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  1. Con Air. Or, if any ordinary flight will do why not try KLM?
  2. I saw some irony with this advertisement on the side of this page:
  3. Old Croc

    Where to start?

    The fact that you want to get employment on your time off tells me you probably really need that time off. Forget working, there are too many restrictions. As you have been advised you seem eligible for retirement visas, the best route for long stay. It negates the need to cross borders to renew. Of course work isn't allowed on retirement. Keep in mind more Australians die in Thailand than anywhere else overseas. Most from illness or natural causes, no doubt because of the many retirees here, but apart from that, many are killed on the roads where the world's worst drivers practice their non-skills without interference from police. Do not ride a motorcycle unless you really have to. It doesn't matter how skilled you are, you can be squished by a heavy vehicle while waiting at a traffic light. Get travel insurance for your entire stay, medical evacuations can be very costly. I used World Nomads for my first year in Thailand. If you are going to stay in Samui go to their local forum for advice from expats there on best places to live and accommodation costs.
  4. Old Croc

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    New Thai safety device:
  5. If I was a Brit I would be releasing my venom, not on Assange, but on my government for the millions it has spent guarding and trying to arrest the guy for the heinous crime of jumping bail on trumped up charges in another country that have now been dropped. They're leaving the EU with a bad, or no, deal and have been told where to go by the US, and yet they still want to pursue this pathetic character on their behalves. Why not just let the guy get on a plane to anywhere and stop spending money on him. This is the same government that sold off it's Thai embassy and shut down most of the services needed by it's own citizens.
  6. The suspects were initially found using cctv footage and arrest warrants were to be issued. Now they are saying it wasn't them, the images were blurred, and they may not find who did it. After looking at photos of those suspects, the victim has stated that they were not his attackers even though it's stated his memory is not clear on the incident. I could make some guesses, but I don't really know what's happening, somehow I doubt anyone else will be found.
  7. Old Croc

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    You were hysterically and incorrectly claiming the "scumbag fled the scene. Anyway, I note you are answering your own posts now and even then not making sense. I won't bother with you again.
  8. Old Croc

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    The Merc driver stopped at the scene, and in fact was taken to hospital with eye injuries from the glass. I don't know where you got the impression he fled the scene, it's stated in the links. This is the a picture of the accident scene. Two things can be seen - it was wet, and the Merc was a lot further up the road than 40m from where the body parts are scattered. It's on the left near the corner with an ambulance in attendance To make assumptions about reasons for being on that road at that time of the morning may also be wrong. In my experience. many people driving off the Island, heading for BKK for instance, leave in the early hours to get over the bridge before the traffic comes.
  9. Old Croc

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    For those who can't work out how a car can hit someone near the side of the road, with the right side of a car, let me introduce you to the concept of divided roads. The accident occurred about here: And, for those calculating speed using charts to establish braking distances, I should point out the 40 metre stopping distance published was just an estimate from a witness in the service station. That road is often described as the "speedway" by locals and few would stay within speed limits.
  10. Old Croc

    Coastal Freighter drifting off Kata Beach

    I'm sure the Marine Department will be right on the situation within hours of it stranding on a beach in front of a resort.
  11. Every now and again you get a reminder that some in Thailand have not quite transited into the modern world and the dangers inherent with fast moving traffic. I remember another of these roadside rubbish collectors who thought it was a good idea to stop his 3 wheeler to collect some detritus in the first Phuket underpass, shortly after it opened. He then decided to U-turn in front of an oncoming truck. He survived and became Phuket's first underpass accident victim.
  12. There are many from other regions posting here who seem to have little concept of the abysmal public transport options on Phuket. Most expats here have their own transport. Having said that, the driver seems to have the means to hire a chauffeur to take the reins of the Merc when on a night out.
  13. So much fascination with genitals. I think it's true about some older people regressing to their childhood. The copper is obviously pointing to something forward of the overstayer.