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  1. That's only a 5 baht chain, hardly unusual. I had a 2 baht chain that was so thin it broke while I was sleeping on a plane so I got the thinnest, most compact 4 baht chain and never had a problem. I think the secret is wearing it under your shirt, not like Mr. T.
  2. Update. I had Home Pro send someone out, they correctly diagnosed the problem within 30 minutes (jing joke shorted out the inverter controller PCB) and within three days he returned and installed a new board. Total cost - 7600 baht Cost to replace the split system- 27,000 baht
  3. You only need to look at the places that have legalized cannabis or other drugs to see that legalization or decriminalization yields better results than prohibition. Portugal used to have some of the highest duse usage and addiction rates and overdoses in the EU . In 2004 they decriminalized all drugs and today they have one of the lowest usage, addiction and overdose rates in Europe. Less drug use, less harm and cost to society and less people locked up in jail. Win,win,win. Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2013, as a result, all crime is down, motor vehicle deaths are down, alcohol and opiate use is down, drug crimes are down and tax revenue is way up. They are making so much money on taxing cannabis sales that they are reducing taxes in the state and refunding money to residents. In the 70's The Netherlands separated soft drugs from hard drugs and allowed cannabis to be sold in coffeeshops so people could buy it without being offered other hard drugs. As a result, The Netherlands had one of the lowest rates of cannabis consumption in Europe and the lowest rate in Europe of cannabis use by minors. Unfortunately the religious conservatives in power recently decided to ignore the facts and decided to adopt the US style of war on drugs (while the U.S. was abandoning it) because their Calvinistic sensibilities were offended by shops opening selling the devil's lettuce. Since they began closing coffeeshops and cracking down on growshops, crime has increased, hard drug and street dealing and its associated problems have also increased. Newly released studies show that people who have smoked cannabis are safer drivers than both people who consumed alcohol and sober drivers. That's right, stoned drivers are safer and less likely to be involved in an accident than the control group. The only reasons to support prohibition are if you own stock in a for-profit prison, stock in a drug testing company, own stock in tobacco or liquor business or work in law enforcement.
  4. Not my experience at all. I fly in and out of there all the time and I've never missed a flight, never had any delays. Most of that is domestic or ASEAN travel. When I fly business class internationally I spend no more than 15 minutes with customs, immigration and checking bags. There's a lot worse places, I spent 90 minutes getting out of Auckland airport. Even Vancouver, SeaTac, LAX and Amsterdam take more time than BKK.
  5. She's nothing special. I clicked hoping to see some beauty and my reaction was "really?" I see a half dozen women who are "hotter" than her on a typical grocery shopping run to TopMarket. I've seen better looking nurses in Ubon even. It's a mystery to me why this one's too hot to be a nurse.
  6. Amphetamine pills smell?
  7. 3bb wants ฿1000 a month extra for a static IP. To see my security cameras I need to remote in to my pc, get the IP and put it in my remote camera viewing app. I tried an an app (Mr.IP) which was supposed to email me the IP every time it changed but it never worked properly.
  8. Thailand needs submarines because the surrounding countries have them? Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar all have submarines ? I doubt that. Spend the money on hospitals and education, not toys.
  9. Selling is legal. Sex is legal. Why is selling sex illegal?
  10. Massage gels in a massage parlor. Shocking.
  11. Worms cause cancer?
  12. Thanks Trump!
  13. Must have been old wooden houses. A rock would be easier to start on fire than my house.
  14. That's five years longer than killing a cop with your Ferrari.