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  1. British , Irish, Australian............ ???? Consulate
  2. Remember him ! And a few months ago it was John Noakes - Blue Peter was never the same after him !
  3. For an establishment whose demographic seems to consist of largely young Westerners drinking copious amounts of alcohol, I would imagine that extreme rants against opportunist thieves wouldn't do their business a lot of good. Especially ones that lash out at their customer base. Of course the girl is an idiot but the bar owner should be taking precautions against this happening. Lots of people and lots of alcohol, they can't just depend on young drunks being totally honest.
  4. I'm still trying to make sense of why someone thinks its OK to coat a building in plastic !! Reports are saying it took only 15 mins for the whole building to ignite. That is terrifyingly quick. There was an eyewitnees on TV yesterday that said the from the room the fire started it spread out of the window and set the cladding alight outside. This seems to be the one factor that allowed it to spread and boy was it quick.
  5. Coming over the Nakhorn Ping Bridge (west from Rimping Condo), there is a pet food store before you reach the intersection with the gas station and the SCB bank. It is one of the shophouses that are just before the SCB bank on the left. Large variety and good prices.
  6. If it was Starbucks et al I would say go for it, as big international company and profits and all that. However if a smaller privately owned place, I would exercise that "old fashioned concept" of etiquette. This would involve engaging the owner in conversation and asking their permission and being upfront about what you need. You may find that as business is quiet at the moment some people would be happy as having patrons in their shop often draws in others. It would of course be polite to offer them something extra if you need to use electricity.
  7. All the otters surrendered to Officials ! Otters are one of my favourite animals , so smart. I hope they took better care of them than the Japanese idiot.
  8. True seemed to have problems yesterday, both Hang Dong and city area
  9. While you lot are going back and forth arguing over whether people are British or not, maybe take a thought beyond a tag of nationality whether by birthright or naturalisation. The issue that no one in politics seems willing to address is the cultural aspect of being British. Politicians have been so busy espousing the concept of multiculturalism, the concept of British culture has been left somewhere behind. If arrivals to the UK truly integrated I don't think there would have been a problem. But here we have a culture that mostly is the antithesis of what is British and has not integrated. Not only that, but parts of that culture have declared themselves at war with the host country. Until those in power can decide whether the British culture is worth standing up for then the problem will persist; even then they will have a problem dealing with it as it has got to such an advanced stage.
  10. There seems to be a lot of duplicity involved and I would imagine a lot of people who are aware of what "people want to hear" and what is expedient to say. In this article The Times - Killers brother given money ... it seems one of the killers families were actually given money by the police as part of the Prevent programme, which should be funding against radicalisation! When people are savvy to what should be said and exhibited in public it is very difficult to scrape under the surface.
  11. Did he see the topic about felling of trees on the bypass ? Also the word environment does not only refer to being clean; maybe someone needs to explain to him.
  12. Big C and Lotus usually stock it.
  13. What is "4.0 Technology " and what are "nursery homes". Even after those are explained this article probably doesn't make sense !
  14. Isn't the whole idea of a code name, as being short, easy to say and remember!! You can just see the guy on the "radio" announcing they are ready to start but being delayed for at least 15mins while he gets the name of the "operation" correct.
  15. Where does one sign up for the "suck eggs " course ? I'm going to sign up a few grandmothers who have spare time.