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  1. Some robins lay blue eggs. More likely to be a Mynah bird which also lay blue eggs.
  2. Get in touch with Keith at Tai Chi Thailand Tai Chi Thailand He has a place that he uses to teach just north of McCormick.
  3. Nothing in Kasem (Chiang Moi), I was in there today. Only maple syrup and those flavoured syrups.
  4. Have you thought about going to the Uni and asking about alternative routes. it could be a case of that letter was getting him school fees paid as being a govt employee dependent. The friend was maybe basically saying that the boy was his dependent. Govt employee benefits are getting harder to come by and any stretch of the truth is endangering their position and pension . it is the same everywhere at the moment. If this is the case it will be hard to find someone to sign your best course of action is to ask at the Uni what your options are.
  5. Phi Mot , Phi Meng is usually the local spirit mediums get together. As the article says, they do "dance" all day ; it is based around local mediums who are possessed by ancestor spirits. Can't say I have seen any of these let loose with knives before.
  6. Chiang Mai Plastic has hard /thick perspex that they can cut to size. Ask the woman at the till in the middle/back by the plastic bags and tupperware. She has samples of all the thicknesses in her drawer.
  7. Could have sworn I saw it in Rimping Nawarat 2 weeks ago but there were only 2 tins.
  8. My friends dog was at Thonglor a few days ago with multiple ailments needing a blood transfusion. Our dog's blood was a match so we donated blood. Unbelievably the dog is going home today. I would say that Thonglor is the best and most thorough facility I have seen in Chiang Mai. Although of course it comes at a price !
  9. The plaque went missing during the Sarit regime and mysteriously found its way back again, so maybe again it will mysteriously reappear. Although don't think they actually replaced it last time.
  10. No , she was saying (to quote Kenneth Williams) "What's the bl.... point?"
  11. What canary? I didn't see a canary !
  12. Some posts and their replies have been deleted. It's not space for a personal argument. Please keep on topic without flaming or baiting.
  13. Maybe initially this was earmarked for Syria and after the meetings with the Russians, a compromise was reached in which the Russians would allow them to drop their bomb, but only on Nakhon Nowhere in Afghanistan. The Russians did seem to be noticeably more happy yesterday. So it seems we have a situation in which Trump is hell bent on using the biggest toys he has, but the Russians still have a lot of leverage in telling him where they might be used.
  14. But is there such a thing as a "guest house license". I think the OP's point was that there are only "hotel licenses". A case of one boot is supposed to fit all .
  15. A friend of mine sold up in the south and went back to UK but only because of increase of values and with the profit could buy a nice house in UK. All I see are guesthouses opening , not closing. Even 200 could be the total amount of Chinese owned ones. I can think of a good few off hand. The only way you could check it out was if you had names of places closed.