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  1. What a bunch of nasty animals.
  2. The Police may view this as two Falangs fighting and may well fine them both. regardless of one getting knocked out. Who knows. It was just one more happy Songkrain day in Pattaya for all the family.
  3. I doubt that statement is true.
  4. No, i have never come across anyone saying GGB, they say Go- Go - Bar , no abbreviation needed, that's what did me
  5. Basement shop in Tuk com. or Thai Whatsado, Shukhumvet road
  6. and the title of the thread is ? But i never said anyone was arrested. i said, grassed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut down on your BS.
  7. Ah yes, forgot that one.
  8. I Think these are for sale in pattaya. or try Google Earth,
  9. Well it's a start. Maybe it will have worked in 30 years time.
  10. What's a GGB ? Gay Guy Bar ? Only joking, but what does it Mean ?
  11. Go back and read my posts, its all there. I can make jokes about what i like . You dont make the rules here. But i must admit , i do like to make jokes about jokers in pattaya, there is no shortage of materiel. Anyway, a happy Songkrain was had by all. Well almost, I look forward to next years exciting adventures of jokers, having a lark around town. Hope the old aggressor guy has recovered.
  12. This thread, is starting to remind me of the this hard guy. HOO-HA