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  1. I have an Apeman HD action cam, excellent value at £50 from Amazon but the quoted resolution is exaggerated. Maybe thats standard for these things.
  2. Real Helmet on lazada, ok? or crap?

    The biggest of the bike accessory shops on Pattaya Tai about half way down on the left heading for Sik
  3. migraine funny lights- scintillating scotoma.

    Migraine intensity varies. Mine recently changed where it misses the aura stage and had a thick head rather than sharp pain. I don't bother with pain killers any more as they don't work for me. Firstly i don't over react to having one i.e i don't go to bed as some people do, i continue as normal. The aura usually passes within 30 mins and you get a headache that can last 24 hours with sharp pain with certain head movements. Loads of causes of migraines, strangely i think changes of weather pressure can effect me sometimes. Hole in the hearts can cause them too, not many people know that.
  4. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    If you are under 50 the 10 year visa isn't applicable anyway. If i was 30-40 yeah the 20 year 1m Elite is sensible
  5. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    I think its 20 years 1 million but still clearly not financially better than the 800k retirement visa option
  6. End for Kodi users in sight

    I've always found Sportsdevil unreliable, you find the event or channel and it doesn't work. For a channel i can understand but for a new event like PGA Champs its new for 1-4 days only so you'd think it would work but doesn't often.
  7. I'm guessing one day the authorities will sharpen up on claiming tax. Lets hope they don't start council tax on property.
  8. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Before they bring these visas in i wonder if they run it by a farang group. I guess they don't but they should. It will avoid their bright idea flopping
  9. Real Helmet on lazada, ok? or crap?

    I've had 2 shark helmets in the UK and yes they are good, not as good as Arai or Shoei but in Thailand its ball park 20,000 vs Real 2,000. Just depends how much you are willing to spend. I tried Real open faced helmet and its a sturdy well made product with DOT. There is an Index helmet that has DOT on the back but I'm 50/50 if its genuine. Felt less sturdy and thinner than the Real.
  10. Can't the op be bothered to post the video?
  11. Real Helmet on lazada, ok? or crap?

    I've bought one in the UK to bring to Thailand, but Real in Thailand is DOT approved and good value at around 2,000 baht. I think Index looked like fake helmets. So if i had to buy in Thailand and didn't want to spend 20,000 for a Shark or other helmet i would definitely go with a Real helmet for 2,000
  12. I'm now swinging towards renting. If a farang JPM received no salary would he still need a work permit?
  13. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Are there any visa boffins here that know the advantages over the 800k option?
  14. Not necessarily. Some people retire young before their private/state pension kicks in
  15. End for Kodi users in sight

    Where is the latest version of sportsdevil? I Think mine was from Fusion which i think is kaput now