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  1. scubascuba3

    Pattaya CMP and stool examination services

    The other place to consider which is good for all types of test is M T Interlab, also on 3rd road just past Pattaya Tai by Tony's gym
  2. Doesn't make sense, that's why you have thai % and foreign %, the thai % should have a lower value because of affordability. Now if the reason is these fake thai companies owned by farang then tackle that issue
  3. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    Taking photos of everything at the start of tenancy avoids any disagreement. It won't help in this case though. Putting a waterproof mattress cover on is essential
  4. scubascuba3

    Recommend a good instant coffee brand at Big C

    Any updates on favourite instant coffee? I'm running low on the coffee i brought in. Personally i have good ground coffee when out, happy to have instant at home. I brought Nescafe gold blend and Asda Gold blend with me both good enough for me
  5. According to their website they only have 1 hospital and 1 clinic, plus don't list the Pattaya Suk branch? How did you get your quote?
  6. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    You conveniently ignored that the previous bm was referring to UK, go back to sleep
  7. Did you take this out? What did you supply for pre-existing conditions? Any extra tests requested?
  8. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    I'm a landlord in the UK and just a reference (easy to fake one) isn't enough, credit checks are standard. Not all agencies are the same but likely most won't just accept a reference. Its probably a choice as it costs money
  9. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    Back in the UK seeing pay slips, credit checks is standard. You'd never be able to rent if you didn't allow it, alarm bells to the landlord and they dodge a bullet
  10. Cardless withdrawal is a good addition. I guess it means your card can't be skimmed as you aren't using it
  11. Here's an idea at immigration, anyone who has a potential issue gets moved immediately to a special line. This enables all the other lines to be quickly processed
  12. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    I guess the landlord could kick you out for not paying [email protected] what does your wifes agency do in this scenario?
  13. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    It depends on the situation, if a tea leaf looking farang wants to rent i might do that, it depends on the person. If they can't even show income or a bank balance who would want them
  14. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    What you really need is a deposit scheme like you have in the UK
  15. scubascuba3

    Landlord Disputes

    A bit daft that though, the idea is the landlord inspects it once you've gone. Imagine that everyone doing a sit in when they are due to leave