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  1. Was hit by one of these buggers in 2009 13th December, after diving between Tao and KPG. Very painful, Unconscious in less than 5 mins, heart stopped on way to hospital (evacuate Boat) Eyes turned red due to blood vessels exploding in them. 4 Days in ICU. Recovery took months, and I still have nerve damage as a result. Wasn't fun at all, at the time pretty much everyone said they are not here etc etc. Good to see that the government are finally warning people. I had 1000's of hours in the sea around Tao and KPG , stung once by the first git I encountered . I have been in the sea since but a bit more cautious now. History of stings show rainy seasons are the worst time. Ironically live in Cairns now and deal with research for other venomous sea creatures.