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  1. You currently have a "visa exempt entry" which is not a visa. Your permission to stay can be extended for 30 days at an immigration office in Thailand on payment of 1,900 baht. If you want to do a border bounce from Bangkok for a new visa exempt entry, the best place to do it is generally considered Ban Phu Nam Ron, a crossing to Myanmar. There are many threads on it in the forum. Note that you can only get visa exempt entries when entering by land twice in a single calendar year. If you think you might stay a longer time, consider going to Vientiane for an actual tourist visa.
  2. As you can tell from the above, virtually anything other than "work illegally" or "employ the services of prostitutes" will be fine.
  3. Consulate websites are frequently outdated, confusing, or just plain wrong. That applies to other websites also, but there are many sources that confirm my own understanding (such as https://www.live-less-ordinary.com/thai-tourist-visa-application-in-ho-chi-minh/). Years ago, many consulates were much more flexible in processing visa applications, some even providing same day service. I am aware of no consulates in the region that do not now officially require applications to be made in the morning.
  4. Officially, you must submit your application for a visa in the morning. I am aware of one applicant who was given a special dispensation to apply in the afternoon (he had evidence that his flight had a long delay arriving in HCMC) but they are unlikely to allow it in general.
  5. You can continue to enter visa exempt under those circumstances. It appears that you are spending 90 days or less in Thailand each year. It is really unlikely you will be targeted. Beware, though, if you increase the length of your stays in the future. Do then enter at airports only with visas. In fact, if possible, avoid entering at airports at that point, and try to enter with a visa by land.
  6. BritTim

    Two Positives Make one Negative

    Read (and possibly print) this page which gives the official requirements for opening a bank account at Bangkok Bank: https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Other-Services/Foreign-Customers/Bangkok-Bank-Accounts. Scroll down the page and click on Required Documents for opening an account. Note that you may be able to open an account without meeting all the requirements under some circumstances (see below). If you know a respected Thai who would be willing to help you, visit the largest branch of Bangkok Bank in Khon Kaen with him, and ask again to open an account. Take your rental contract (to show you are planning an extended stay) and you would improve your chances if you can get a residence certificate from immigration (or your embassy) before going.
  7. I suggest you get a Non O single (or multiple) entry visa before your return in April. This will get you a 90-day permission to stay in Thailand. If you come to Thailand in April without a valid visa, you will receive a 30-day "visa exempt" permission to stay. If you have a Thai spouse, you can extend this for a further 60 days at an immigration office in Thailand on payment of 1,900 baht. Without a Thai spouse, a 30-day extension of your permission to stay would still be possible.
  8. BritTim

    Bringing pills on flight to thailand?

    I had a friend who was shaken down for a fairly large bribe by the police in Thailand for possession of a single Valium pill without being able to show a prescription. I am aware that pharmacies will often sell you drugs that are supposedly controlled, and you will usually get away with it. That does not mean you cannot get into serious trouble if you are unlucky.
  9. BritTim

    Poipet Cambodia visa run...

    Using Poipet for a visa run now is highly discouraged. The situation is much more difficult than in years past. There are many reports of people using Poipet, not infrequently with problems. The visa run companies have stopped using Poipet because of all the complications. If you have US dollars, the correct price for a Cambodian visa on arrival is $30. You can be asked to pay a fee to leave Cambodia the same day. When you get your visa, do not tell them you are leaving the same day. When you stamp out from Cambodia, they may again ask you to pay. Smile and say no and you may get away with it. If you need to pay, 200 baht is enough. More problematic, Thai immigration may give you a hard time for the same day return, and it is much more expensive to sort out if they decide not to admit you. Did I remember to advise you to avoid doing a visa run at Poipet?
  10. You could opt to use Fly/Ride Mukdahan-Don Muang-Phuket without spending a night in either Mukdahan or Bangkok. If you wanted to be in Phuket before midnight, connections are a bit tight (either in Mukdahan or Don Muang) but there is a late flight from Don Muang on Thai Lion that allows adequate time for transfers.
  11. Be aware that, if there is significant time remaining on your existing tourist entry, and you will be away only a few days you have the option of buying a re-entry permit for 1,000 baht to keep your existing permission to stay intact on your return. This avoids the need for a visa exempt entry. If you plan to spend a lot of time in Thailand in the future, you should use visa exempt entries as little as possible. Usually, immigration will not create problems when you use visa exempt entries very rarely (though they can). Immigration has a lot of discretion over whether to grant visa exempt entries and sometimes deny entry when (in the view of the individual official) you have been using visa exempt entries to "spend too much time" in Thailand.
  12. I believe you received a visa along with that stamp. The stamp does not affect the validity of the visa. If you fly back to Thailand with your freshly issued, unused visa, you will receive a 60-day stay. There is a small chance that you may be interrogated by immigration as to why you spend so much time in Thailand. The safest approach would be to enter Thailand via the Friendship bridge, and fly on to Bangkok from Udon Thani airport. Applying for further Thai tourist visas is going to be difficult until you get a replacement passport.
  13. I am guessing that he may have been referring to the long discontinued Non O to visit family and friends "social" visas.
  14. Talk to the London Embassy, explain your situation, and ask what they require from you to provide you with an METV. I should be possible without you being in employment. Your plan could be: Once a year, an METV from the UK. A border bounce every 60 days to get a fresh 60-day stay in Thailand. The last border bounce should be just before the Enter before date of the visa. [Assuming you apply for your METV about two weeks before your first entry into Thailand, this will take you up to about 7 1/2 months after you arrive in Thailand.] Travel to Vientiane, and apply for an SETV. That will take you to about 9 1/2 months after your first entry. [The approach now depends on how long you want to spend in the UK on your annual visits. I assume one month which means you want another 1 1/2 months roughly in Thailand.] Do a border bounce for a 30-day visa exempt entry. Go to an immigration office and extend this for a further 30 days on payment of 1,900 baht. ... return to the UK, rinse and repeat until you qualify for retirement.