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  1. One meter long and causes a scare? I've seen bigger lizards in our mae ban toilet.
  2. Obviously an overactive thyroid gland, just like all my other fat friends have.
  3. I'd say it's my fault. It's always my fault. A drunk truck driver high in yaba could hit my parked car in my garage behind a locked gate and it would be my fault.
  4. I hope the completely destroy the yaba, so it never makes it back into the market again. I hope burn the opium, somewhere upwind from my neighborhood.
  5. I am 100% confident that Pattaya leaders will do every bit as good of a job of draining the swamp in Pattaya as #45 will do in Washington.
  6. I just sold an American Eagle gold coin with a face value of $50 for $1200. $1200 is the melt price of the gold. Face value on Gold coins is not an indication of the actual value.
  7. I was curious how many posts until the "not a suicide" ruling would be used to criticize the Thailand cops. Two posts. Not surprised.
  8. Did you have your sound on? Sure sounded like gunfire to me. That and the photo of the groom holding two rifles makes me wonder what they're in denial up.
  9. I didn't think bikes were allowed on elevated roadways in Thailand ?
  10. GW pharmaceuticals is quietly trying to pass laws so they have a monopoly on CBD oil so they're the only one allowed to produce or sell it. They want it illegal for everyone except them. A better example of big companies profiting from prohibition would be hard to find. Greedy f*ing bastards. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that is effective in controlling seizures and managing pain and reducing inflammation. CBD has no recreational use. It is a THC agonist. If you smoke cannabis and get high from it, ingesting CBD will make you less high.
  11. If they had cooperated with the police investigation like every other Thai citizen is expected and obligated to do instead of playing hide and seek with their Abbott, the government wouldn't have had to do this. It's the Tiger Temple all over again because of a false sense of entitlement and privilege just because the have a lot of cash.
  12. I'm often searched on suspicion of smuggling horse genitals when going through security.
  13. That's another reason why I always demand fresh, healthy rat urine.
  14. When I was 10-12 years old I would go to our local drugstore and buy potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal. I could also buy potassium permagnenate and glycerine, and iodine and ammonia, and nitric acid. I made gunpowder, contact explosives, chemical fire, nitrogen triiodide and just about anything else that blew up, spontaneously combusted or made pretty colors when it burned. My favorite book was organic chemistry. I never blew up anything that wasn't mine (or my parent's), never killed animals, never bombed anything, never hurt anything or anyone else. Back then it was good, clean educational fun. When I was in high school I got A's in chemistry. Today if you have any of those chemicals in certain countries (US), you're a terrorist. I think the nanny state is getting out of hand. Except for the mention of intending to use them to kill birds, I can't see any reason to wish those kids who did something that was considered normal when I was that age to killed or maimed or neutered.
  15. I'd like to see a similar survey done in the U.S. about Trump. I bet there'd be a lot more buyer's remorse.