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  1. Easier said than done. There is no room for a second runway at Phuket. There has to be a minimum separation distance for simultaneous use and there is simply not enough space between hills. Resumption of properties outside the airport perimeters would be cost prohibitive. If they were to try to build a new runway in the area it wouldn't have the length required for today's aircraft. The airport is at a narrow part of the Island. Long term the answer may be the proposed airport in Phang Nga just to the north of Phuket.
  2. Old Croc

    Racist dual pricing for massages now?

    A number of points. As someone indicated it's most likely the staff member inflated the price for her own advantage. The owner wouldn't see that money. These small businesses are really hurting these days with the fall in tourist numbers from Europe and other traditional customer sources. The places with a Chinese connection are the only ones making good money. Most small shops get very few customers on a daily basis now and will try to pry a little extra when ever they see a "one born every minute" walk in the door. These massage shops invariable have their prices advertised on a board, the window or a card (menu). If you pay more than the advertised price, more fool you. Tourists get ripped off in tourist centres all over the world, it's not just a Thai thing. The amount you over paid is hardly worth starting a rant on this forum. Probably the most racist part of this thread is your avatar,
  3. Old Croc

    Disposable BBQ

    Like this?
  4. My power went off at 6.15 this morning, and I anticipated a long hot day ahead. Came back on 15 minutes later. So far so good.
  5. Bloody hell - again! Just had a day without last week.
  6. I don't know about "Boy", but this pic reminds me of another infamous accident with a female driver:
  7. Old Croc

    Hornbill drops in for Phuket waterfall diners

    The wrinkled hornbill can be found around the Patong area.
  8. Old Croc

    Too old for Thailand?

    I came to Thailand at age 62 knowing that some long term health problems would become a problem eventually. I knew I couldn't rely on any family care in my own country (all deceased or living elsewhere) and the only prospect for me, when I got to the stage of needing full time care, was entering the death zone - otherwise known as a nursing home. In Australia these abominations have become less about care for the elderly, more about owner's profit. I watched my mother slowly deteriorate, living on an oxygen machine, in one for years. At one stage she told me she hadn't showered for days because she didn't want the staff, a male, North African migrant, to wash her! She later died after falling in the bathroom and lying on the tiles for hours waiting for help. Western countries are more wheelchair friendly, but if you are past the stage of wheeling around the streets chasing a social life, the western death camps can be depressing. My plan was to find a good Thai lady to live with on the understanding that she would look after me whatever may come, and in return she would inherit all my assets upon my demise. (I have bank accounts and income from several pension funds in Australia) She is aware she will be considerably well off eventually. She is 17 years younger. Our relationship is much more than just this agreement. My income comfortably covers everything we need, including household, her family and whatever else she requires. It also covers my significant hospital and medication bills. I have bought a house, car, bikes, furniture, etc, all in her name. I do have legal tenure for life. In 2013, sooner than expected, I had a major health crisis which left me bedridden for months and now, for nearly five years, in a wheelchair. For a while my lady had to wipe my arse and powder me, etc. (Not pleasant, but infinitely preferable to taking a high dive! That's only for people who have died mentally!) Now approaching my 70th birthday I'm able to look after all my own personal needs and, although not readily able to scoot around the streets or bars, am quite happy with my lot. When I came here I was already using a cane to walk and found high curbs and steps difficult to negotiate. Then, as now, in a chair, I found places I could access easily. They do exist in Thailand. When out and about, others look at restaurants for what it offers gastronomically, I look at the access to see if it's worth a visit. There are many westerners in wheelchairs here leading active lives. My world here now mainly revolves around internet TV, or sitting outside in our exotic garden with the view of mountains, farmland, buffalo and the occasional elephant wandering by. Sure beats playing bingo in a depressing asylum back home. If I deteriorate to the stage where I need complete nursing care, I would consider somewhere like the facility in CM to live out my days. It would be my lady's decision on whether I go there or stay at home in her care. I know of two single men in their 80's living on Phuket who have young carers looking after them. Not sure of salary, but in the region of 20,000. I believe one has been promised the house when he goes. My current social life consists of hospital (and Immigration) visits, with only very occasional restaurant meals. A couple of mates are coming up from Australia in the next few days to help celebrate the birthday. No doubt my medical situation will be set back somewhat. All in all I'm much happier and better off here, although I do have the resources to cover all eventualities. It's for individuals to assess what is the best option for themselves. It's not one size fits all.
  9. Old Croc

    Phuket student-visa crackdown begins

    We'll see what transpires if they decide to delve into that pot, poty
  10. Not defending this pos, but I don't believe the killing was premeditated (Evidence later presented in court could change this opinion). I don't blame him for changing his plea when they decided to charge him under S.288 not S.290.
  11. I was going to point that out until I read another, conflicting, news report that he handed himself in to police voluntarily. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-condo-mogul-arrested-for-fraud-on-defaulting-investors-66985.php#A0MApH2oCqgQSq4I.99
  12. Old Croc

    Phuket student-visa crackdown begins

    As I read elsewhere, the places that should be scrutinized are the martial arts training schools. In recent years these places have exploded in numbers and must sponsor thousands of visa holders, no doubt some of the dodgy variety.
  13. Old Croc

    Phuket’s ‘Smart Bus’ service rolls into action

    Could two (or more) people travelling together use the one card?
  14. Apparently he's looking for cheap not convenient.
  15. Quite the opposite. Ice now reaching the end of the glacier and carving off into icebergs, probably fell as rain thousands of years ago, before man's pollution could contaminate it. It is some of the purist water on the planet.