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  1. Under normal circumstances, you are supposed to attend immigration personally when applying for an extension, even if using the services of an agent. The only advantage of a good agent is that they can provide transport, and arrange priority queuing which can sometimes mean a much shorter wait. If dealing with an agent who claims they can get the extension without your presence, be careful. This may not be following normal procedures, and may not be completed properly. Using an agent will not save money.
  2. That should not be necessary. Just make sure you have something printed showing current exchange rates from SEK into USD or THB.
  3. BritTim

    Visa Running out

    I do not know what you mean by "report day" (which in the meaning of 90-day report makes sense only if he is on an extension of stay) in combination with a multiple entry Non O visa. That aside, what is the "enter before" date on his visa?
  4. BritTim

    Visa Running out

    I am still not totally clear if he is here on a multiple entry visa (with an expiry date of 22 July and a current permission to stay until 21 July on his most recent entry) or if he is on an extension of stay issued at an immigration office in Thailand that expires 21 July.. We can give appropriate advice for each individual situation, but it would be less confusing if we knew first the current position precisely and can suggest what to do accordingly. This thread is a perfect example of the confusion that exists from mixing up visa, permission to stay, extension, re-entry permit,, 90-day report visa exempt entry, visa on arrival etc.
  5. What is your nationality?
  6. Unless you know Bangkok very well, be cautious about assuming a taxi driver is trying to scam you by using what (to you) appears to be a roundabout route. For instance, if you are in Phrakhanong (on Sukhumvit Road) and have told the driver not to use the expressway, he will probably go up Banga-Trad, then turn left to get to Suvarnabhumi. This is not the shortest route, but is much faster than trying to fight your way down Onnut Road
  7. When a company in Thailand claims to have provided you with a service that you have no way of verifying was actually provided, be very suspicious. I doubt very much you were ever on a blacklist, and would be very curious as to how much you were charged to get yourself "removed". I am also curious as to what a "name locked" might mean. As an aside, a statement that someone called "Somchai", a male first name with no surname, had issued a police report against you would make me immediately almost sure someone was trying to scam me.
  8. Assuming you have not spent many months in Thailand in the last year, or have several previous visa exempt entries since 2015, there should be no difficulty with your plans. However, you should be aware that immigration officials have pretty much total discretion in whether to grant visa exempt entries, and are indeed instructed to deny visa exempt entry (flexibly) to those using visa exempt entries to stay long term in Thailand. Have 20,000 baht equivalent in cash on you, as this is the first thing an official inquires about if considering denying entry.
  9. BritTim

    Big Change in Penang

    If you go, please leave us feedback on the latest requirements. In particular, is the rumored requirement for a ticket to your home country being enforced?
  10. To the OP: I thought VFS provided an option (at increased cost) to retain your passport while the visa application was processed. Has this option been discontinued?
  11. The application is for a visa to visit the UK as a tourist. His girlfriend is not entitled to a UK passport.
  12. That depends on where you apply. Certainly in the past, no onward flight was needed for an SETV in the UK.
  13. I am not aware of any sudden change to rules for any visas related to retirement (the main ones being an O-A visa applied for in your home country, or an Non O applied for at an immigration office in Thailand) or an extension of stay on the basis of retirement applied for at an immigration office. Individual consulates and immigration offices may change their rules (especially when a new senior official takes charge) but I know of no overall changes. Perhaps, you could clarify exactly what you are referring to. For the moment, the situation in Vientiane appears stable. They will freely give you three or four tourist visas, but then stamp your passport as a regular applicant for such visas and not give you any more. At that stage, you will need to apply in Savannakhet. There could be changes to the rules when applying for tourist visas in Vientiane, and these could occur at short notice, but there is nothing currently to suggest that is imminent.
  14. As a matter of interest, what would you call someone running an online business from wherever in the world they happen to be at the time, if not a "digital nomad"? I think the key is that (in spite of the wording of the laws as they currently exist) the authorities have decided working online, where neither the employer nor any customers are Thai companies or individuals, should be interpreted as working outside Thailand. As such, it is "legal" regardless of your immigration status. They could change their minds in the future.
  15. I go for quick visa run every three months through a primitive border cross on Myanmar but Thai immigration officers demand 5000 Baht, what can I do? Because I don't want to change this border crossing and it is least expensive. It seems you have a valid multiple entry Non O visa.. I have heard of Myanmar border crossings where you need to pay 500 baht for the Thai and Myanmar officials to do their jobs, but 5,000 baht is plain ridiculous. Are you paying this to immigration (Myanmar or Thai directly) or did someone see you coming and catch you before you reached immigration?