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  1. Tradesmen Sort for House Renovations

    I think its going to help if you give the approx area where your house is. For water pumps I would try AngThong (Charoenrat Rd.)They are very quick if in the city area and do outskirts too but you may have to wait a day or two until they have a couple of appts in the same direction from town.
  2. Such a shame that temples insist on building these useless pavilions and edifices. If they pooled their resources, they could do something useful like build a hospital or invest in technology for pollution control.
  3. The most monumentous problem adhering only to the law when considering the nature of the defendant. Is there any such concept as "conflict of interest" in Thai vocabulary; because it should be figuring in every speech/announcement on this subject!
  4. The readings went down last night after the rain and wind, but now back up again to 180 this morning!
  5. There is always a flip side to this = ' if people allowed their emotions to guide their actions and judgement, and consider something right only when they did gain any benefits from it '
  6. I definitely see the problem of mulching in the hills but there are some good studies out there. Indian Wildlife Club Resilience Of course to point out the obvious, years ago opium was grown and needed a much smaller patch of land to produce a cash return. On a similar monetary level I would imagine the same area to grow corn would be an enormous tract of hillside(s).
  7. Don't worry , if anyone comes to check our paperwork I'll stick them in the mulcher!
  8. Errr lets not forget the fact there is a huge conflict of interest. Why would they throw it out , when their boss is living in the subject matter of the legal case in question.
  9. The conclusion must be one rule for the state and another for the masses; certainly in the case of environmental impact assessments. Lets face it the hope (on their part) is that the opposers will get tired or bored with the subject. If the demographic of the opposition is older they are hoping that in 10 years the opposition will cease to exist.
  10. I have started looking into mulching machines. Does anyone have experience as to what would be a fairly heavy duty brand/model and prices ??
  11. So basically 10yrs of free living with no papers and then claim squatters rights and apply for ownership papers.Even the intellectually challenged amongst us can spot that one!
  12. This would be based on the assumption that credibility "matters".
  13. I wonder if he sees the irony in his own statement !
  14. Under Thai law, a person occupying land for 10 years (without a rental agreement)( "free rent" not being permitted) can take the land by "squatters rights". I presume these gentlemen are aware of this law and it might even be relevant to their case !!
  15. How about that inane 200k fund for villages be used to buy a heavy duty mulcher for every village/tambol. A place in every district where you can take your organic waste and they shred it up. For optimal use you would need to have enough machines so everyone has fairly close proximity.