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  1. Maybe you hang out in the wrong places? How did you provoke them? I've had a problem with zero of them
  2. You seem to know your stuff. What's your thoughts on the Honda Click 125?
  3. The TE guys are ultra sensitive about any criticism for some reason. I may buy one day, but for the foreseeable future I'm just following how it goes. Glad i made you laugh :)
  4. Ok, if it was just the MFA or branch/department of or immigration you needed to deal with I'd feel more confident about it, but maybe that's just me, and doesn't put anyone else off. Although this talk of big losses should be irrelevant if government backed..
  5. Why doesn't the government run the Thai Elite? Personally I'd feel better dealing with Immigration getting the visa than some obscure company and sending emails.
  6. A couple of examples for you
  7. Kodi always had a limited lifespan with "illegal" content, eventually it will be blocked its just when. Stopping the retailers of fully loaded boxes just means people will need to understand how to do it themselves. Other apps are far easier to install
  8. I guess the extra scrutiny for METVs is the fear you may be working. Get an Elite and they don't seem to care if you are working.
  9. Anyone put a cam on the motorbike?
  10. As above. Depends how much you are sending but I'd be marginally nervous about sending big money to my Thai bank account first time in case of transposition error or something and it hits someone elses account. I'd be tempted to transfer a small amount to start with as a test.
  11. I think further back they asked for a new thread to be started, go for it
  12. This process appears a relatively easy one for scamming / phishing so be careful not to being duped into paying the wrong company.
  13. I hear that many girls have secret thai boyfriends. I guess that depends on the age gap and how genuine the relationship is.
  14. She will just see her Thai boyfriend elsewhere