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  1. Slickrick

    Who's Big Joke?

    You call him, what you want but I appreciate whatever he can do to clean up this place.
  2. I didn't know they were already doing this.
  3. A few good engineers could sort all this out. Offer a prize at the university. A good engineering student would come with something. Hey, lets try everything and how long has this been going on.
  4. Give Big Joke all he needs to clean up.
  5. Slickrick

    13,690 fake-brand goods seized in Korat

    Go to any city and same result.
  6. They have the same problem when driving a car.
  7. If they can rip you off, that's what they will do, just like any thing else.
  8. They will be back, just give them some time.
  9. Slickrick

    Eroded Pattaya Beach gets reconstructive surgery

    And how many times have they done this.
  10. This is really a stupid idea and cannot see any reason to do it.
  11. My package left US on 28 Jul, USPS priorty, arrives in Bangkok on 3 Aug and 6 Aug it entered Thai Post system using original tracking number, showing its at customs now. So far so good, working fine.
  12. Slickrick

    Video: Bangkok, 1974

    I first got here in Sep 74 and went to Utapao.
  13. Slickrick

    How often do you get sick here compared to back home?

    Once in a while, an upset stomach and a cold once a year, that's it.