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  1. Depends which interview you are talking about. Interview at "Sala Klang" I took all my paperwork but ended up needing nothing, it was completely verbal. Take everything just in case.
  2. I heard that applications of foreign wives are going through by the batch and being signed off until the end of the year. How many that will be I have no idea. It would be nothing short of a miracle if that included me, as from the absolute start of when applied it has only been 18 months.
  3. cmsally

    Anyone else never feel safe in the UK?

    In the little provincial area where my friend lives (that always feels safe), there have been I think it was 15 stabbings over the past 2 months. That is unprecedented, the level of crime used to be close to zero.
  4. cmsally

    Damaged roof

    You mention the landlord and the owner. Is it a possibility the "landlord" is not communicating with the owner (assuming they are 2 different people).
  5. Last year when I put my paperwork through, the special branch officer came up from BKK to do the interview (he came to our house). Everything I had to do or person to see was in CM, it all seemed relatively easy. Now the paperwork is in BKK MOI and has been since May this year. I gather batches are now going through but still not sure which batch I am in.
  6. cmsally

    Ban Chao Tee - Spirit houses

    Actually I would have thought of it as rather strange for anyone other than the home owner to be allowed to set one up. Whatever one believes or non believes , I don't know of anyone that would allow a non resident of their household to mess with this sort of thing within their property boundary.
  7. CanadianGirl2 - what is the name of the Facebook group? My paperwork is at the MOI since last May (2018)
  8. cmsally

    Damaged roof

    Contact the local Or Bor Tor, they will most likely have someone to do both the tree and roof.
  9. I went to a couple of the meetings, out of interest. I didn't personally know the people organising it and not sure which guesthouse owners were at the forefront. All the meetings were at Wat Lamchang so they might have relevant info. I would imagine guesthouses close to Wat Lamchang might know who is in charge.
  10. Absolutely ridiculous shooting in such a built up area and at someone in a moving vehicle. Not really much hope if the average Joe Bloggs defines this as "doing their job"!
  11. New 2018 topic for fire & smoke conditions in Chiang Mai. Members can report the conditions in their area and updates of the pollution numbers (PCD) in this topic. Also publish news updates regarding local conditions.
  12. This is being reported in the foreign press as an entrance fee. Nothing about it being insurance and proceeds would be spread around various ministries.
  13. If they feel that 500 Bt is enough to cover insurance of hapless tourists - then simply charge it as an admission/registration fee if they are admitted to hospital and of course only if they are uninsured. This way the hospital that has to foot the cost of possible unpaid fees is getting the money. I would think it very unlikely you will find a tourist that doesn't have 500Bt to cough up in an emergency. That would be fair enough. Whereas the original is a blanket charge which they seem to have the idea of sharing out to whoever puts their hand out. They want a logical approach then do the above - maybe make it more. What they are looking to do is penalise everybody however expensive their insurance might be and bets on that the hospital would still be out of pocket at the end of it.
  14. cmsally

    Bangkok: Starbucks demands arrests in IP case

    Had to read about this! Here's some more info and a pic http://bk.asia-city.com/city-living/article/interview-damrong-maslae You know if Starbucks were really smart they would give him a new cart with a new logo. Get loads of publicity out of it and not have to pay all these damn lawyers.
  15. I would imagine that well over 50% of tourists are adequately insured. So hardly fair to charge them. In addition, if you are on some kind of organised trip your travel company will have accident insurance. The premiums and cover for this was recently doubled by the Thai govt as it was deemed to not be enough - so tour companies are paying double to get customers coverage. I am guessing that any fall shorts on this is coming from vehicle accidents. In which case all they need to do is check that public transport and vehicle hire has the correct insurance - that would solve the problem. It maybe a little presumptive but I am wondering if the average Chinese has insurance. With the huge increase in numbers this could be where the problem stems from.