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  1. A multiple entry Non O in Savannakhet costs, I believe, 5,000 baht.
  2. I appreciate the potential difficulty of arranging a visa in India which is time consuming and uncertain. However, entering visa exempt is not a good idea, especially in Bangkok. If you are taking a flight to Bangkok with a connection to Chiang Mai, be careful. That very likely will involve clearing immigration in Bangkok. I think you might consider flying from India to, perhaps, Hanoi, getting a tourist visa there, and flying on to Chiang Mai. Ho Chi Minh City and Vientiane are other good places for tourist visas.
  3. For a single entry Non O visa, go to Vientiane. It requires one night stay. In theory, you can do a conversion from a tourist entry to a non immigrant entry at Udon Thani immigration. This is intended as a precursor to applying for a one-year extension of stay, and the process is a bit messy, among other things requiring 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account with proof it came from abroad. If you go to Savannakhet, Laos, you can get a multiple entry Non O (like I expect you have received in earlier years) with no financial proof. You apply before 11:00 am and receive the visa around 2:00 pm the following day.
  4. Sure, no problem. I think Mae Sot is one of the best places for such a border hop.
  5. BritTim

    Phillipinne Visitor

    Better to have 20,000 baht equivalent in cash on you, in case you are asked. I also heard VIP service was being terminated, but I believe that did not happen. Ask your airline.
  6. You will not need this at the consulate in Vientiane. However, you could (in theory) be asked to show cash by immigration on entry into Thailand. If entering via the Friendship Bridge at Nong Khai, this is very unlikely.
  7. I concur that there should be no problem getting another visa exempt entry on return from Cambodia. However, I would add a word of caution. If you decide to do the trip overland, the return is usually through Poipet/Aranyaprathet. Unfortunately, although all other land crossings are fine, this particular land crossing can be a law unto itself. It should be avoided if possible. One way of doing this is a fly back from Siem Reap to Bangkok. Using other land crossings is also possible, but the trip is not very convenient. Going overland to Angkor through Poipet/Aran is fine, only your return needs to be planned to avoid potential problems.
  8. I would suggest timing your visit to Kuala Lumpur in a way that allows you to apply for a tourist visa while there. You apply in the morning of one day and get the visa back in the afternoon of the following day. Obviously, this means going during the week, not at a weekend. Since the Thai consulate will want to see a ticket out of Thailand, going after extending your current visa exempt entry is probably best. You can then use your return ticket to home country to meet their requirement.
  9. There is nothing wrong with connecting through Nakhon Phanom to get to Mukdahan. There are frequent minibuses from the bus station to Mukdahan, but they are fairly slow (about 2 1/2 hours) so you need to get an early minibus, about 6:00 to 6:30, to ensure reaching Savannakhet in time to apply for your visa. I believe you can ask to be let off near the bridge before arriving at Mukdahan which saves some time. It is too long since I was in Nakhon Phanom to suggest hotels. Just check out Booking.com/Agoda for somewhere walking distance to the bus station. As usual, expect taxis from the airport to overcharge you outrageously.
  10. As a general principle, I would advise minimizing visa exempt entries, even if you have spent little time here previously, because it may become a factor in the future. Thus, I would suggest an extension, or going somewhere for a tourist visa, over an in/out for another visa exempt entry. That said, if you want to do the Kuala Lumpur run, the only important guideline is to have plenty of cash (minimum 20,000 baht equivalent) to show immigration on entry should they decide to be difficult. Note that one option for a tourist visa is to apply in Kota Bharu on a Sunday, receiving the visa Monday afternoon.
  11. Right ... and the lowest cost agents can shop around different immigration offices to find the one with the lowest under-the-table fees. There might be a small increase for those agents who take care that everything is 100% according to the letter of the regulations (protecting their clients) though this does not, of course, mean according to the spirit of those regulations.
  12.  Think you mean a Shan guide, the government has no control, Tachileik exempt. With respect, your knowledge is very outdated. The Shan State Army has not controlled any towns in Shan State for decades. Since the 2006 ceasefire agreement, the Myanmar authorities have steadily increased their control over remote areas., though occasional clashes were still occurring as recently as five years ago. The UK's always very cautious travel advice suggests all travel to most of Shan State is safe. They advise against all but essential travel to parts of Northern Shan State. Shan State Army approved guides are never used today. As recently as three years ago, the Myanmar authorities were insisting you used an official guide for travel in many parts of Shan State (to prevent travelers straying into lawless areas) and you would be turned back at some roadblocks unless accompanied by an official guide. I suspect even this requirement may no longer exist, but I am unsure.
  13. I do not think that is true any longer. I think you are still restricted to limited travel itineraries, and some trips might require an official Burmese guide, but Shan State is no longer closed.
  14. There are very few Thai honorary consulates in countries close to Thailand. The only one I can think of, off the top of my head, is the one in Bali. Most honorary consulates are in rich countries where Thailand wants limited consular services to be available in cities other than that served by the embassy (if any) without going to the expense of setting up and staffing an official consulate. I have never seen a full list of Thai honorary consulates, and any such list would change often. A Google search for 'Thai honorary consulate <country>' will usually tell you about any honorary consulates available in <country>.
  15. You correct. The visa number on your visa is D5454242.