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  1. After nearly seven years here I thought I had finally run out of P/P photos too, but then found one last one on an old form. Don't have to get new ones done until next year! All told, with the pics outside the house and their personal iPhone snaps, they gained 4 images of me this time. (5, if you count the P/P copy) That's probably more than this camera shy person has posed for in 60 odd years before coming here. Could you, Merijn, perhaps advise how they use the iPhone picture?
  2. I had downloaded, completed and included that form with my papers Jim. The one I had to sign today was something I hadn't seen before. Unfortunately I wasn't able to read it, nor get a copy, and my lady wasn't much help in translating it. I'm still only guessing what it may have been exactly. It may not require a trip home for verification. It might be best to see if anyone else cops it and see what's required.
  3. Did my extension today. Had all forms completed, copied, signed, etc, including the STM2 (Acknowledging conditions) and had a couple of pics of myself outside the castle. Pretty easy all told, only took about 15 minutes. However, they did hit me with a new form, in Thai, that seemed related to the pictures of me. (It was stapled to them) I was required to sign it, and they also got my GF (and landlord) to sign in several places. It's not the registration of residence form completed last year with the slip stapled in the back of my passport, it is something new. (Perhaps it's normally used for marriage extensions?) No big deal, just more privacy intrusions and they don't seem to understand that a retirement extension is an individual thing and has nothing to do with any partner I might have.
  4. Best trips. Best restaurants. Best massages (soapy and otherwise)? Best activities? Best places around Phuket to visit? Best beaches? Best Islands? Best Markets? Same all year round. Apart from having to work around some weather events, these things don't actually change with the season. Some beaches will have bigger waves and will occasionally be closed in an attempt to stop tourists doing lemming impressions. Sometimes the seas will be too rough for boat trips to outer islands. Because of it's unique geographical features, and long standing status as a top tourist destination, Phuket possibly has more activities for visitors than any where else in Thailand. Far too many to list here. Do a forum search. Very few close down in the off season. Many who pontificate on this forum never venture further than a Bangla Rd beer bar. Best festivals? http://www.phuket.com/events.htm Pick one that suits. The Gay Pride one is on in a few days. Best seasonal fruits & foods? Great food all year round. Some fruits come on the market at different times of the year. Of interest would depend on what you like. Durians, for instance, peak in mid year. Best Hotel deals? Cheaper in low season. Search the internet. Check sites with last minute deals.
  5. The better things are generally perennial.
  6. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-22/angkor-wat-build-in-3d-to-show-living-temple/8462692
  7. The new Gov thought a good way to kick off his tenure would be to get involved in a prison search for contraband. I would have thought it was the job of the Ministry of Justice to control what goes on inside prisons without having the Governor standing around getting in the way. A better use of his talents might be to look at the many, well documented problems in the community, and ensure that a few of the criminal main players there enter the prison system.
  8. "Police were informed that at 8am the man, name withheld until his family have been informed, was walking, in what witnesses described as a drunken state, along Patong Beach and that they tried to tell him to go back to his room. Their request were ignored and the man went alone into the sea and disappeared." Read more at http://www.thephuketnews.com/british-man-37-drowns-at-phuket-beach-61860.php#B0eQ5hpOTOhxKU2r.99 "Local vendors informed lifeguards of his disappearance at about 9am, saying that he simply never returned after going into the water." Phuket Gazette A drunk was seen by many on the beach entering the water at 0800am in the morning and disappearing. He was observed to be in a drunken state and was urged to go to his room. When found he was carrying cash. And yet idiot trolls on this forum still come up with this: "Or, got beaten up and robbed thrown into the water"
  9. Is the surgery cosmetic or major? Does it need to be in one of the hospitals? Many local Thais get small jobs done, such as removing lines near the eyes or nose reshaping, outside the hospital system. There's a well known Dr with a clinic in Patong, and I believe many travel to someone in Surat Thani for some procedures.
  10. I wasted my time reading it, so thought it reasonable to give my opinion on this public forum. Also, it may help future visitors who think that such an important matter could be organized on the run. If you only require responses that you decide are appropriate write to The Womens Weekly.
  11. Sounds like something you should organize before the event.
  12. As the mayor, Ms. Chalermluck Kebsup, is also the Director of, Kebsup Group, I'm sure she has a hideaway in one of her hotels, if needed.
  13. I initially presumed it to be a cobra, but I don't know that they attack in that manner. It threw it's whole body at the threat! Perhaps a rat snake?