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  1. Number of entry "S" means single entry, not multiple entry. You have presumably since entering Thailand and getting the initial 90-day entry, been getting one-year extensions of stay for which you have a multiple entry reentry permit. The original visa was used long ago, and no longer has any relevance. Anyway, you will be readmitted until the expiry date specified on the reentry permit, and will need to apply for a further extension.
  2. Traveling around Laos without your passport might not be a great idea anyway.
  3. Until recently, I would have told you that traveling to Savannakhet in Laos would guarantee you could get a tourist visa, and return by land without any difficulty. However, there was one report a week or so ago (the first I can remember) of someone being denied a tourist visa in Savannakhet. That is still what I would recommend you try.
  4. The good news is that you are not on a blacklist, and @ubonjoe (whose opinion carries great weight) believes your risk is low. My own view (for what it is worth: generally less than Joe's) is that the Non Ed visa will not dispel immigration's suspicion of illegal employment. I think you could well be in trouble again if you hit the wrong immigration official on entry.
  5. BritTim

    6month TR visa

    No, a visa exempt entry means you are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa. A VOA is a visa on arrival. This is available for some nationals who are not eligible for visa exempt entry, is applied for at a visa on arrival desk before going to immigration, and costs money.
  6. If you have not been blacklisted, you are extremely lucky. The ban is usually automatic. However, the lack of a stamp confirming the ban in your passport indicates that the immigration at U-Tapao wanted to be merciful. It depends on whether their superiors decide to overrule them. Do you have the option of returning through U-Tapao? It might be worth doing that, as you apparently have immigration there who want to help you.
  7. BritTim

    6month TR visa

    My suggestion would be Single entry tourist visa from Hull, giving you an initial 60-day entry Travel to Vientiane, getting a single entry tourist visa there (requires at least one night stay). This gives you another 60 days. Either extend this by 30 days at an immigration office in Thailand, or do a border hop to get a 30-day visa exempt entry.
  8. Thais are very status conscious. Your immigration official "friend" may have nothing more nefarious in mind than being associated with a foreign big shot. The only thing likely to be expected is that you, as the one of higher status, will be the one who pays if you go out for a meal together. Retain the connection, but keep him at arms length. He could come in useful sometime.
  9. The initial visa you want is a Non O single entry to visit family. Contact the Royal Thai Embassy in your country of residence, explain your situation, and ask what supporting documents they need. This may include a copy of your mother's id card and house book, plus possibly a letter of invitation from your mother asking you to visit. When you arrive in Thailand, you will get a 90-day permission to stay. This permission to stay can be extended at an immigration office inside Thailand. A short 60-day extension is possible without financial proof. For a longer one-year extension, you will need to show (I believe) 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account, or 40,000 baht per month income.
  10. Yes, as long as your wife is with you, and you have the correct documents (which vary a bit depending on the immigration office you are applying at) the extension is automatic.
  11. I think the answer should be that no stamp transfer will be needed until you want to apply for a further extension of your permission of stay based on retirement. At that point, you will need to have the original entry stamp and the previous extension stamps transferred. Regardless, I do not believe the re-entry permit will ever be transferred from your old to your new passport, so both passports will need to be used for trips in and out of Thailand until you get a new re-entry permit.
  12. Good luck with applying for your extension of permission to stay which should, most likely, go fine. Make sure you understand the differences between such an extension and a multiple entry visa.
  13. Mostly, it is possible from the Royal Thai Embassy in your home country, though it depends on local policies.
  14. If you want to extend an existing permission to stay on a non immigrant entry (the exact form of the original visa being irrelevant) then, as you say, this can be done at an immigration office without leaving Thailand. I believed you wished to know about applying for a Non O multiple entry visa in the region (some prefer this as it avoids needing to interact with the immigration office in Thailand) which is why I gave the answer I did.
  15. There have been isolated reports of immigration offices refusing to extend tourist entries of those using them to stay long term in Thailand. Such refusals are very rare, and you would be incredibly unlucky to be one of those affected. Getting single entry tourist visas, and entering Thailand with them, remains possible for those with an extended history of using them. It is steadily becoming harder, and you should plan to use friendly consulates. Avoid visa exempt entry by air.