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  1. tm30

    You are not the only one confused. First, ignore what the law says on the matter. The official requirements as written into the immigration act are absolutely nuts, and even the Thai authorities recognize that. What matters is what is enforced in your local area. As a general rule, you only need to submit a TM28 when you have done a long term extension of stay in one immigration district, and then move to a different immigration district. In most areas, submission of a TM30 is required. You can ignore this if either (i) living in Bangkok; or (ii) will not need any services from your local immigration office. In all other cases, you need to contact your local immigration office, and find out the local rules for when TM30 reports are needed; who is allowed to submit them; and the supporting documents needed. If you reveal where you are living, somewhere living in the same immigration district may be able to expand on the TM30 polices in your area. Good luck!
  2. Reading through this thread, I have a feeling that you fall somewhere between an investment visa and a business visa. You may find it difficult to get an appropriate visa and extension of stay if you do not fall into one or other of these categories. If you do end up needing a work permit, I would not worry too much about the semantics of your job description, as long as your activities are not clearly out of the scope. Maybe, something like "executive management" would work. One piece of advice you were given is now well out of date. There is zero chance an honorary consulate would be allowed to issue you with a multiple entry Non B (business) or Non IB (business and investment). You will need to deal with the embassy. While requirements are liable to vary between different embassies, you can get a general flavor of the requirements from http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15388-Non-Immigrant-Visa-"B"-(for-Business-and.html
  3. Yes, that is correct. This is interesting news. I have heard of people getting a single entry Non O (over 50) in Savannakhet, intending to do retirement extensions in Thailand. It is the first time I heard a multiple entry was possible. For those who travel a fair bit anyway, and who want to use overseas bank account balances for financial proof, this could be a good option.
  4. How long can i stay for?

    Sort of. You can easily get the 30-day extension on payment of 1,900 baht at the immigration office. If you then apply for a further extension, also on payment of 1,900 baht, the application is denied. However, you are given seven days to leave the country, in practical terms, not much different to a one week extension. Note that, if you do not have two previous visa exempt entries by land this year, you also have the option of a border bounce somewhere to get a fresh 30-day entry.
  5. Yes, but remember you are only allowed two visa exempt entries by land in any calendar year.
  6. Ban Laem today.

    It is over a year since I last did a Cambodia border hop. However, I can assure you that at Poi Pet and Ban Laem, I never paid more than the official price for the visa on arrival. I have also never paid the same day return fee, though I have needed to use a little subterfuge to avoid it. I also paid regular price, longer ago, at Hat Lek (Koh Kong) but there you must be an expert and willing to spend a lot of time to achieve that. I never tried a same day return at Koh Kong, but it is probably difficult without paying off Cambodia immigration.
  7. Ban Laem today.

    You can believe it or not. There are two exceptions to this Cambodian immigration law: It does not apply if you enter the country by air. It does not apply if you have a multiple entry business visa. In all other cases, the law says you must spend at least one night in Cambodia. It is a longstanding rule, dating back at least 20 years. Believe me, if immigration want to prevent you leaving they can. In practice, this is a law that is widely flouted, often with some financial inducement to the officials.
  8. You say your email "has been returned" to you. Do you mean the email was rejected, and returned with an error message. Or, did VPS reply with an unsatisfactory message? Please clarify exactly what you are seeing when you send VPS an email using your regular email program (that you successfully use to communicate with other people). The problem is not your Internet provider if you can use your email program to communicate with other people. Test this by sending an email to your wife.
  9. While referring to the Thai immigration website (and embassy websites) is a reasonable first step, I would caution people that the information they provide is often wrong, and confirmation using this forum is actually a good idea.
  10. Thanks. So, again to clarify, the consulate in Savannakhet granted you a multiple entry Non O visa on the basis of being over 50, right?
  11. Just further clarification if you do not mind. Did you actually go to the Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet at all? Or, were you simply doing a border hop to get a new 90-day entry on your existing multiple entry Non O visa?
  12. Thank you for a good report, but I am pretty sure you will have paid 1,900 baht for the extension of stay.
  13. I do not suggest trying that unless you understand what is happening. The default email client is quite likely set up with an outlook.com email address you normally do not use. The replies would go there, and you would need to know how to open the default email client again to see the replies. In general, using programs you do not understand on Windows computers is not a good idea.
  14. When you left click on the MailTo address on that page, it opens the default email client on your Windows computer. This is probably a program you normally never use. Instead, right click on the email address and copy it to your clipboard. Then, open your normal email program and paste the email address there. If you want to avoid similar problems in the future, there are ways of changing your default email program, which will mean you can just click on MailTo links in the future with the system doing the right thing. Explaining how is outside the scope of this forum (you could ask in the IT forum if you want to know how to do that).