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  1. Old Croc

    Signs posted warning land encroachers in Rassada

    I don't know how suitable this land is for the Gypsies, but it may solve some problems if the Rawai community could consider it as an alternative. With 2,000 villagers in 250 households on 19 rai of land the Rawai group is living in slum like conditions.
  2. Old Croc

    Chinese tourist drowns at Koh Racha

    Drowning is a major cause of death for Chinese at home, not just on holiday. "About 60,000 Chinese drown every year. Drowning is the single leading cause of injury death in Chinese children aged 1-14 years. Nearly 700 Chinese citizens were killed while traveling overseas last year - one-third of them died during water-based activities while on holiday, such as swimming and snorkeling." These statistics were taken from this recent article, tends to put things in perspective. The problem begins at home. Interesting reading. http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1111189.shtml
  3. There's a chance Dutton could be PM by day's end. I didn't think they could come up with anyone worse than Abbott.
  4. Not defending Kamala, never swam there, no plans to do so. But I have to laugh at the indignation, horror and hypocrisy some posters express when a bit of sewage flows to the ocean. News for you, it happens nearly everywhere around the planet! Are you aware cruise ships dump an estimated BILLION gallons into the oceans every year? The part I find humorously ironic is that usually these critics come from Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Two of the most air polluted places on the planet! If there are a few turds floating around on one beach because of a spill, Phuket has about 35 more pristine beaches, and hundreds of beautiful Islands to go to. Alternatively we can swim in the pool or enjoy the crisp clean ocean air at a beachside bar or restaurant. (Away from the sewage outlet!) An infinitely better lifestyle than cowering indoors, or choking on cancer inducing, air borne pollutants in your cities. Plan your holidays elsewhere, if you can find somewhere you're not scared of, you're not needed, we have plenty of Chinese. Bangkok.
  5. What is it they say -"He who wins, gets to write the history." The guy lying on the road bleeding from head and leg injuries didn't give his version of the accident. It could be completely different from that of the truck driver.
  6. Old Croc

    Burmese own worst enemy

    Just to correct myself, it is (was) a Reticulated Python, not a Burmese.
  7. The informed would be aware that all oceans are full of plastics and other debris. Not many islands nor beaches anywhere are exempt from getting some of this debris washed ashore following storm surges. To me, Phuket has a slightly smaller pollution problem than Bali, and I believe, during the current cleanup, that they've discovered some hotels on Boracay have been pumping sewerage into the water systems. They have found so many problems there they may have to double the closure time of that Island. This post is about trying to get some of the worst polluters in Asia to change bad habits and use fewer one-use plastics and dispose of them properly. A positive attempt to educate some of the ignorant. However, I fear it's all just another talk fest.
  8. Old Croc

    Burmese own worst enemy

    The Lady was taking our dogs for an early morning walk when she stumbled upon this Python on the edge of the road which had apparently ensnared itself chasing a chicken dinner. It seems it had dragged post and netting this far before getting caught on another fence. I said she should call the snake rescue people to save it, but when she went outside to call and take more photos she saw 2 men from the nearby workers camp carrying the animal back into the trees towards the camp. I fear it will become part of another Burmese meal.
  9. Old Croc

    Body found floating off Kata Beach

    The body has been identified. He's a Thai from Surat Thani.
  10. Probably a good idea to change the thread title.
  11. For readers who don't actually know the local geography, Karon Beach is 3 km long and several streams/canals exit into the ocean across it's sands. With a mountainous/hilly Island in the tropics there will always be water flowing down to the sea in many places. When it hasn't rained in a while this water can be stagnant and blackened by vegetation, it doesn't necessarily mean rampant pollution. However, I'm not trying to pretend there hasn't been problems with raw sewerage and other contaminants in these streams at various times. It is Thailand after all and environment concerns rarely raise a flicker of recognition with many of the residents of this country. But, I am saying dark waters flowing to the ocean can be normal, and doesn't necessarily indicate turds are going to be your swimming companions. I do consider Karon to be a world class tourist beach outside of monsoon season.
  12. If they didn't raise it this morning, it looks like they've missed their small window to get the job done. The weather is turning again, and I see they've just issued boating warnings effective until next week.
  13. Obscene! The system, misnamed democracy, has been hijacked by greedy oligarchs everywhere and the workers are allowing it to happen. They even assist and worship as celebrities those who steal from them! Trickle down economics, the biggest con job ever perpetuated. When will the idiot masses get their noses out of their "smart" phones and start the next great revolution?
  14. Old Croc

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

  15. Old Croc

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"