did she accept luncheon vouchers or was it her day off ?
  13. Burglar dies following accidental glass cut

    never read it, my extreme limit is the Daily Express for the laugh.
  14. Burglar dies following accidental glass cut

    How about the case of the lady at home with two children, she saw two men in her garden (night time) she got a carving knife from the kitchen and tapped on the window to draw their attention to her, they ran off. She rang the police and told them what had happened, they told her that her behaviour had been incorrect as technically she could be prosecuted for threatening behaviour, brilliant, especially as it took them 30 minuets to get to her home.
  15. recommend turn of the mains switch first, simple. If he was Thai everyone would be saying typical stupid Thai.