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  1. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Some people of course , would just prefer not to have to pay for the added layer of "friendly" service. There is nothing wrong with a basic fairly workable level of service, there is no reason why everybody should be funneled into a paid for "express queue".
  2. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Back on track guys before Orang wears his feet out or gets twisted up in his flip flops so intensely that he keels over in a heap. As for "Visa Agencies", of course it is up to the individual to use or not use. But I would disagree that having someone in the expats corner to fight battles is to the detriment of expats as a whole. The "yes culture " doesn't always work long term and there is also the possibility that agencies could become part of the system , therefore giving no choice.
  3. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Sorry to hear that Gonzo. I'm sure it will be hard to leave after such a long time. Are you leaving just the Pun Pun or leaving Chiang Mai too ? Wishing you all the best!
  4. Precisely; what is the use of encouraging more traffic to an already bottle necked junction. I think the tipping point has come regarding vehicle and environment. The city government needs to realise that the word eco is not for use with stages and speeches and the odd banana leaf trash basket. Trees clean the air and reduce pollution, concrete does the opposite! BBC Hindustan Times They need to get serious about protecting the environment and a good way to start is to bury all those unsightly wires and posts, and plant avenue trees. The average "lot" is getting smaller and smaller in the city area, the only way to increase the percentage of vegetation is to clear the roadsides for trees. The clock is ticking in regard to the next generation having any air to breathe.
  5. Olive Tree restaurant on Moon Muang Road

    Nice Sweet has had a complete renovation, not just AC; will get photo when I have the chance !
  6. Olive Tree restaurant on Moon Muang Road

    Pretty sure it has been gone for a year or two if its the place I am thinking of ( a few doors down from "Nice Sweet") Incidentally Nice Sweet has had quite the makeover, same name but not sure about management etc. Old customers better read the sign carefully, as you won't recognise it !
  7. Worarot Market evening hours

    +1 , the indoor market closes at 5pm. Then they start setting up food stalls on the perimeter.
  8. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai Air Pollution PM2.5 at 161 = Unhealthy
  9. New 2018 topic for fire & smoke conditions in Chiang Mai. Members can report the conditions in their area and updates of the pollution numbers (PCD) in this topic. Also publish news updates regarding local conditions.
  10. Any places selling Kombucha?

    The cafe behind Irish Pub (in the soi) have it - I think its called Cats Cafe (?) The vegetarian restaurant near Wat Phra Singh (Ming Kwan) also sometimes have it.
  11. Coffee Worowat Market

    Duang Dee Hilltribe Coffee Ring the bell if you don't see anyone around. Should be someone there on a week day. It is their home/coffee storage etc.
  12. best men's shirtmaker in town

    Friends of mine have used Laemtong Tailor Map The results looked pretty good.
  13. Coffee Worowat Market

    Can't think of anywhere in the market selling coffee. Kasem Store is close by and Thamel Cafe at the back may sell coffee but I don't know. Looking at their website , they look like bags of coffee on the shelf. I have never really noticed . Thamel Cafe Otherwise you can mooch slightly north west to Duang Dee where you can get really good coffee by the kilo (cheaper if you don't need the fancy box).
  14. Is Dental 4U any good?

    As far as I know Dental4U isn't part of a "chain". It used to be a photographic shop years ago, and their daughter graduated as a dentist and then turned it into a dental clinic. Excellent timing, as by that stage the digital camera had arrived and made the photography shop redundant !