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  1. I do the same. I just sign and date the form when required. They have never returned this form previously. Perhaps this character failed to recognise that the form had been completed because of the small, neat, computer generated details. That's one of the theories I have. I don't think they have suddenly introduced a new form because other members were processed this morning without incident.;
  2. Exactly. That's all that is needed. (personal comment on IO's abilities deleted in case my conspiracy theory is correct) .
  3. Thanks. This was discussed at length a while back in the visas forum. The consensus was that they cannot legally refuse a 90 day report, even from an agent. Wives and partners lodge these things all over Thailand regularly. My lady has been doing them for me at both local offices for years. However, twice now they became difficult and gave her problems.
  4. Thanks for the reply Jim. I presume you meant the TM47 not TM41. This form was returned along with the passport photocopies I always send. I had definitely signed it! Discussed it all again with my lady and it seems the IO had her sign a separate form (she's unsure what it was) and she was told he would accept her signature this time, but as we are not married she shouldn't be signing for me. Questions remain. Why wasn't my completed, and signed, TM47 accepted, and why was a new form, of some sort, required? When did the requirement for an agent to be married to the principal start? If he accepted her signature in the end, why the F did he only give until 5 August until the next 90 DAY Report is required? After Patong office refused to accept my report once before, am I paranoid or is there a conspiracy against me?
  5. Lucky you. See my post in the other thread about my GF's attempt to do my 90 day this morning.
  6. OK, Immigration is stuffing me up, again!! My GF tried to do my 90 day report today at Phuket office. She does it because she can get there easier on her bike, and I am in a wheelchair. I had all the required papers properly signed, etc. and have the house residential slip in the back of my passport. (I provided pics of myself in front of the house with my extension in May). It should have been a simple extension of the reporting period for another 90 days! However, the IO gave my lady a difficult time stating I should be there to sign another form, he didn't explain what it was or why it was necessary and didn't give her a copy. Then he hassled her stating she should change her family name to match mine!!!!! She explained we were not married, but that apparently didn't appease this character. He eventually said he would do the report this time, but I would have to be there next time. When I checked the slip, he had only given me until 5 August to report next, not the 90 days! (My extension is not due until next year and the passport has many years validity). What's going on? Are they refusing to accept these reports from agents again or are they targeting me specifically. (Patong refused to accept my report a couple of years back - the subject of a thread at the time) Is this guy making up his own rules as he goes along? I would appreciate it if Merijn, or someone in the know, could give some answers on their latest requirement?
  7. Your question was answered here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/991706-faced-with-arrest-for-phuket-woman’s-murder-german-man-slashes-own-throat/?page=4#comment-12067072
  8. OK, some of my earlier memories of Patong. I first came about 1997 (ish) on a cruise ship from Singapore. Spent a rainy day wandering around and getting my first inklings that it was better place for a holiday in many ways than my usual haunt, Bali. Ducked out of the rain a couple of times into a very friendly Australian bar on the beach road south of Bangla. Forget the name. I started coming to Patong regularly around the turn of the century usually over the xmas/new year period. Stayed at many different hotels including Patong Resort, Baan Sukhothai, Safari, Phuket Bungalows, Patong Bay, Swiss Palm and a few others, whose names now escape me. On many evenings I enjoyed a few sundowners at a beach bar called Bavaria where you could start the night off watching the sunsets and the beach activities wind down while sucking on a good German brew, The waitresses were nice and friendly (not for sale) and I made a couple of friendships that lasted for years. They described how they escaped the tsunami by fleeing upstairs. Apparently a speedboat became lodged in the front window of the building underneath them. I had a favorite bar in Bangla, one of the first going up the road on the right side. I was treated like the king I always thought I should be. My favorite little lady would see me coming up the road and run over to me, guide me to my favored seat at the front of the bar (anyone already sitting there were moved), given the coldest beer from the ice and mopped down with a moisturized towel. Either I was the most hansom guy in town or the biggest tipper, not sure which! One New Year I started there and partied at several of the bars up and down the street until dawn. The entire street was ankle deep in fireworks residue. The 20 or 30 of us still standing, all drunk, happy and friendly, congregated at the one bar still open continued for some time. After a late night I would often stop at the little bar in the front of the Savoey for a nightcap. Their speciality was an Irish coffee, made with much showmanship, and laced with a number of liquors guaranteed to put you over the top if you weren't already drunk. It wasn't cheap, but the still the best Irish coffee I've ever tasted. I spent most days on the beach, swimming (never caught a disease or copped a brown floater in the face), lying on a sunbed under an umbrella, getting massages and feasting on fruits delivered by a friendly covered lady. By contrast topless Euro ladies were in abundance and some were even worth looking at. I was eating at the Savoey one time when I noticed staff and many customers rushing to peer over the low wall separating the restaurant from the Safari's pool. An amazon like Scandinavian at the pool thought it was a good time and place to free her, not insignificant, puppies! On another occasion, when still dressed from the plane, I walked into reception at Patong Bay Garden Resort, to be confronted by the sight, seared into my eyeballs to this day, of a 70 or 80 yo granny stepping out of the pool side shower wearing only a tiny thong. Her skinny, very low hanging, front hardware were burnt black and leathery from years of exposure to the sun! The influx of Chinese in lieu has some good points. In 2004 I couldn't get a booking over Xmas so I wasn't in my usual beach front hotel when the Tsunami came. I came instead in February. I wanted to spend money in a more direct way than donating to some of the questionable charity collection agencies in Australia. I stayed at the Safari that time and was surprised to see virtually no evidence of the tragedy apart from a few boarded up premises and dead gardens. An incredible cleanup job. Safari replanted their gardens with thousands of plants while I was there. The beach was pristine and almost empty. As has been said by many. that would have been an excellent time to plan and build the place into a world class destination. Instead the likes of the mayor at the time saw it as a means to personally enrich themselves. I live on the Island but don't go to Patong anymore.
  9. From the link: “We have been told that she had been having many serious arguments on the phone with her partner"
  10. The tunnel will probably never see the light of day (!). Yes, several computer animations can be found on the internet but they are just part of the distribution of funds granted for feasibility studies. These fully funded studies are stand alone projects in themselves with goals other than an actual finished product. Also, locals situated near the Patong entrance to the tunnel started their play for compensation very early and probably killed it off quickly. I also recall some residents on the eastern side of the hill expressed concerns that a hole through the mountain would allow the next tsunami to flood through, putting their lives and property in jeopardy. The Thai system of self always plays a large part in projects such as this.
  11. You are making claims and commenting on things you obviously know nothing about. Blah, blah, blah, Heard it all before. Here actually: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/659155-low-and-slow-take-offs-caveat-thai-air-asia-qatar/ Those low flying planes are probably upsetting any horses quartered under the flight path.
  12. I changed $10,000 last week when I thought the little Aussie battler was on a high! However it kept going up to 2 year highs. I missed out on something like 10,000baht on the exchange if I had a crystal ball and waited!. I was singing a different tune!
  13. Over the years we have stopped several ladies from paying out to this scam. (We become aware because they ask my wife to lend money) The most recent was just a few weeks ago when the local farmers wife was trying to find 20,000 to pay for a parcel from her FB lover. She refused to believe my wife and other Thai ladies that it was a scam, and last I heard was trying to find the money. She probably couldn't raise the funds because she still knocks on our door to borrow 1000 every time one of the (her daughters) kids has an incident.
  14. Any thread mentioning Australians brings out the hilarious Brits and their version of humour. Repeating a joke 20 or 30 times doesn't make it funnier guys! Particularly since I first heard that wombat thing when I was in primary school, about 80 or 90 years ago! I also noted one bigoted Canadian used the topic as an excuse to throw in a bit of bile at Australians. On topic, and reading between the lines, I think what Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul meant was they would like a return to the western style tourist who stays longer and spends more money. Australians were his example. Ergo, he is perhaps suggesting that throwing all their eggs in the Chinese basket was not a great decision from an economic standpoint.
  15. A couple of things: Your thread has been highlighted in the Thaivisa newsletter as "Where to live in Phuket" when you have actually asked about where to live in Thailand. This may have confused some of the answers you have received here. Also I note you have posted an almost identical thread in the Real Estate forum and have already received many replies there, some actually helpful. To travel to a tropical country and expect a cool climate is asking a little much. As some have pointed out, the only places that meet that criteria would be in the mountains in the north of Thailand. Phuket has a height limit on development so you can't live up high here. It should be noted that there are swimming pools and oceans to swim in, and cars, dwellings, etc. usually have air-conditioning (an exception might be a cheap rental in a Thai village) Perhaps choose a town in the north. close to amenities (supermarkets, etc.) and an airport so you can fly to your yacht charter base. Domestic flights are fairly cheap. Do not use the long distance bus service if it can possibly be avoided. Money seems to be an issue for you. Phuket, as the 16th most visited tourist destination in the world, obviously has inflated prices in the tourist areas. Expats know where, and how, to shop here to get prices not very much higher than elsewhere in Thailand . However, if you are not Thai you will cop higher prices everywhere in Thailand. The only real answer is to use a local to shop for you.