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  1. Non o Visa

    You may get better responses in the dedicated Visa forum.
  2. Epsom Salts

    Update: The salts I ordered on Saturday arrived with the post middle of Monday. Can't expect any better service than that! I'll post again after a few uses if it turns out to be the miracle cure my mate thinks it could be.
  3. Two men face perjury charge in Jomsap case

    I can't believe lying is considered to be an offence in Thailand.
  4. Chalong Circle Underpass

    I have wondered where the train line will terminate. (If it happens!)
  5. Patong - The Wake

    Are you sure you're not confusing him with Kan Win. another poster with a Chinese sounding name.
  6. Arrgg, I also be wanting such things, but alas, the rozers be playing their cards close to their chest, and all must wait for the black powder test to tell if tales are tall or true!
  7. World Life Expectancy

    I came across this site that has an amazing amount of statistics on life expectancy and cause of death in all countries. You can even compare deaths and causes between two countries, The information is obviously a couple of years old, but interestingly, Thailand is rated about 7th in road deaths. http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/
  8. Here's a clip for the rice paddy crowd. Anyone heard of G.o.T.? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9OoIQUTPaQ
  9. I like some of Sheerans stuff and admire his talent as a singer/songwriter although my tastes probably lean more to classic rock. However, to suggest he fits this description : "Stand these so called stars on a stage and get them to carry a song through without a loud group or half naked female backing singers/dancing girls to cover up their bad singing and it would probably be the last time anyone paid to see them" is ludicrous and as far from actuality as you can get. The guy is a scruff who will join in on any stage, or sing with buskers on the street, if he hears them playing one of his songs. A bit like Roy Orbison, he can sing in tune anywhere under any circumstances.
  10. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    My leg/foot edema is related to kidney disease. My feet swell whenever they are on the ground for a length of time. I take diuretics daily. Make sure you have blood and urine tests for CKD as well as checking your cardiovascular system.
  11. It's a fairly strong case. His gf had the lady's notebook, their car was video taped outside the house and the victim made a positive ID. Even though he would get a better outcome by admitting the crime, It's in a Nigerian's makeup to continue denying all wrongdoing. I speak from experience.
  12. I'm almost 70 and go by the name of Old Croc, but It still surprises me to see the dinosaurs on this forum rush to print to proudly declare they have never heard of this or that, as if their lack of knowledge of the current world is somehow proof that all is inferior. If I don't know about something, or someone, I look it up, so I don't come across as a silly old fool living my life in the past. (Doesn't always work!)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaoF9SbCzs0
  14. Patong - The Wake

    Yes, I lost about 3,000 posts in that forum rejig way back then. Some stopped posting altogether, others slowed their contributions significantly.