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  1. I'm intrigued by this sentence:
  2. Chalong Circle Underpass

    No real excuse for bad or drunken driving, but this comes close: As the car was heading from towards Rawai, it is likely the driver did not realize that there is a construction here as there were no warning lights, signs or barriers to prevent the driver from entering the site. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/car-impaled-at-chalong-underpass-construction-site-66052.php#hU0jU6J43oGeyxcR.99 (If any forum member is wondering where they left their car, it can be collected at the Chalong Police station)
  3. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Importing pork to Thailand is a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle. Spam! Do they stock spam?
  4. Storage

    No response from the OP. I often think these people are hoping someone will pop up and say, I'll look after your boxes/motorbike for free.
  5. I guess this guy will be back in Lao by now safe in the knowledge that neither the victims nor the police really know who he is.
  6. I'm looking for guidance on which nicknames for countries are acceptable on Thaivisa and which are deemed to be trolling. The English are very adept at giving names to other places, often using rhyming slang or slurs. Examples would be Taffy or sheep shagger for the Welsh, Bog Irish, porridge <deleted> to describe the Scots and convicts, skippies or antipodeans for Australians. Many of these terms are commonly used on the forum with impunity. Recently the term Pom was used to describe the English but was deleted as trollish. This term is commonly accepted in several countries, is derived from rhyming slang, is not a slur in itself and has even been used on the BBC. Is it now policy that this word is considered a troll, and, if so, are all such slang words banned or only the ones the English don't like? Are the all the members who use the term Pom or derivatives in their forum name, going to be banned?
  7. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Perhaps you should try to learn the difference between kg and km and try to develop a sense of humour, mein friend. Incidentally that specific about location didn't exist when I made that initial post. It's easy to be clever way after the event.
  8. That pesky rain again! Can't blame the driver if the weather is just going to throw water on the road willy nilly.
  9. Australian Aged Pension

    This thread started in 2008 and, although called OAP, it has long become the discussion place for all types of pensions and tax matters for Australians. There is much history in the many pages relating to Comsuper, Disability, Defense Forces pensions, etc., it is much more than just for OAP. To separate it all now into different categories would be impossible. Better if the title was changed to reflect the content.
  10. What type of snake is this ?

    I'm not completely sure that's a rat snake. They tend to have much longer, skinny tails. Compare to the second photo. Kukri?
  11. Are Condominium Management Companies honest ?

    Does the condo now exist or are you buying from plans? Big difference when risking your money.
  12. Storage

  13. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Back to the OP. You don't mention what level of accommodation you have that isn't included in your $1000 a month, but presumably you wont be running a pool or many other expensive appliances. Get used to fan living because aircon costs too much on your budget. You said you will need a bike so that cost will eat into what you have. Being a non drinker is a plus, and eating out only occasionally could keep costs down. (Although, often street food is as cheap as cooking yourself) You made the mistake of asking the locals how much they live on, which started many of us babbling about our situations. Even a few from other parts of the country thought their circumstances were relevant. Basically, very few here live, or would want to live, on your budget. It's a level that usually only Thais live on, and they have resources and support not generally available to outsiders. Try it and see how you go. Good luck.