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  1. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    Interesting you say "wait for the red light", the other guy above getting excited said brake before the red but he knows it and everyone else is stupid. Shows the misunderstanding that can happen. The lady in the video doesn't appear to tell him what to do. Personally i waited for the red and seemed to pass but they didn't tell people what to do. Maybe they did in Thai but didn't bother in English
  2. scubascuba3

    Stinky laundry

    Useful but doesn't solve the shared cold machines problem
  3. scubascuba3

    Stinky laundry

    The communal machines are rubbish here, cold water never seems to get things totally clean, forget having white things unless you want to beach all the time. Never a problem in the UK. I exercise a lot so my process which is currently working is: -Compulsory anti perspirant - i wash my exercise clothes in water afterwards and dry. - white sheets need bleaching as stains don't come out. Using a Vanish type stain remover may also help. The main problem is the cold water i think, and maybe top loaders aren't as good as front loaders
  4. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    So you now get that the green and red lights are nothing like a car? They don't explain it by the way that's why so many people fail it, but you think its all obvious and clear, ok
  5. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    Calm down you're getting very excited, you'll give yourself a cardiac arrest, what is it with thai visa people like getting angry over nothing. You were describing it like its perfectly logical "like a car" but its not, but you can't see that, that's ok, relax
  6. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    My point was you were explaining it based on a car but that sequence of lights is nothing to do with a car, but thanks for posting the photo
  7. scubascuba3

    Best automatic scooter ?

    So double the price of a Honda Click 125i and all you get extra is ABS and 2 wheels at the front which look weird anyway, i guess some people like to be different
  8. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    That's odd isn't it? "Green lights start climbing, you brake, as you would in a car" who would do that in a car? Usually you brake at amber/red. "If you are too slow (which normal braking is fine), it reaches red lights" also strange?
  9. scubascuba3

    Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    Here? Is English a problem? Chonburi Provincial Transport Banglamung District Branch 143 Nong Pla Lai, Tambon Nong Pla Lai, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150 038 069 055 https://goo.gl/maps/qzoTfRwPPMu
  10. I mostly just use fans, AC goes on in bursts if i need it, usually just before i go to sleep. The bit about using cotton is ify, it will get sweaty and stay sweaty. Artificial fibre is the best for me. Vests are better than shirts but there is a stigma with them and security will follow you around shops if you wear one
  11. scubascuba3

    LS2 Helmet

    Cheap helmets LS2, don't know how good they are https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/344234
  12. scubascuba3

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Yes loading very slow currently. Are there any mods out there that know what the problem is?
  13. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    So you don't know the sequence of the lights and how many? You're not helping much
  14. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    There seems to be varying green and red lights
  15. scubascuba3

    Thai Drivers Licence Renewal

    Anyone fancy explaining the reaction test?