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  1. My exwife former boyfriend from US was arrested making child porn in pattaya..he and 2 other foreigners..he was arrested by thai police and FBI in pattya..he get sentenced 16 years in jail..after few years he was sendt to US and went rigth to jail there for the same charges..i dont feel sorry for that..their monsters in my eyes
  2. I know..anyway i pay my tickets with my visacard and have my private travelincurance..many nowegians get stucked in spain some time ago because of weather condicions..allmost everyone who thougth they was covered with their creditcards didnt get any help..the persons who had incurance from their regular incurancecompany was taking wery good care of...when i stay in another country i allways leave copy of my incurance at the counter..and telling them about this...i work offshore and been to 43 different countres..im fully covered when im at work by my company incurance..from the day i go to work and back home..when im on holiday im covered by my private incurance..
  3. I get 3 creditcards issued in norway..every card have travelincurance..the problem is that if i dont use the cards for this and that im not covered at all..in norway the media warning about this...thats why i make a travelincurance in the same company i use for my car and house..100% fully covered 45 days..if stay longer have to pay extra..i pay about 250 US a year for me and my kids if their registrated at my adress in norway..if we stay longer then 45 days it gets expencive..anyway..better safe then sorry
  4. stigar

    To farang men who married Thai women...

    My exwife learned me to speak thai..laos and kamer too..im thankful for that..thats why so many girls dont like me++he-he Anyway.. we had 2 kids after married 11 years..my ex and our kids stay in norway..good relationship to echother..50/50 custody..no childsupport..we both moved on..talk on phone everyday..stay same village in norway..kids number 1..
  5. Im tranfer NOK to this account.. get the higest rate when take out then..banktransfer to her thai account takes 2 working days..i check the rate on XE.COM..its updated..if tranfer to her thai bank they charge 500 bath..my issue is that we loose 500 bath everytime we take out money from the ATM..all together 720 bath..NOT just 220 bath..the price for visa electron about taking out money is the same as in a visa card...the only different is that u cant buy things on credit or internett
  6. Sometimes when u stay in another country is better to be quiet(ngiep)
  7. I gave my thai wife a visa electron from my bank in norway..easy and fast trancastions(2 sec).Anyway..when she take out money the ATM allways charge 220 thai bath..and thats ok..but what i dont understand is that everytime we loose another 500 bath..where is this money going????The bank steeling from me???? Every ATM it happends same shit. Today i tranfer 16000 thai bath..in ATM could take out 15300...where the heck is the 500 bath???? My friend had a account in bangkok bank..he had about 20.000 bath there...when he went back after 6 months 7000 bath gone...and nowone could explain to him where this money went...anyone else with same experience???
  8. rigth..some guys from my country have the same problem..stucked over a year..i guess will be charged for overstay also
  9. He is stucked in thailand until he can pay the bill..thats it
  10. Saw that now...anyway i think she get a better life them before
  11. Wages in norway is about 800 bath pr hour...free hospitals..heart operations...i wery sick free helicopterfligth to nearest surgery...if no work welfare thats MUCH higher then thailand..if give birth goverment give 12000 EURO for free...give 4000 bath a month for kids..age between 1-2 years old 1000 EURO extre pr month...when work give 11% of all year salary for hoidaymoney....pigmeet cheaper in norway then thailand...and she complaining?????..OMG Better she go back..if they get unemployd goverment give them money everyday until they back work again.this they can receive 104 weeks...if get sick and cant work keep same salary 12 month..mostly of this girls just saving their money here and dont pay a bill in the household ...but still complaining. I forgot minimum 600 hour free norwegian lessons in school
  12. Actually not my gik... she refuse my dinner invitations for years because i was married..after i get divorced she accepted..and after dinner she sleeped in my bed fully clothed all nigth..anyway after some days that changed..he-he..after that i have meet her family and her kids..they dont speak english..but i speak thai so no problems
  13. Rich girls dont need us..he-he..my new gf is a older lady with a totally different thinking compared to my ex..she work 12 hour everyday..honest..loyal..i know her for 9 years before we get together as a couple
  14. to many married to fast...if u dont use time to know echother.. good and bad habbits it will go to hell..i meet a couple in Bangkok who speak wery bad to echother the day after they married..i have never ever heard a thailady speak so bad in public to her husband..he did the same to her..