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  1. Actually not my gik... she refuse my dinner invitations for years because i was married..after i get divorced she accepted..and after dinner she sleeped in my bed fully clothed all nigth..anyway after some days that changed..he-he..after that i have meet her family and her kids..they dont speak english..but i speak thai so no problems
  2. Rich girls dont need us..he-he..my new gf is a older lady with a totally different thinking compared to my ex..she work 12 hour everyday..honest..loyal..i know her for 9 years before we get together as a couple
  3. to many married to fast...if u dont use time to know echother.. good and bad habbits it will go to hell..i meet a couple in Bangkok who speak wery bad to echother the day after they married..i have never ever heard a thailady speak so bad in public to her husband..he did the same to her..
  4. U misunderstand me..i never look down to any people..past is past...sex without love is just passion..everyone have their needs sometimes..and thats ok
  5. I been married to a thai 11 years..2 kids together..she divorced me after 5 years in norway where she and our kids stay now..i built a house in Surin and bougth a car..she paid half..the house i built cost only 300.000 bath..car 720.000 bath...she learned me to speak thai and kamer...not all girls are the same..some is genuine and honest..her new bf is a thai from Surin..he asking her for money all the time for this and that..i think the money goes to him and his thaiwife..rigth..he is still married to a thailady...he visit her this year here in norway but run back to Surin after 5 weeks here..we share custody of our kids..so no childsupport involved...she have a good paid job here..shes a former bargirl..but that doesnt matter for me because we who buy sex is not better then them...she bougth her own house in norway last year..stay only 400 m from my home...the story the guy telling here have 2 sides i think...weapon in his car?????im sure there is more to this story
  6. I think this is BS..i would like t see and this video and hear what they talk about..i speak this fluent so it would be easy
  7. Every foreign curency is getting wery week against THB now..whats going on over there
  8. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    I been living in surin for 6 years..i speak thai..laos .kamer...my exwife learned me the hard way..listen..see..remember..i have a wery good ear for learning..i dont write or read ..but thats ok..my new gf is from kalasin and learned me more laos..but actually i dont need that because if u speak thai u can travel anywhere and everyone understand u..kamer is more easy to learn because strong R..and not so much high/low tones..anyway when im in BKK and speak kamer girls get sceptic because they afraid i put some magic on them..thats what the surin/buriram/are famous for..he-he
  9. I saw police chasing a black man from sukumvit in BKK...they catched ghim with some white powder in his pants..well done..get the dealers locked up