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  1. I think this is BS..i would like t see and this video and hear what they talk about..i speak this fluent so it would be easy
  2. Every foreign curency is getting wery week against THB now..whats going on over there
  3. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    I been living in surin for 6 years..i speak thai..laos .kamer...my exwife learned me the hard way..listen..see..remember..i have a wery good ear for learning..i dont write or read ..but thats ok..my new gf is from kalasin and learned me more laos..but actually i dont need that because if u speak thai u can travel anywhere and everyone understand u..kamer is more easy to learn because strong R..and not so much high/low tones..anyway when im in BKK and speak kamer girls get sceptic because they afraid i put some magic on them..thats what the surin/buriram/are famous for..he-he
  4. I saw police chasing a black man from sukumvit in BKK...they catched ghim with some white powder in his pants..well done..get the dealers locked up