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  1. Paid for in China to a tour operator who in turn paid a Thai business. Or do Chinese charter flights carry a week of food for the entire plane load ?
  2. His wife isn't responsible for what hookers or Thai scammers do just because she's Thai. I was was going to ask how much of a hospital bill you could run up in Thailand. I spent a week in Bangkok hospital, part of the time in ECU, nearly died and didn't top ฿120k. Broke 7 bones in Ubon and was treated for around the same price. Doesn't Oz insurance cover you when you travel? My Dutch insurance covered all except ฿80 for a cane. He should see if he has any coverage that would pay for it. If he has a decent job he should be able to cover that in a few months without that much discomfort. Isn't $3500 AUS six months of beer money in Australia?
  3. Cure for a weak bladder??

    Get your blood sugar checked. Unless you're drinking massive amounts all day, I would guess you're diabetic. Do you have a dry mouth or white in the corners of your mouth? The test is cheap and you'll know in minutes.
  4. I doubled my money just holding Bitcoin from June to August so I took my initial investment back and now I have nothing to lose and I'm already up almost 50% again. Bitcoin has doubled in value every 8 months since 2010. Best altcoin investment was ukcoin. I bought 2.6 million at .00000001 and sold it for .00000003 the next day for a 300% profit. I earn 1% interest a year on a savings account with Bangkok Bank.
  5. It might be an interesting experiment for some people to remain sober for 24 hours.
  6. It's not racist if they're the ones doing it. Are there many westerners doing romance scams in Thailand? In Barcelona there are hundreds of men who sell fake purses, shoes and sunglasses in the subway in the late evening. They lay the goods on a bedsheet and grab all four corners and run when the police show up. Every single one I've every seen is from Africa. Would it make sense for the Barcelona police to target Americans or Spainards ?
  7. Boss in Soi Cowboy "coyote" slapping video fined

    The old slapper's a slapper.
  8. I think the objective here is to reduce consumption, not increase revenues. They did the same thing to soft drinks that are full of sugar. Market elasticity will determine the outcome.
  9. I never said I did. Is English not your native language?
  10. I have CAT fiber with a Zhone ZNID-GPON-2426A-NA router and the internal IP is supposed to be but I can't connect. It works fine but I need to change some port forwarding settings for my DVR I'm cabled directly to it, ipconfig shows my default gateway as When I try to connect or run the troubleshooter it says the device rejected the connection. Does anyone have CAT who has logged into their router to set up port forwarding etc. who knows what the internal IP to connect to is or what the trick it? Thanks
  11. Teenager thought she was a dinosaur thanks to brain disorder

    It's a good thing she didn't think that she was a T Rex because then she wouldn't be able to masturbate
  12. Same thing happened with Coke and Fanta and Pepsi. Maybe cans that are more dick-shaped are more popular in Thailand?
  13. Try bitpanda.com. Spectrocoin I know doesn't allow U.S. residents to open accounts. I have quite a few accounts but I lost track of which ones I used my EU residence and ID's for other than Spectrocoin.
  14. Someone please tell me what is going on here

    I have 3bb and changed my network adaptor settings to use another DNS and it works just fine. My issues with 3bb is that I lose signal on their fiber optic connection and it takes 3-4 days to fix it. Also I've been paying 2650฿ for 100mb DL speeds and found out they've been selling the same service to new clients for ฿900 a month for over a year. I run an honest business, if I drop my prices and an existing client reorders and sends me an order at the old price, they get an invoice for the new price.