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  1. You have to choose your girl carefully
  2. Maybe its the image they try to portray is the problem?
  3. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Where did you get 1k tip from?
  4. Fatal Samui boat crash: Weather warnings 'ignored'

    It was the same 20 years ago on those Islands. Not much progress then
  5. Always best to check they are using the correct stamp. Maybe the visa number wasn't written on the arrival card?
  6. Travel insurance SOS!!

    Try worldnomads, they may cover less than 6 months, it wasn't specified in their policy doc when i checked it
  7. Travel insurance SOS!!

    I'm 47 and my 8 months insurance was £115. Incl bikes to 125cc. moneysupermarket.com you can add on extras like bigger bikes
  8. Travel insurance SOS!!

    If you've got home insurance usually it has legal cover, give them a call for free advice, I'm thinking if they sold the insurance on that basis they may have to stand by it
  9. Travel insurance SOS!!

    I'll ask him but i suspect the policy doc says 6 months, and he'll have issues if he needs to claim
  10. Travel insurance SOS!!

    If that's the case, you/they should go back to the recording. If they did say that its misleading and you may win in a small claims court. Interestingly my mate just got insurance, i said to him to check about 6 months, he said he hadn't been in the uk for 6 months, they said its ok you don't need to be. The ops haven't got a clue really and its a good get out clause
  11. Travel insurance SOS!!

    To be fair that 180 days / 6 months rule is pretty standard, it will be in the policy doc, i recently checked loads before buying mine. Loads of people haven't got a clue about that I'm sure. If you find an insurer that allows less than 6 months let us know, i couldn't find any
  12. Honestly the people you get on this forum. I'm unfollowing this thicky thread
  13. You missed the point thicky, farang women are getting heavier and heavier and becoming land whales so not surprising if it had turned out to be a farang