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  1. Yes the self assessment and company reg doc, i did it last week
  2. scubascuba3

    New ATM Fees?

    Thais are ridiculously slow when using an ATM, checking balance, card in out in out. Maybe the banks are fed up with the slow play and are charging. Or it could be an error
  3. It only appears an issue if you need to go to Immigration i.e. to get a 30 day extension. If you are just leaving the country before needing to do that then it shouldn't be an issue. Plus i would have thought they want the landlord to go there and sort it. My landlord does my TM30 online
  4. scubascuba3

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    I think you need to move on from the good old days, accept change will happen, you just have to search for the places you like
  5. I wonder if the condo has insurance to cover repairs
  6. scubascuba3

    Dengue fever

    I called my travel insurance company a couple months ago and they said they would cover it, they do usually have a procedure where you have to inform them asap to be covered. Down my soi at least 9 people got dengue incl my landlady in reception
  7. I got an incorrect 30 day stamp a few months ago so definitely worth checking
  8. scubascuba3

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    I have the 4mbps monthly deal and its been fine for youtube, streaming movies and series and watching live streams. I'm planning to get the 1 year deal in a couple of days
  9. Wrong assumption, I'd pick a wife or girlfriend who wasn't on the game, but i have no problem with girls trying to earn a living this way. Problem is guys have double standards they are in Thailand and have most likely paid for some kind of sexual contact and even worse pay their girlfriend or wife but are hypocrites
  10. scubascuba3

    Receiving Overseas Mail

    Do you say you are on holiday?
  11. scubascuba3

    can i buy delay pill or spray in bangkok

    I go with the weight of opinion and it seems to be you 1 vs everyone else who discusses it. But i guess it may not react with everyone the same
  12. I guess their children and parents in Isaan will have to go without eating. Ridiculous that the police are told to get strict with Beach road freelancers but not say Soi 6 for example
  13. scubascuba3

    can i buy delay pill or spray in bangkok

    Of course, people would be reluctant to use it. I've read many people report it on another forum, its accepted now, maybe not by you though. Plus I've tried it myself and definitely does
  14. They are brainwashed from a young age, my friends son who is 10, instinctively said no he wouldn't support England. Nothing to do with brexit or Orange men, side shows. I think the English need to realise it
  15. Sadly the Scots will be supporting Croatia