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  1. Yes. Aloo i think is potato. I have never had beef in an Indian restaurant, but im sure its there. I prefer Chicken or lamb in Indian restaurants around the world.
  2. I have in the past. Also taken friends to them whilst they were on holiday.
  3. caption . Look this one, even gave me a free piggy back to the A.T.M.
  4. Are you sure this is true ? I will have you know , this is pattaya / Jomtien The First Class Top Family Destination of Asia. Think you maybe Fibbing
  5. Ah yes, that would be golfing holes 20, 21, and 22 I love Thailand and Golf
  6. This is just more Fake news There is no Prostitution or Sex industry in Thailand. The pantomime is never over Its behind you "!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no it's not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have many times. The tunnel will help us all speed to the next traffic jam. 500m up the road. The Top family Destination Traffic Jam of Asia. 2.5 hours round trip yesterday at 17:00 Jomtien to Nakulia. Ps Thais make most of the traffic jams themselves, due to there selfish behaviour on the roads.
  8. True. Most prefer a dress and a moustache.
  9. All very interesting, can we now get back to the job in hand.
  10. If you say so, Three cheers for a pair of idiots in Pattaya. There were no winners
  11. You have no idea what the idiot said, through the car window at his wife and child, maybe you F- C and your C - wife and B- child. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then smacked the car. Would that deserve a beating, not sure. But lets face it , when he went up to the car. Sure he never said HELLO EXCUSE ME OLD CHAP, CAN I HAVE A WORD. !!!!!!!
  12. The me first attitude, starts, at very early age in Thailand. Carried through to adulthood around 72 years old
  13. Questioning anything is thrashed out of them, at an early age. Thai style. Hope they catch the scum bag
  14. It's all part of the World Class Family Tourist Destination Of Pattaya Now, with its new, Safe Happy Zone. Fly tipping around Jomtien , is in full swing now days. Truly disgraceful behaviour.
  15. You forgot, Pissing in the street, a Bush near a Rubbish bin. and im, talking about the ladies.