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  1. EDIT: as pointed out by UJ, I made an irrelevant post
  2. I really think you should consider marriage, given that you seem comfortable that she is your one and only. That will provide you with cheap options. The alternatives are Non Ed (education) visa and extensions for a year or so. This may make sense as she will probably find it easier to adapt to Thailand if she can speak the language. Buy her a Thailand Elite visa. This is a great solution, except for the sticker shock.
  3. Never believe what a Thai consulate tells you about anything other than the rules they follow at their specific consulate. They are less reliable than bar stool warriors.
  4. Are you the legal father.? B Being on birth certificate is not enough unless legally married. Just to clarify, are you saying Legitimization is required at all consulates? There certainly are some who accept the birth certificate (unlike when applying for an extension) You can get a single or multiple (which?) Non O in Singapore as the parent of a Thai child, assuming you have the necessary documents?
  5. There have been first hand reports on TV from people who have done it. If you have tried since January, and been rejected, that would be useful information. This far, we have seen no such reports. If you are saying the reports from those who have done it must be wrong because there are few people crossing the border, we will prefer to believe those who have done it.
  6. Actually I support Jack on this. Those researching the friendly consulates and immigration entry points to stay in Thailand for extended periods on visas not intended for long term stays are "playing the system". I imply no criticism. They are doing so legally, and I congratulate them if they can execute their plans without running afoul of the Thai immigration restrictions.
  7. Actually, he seems to believe they are the same thing.. Either that, or either the thread subject line or his post is a scrivener's error.
  8. Written Chinese kind of is. Although the various Chinese dialects are not mutually comprehensible, the written language is a lingua franca. That is why you usually see Chinese subtitles on Chinese movies.
  9. You could leave the country and come back on a tourist entry. Then you can apply for a change of status to a 90-day non immigrant entry, with 800,000 baht in the bank on the day you apply for this. Near the end of the 90-day non imm entry, you would apply for a retirement extension in the normal way.
  10. Right! Assuming the rules do not change in he interim, getting a fresh visa in Vientiane is very easy. You cross the border from Thailand into Laos at the Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai. You need to plan to arrive in Nong Khai by 10:00 am at latest, because you apply for the visa in Vientiane before 11:30 am (receiving your passport back with visa the following day, early afternoon. This means one night in Vientiane. From most parts of Thailand, you have the option of flying to/from Udon Thani (about 40 minutes from the border) or long bus journeys. Flying directly into Vientiane is also possible, but the flight schedules are very unfavorable for the visa application and pickup.
  11. I assume you do not intend to work, and are under 50 years old. Correct me if this is not true. In my opinion, you should plan to use tourist visas. You should be able to get a single entry tourist visa easily. This gives a stay of 60 days that can be extended by 30 days for 1,900 baht at an immigration office inside Thailand. At the end of the 90 days (60 + 30) you can travel to Vientiane Laos and get another single entry tourist visa. [From Bangkok, budget about 5,000-7,000 baht for the visa run to Vientiane, inclusive of travel, Lao visa on arrival, hotel for one night, meals, and the Thai visa itself.] An alternative to two single entry tourist visas would be to get a multiple entry tourist visa. You could look into that, but the requirements make it pretty inconvenient for most people. A further option could be a Non Ed (education) visa, but this is really too much trouble unless you have a burning desire to study in Thailand anyway.
  12. As I understand things, if not married, in addition to the name on the birth certificate, you need to legitimize yourself as the father before applying for an extension on the basis of having a Thai child. Others here can probably give you the details on how to do that. If a multiple entry Non O (from Penang) on the basis of having a Thai child was an acceptable alternative, this can be done with the birth certificate without legitimization.
  13. I accept what you say. However, I do not believe that, for instance, the extra documentation to ask for Non B visas is because tourist entries have been abused. It was because Non B visas were being abused. The need to show flight reservations and funds for tourist visas is irrational, but not much of an impediment to the normal holidaymaker, assuming they have a need for tourist visas at all, and cannot just enter visa exempt.
  14. (source If you have evidence that Operations Order No. SBM-2015-026 has been superceded, please point to your source.
  15. For a denied extension, you basically just need your passport, completed form with photo and 1,900 baht. (Maybe, evidence of TM 30 in some offices.) Since you do not qualify for any extension, there is no supporting documentation to support the application.