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  1. When he said " Nobody uses it as a medium of exchange" he must have been referring to me. I've ordered over $20k usd in products from China in the past 3 months and paid for all of it with either BTC, BTH or LTC. They either only accepted cryptocurrency or the only other option was wire transfer that took a week and cost a lot more in fees than crypto transfers. Carney is awfully ignorant for being in the financial industry.
  2. Is DHL ripping me off

    As someone who has imported and exported 100's of packages in countries all over the world, no, they're not ripping you off and no, it's not a Thai scam. All couriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. have in house customs agents working with local customs. Any package with a value over $40 (cost of goods, shipping and insurance) is submitted to customs by the courier and import duty is calculated, then tax is added. Customs charges a fee of 200-500฿, the courier also charges a fee for their service. They only "scam" is if the cost of insurance isn't declared on the invoice, Thai customs adds 1% of the cost of the item. Want to avoid customs entirely on small packages? Send them by post or even registered post. The majority of the time they are delivered without any involvement of customs.
  3. So does hitting people and other vehicles with your car and then just driving off without stopping.
  4. What's their evidence he was selling it? The fact he had an 11 day supply of it. A piece smaller than a domino or a matchbook? The police are like Trump, just make shit up as you go.
  5. Funny funny shit. "Marijuana junkie".😂 He probably should have stuck with the safe drugs, like alcohol, right.
  6. Thaksin and Yingluck now in Japan, says Prawit

    Must be nice to be able to travel internationally without a passport. Kind of like the Queen of England. Or did Yingluck get citizenship in Freedonia or Mypos in the last few months?
  7. I always let my dog drive, unless he's drunk. That would be irresponsible.
  8. What do you expect in a city with no public toilets? I was there yesterday and walked past 50 no littering signs and not one single trash can. At least it's easier to hold an empty bottle for an hour than a full bladder.
  9. That's why I go to professional dentists.
  10. Caught red handed in the sanctuary with hunting rifles and a dead black panther and he denies any involvement ? <deleted>? I'm going to be seriously disappointed if he gets off with a 500 baht fine. I hope this story stays in the news, at least until he's in jail.
  11. A nice long jail sentence is called for but unlikely it with happen because of the Thai caste system.
  12. Burritos stuffed with meth found by LAPD during traffic stop

    Burritos from Los Pollos Hermanos no doubt.
  13. He didn't pay it back from his salary, he paid it back from the proceeds he made from having 75M baht. There's a lot of ways you could earn 10% or more in a year on that much money. Investments, loans, buying and flipping property. At at the end of the year you still have the 75M plus a few mil profit for yourself.