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  1. The Secret Suffering Of Toxic Thai Med Schools

    @bedouin1990 In which country did you attend university?
  2. Preparing to close down Maya Bay

    Four months isn't anywhere near long enough for regeneration.
  3. The Secret Suffering Of Toxic Thai Med Schools

    It's no way to create a learning environment!! It can't do anything to improve the standards among Thailand's doctors.
  4. OK, this is going very well! Dr Melcher sounds like a very good option for me. He is a very good clinician. I already know that, but I didn't know that he did knee replacements. Also, my issue is sport-related and he is very knowledgeable about sport problems. I am very keen to preserve lateral knee ligaments for stability, as I plan to resume rock climbing after the knee replacement. Preserving the quadriceps attachment to the tibia would be a big help as well. We can discuss all that. Add to that the fact that I can communicate with him perfectly, and it sounds like a plan! I'd already decided to make an appointment with him today, as he emailed me back to tell me that he does knees. Just for interest, my uncle was an orthopaedic surgeon. He said that knee replacements were not rocket science, just carpentry! Many thanks to all for the help. If there's any interest, I'll post back with progress.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. Mmm....3 votes for Bumrungrad. I've already heard that it's an excellent hospital, but expensive. I will look into that in more detail. It all depends on my Thai medical insurance not deciding that it's a pre-existing condition and refusing to pay up. They haven't specifically excluded my knees, and I have told them about my history of cartilage surgery. We'll see. So, do you think the standards in Phuket would be significantly lower than at Bumrungrad? Phuket is hardly a provincial backwater. As has been said, it's obviously a good idea to choose the correct surgeon, but how can I know who's best? For instance, at Bumrungrad, there are 29 named surgeons who are listed as performing joint surgery. Is there a league table of surgeons in Thailand?? Re: Dr Melcher, good suggestion! I've seen him several times about various medical issues. I've written to him separately.
  6. Does anyone have experience of orthopaedic surgery in Phuket? I'm researching total knee replacement. Bangkok Hospital Phuket or Phuket International Hospital? (I know they are both part of the same group, but specialities might differ) Thanks for any advice
  7. Angkor Wat bridge open for New Year

    We were lucky enough to use the floating bridge last week. It was in no way flimsy and easily coped with the 100s of tourists using it. Incidentally, the number of tourists has increased by at least 10x since I last visited only eight years ago, and Siem Reap is building massive hotels at a startling rate.
  8. Russian coral bleachers sent home after court fine

    Why were they arrested?? Yes, I know it's against the law but you can buy much better, bleached specimens in shops around Phuket. This is Thailand......sigh!
  9. I use these guys: https://www.thaihealth.co.th/2012/index_eng.php Good luck
  10. The Nai Harn pool isn't marked on Google Maps, but it's approximately here, somewhere between Modern Thai Villa and Naya Paradise Retreat: https://www.google.com/maps/@7.7884191,98.3121533,17.83z If you're heading to Nai Harn along this road, Soi Naya, the pool is on the right. There will be some signage. I think you can see the side of the pool from the road. It's an indoor pool. Good luck!
  11. Phuket weather 2018

    Nice little rain storm in Rawai just now.
  12. Free water delivery for homes (Paklok)

    Interesting story, and free service as well!
  13. Agusts, you're talking my language, I have the POA forms that were waiting for him to sign. I will talk to my friendly mechanic. His morals are very flexible! If I can make my bike legit, nobody suffers and I win. I can't see the problem.
  14. @jackdd I'm pretty sure that having the green book and a signed bill of sale (and, although I didn't mention it, a copy of the sellers passport) is proof enough that the bike isn't stolen. What I'm taking from this conversation is that I will have to reduce the price, but certainly not to no-green-book levels. In the end, we'll see! Thanks all.
  15. @johng Thanks John. Your answer is the answer I'd expect if I didn't have a Green Book at all. I have sold such a bike in the past and it went for a really knock-down price. However, if that's what you think then I'll bear it in mind.