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  1. I've never seen a fetus driving a scooter so you I guess you must be at least zero here to drive one.
  2. This you want to read when selecting an ISP for use Kodi

    Run a portscan on your 3BB external IP then run it on the TOT external IP and compare open ports. A port kodi uses might be closed on the TOT router. Most likely ports are 9900, 8080, 8200 and 1900 If you have the same ports open on your TOT router that you do on the 3BB router and it still doesn't work then TOT is doing something on their end to block the traffic.
  3. Only Thai citizens are legally allowed to own guns in Thailand. Not even permanent residence is enough, you need to be a citizen.
  4. Stray dogs rounded up in Jomtien

    Unless they're tranquilizing them, then vaccinating them and tagging them, how do they know which dogs have been vaccinated? What's to stop them from vaccinating the same dog 2-3 times? How will they know when they've vaccinated them all? The article could have used some more details. Who writes these articles, volunteers?
  5. Vaping -- Should it be legalized?

    You're doing it wrong then. Vaping vaporizes 100% of the active ingredients. The only thing extra you get from burning it is tar and byproducts of the smoke. I can extract the most minute amount from plant material but if someone offered me a ton of free herb that had been vaporized I'd say "no thanks".
  6. I agree with you but it's more than just insulin or antibiotics you shouldn't use past their expiry date, expired Ibuprofen can turn very hepatotoxic and is not safe to use.
  7. If drugs are a problem they want to stop, cracking down on the supply, the bars where "pot and speed are readily available" would be the place to start. Allowing bars to sell the drugs and only arresting the users is just maintaining a constant source of revenue for the police.
  8. There are Dutch doctors working in Thailand?
  9. Drugs and weapon crackdown in Krabi

    Police don't have someone at the back door when they raid a house? I've read dozens of stories where the police show up and people run out the back door. Wouldn't they learn something from this?
  10. Maps: 12 Ways to Divide Thailand

    With only two labels on the map, you'd think they'd get the cannabis one correct. It's Cannabis sativa that grows around here, not Cannabis indica.
  11. Gambia apologizes for telling people to go to Thailand if they're a sex tourist, Thaivisa runs the story and uses a photos of hookers.
  12. I'm charged with money laundering?

    36 Billion dollars a year in illegal Bitcoin transactions? I call bs. Bitcoin isn't anonymous, the truely anonymous coins like Dash work just as good as btc, the transactions are faster, cheaper and untraceable. I know a lot of people who hold and use cryptocurrency and none of them use it for anything illegal. I've spent 20k in btc and bch on products in the past few months and everything was totally legal. More FUD from the anti crypto campaign. Banks and stock brokers hate it because they're going to lose money.
  13. I call BS. It took a half dozen visits and the branch submitting the application to the head office at least three times before I could get internet banking set up for my BKK bank accounts.
  14. Tourist falls at Ao Nang Cliff

    They couldn't climb down to get her? I don't recall any 400 meter tall cliffs around Ao Nang. Seems like the took the long route if they climbed up 200 meters to get her. I assumed climbers could go both directions, up and down.
  15. None of the drivers except the bus driver stopped unless their car was immobilized. Every single scooter driver wearing a helmet didn't have it fastened.