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  1. Chiang Mai Public Transit Master Plan (CMPMAP) ... The map at the link here is easier to decipher as you can make it bigger and clearer. As I thought , the dashed bits are underground. So that means they plan to go underneath the Old city, Thapae, Kamphaedin, Charoenmuang etc !!
  2. I noticed a few dotted/dashed lines. Are these underground? I am trying to enlarge the photo in order to read the detail with little success!
  3. cmsally

    new airport.

    I was told it would be at Doi Lor, which is just south of Sanpatong.
  4. cmsally

    White Board Cleaner

    I always use window cleaner to clean mine !
  5. Must admit I don't remember any jewelry shops on Chiang Moi dat mai What kind of jewelry?
  6. Probably the same guy that asked me for money last month! German accent and said he was Swiss. The weird thing was he asked me for something like 43 Bt, it seemed like an unlikely number to ask for. He said he needed it to make up enough money to call someone so he could get a money transfer.I almost gave it to him as it was a small amount but to me it was obviously a scam so I declined. If that is all the money he needed I am sure he could easily ask for a small loan from somewhere where people knew him. So it didn't make sense. Interestingly a couple of weeks later I came across him in a soi and he obviously remembered me as I was on the receiving end of a string of not so nice expletives !
  7. I would say not totally the fault of the business owners. Whoever invented the ubiquitous shophouse really counted on the fact that each unit would have to use the street in order to survive. So the planning dept is just as much to blame.
  8. cmsally

    Heart worm

    Dogs should be on the monthly medication to prevent it. If they are not, they need to be tested by the vet before they can start the medication. It is quite likely others have it, as it is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. I am not sure if there is an effective cure once infected.
  9. cmsally

    New conundrum (Thai "regulation)

    If they needed to do any paperwork , a copy of passport would suffice. I believe the only time your passport can be taken off you is to prevent you leaving the country and even then I think they need a court order to do it. Either it is a misunderstanding or the Yamaha dealership seriously needs putting in line.
  10. cmsally

    New conundrum (Thai "regulation)

    No way can they request to keep your passport for 2 days. You should have requested to see the manager . There is no way a Thai would hand over their ID card for 2 days and there is no way a foreigner should be requested to hand over their passport for any longer than it takes to do a quick photocopy.
  11. One assumes the Public Health Office has published in the appropriate language!
  12. cmsally

    Luang Cave to be turned into 'Living Museum'

    Better to give a definition of "pristine condition" ; don't want to leave that one open to interpretation!
  13. cmsally

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    Lots of articles that say MSG contributes to the increased likelihood of getting gout. Most prepared Thai food has MSG as does the processed food and sauces.
  14. cmsally

    Luang Cave to be turned into 'Living Museum'

    "Living museum" ?? The cave is a living museum , it has stood this way for thousands of years or more. Or is it to become the type of museum that displays how some people are not intelligent enough to appreciate conservation and natural beauty.