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  1. Why would anyone want to go there?
  2. All these wishfull thinkers.
  3. Might be hard but try to except reality at least for the next four years.
  4. This is really funny that some people still think Trump is not the real Pres. Talk about dis-connect.
  5. To even question this has to be absured.
  6. Think about it. He's right.
  7. Forget about politeness, that's what your saying, I got it.
  8. And how many people would take his advice.
  9. She'll do anything, trying to keep her name in the news.
  10. I have never believed anything obama has said.
  11. So why did they let them on the road in the first place.
  12. All talk and no action, just stay in HI for the next 30 days.
  13. And the dis-connect continues.