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  1. Has a farang ever caused an accident?
  2. I brought an action cam to use whilst riding my new bike in Pattaya and I've been pleasantly surprised with the standard of driving all around. I've decided not to bother using it. It would have been a hassle anyway
  3. Anyone got this visa yet? If so why on earth?
  4. Sounds like a good caddy, i bet she's good reading greens
  5. Sidegra side effects

    I took them for a while recreationally, i don't bother anymore, its better without them. But i have a box on standby if i fancy taking half
  6. Sidegra side effects

    I had a tin of black ant king off a street hawker that did nothing unlike the previous tins, so i stopped buying from street sellers now as anything could be in them. I only buy Sidegra from pharmacies now
  7. Have you seen this, comes up 1st result using Google
  8. Anyone who keeps a machete in the car is well dodgy
  9. He looks like a Brit, but he's an aussie
  10. 18 pages of the same old stuff. Have either been arrested? Any further news on this story?
  11. What's the logic of there not being a pinned thread on this? And kept up to date with latest info
  12. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Look on the bright side, much easier to find a replacement in Thailand
  13. I can't believe it doesn't request an account number. Can you screenprint it? Take out any sensitive parts
  14. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    I don't think taking a Thai girl back is a good idea. The main reason is there are loads of guys back home, younger, better looking and maybe more money. If it isn't true love then they may get a better offer