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  1. Tapster

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    +1,000,000 OP, please listen to these people. I have done a couple of things in Thailand where I have reflected afterwards, "I wish I'd really listened first". Please get out of this relationship. Your story is well known. It goes two ways from here: You walk away and after a while you will realise that you had a lucky escape, or... You commit, because you're a lovely guy and you can probably change him. In the latter case you will rue the day FOR YEARS! Sometimes the wisdom of Thai Visa is hard won and entirely correct. This is one of those times! Good luck!
  2. Tapster

    Free water delivery for homes (Paklok)

    Good luck getting the pipe. I hope it's cheap.
  3. Tapster

    Free water delivery for homes (Paklok)

    Hard luck, man! At least you know how it works now!
  4. Tapster

    Does this little bee sting?

    I've come across these in our garden once or twice. We live in Phuket. They do sting and, as was said above, it's a mild 3-4 out of ten.
  5. Tapster

    Curved screen is it a pro or a con?

    I have found the curved screen to be a nightmare. My wife has one on her Samsung and it seems difficult to hold the phone without accidentally touching the curved edge. I have a flat screen HTC of a similar size and never touch the screen when I don't want to. You can get screen protectors for curved screens and also phone covers designed to protect the curved part while still allowing access to it.
  6. Tapster

    Wine cask prices...

    I'm sure I read recently that the Thai government has started taxing wine according to the volume of the container. This would of course mean that box wines would increase in price much more, relative to bottles.
  7. Tapster

    Phuket weather 2018

    You guys towards the north of the island usually do get more rain than here in the 'deep south', don't you? Right now it's raining in Rawai, with some thunder as well.
  8. Tapster

    Dye for clothing

    @ThaidDown Thank you very much. I'd found a couple of batik workshops where I could probably get dye, but B2S is a dead cert for Dylon..............I've messaged them to find out exactly where they are in Phuket.
  9. Tapster

    Dentist in Phuket

    I always recommend Rang Hill Dental Clinic, who have done very good work for my wife, including an implant and crown. http://www.ranghilldentalclinic.com/ I think their prices are in line with the one you mentioned, but I know the work to be good, I'm an ex-dentist.
  10. Tapster

    Dye for clothing

    I have two white bathrobes that I'd like to dye a different colour. Does anyone know where I can get dye, or get someone to dye them for me? I'm based in Rawai but will go anywhere for this. In the UK, I used to use Dylon. I've heard of it being used in Thailand but I don't know where I'd go to get some. Many thanks
  11. Tapster

    Termite Madness!

    Many thanks for all the advice. I'm going to Chaindrite the bottom of the kitchen cabinets and keep an eye out over the next few months.
  12. @jenny2017 Cool. So, are you saying that changing from a non-O to a non-B visa can be done within Thailand, and only at the division HQ in BKK? I'd really like to know this for sure.
  13. @jenny2017 Thanks for the comment but are you asking me or telling me that that's the reason?
  14. @ubonjoe My wife needs to change from non-O (as wife of a retired person), to a non-B for teaching. She already has the job, starting tomorrow. What you've said above seems to say that we can get this done in BKK. That would be fantastic. Why doesn't everyone do this? Pretty much everything I've read and heard before, says that you have to apply from abroad of changing the type of visa. If we can get it done in BKK, why not in Phuket? Lastly, if it takes two weeks to process, and we get it done in BKK, would immigration allow a courier to collect it so that we can have it delivered to us in Phuket? Many thanks!
  15. Tapster

    Termite Madness!

    But, please can I have the advice I requested? Will the termites that got into the house try to infest my wood?