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  1. All the recent studies show little of no increase in traffic accidents due to cannabis use. In fact Colorado has decreased highway accidents and deaths since they legalized.
  2. Well obviously people are going to buy Tether when BTC is dropping because they want to invest in a less volatile currency to preserve value until BTC hits a dip and starts to go up again so they can buy it back when it’s the cheapest.
  3. Sean Hannity said that President Barack Obama’s "willingness to meet with North Korea is one of the most disturbing displays of Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience." But in 2018, Hannity said President Donald Trump’s "willingness to meet with North Korea is a huge foreign policy win." Obama was called a traitor for legitimizing a dictatorship whose goal since the Clinton era was to be recognized as an equal to the US. Now they’ve finished their nuclear program and they're ready to talk. But, when this egomaniacal, hypocritical clot of congealed creamsicle spray-tan goo does it, he's some sort of hero? What’s he going to do, shake his hand aggressively?
  4. Wow! Looks like Kim is going to get the royal treatment reserved for such dignitaries as Ted Nugent and Kim Kardashian.
  5. I feel so much safer now that she's in jail.
  6. Oh, you mean the same type of cars that have been used as taxis in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia for the past few decades? That's such old news in Europe, Tesla's are starting to replace the Mercedes. I'd hardly call a C class an ultra luxury car. What are E or S class then, royal luxury cars?
  7. I read these type of stories to see who's going to be the first one to say the victim was pushed and how many posts it takes before that pops up. A trail of urine from a guy with a history of taking a whizz while standing on his balcony on a chair and there are still conspiracy theorists.
  8. The fines are just another income stream for the government and a new source of bribe money for the Police.
  9. You'd think an engineer could tell the difference between two differently shaped pedals.
  10. Guitar God

    'My perfect food': Man eats his 30,000th Big Mac since 1972

    One advantage of not cooking at home is that you can use your bowls as a template when you cut your own hair to get that perfect Moe Howard look.
  11. I'm more upset about him selling fake "Thai sticks" online.
  12. There's a foolproof method of not falling into a "perjury trap". Quit lying every time you open your mouth.
  13. Guitar God

    Drug ingredient stopped at Myanmar border

    Sodium cyanide is a precursor used to make ketamine but it's far from the only thing you can make from it.
  14. I'm 6'2" and we stayed at the Grand President, an older luxury hotel that had seen better days located off Sukhumvit. I walked out on the balcony after we checked in and almost fell over the railing. It came up to my thighs, it was made for midgets The newer hotels have higher railings on the balconies, the older hotels are lower. I usually stay at newer places but I've still seen quite a few hotels here with low railings that will flip you right over if you lean against them. .