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  1. Uh, contact the local school I bet they know........ This is the correct answer. In Thailand, school holidays are not identical across the country. Schools in particular areas may differ in the days they set aside for holidays, mainly to respond to local conditions.
  2. 90 days overstay

    @ubonjoe has suggested the only legal solution that might work, if you have the gift of the gab. That solution will involve a couple of days in detention (even with prior planning) and the chances of success are not great. Other ways you might avoid the consequences of your actions involve fixers and illegal activities that cannot be discussed on this board. Some with knowledge of these corrupt activities may PM you to let you know how they work.
  3. That does not seem right. Are you sure he did not get permanent residence rather than citizenship? With permanent residence, you need a reentry permit (different from the normal one) whenever you go abroad, but citizenship absolves you of the need to do that.
  4. I think immigration's system will have a note of the re-entry permit number used for entry. If I was writing immigration's system, I would also have a check to ensure it was not used multiple times. The stamping of visas and re-entry permits 'used' is only to assist future immigration officials flicking through your passport. The stamp's absence does not affect the reality.
  5. You should be aware that an METV is really little safer than multiple SETVs as far as immigration's attitude to your long term residence on tourist entries. It does suggest you have some money, and the return to home country is seen as a positive. That said, if you are rarely out of Thailand, the official may suspect you of illegal working and be inclined to be difficult, whether you use an METV or an SETV. If you really want to stay long term, the Thailand Elite Easy Access visa is your only surefire solution.
  6. What are you smoking? You do infact NEED to go back to your home country to apply for a new METV after it expires. Going back to your home country is optional. If you wish to use METVs, you must do this. However, some use a combination of visa exempt entries, SETVs and Non Ed visas (all available in the region) to stay for long periods. It is a bit precarious, because rules changes could interfere with what such people are doing, but more than a few have succeeded in doing this up until now.
  7. O Visa at Savannakhet

    Unless recently changed, the deadline for applications in Savannakhet is 11:00 am. If really counting the pennies, take an overnight bus from Bangkok to Mukdahan. This will mean you only need to pay for one night in the hotel in Savannakhet rather than two. You might choose to use the Nok Air fly-ride service on your return, though, if you wish to get an early morning bus from Bangkok (Southern bus station) to Phuket. I believe there are buses leaving between around 5:00 and 7:00 am.

    The visa expiry date is the last date it can be used to enter Thailand. It does not affect the admitted until date on the permission to stay of your last entry. Unless you plan to enter Thailand after March 20th, you do not appear to have an issue.
  9. I know the online appointment system for reentry permits existed in the past but, when the immigration extranet went down, that service became unavailable along with it. It will certainly be good news if it has actually started working reliably.
  10. If you do apply for a tourist visa in Kuala Lumpur, can you please report back on how it goes. It will be interesting to learn whether KL has again become a viable option for those who want to do a visa run.
  11. Wait for a definitive answer from @ubonjoe. Meanwhile, this is my understanding. If your intention is to do more than business meetings and actually carry out work in Thailand for Thai clients, you will find it difficult to satisfy the legal requirements. Briefly, following a change of policy a few years ago, you are allowed to visit Thailand on a tourist visa for business meetings , to attend trade shows, and purchase goods at qualifying trade shows. Also, spending time in Thailand as a digital nomad (working exclusively online for overseas clients) while not strictly legal is tolerated. Pretty much all other kinds of work carried out in Thailand require a work permit, and you need a non immigrant B visa before you can get the work permit. With rare exceptions that you would not qualify for, to get a non immigrant B visa, you need to be sponsored by a Thai company who apply for the work permit on your behalf.
  12. You should be able to apply on the morning of October 24th and pick up the visa on the afternoon of the 25th, or am I misunderstanding the dates of your intended visit to Yangon?
  13. So would you say they only count the ones issued by them or the total number of SETVs? In Vientiane, they typically only count those issued by them, though there was a report of them also taking account of those issued in Savannakhet. The policy in other consulates, of course, can be and often is different.
  14. If your concern is safety, you can use travelers' checks (in any major currency) to satisfy immigration. If you are entering with an actual visa, it is actually unlikely you will be asked to show it.
  15. If you get a new passport, this will negate the effect of that red stamp. In the future, try to spread you visa applications around different locations, just 2-3 in each consulate. That will make it much less likely that you will experience the red stamp issue.