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  1. Ant madness! Help!

    Over the last five years in our house I have been using borax to control the tiny, 1mm ants that get everywhere and love any food scraps or crumbs. But now!.............the ants aren't coming from outside, they're coming out of the walls, from small gaps in tiling inside the house. I've used silicone sealer to close up some larger gaps in the tiling but the little buggers find another way out before long. I don't think that grouting/sealing is going to be a solution because it will still leave the ants inside the walls and they'll find a way out sooner or later. Is having ants in the walls a common problem? Will a pest control company be able so sort it out? Opinions/suggestions/advice, please!
  2. Pool and garden management companies

    APK Pool Shop, opposite Fisherman's way on Viset road. I've used them a couple of times. They did a good job and had reasonable English skills.
  3. Phuket weather 2018

    Off-topic report from Europe (waiting at Heathrow for the Bangkok flight) ....... Two metres of snow in Zermatt, in 24 hours! Get your skis on!
  4. Phuket weather 2017

    We had a flash flood two years ago, off the hill near us. Our office/workshop was flooded to 20cm, ruining some stuff, including my LP collection, the sleeves anyway. We had a storm drain dug and I was beginning to think we'd wasted the money....until last night when it was fully tested by another flash flood. No problems this time. Do you think that Phuket is getting a lot more rain than in the past?
  5. Phuket weather 2017

    @LivinginKata I think what the last posters meant was, "hard luck, man! I hope you get it all sorted out soon".
  6. Phuket weather 2017

    I know what you mean. 2am this morning found me pumping water out of my pool as it was about to overflow.
  7. Can anyone recommend an honest jetski company??

    Thanks all, for your responses. I'm sorry that nobody knows of a decent operator but I understand it's probably the mafia closed shop that's responsible for it. Never mind!
  8. Can anyone recommend an honest jetski company??

    @Patong2 I don't have travel insurance, I live here, in Rawai. I was hoping that 'old hands' on TV might know a legit jet ski operator. Hopefully some others will read this thread later today. Thanks for the opinions, though. I know the jet ski thing is a minefield.
  9. My wife has always wanted to try a jet ski. However, Phuket is renowned for scams. Can any TV members recommend an honest jet ski operator, or am I on a fool's errand? Also (unrelated to the above), is it possible to hire a 'real' jet ski anywhere: a stand-up one?
  10. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    No. From Nikita, head west for approx 100m and it's on the right (obviously, cos you get wet if you turn left!). The entrance is set back from the road a little, up some steps. It looks a bit like a greenhouse....lots of glass on the front. Enjoy!
  11. Blessing ceremony to be held at Angkor Wat

    So , is Cambodia experiencing social unrest? Seriously, I don't know. Opinions, please , from informed members.
  12. 3,000 cruise line passengers descend upon Patong

    Me so glad I don't live anywhere near Patong!
  13. It's not a subject that Western people seem to like thinking about, but to choose your time, at 82, when one's life has become too much of a struggle, is an adult choice which should be available to everyone, in an ideal world. I wouldn't choose a gun, though. What an image to leave for your family. But then again, the poor guy could hardly walk so maybe didn't have many options. RIP
  14. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    There's a new pizza/Italian place on Rawai beach, just west of Nikita. It's called Roma and almost all the main dishes are 100THB. It's worth a look if you're hungry. The 100-Baht pizza is surprisingly good.
  15. Dr good with bad backs

    During 24 years of dentistry, I had my fair share of back problems due to poor posture and the weird positions one assumes in order to see what you're doing. A friend recommended that I go to see his chiropractor, who was well respected. I'm an atheist and a sceptic, with no time for non-scientific woo and treatments that don't work. Also, I know the difference between the placebo effect and an effective treatment which sorts out the problem. Believe it or not, my back pain was successfully treated every time I saw this chiropractor. That leads me to the conclusion that, empirically at least, the chiropractor's treatment wasn't woo. He didn't call himself 'Doctor', but I think that's illegal in the UK, isn't it?