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  1. There is a type of land title (sorry can't remember name offhand) it denotes (normally) land given out to retired army, army personnel etc. A lot of the land around the Convention Centre is that type of title.
  2. I must admit its ages since I've sent a fax. It used to be a case of only 001 worked to get out of Thailand for faxes when there were other numbers that were supposedly cheaper like 009 etc Also if there is a zero on the front of the area code you need to leave it off for example to UK if the area code is 0555 then you use just 555 have you tried dialing the number and checking if they have a fax signal ?
  3. You need to have plans but those plans/building should also fit the "current regulations". Then you need to have the plans signed off as well as satisfying the regulations.
  4. Crikey if we carry on like this, we will be known as the "nice forum". I will be in touch Gonzo, maybe simoh would like to join us !
  5. Who says ? (You can pm me if you prefer)
  6. I haven't heard anything , how has it hit you ?
  7. I have used DTAC for years, no problem but then I use it only for simple telephone and that is all. Don't use a "Smartphone" , hate the things. My husband uses AIS and has a Smartphone, has had multiple issues with "services" added to the bill without him signing up and trying to charge him. It seems to have been resolved after the last time when he made the girl in the office call BKK and threatened to change services and told them he wasn't paying for this rubbish he never signed up for. One bonus with AIS is that you get 10% discount on their fibre internet which really rocks. So I hope they don't screw things up again.
  8. Are you sure? The eyes look rather big for a cobra and a lot of green on the tail.
  9. I read something in an international defense site a couple of days ago. It said the Chinese made sure that the submarines were of a type that could not cross the Gulf of Siam (too shallow). Therefore if China had "serious business" in the South China Sea the Thais would not be able to meddle. They were not that worried if they were deployed to the West Coast as only the Indians there. Anyone know if this is true regarding , sizes, depth etc
  10. Some robins lay blue eggs. More likely to be a Mynah bird which also lay blue eggs.
  11. Get in touch with Keith at Tai Chi Thailand Tai Chi Thailand He has a place that he uses to teach just north of McCormick.
  12. Nothing in Kasem (Chiang Moi), I was in there today. Only maple syrup and those flavoured syrups.
  13. Have you thought about going to the Uni and asking about alternative routes. it could be a case of that letter was getting him school fees paid as being a govt employee dependent. The friend was maybe basically saying that the boy was his dependent. Govt employee benefits are getting harder to come by and any stretch of the truth is endangering their position and pension . it is the same everywhere at the moment. If this is the case it will be hard to find someone to sign your best course of action is to ask at the Uni what your options are.
  14. Phi Mot , Phi Meng is usually the local spirit mediums get together. As the article says, they do "dance" all day ; it is based around local mediums who are possessed by ancestor spirits. Can't say I have seen any of these let loose with knives before.
  15. Chiang Mai Plastic has hard /thick perspex that they can cut to size. Ask the woman at the till in the middle/back by the plastic bags and tupperware. She has samples of all the thicknesses in her drawer.