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  1. Right, I'll bear that in mind, thanks.
  2. Mmmm....OK, thank you very much. That makes things a bit easier. I'll just get my car tax up to date (which will include the basic government insurance) and then get a month's comprehensive cover to take care of the time my friends will be using the car.
  3. I'm having some friends to house-sit for us and use our car for a month. Can I get comprehensive insurance for them? Do they need an International Driving Permit?
  4. Back to Pattaya we go, Mr Crusoe

    So much more relaxing than throwing yourself off the roof of a condo!
  5. Phuket weather 2017

    @livinginkata The sea around Phuket isn't instant death to those who enter it. Yes, there are accidents but usually involving the inexperienced or the plain stupid.
  6. Phuket weather 2017

    November is generally regarded as the beginning of hotter, drier weather in Phuket. I don't think anyone's going to shoot me down in flames for stating that. *puts on tin hat just in case * If you're coming on 26th October, you'll be more likely than last visit to have good weather, a nice tan and fun swimming in the sea.
  7. Non "Retirement 6 weeks before date ?

    +1 Same here.
  8. Would any historians care to speculate as to where this might have come from? Yes, obviously a submarine! But in what conflict, if any?
  9. Non "Retirement 6 weeks before date ?

    I was at Phuket immigration last week and the officer said that I could apply now, for a renewal on 30th November. Clearly it varies sometimes, according to who you're dealing with.
  10. Where to buy magnets?

    I saw various shapes of magnet on sale in Bangkok Tools (Yaowarat Road) only last week. They weren't cheap but maybe worth a look.
  11. Christmas Lunch 2017

    @stuarty Ah, for a table of 12 you bring your own atmosphere with you! I'm glad you've found somewhere nice!
  12. Embroidery service

    They do have an email address, and you can go and see their work. I think it was a helpful suggestion.
  13. Christmas Lunch 2017

    I'm sure you can get a hearty, traditional Christmas meal at many pubs in Phuket. Christmas meals might not be worth paying a lot for. It's not like there'll be foie gras with your turkey. We're going to Edinburgh for Christmas and there were some Christmas dinners for 200 GBP per person, but in the end, it was only a traditional Christmas meal, with a little extra pizazz. We ended up going for a friendly gastropub which will probably have a better atmosphere as well. Just my 2¢.
  14. Thank you all for the speedy replies. Who says the Phuket forum is quietening down!! The roofspace is accessible along the eves so he can get in anywhere. I can't close it off because the eves are directly over the pool. I'd either have to levitate or put a ladder in the pool. Anyway, now he doesn't seem to come down from the roofspace. We haven't spotted him in the garden since April. @Rimmer Impressive cage! Did you build it yourself? I'll try the phone numbers and post again with my results.