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  1. Sounds like a good caddy, i bet she's good reading greens
  2. Sidegra side effects

    I took them for a while recreationally, i don't bother anymore, its better without them. But i have a box on standby if i fancy taking half
  3. Sidegra side effects

    I had a tin of black ant king off a street hawker that did nothing unlike the previous tins, so i stopped buying from street sellers now as anything could be in them. I only buy Sidegra from pharmacies now
  4. Have you seen this, comes up 1st result using Google
  5. Anyone who keeps a machete in the car is well dodgy
  6. He looks like a Brit, but he's an aussie
  7. 18 pages of the same old stuff. Have either been arrested? Any further news on this story?
  8. What's the logic of there not being a pinned thread on this? And kept up to date with latest info
  9. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Look on the bright side, much easier to find a replacement in Thailand
  10. I can't believe it doesn't request an account number. Can you screenprint it? Take out any sensitive parts
  11. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    I don't think taking a Thai girl back is a good idea. The main reason is there are loads of guys back home, younger, better looking and maybe more money. If it isn't true love then they may get a better offer
  12. But there is a set amount where a transaction flags up, so under it and it won't
  13. There are anti money laundering rules, i think cash deposits over something like 6,000 euros are flagged up, this is across many countries
  14. Nice one, its the same as the London consulate website