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  1. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Aerox is the best looking scooter at the moment although i saw one the other other day looking pretty worn out and old, whether that's premature ageing or just needed a good clean I'm not sure
  2. The bank manager seems to think its "Ify" so best you ask him about the suspected money laundering. Personally if i was buying a house in company name (which i wouldn't anyway) i wouldn't take on the company, only the house and form a new company. Old company can be closed once all taxes etc have been paid. Anyway like i said, ask the bank Manager to explain
  3. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    I've noticed that the dengue carrying mosquito bites straight through clothes. I know I've watched them do it before i kill them
  4. You said it was purchased by "a company" and put in their personal name. This may be seen as the "layering stage" did they get a FET? I'm not sure if you can if the money wasn't transferred in by the same person
  5. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Yes seems so, the UK market is very competitive so to keep the price as low as possible they have clauses and limits. My 8 month policy cost £115. Annual insurance can be bought for £40+ for shorter breaks. Maybe in your country its more expensive
  6. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Sleep is free medicine. I feel brand new in the morning after a long cycle the day before
  7. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    If it was only flu like symptoms how do you know it was dengue? I guess you'd only get tested if you felt bad enough
  8. The bank manager has a point, it does look ify. Currently in the Integration stage
  9. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    They seem to be very strict on the dawn and dusk rule, they comply fully in my guesthouse. During the night, nothing, i wait spray in hand for dusk. I get caught out where i make a hasty decision to go get some street food without putting any spray on and they get me. Always below the knee
  10. You can change them directly with the Bank of England in London, no deadline
  11. When signing up to health Insurance in Thailand would they check for pre-existing conditions with your GP back home? Maybe the GP can complete the form? Non medical people may not know what counts as pre existing, how far back they go, etc
  12. Cheated death again.

    I think Buakhao is the riskiest road for an accident, hopefully though, speed will be slow so won't be fatal. Its more dangerous for pedestrians Here's my risk rating of danger: 1st Buakhao 2nd 2nd Road 3rd Beach Road 4th 3rd Road 5th Pattaya Tai
  13. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Unusual having no limit, most in the UK offer 125cc and below, higher is usually extra
  14. Post I never thought I'd Write

    More details on this "health card goldmine" would be interesting
  15. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I assume you guys are expats and not using travel insurance as 155cc bikes won't be covered unless you've specifically checked.