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  1. I blame whoever it was who gave the kid the money to buy the means to obliterate himself, and not the genetic makeup to understand that, in Thailand, an idiot could pull out in front of you at any time
  2. I suppose I should also mention that, not far from where I live, a new 66 house development is proceeding apace. Hideaway Valley is on Yote Sane 2 road and is offering 2 story houses for varying prices. I believe many are already sold. No signs of a slowing expat market here. http://www.boatpattana.com/
  3. Some posters here are claiming expats are deserting Phuket in droves, based on them knowing some people who have decided to make a change. Not really a very scientific indicator, as it doesn't factor in new arrivals. I maintain movement is the nature of the expat beast. Four or five years ago I bought a house in what I thought to be a quiet rural setting near the hills. I was recently comparing some pictures from then to how it has become now. I can count at least 8 new (Farang) houses built in my general area since I arrived. Two are still under construction. I'm fairly sure there are several more on a road that goes up into the jungle. The rumblings of multiple concrete trucks passing my house yesterday indicated they were having a big pour at the latest large dwelling being constructed around the corner. I met the owner briefly, another Euro man and his Thai wife are moving in. Also, a new well liner construction business has opened nearby, and a Thai builder is operating from his own new house just up the street.. I now find passing traffic is greatly increased, despite it being a no-through road. The various Burmese worker camps for the builds add to the general noise factor. The increased pressure on the aquafer by all these new houses, is of concern. I actually wish the naysayers were correct in their bleating's. The Province is over crowded these days, I wouldn't mind if the Island lost much of the population associated with the tourism industry and the long term visa market. (I certainly wouldn't miss all the border runners). My funds are all based overseas, so, selfishly, I don't need to rely on industry here.
  4. A brit heads up a company called something like Phuket Plumbing. A local may be cheaper.
  5. A few facts for the speculators here. Under the ICAO convention, member airlines are required to return passengers. who are refused entry, to their port of embarkation. Virtually all airlines are signatories. as landing rights may be restricted if they refuse. It's virtually never in the interests of the refusing state to hold on to such travellers when they can get rid of them immediately If the passenger's passport is unusable or has been lost/destroyed on route, an ICAO travel document can be used for the purpose. The embarkation port authorities would be made aware of such returning passengers, by the airline ground management, very shortly after the refusal. It's not in the best interests of the airlines to hide these facts from Immigration. All related documents from the passenger would normally be held by the purser on the plane. I've never known passengers in this situation to give up the forgers, smugglers or criminal gangs to authorities. Their lives would be at risk, and they generally know nothing other than a generic first name. The criminals arn't in the habit of giving their customers/slaves their full names and addresses. Incidentally, for the poster who brought this point up, some Thai passports don't have a DOB because some home births here are not registered. That passenger will always be closely examined on entry, anywhere, before clearance.
  6. Follow the sign from CF east
  7. I'm a little confused at what " scruffiness of seating area means. I've always found the tables well set out and (for Asia) very well spaced. Kim's food is excellent and the atmosphere and views are great. Service very good. Be aware Sundays are yachting days and you may find yourself inundated by animated hoards noisily discussing the day's events on the water..
  8. Those of us who know that intersection are very aware of how steep that hill is and that it ends at a T junction. Every time I go through there I wonder why anyone would want a business in the danger zone at the bottom. In the attached pic the turquoise tiles in the resort on the left are quite new. A truck lost his brakes descending the hill and decided it was better to left turn into a brick wall at the hotel rather than go all the way. (I think he was given an award of some sort) And I certainly can't comprehend why anyone, even a bunch of pretend taxi drivers would want to just sit around in that area all day. The inevitable happened, they wore a pickup in their laps, and were lucky to get away with a just few broken bones.
  9. So the thread should be retitled - Death in the Afternoon?
  10. Ten foot, just a baby.
  11. Reminds me of that other character who got it so obviously wrong when he insisted a vehicle was in the wrong lane in an accident. The video evidence comprehensively disproved his version, yet he went on the attack against the people who pointed out his error. A simple, I may have got it wrong, was all that was required to restore credibility.
  12. Like coldplay.
  13. Yes, the way they identified the American was because he sought medical treatment for his knife wounds. Once again the regular TVF posters who believe anything (10yo, 10 baht, really!), and rush into print to condemn, and demand medieval type punishments, are left with egg on their faces.
  14. Shouting is not very relaxing.
  15. Thanks. I've already bought a new, smart TV. (frustratingly, smarter than me unfortunately)