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  1. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Looks just like a standard mind control module to me. You can tell for sure when people around there start talking about how the earth is flat.
  2. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Not my whole life, not even a third of it so far. I liked it for other reasons for a while and put up with the downsides. I liked the proximity to other countries and was able to add another 20 to the list of countries I'd visited. I enjoyed the 10-20 days of summer there each year and as long as you don't mind gray skies and lots of rain and a population density like Manhatten, there are a lot of positive things about the country, especially if you're dependent on government handouts. Another factor was the constant aches I had in the bones I'd broken in a motorcycle accident. The cold, damp weather there left me in constant pain. In Thailand I don't even notice it. I'm happy in Barcelona, Maui and Natal too but not so much in Amsterdam. Once the negatives outweighed the positives, I was out of there.
  3. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    My experience has been different here then. I hated never ever seeing the sun in the Netherlands, hated the fact it always started to rain two minutes after I decided to go for a ride on my motorcycle. I see the sun here even during rainy season and when it rains it's warm and refreshing. I hated the nanny state where I was guaranteed a ticket the day my inspection sticker expired if I drove the car 1km to renew it. I hated always getting a parking ticket while I walked around to find a working meter. I hated the traffic and congestion and not being able to find a parking spot. Here the parking is plentiful and free and I've never gotten a ticket. I hated all the petty crimes. I had a €400 helmet stolen twice that was locked to my bike and inside a secure parking garage at my house. I've had my windows busted and my car broken into four times in 18 years. Here I leave my helmet hanging off my mirror and even leave bags of things I've bought at one store when I park at another. I hated the overpriced things like €3 for a 200 ml bottle of water and paying €15 for a snack at a run of the mill cafe. I didn't like the rude and pushy people who pushed onto teams before letting other people get off first and the people always trying to weasle their way to the front of lines. Thailand isn't perfect but I am much much happier here than there. I have the best wife in the world and my life improved for the better. I'd do it again. No regrets.
  4. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Republican and capitalist billionaire Rupert Murdoch is a "lefty"? He owns the most biased, most racist, least honest right-wing network in the U.S. and he's a Liberal?
  5. E cigarettes are safer than cigarettes. Thailand allows the sale of deadly cigarettes and all they require is a ID to buy them and photos of tumors and tracheostomies. They allow the most deadly form of nicotine delivery, and threaten ten year prison sentences for people who use epens to try to quit smoking. I read the government profits handsomely off the sale of coffin nails. Is this true? Is greed the only reason? Has anyone seen any logical reason why they want to ban epens
  6. Acrimonious Divorce

    Assets acquired after the marriage are split 50/50 after a divorce. If if you don't get at least that, you didn't have the right lawyer. I'd never pay a lawyer a percentage of my proceeds from a divorce. Negotiate a fee in advance or pay by the billable hour on a detailed breakdown of the work done.
  7. I get treated like I have the body of a god. The Chinese Buddah.
  8. We finally get to learn the 2nd step of: 1 Steal underwear 2 3 Profit!
  9. Seems odd two vehicles would drive off a cliff 36 feet from each other within the space of a few weeks.
  10. New law bans infant formula advertising

    Why do they have to advertise the formula? I think everyone already knows the formula is: 4 drinks + 3 pumps + one squirt + 1 egg= baby.
  11. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Too bad he can't condemn the white supremacy movement that he tacitly supports. I dont recall there being this many neo-nazis and white supremacists during the administration of Obama, or Bush or Clinton.
  12. In the article she said "me and my opponents fight LIKE men" so I'm guessing she fights women, and other kathoeys.
  13. It decreases intraocular pressure but it also decreases blood pressure. One of the top results was webmd which says "It can increase bleeding, lower blood pressure, and affect your blood sugar, too." I've conducted numerous experiments and I've never seen it to increase systolic or diastolic blood pressure.
  14. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Find a good property manager, keep your house in the U.K. Your best chance of finding emoloyment here is teaching at a university. Move here for for a while and see how you like it. I've been here in Ubon for three years and I've never been bored. In fact I'd almost like to move to a smaller town because the traffic here is getting annoying. Either I'm the luckiest farang in Thailand or these guys who are always dissing Thai women are meeting their women in bars or something. My experience has been the opposite. I have a loving wife who not only doesn't ask for any money but she buys me things, takes me out to dinner and movies, drinks, couples massage and she pays for it. If if you like it here, no sense wasting time being miserable in the U.K. I left Amsterdam 4 years ago after living there for almost 20 years and I've got no regrets.
  15. That's strange, all the previous studies said that it increased heart rate and DECREASED both systolic and diastolic pressure. I'm always suspicious of studies that have the opposite results of numerous other studies done by reputable organizations. The study said there NO increase in deaths by stroke or heart attack, only an increased risk of death by hypertension. People don't die from hypertension, the can die from the results of hypertension. Most people have their blood pressure checked at least once a year and almost everyone diagnosed with hypertension take their anti hypertensives so their BP is normal so the point of the article is moot.