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  1. Thrifty chap needs passport photo

    Fuji Photolab opposite Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel
  2. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    Some of the most noticeable developments in the past 20 years have been: - the erosion of the middle class and small business owners - turning out a great number of relatively well educated people (comparing to past generations) who expected great rewards but ended up in low paid jobs I would say you are creating a generation who live pay check to pay check (if they are lucky). Many of these live away from home and have rent to add in. Logically the big companies will be looking to take over agriculture as well as any property that can be used for tourism or can be rented to workers /employees. People will of course be left with property , but mostly not the kind that is interesting to an investor , so low value and difficult to make a living from.
  3. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    This in fact is one of the more worrying things, at the moment a large proportion of older people still own their own homes, but just think along the line in about 20-30yrs. With the rise in property prices, stagnant incomes, and inflation, the future doesn't look too rosy. Property repeatedly gets split up amongst multiple children. With stagnant incomes and the dramatic rise in property prices in the last 30 years they either blow their portion or buy a "shoebox". Race to the bottom is a good scenario for what I see happening at the moment.
  4. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    By the same logic, some peoples' income is in fact less as they use a proportion to support other family members. Statistics are always a bit debatable as to their relation with actual situation. Maybe the statistics come from the recent sign up for low income monthly support cards? Then there is the matter of people in debt, I would say many people have problems servicing debt as well as paying bills at present. I went to Kamtieng Market (Chiang Mai) yesterday and was blown away by the number of shops with a for lease/rent sign up. Even a couple of shops which had really good business with regular buy in bulk customers, have signs up. The place was almost devoid of customers and it was a weekend. Never seen it so quiet in almost 20yrs.
  5. Goodbye hanging wires - hello modern Bangkok!

    What they forget to mention is that all the wires will be rerouted down the sois , so the small streets will have more wires than ever. But hey the main street will be wire free for a few photo opps .
  6. For sure if you eat those things in small quantities you won't get fat. But in terms of overall health, eating those things is bad for you. You don't necessarily have to be fat to have high blood pressure/high cholesterol / diabetes.
  7. Totally and utterly predictable ! Very obvious in the cities with all age groups and in the villages where you have mostly older people who still eat a traditional diet and younger ones who eat the processed carbohydrates. Lots of articles about how processed foods increase the risk Chemicals in processed food Processed foods are harming people Not really true any longer that processed food is costing more. Look at all those ready meals in 7-11. All those carbohydrate snacks/instant noodles/deep fried "meat"
  8. They did not pay 8 pounds 50p , presumably the cost of the chewy fish cakes. Then go to the newspapers for that amount !
  9. This could end up with many honest tour operators being scammed by govt dept/tourist alliance. The tour companies are the only organisations that have a deposit lodged with the govt. to get and keep their license. Me thinks the govt has its eye on the bank balance , then maybe I am just a big cynic, time will tell. Maybe this could be countered by tour operators having clients sign a disclaimer saying that they have received all services paid for and release the company from any liability for additional services and compensation etc.. I know there probably are some problems somewhere but I really think tour operators are the least of their problems.
  10. Seeing as the subject matter is tourism, I think they might want to look at environmental issues before they tackle language. Not much use if you speak fluent BBC English but are perched on a trash heap. Might seem kind of harsh but its true, and tourists are just as much to blame when they claim to be on some kind of eco tour but still want the AC and the swimming pool and the 7-11 within 50 metres.
  11. New roof advice

    Top of the class for these perfect examples !!! Of course the roof if correctly installed maybe completely OK. The operative words being "correctly installed" !!
  12. There comes a point when aspirations and expectations are more important than language. Necessity will to a certain extent get you to a basic level to communicate, to get higher than that mostly involves intrinsic motivation. If you have that, language will follow. Thailand to a large extent lacks intrinsic motivation.
  13. New roof advice

    The fibre cement board is still available - there is some here in the SCG catalogue SCG roofing material I am sure there are many pros for the metal roofing but personally I would not choose it because of the summer storms here. With a strong sudden wind, if it can find its way underneath , the whole roof can just peel off. I think you will find the specifications of the original framework is going to dictate what kind of materials you can use as already mentioned.
  14. Very slight mathematical error !! Anyone could make that tiny mistake