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  1. You have a system based on no critical thinking, no alternative opinions and only positive reinforcement and nodding of heads to decisions made on a higher level than your own. What could possibly go wrong ??
  2. AC service company past thread As I said on previous thread, Charlie at Chang Inter (see above)
  3. I walk in the Night Bazaar area a lot. Most of the Night Bazaar section of Changklan Rd has pavements wide enough to walk on even with the stalls. The section from Suriwong Hotel to Pantip might not be so wide , but if you want to walk then you can use the soi beside the Duangtawan, wide enough to walk on safely. The Night Bazaar area really is a very small section of Chiang mai and most of Chiang Mai doesn't have wide pavements or even pavements at all.
  4. "Plan B" is starting to look more tempting with every passing day. This domination coupled with low wages and previous periods of high inflation, creates a populace that can easily be bent into towing the line. It's not a case of volition but of survival.
  5. I wouldn't mind betting that the crappy instant food they have fallen in love with over the last decade or so, will cost them a whole lot more than the ciggies.
  6. Unfortunately too many Thais believe it will help pay the bills. Praying for lottery numbers, school entrance, exam results, promotion ad infinitum. Heaven forbid one of these requests get granted ; then any doubters get turned into a 2 legged version of Pavlov's dog !
  7. I think priority goes to those with parents who work at CMU or Suan Dokh. Not sure on that one, but thinking about it, the relations of my husband who attended this school all had parents who worked at one of those 2 places.
  8. I might have to disagree in the fact "its more interesting now". There was much more "stuff" available in the past and some amazing ideas and crafts. Does anyone remember the "sand gecko" craze when people shipping container loads of those things. They were on everyone's shopping list. Then not to the same extent came the wooden frogs and the list goes on ! I think that the stalls are still there on the street is an indication of consumer behaviour. People are very lazy to get off the" track" Having those stalls keeps them walking. For example , how many people would bother with Anusarn if there weren't stalls along the way to look at. A lot of the ideas to fill empty spaces in buildings just wouldn't work because of the rent expected. Then backs of buildings and higher floors don't get foot traffic so no sales.
  9. Maybe try and refrain from the personal insults ; but take a minute to think. If this gets us in heated discussion (and we have no direct relation to the issue). Just spare a minute to think about those whose livelihood is in the balance and how they feel.
  10. I think you will find that these stalls are what encourages "foot traffic". By keeping the shopping activity spread out and diverse, it encourages foot traffic in a big way. If it weren't for those stalls , I would imagine the small businesses on this stretch of road would lose a lot of foot traffic, hence they would lose a lot of sales/customers. Everyone in retail knows that more foot traffic leads to more sales.
  11. The reason that particular stretch (Suriwong intersection to Chinese temple) is noisy , is that the stalls are stored up there on an empty lot. It would be very easy to avoid them. I have walked up that street many times during the day , it is blissfully quiet compared to many other streets and it is not pedestrianised, it just happens to be closed to traffic from many directions. Bottom line is that this location is slap bang downtown. If stallholders were banned it would most certainly be opened to traffic. Sitting on Changklan Rd would also be rather noisy and inconvenient, traffic would I think be the worse option.
  12. Rather than complain about the "inconvenience" of the small business people, one would hope that a wider perspective could be taken. With a lack of social benefits and well paying jobs , low cost /low profit enterprises have historically been the way for Chiang Mai people to earn extra income. Also the Night Bazaar is one of the main selling points in tourist info. Not only that, it was and to a certain extent is a place for not only browsing for souvenirs , but to buy in bulk to resell. Small businesses are one of the main reasons that prices remain cheap here . I maybe wrong but it seems a number of people come to Chiang Mai to enjoy the cheap prices and variety if offers but then complain about crowded footpaths, noise, inconvenience etc. These are the very things that that keep it cheap for the visiting foreigner. It seems that we are already seeing a push by big business to squeeze the small guys out, and once that happens the prices go up and you get more unemployment. The next few years are crucial for Chiang mai's small businesses as some big investors have a lot at stake and probably are not getting the returns that existed in their dreams. Even some of the bigger and very well established Night Bazaar shops are really getting hit hard. You only have to go in the main Night Bazaar building to see how bad it is. Although the stalls are cheaper , I would say most are barely surviving.
  13. Really difficult to see what they are made of and how they work. I would also be interested in folding mosquito screens !
  14. Ahh great minds think alike WTK . By a process of deduction I was beginning to work it out. By the way, who is behind the Hard Rock, it being a franchise, who would be the owner as such? Did they buy the building from the HofBrau or whatever it was called. Also what happened to that beautiful teak house that was just past the Downtown (no longer there of course). It along with the textile/antique gallery seem to have been razed. That street really is a mess. Those stalls are really the only thing that sucks in some foot traffic and seems some people don't realise that !
  15. That section of the street has no traffic !! I wonder who could of instigated that!