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  1. So one transvestite stole an iPhone and the appropriate response is to arrest 23 transvestites? Good thing a black guy didn't commit a crime eh? I'm guessing you'd be fine with that too from your attitude.
  2. Samut Prakan funfair accident leaves 14 injured

    Screws came loose? Aren't they supposed to have the nuts wired on, or bent cotter pins through slotted nuts to keep them from coming loose?
  3. I'm pretty sure he's joking. CPU mining of BTC hasn't been profitable for years, neither has GPU mining. Even the best ASIC miner is going to take 1.5 years to pool mine one Bitcoin.
  4. Egyptian deported for 10-year overstay

    How could he not know he didn't have a visa in his passport? I can see how you could be fooled into thinking someone else was taking care of certain things for you, like paying insurance premiums or something but you'd have to be awfully uninvolved in your own life to not notice you weren't here legally.
  5. No drugs were found in their systems? BS, it said they were drunk, alcohol isn't a drug on this part of the world?
  6. Huge crowds gather for free "herbal remedies for cancer"

    The downside is if it doesn't work and the cancer patients take this instead of chemo or radiation treament and their cancer metastasizes and they die. Even cannabis oil which has been proven to cure skin cancer and prostate cancer and other types of cancer needs to specifically formulated and used properly. So far there's no one-size-fits-all cancer treatment. If hes claiming irs effective against all types of cancer, especially if he doesn't have any proof, I think it's irresponsible. Even if it's taken in conjunction with proven cancer treatments, there may be ingredients in his concoction which could reduce the effectiveness of the other treatments.
  7. Sick when flying

    Never have earplugs in when taking off or landing. Never sleep during takeoff or landing. You can use Otrovin before your flight to decongest your nose. If you get colds olds or infections when flying, here's my best tip. Ten years ago I started putting Bacitracin in my nose and coating my nostrils. I used to get sick on long flight but I haven't gotten sick once since I started doing that. It's available in the US but not in The Netherlands and I don't think I've seen it in Thailand. If you can't find it, try Vaseline. Put it it on your little fingers, rub them together and put them up your nares and twist them around. Its the dry dry air that causes cracks in the skin of your nostrils were germs and bacteria can enter your system. A mask with an insert you can soak in water also helps and it humidifies the air you breathe.
  8. Normal UK immigration rules for Yingluck: Don

    How do you follow "normal immigration rules" when entering a country when all your passports have been revoked ?
  9. It's more than just talk if they already legalized hemp production and decriminalized kratom.
  10. Paid for in China to a tour operator who in turn paid a Thai business. Or do Chinese charter flights carry a week of food for the entire plane load ?
  11. His wife isn't responsible for what hookers or Thai scammers do just because she's Thai. I was was going to ask how much of a hospital bill you could run up in Thailand. I spent a week in Bangkok hospital, part of the time in ECU, nearly died and didn't top ฿120k. Broke 7 bones in Ubon and was treated for around the same price. Doesn't Oz insurance cover you when you travel? My Dutch insurance covered all except ฿80 for a cane. He should see if he has any coverage that would pay for it. If he has a decent job he should be able to cover that in a few months without that much discomfort. Isn't $3500 AUS six months of beer money in Australia?
  12. Cure for a weak bladder??

    Get your blood sugar checked. Unless you're drinking massive amounts all day, I would guess you're diabetic. Do you have a dry mouth or white in the corners of your mouth? The test is cheap and you'll know in minutes.
  13. I doubled my money just holding Bitcoin from June to August so I took my initial investment back and now I have nothing to lose and I'm already up almost 50% again. Bitcoin has doubled in value every 8 months since 2010. Best altcoin investment was ukcoin. I bought 2.6 million at .00000001 and sold it for .00000003 the next day for a 300% profit. I earn 1% interest a year on a savings account with Bangkok Bank.
  14. It might be an interesting experiment for some people to remain sober for 24 hours.