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  1. Helmet Checks - Green Book Requirement Again ?

    What is the deal with the farang guy dressed in police uniform at that check point?? It's getting ridiculous around the moat, there are sometimes 3-4 checkpoints somewhere around the circumference.
  2. Which Electric Company Office re new meter?

    For that area you need to go to Electric Office at Ban Daen. street view
  3. I recognise it ! I walked past it the other day. Had to pick my way through the water and bits, looked gross so jumped over. Don't understand what they are doing, water comes out of restaurant front, in a pipe I think, and is let out directly onto pavement . Flows across pavement, onto road and then I guess down the drain. The only reason I can see they would do this is that they have managed to block up all the drains at the back in the kitchen. While they are on it, they could check down at the main police station. Looks like a huge leak from somewhere, water continuously flowing down the drains in massive quantities, never stops. Can't see where it is coming from but must be big burst pipe somewhere nearby underground.
  4. Black Bamboo

    I'm interested but unfortunately don't have time to pick up this week.
  5. Black Bamboo

    How big is a clump ??!!!
  6. Looking for a Leather shop in Chiang Mai

    There is a shop that sells leather pieces on Chang Moi Rd street view There is also a leather crafts man here street view 2
  7. Thai school

    I think it is this one Pingkarattana School
  8. Great Brunch/Diner place

    The Italian restaurant I was referring to on Rachadamnoen is opposite to entrance of soi1 Right near to the pharmacy and a couple of other restaurants. Maybe 50m from Tapae Gate. To the right on this street view. Italian restaurant
  9. Great Brunch/Diner place

    Are they the same place ? or same owners ? They both come up together on a search with both names together. Always meant to try the one on Changklan. Thanks will now give it a go. Also there is an Italian on Rachadamnoen near Tapae Gate, never tried it, any thoughts?
  10. Great Brunch/Diner place

    That was my impression too. The salad was good but the bits ordered with it definitely average. They have created an "ambiance" which normally draws in a large sector of clientele but for me the food isn't up to it. Another place I tried recently which seemed to get rave reviews was the pizza/Italian place on the second floor of old house on Tapae Rd. Don't remember the name though. Another great ambiance but food really disappointing. (OK just checked map and it must be "Street Pizza") It looks like it must collect the "Trip Advisor et al crowd" . that would be my guess. They could all do themselves a favour and go off to Stefano's where the food is way better.
  11. Great Brunch/Diner place

    "Oh Ka Jhu" they have another restaurant behind Rimping Nim City. The food was good but not great but seems to have got a big Thai following.
  12. Ban Rim Fah For Fan is the dentist I use. Extracted my daughters impacted (at 90 degree angle) wisdom tooth. Very reasonably priced. Difficult to get appointment as he does all the work himself. Very little pain afterwards, seemed a pretty good job. You could book in for a consultation he is very thorough at explaining everything in English or Thai.
  13. A question about coconuts

    I would imagine it might be used when they have cut away the husk : Normally we only consume our own coconuts but getting difficult to find someone to go up the tree for them. Once cut like this, I guess 2 days max before they go brown if not treated. I think unfortunately a lot of the fruit here gets treated. Have you seen those wheelie carts that sell cut up fruit, the guava looks pale green and almost fluorescent , that is not normal !!
  14. I understand from that the Chinese govt has cracked down in the past couple of years regarding transferring large amounts of cash outside China. Could this be a way to get around money transfer regulations. All the money you transfer is in effect a purchase of pillows and stuff, vastly inflated invoices etc . Just an idea as I can't figure it out. Or maybe there is just a huge demand for latex pillows and snail cream !
  15. Customs Duty on Mail

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but it did look relevant. Does anyone have experience with customs when it comes to "returned mail" from abroad. ie. the package started in Thailand , was sent abroad and was sent back to the senders address as no one at home to sign, post office screwed up delivery etc. The last time this happened - my friend sent parcel back home using my address in Thailand as sender - it came back from France to Thailand ( I seem to remember no one at home in France to sign and postman didn't leave note). Basically the post office wanted us to pay 4,000 Bt customs charge to release the box, then of course on top of that she would have to pay to resend back to France. So she gave up and we left the box there. Now looking at the same situation as my friend in Australia sent 2 boxes back there when she was visiting us, and whilst one arrived, they have sent the other back to Thailand ! What exactly is the situation with charging duty on returned mail; basically we want to just put it back in the post and send it again. The box is from Thailand and has not been opened since Thailand !