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  1. They really need to crack down on this, I know people who have invested a fair bit to paint their property walls, and only a couple of weeks later they are covered in this kind of cr-p. Nearly all the roll down shutters have been messed with. Does your average delinquent go out armed with paint spray, where are they getting the paint from.
  2. I was just told they have been caught, will try to find an online news report.
  3. cmsally

    Reliable tree service - recommendations?

    We hire the local or bor tor guys if we need difficult tree work done. Anything on public property they do for free but inside your property you can hire the same guys. At least that applies for our area.
  4. cmsally

    Reliable tree service - recommendations?

    Try the local or bor tor, they normally have the resources.
  5. cmsally

    Needed - A Water Pump Plumber

    Ang tong on Charoenraj rd
  6. cmsally

    question about elderly Samsung TV

    I've done an extensive Google and it is definitely moisture on the LCD panel. The local fix it guy near to me says it can definitely be repaired, now I just have to haul it back from BKK!
  7. Having been in BKK for part of Golden Week and Chiang Mai the rest, I would say that Chinese numbers are down a lot. Quite a few present in the big name malls but definitely less in Chatuchak and other tourist areas. In Chiang Mai I would say definitely down a lot. There does seem to be a rise in European tourist arrivals from what I see. I know its difficult to just cast a glance and say trends but these are areas I have seen through the Chinese boom arrival years and its definitely not the same.
  8. cmsally


    Hopefully the durian logo goes next!
  9. I also was told October , but not yet heard any approx dates. My paperwork has been at MOI since April.
  10. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    In my opinion one of the key failings of the Thai system in the last few years is the systematic decimation of the middle class. Politically they desire a cash strapped majority who are tied to employment contracts/ government service / poverty. This situation will not create a majority sector who have income to pay for health care. Ideally you should have the majority of the population paying into the Social Health Care system including business owners . As well as this you should have healthcare deducted from income of government workers.
  11. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    They could also put aside a portion of lottery fund profits to healthcare.
  12. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    Quite honestly I would divert most of the money that goes to temples into healthcare. Looking at some of the money that goes into temples, it could mean the funding problem was solved overnight.
  13. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    A lot of self employed people / business owners would love to pay into the "Prakan Sangkom" system but are not allowed to. It is only open for employees.
  14. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    First just like to say thank you for an excellent post ! In Thailand there seems to be no system of "General Practice" with a separate place you can go to for general ailments and see a regular doctor . There are some smaller clinics but nothing on the scale required to try and keep a massive amount of people away from the hospitals when they can be treated somewhere smaller. Smoking and drinking problems have probably improved in the last decades, but the quality of food leaves a lot to be desired and is going to cause a lot of health problems in the future.
  15. cmsally

    Hospitals close to collapse: Thai official

    Looking at the statistics even just the military budget doesn't seem to particularly follow what is reported elsewhere.