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  1. Tapster

    Food delivery in Rawai/Chalong??

    @federicoP Get well soon, Man!
  2. Tapster

    Flat roof waterproofing materials??

    Thanks for the explanation. Last question: don't they have any good old petroleum-based black gloop as might be used in temperature climates? Maybe that would never set in the tropics.
  3. Tapster

    Flat roof waterproofing materials??

    @eyecatcher Thank you very much. What's the latex you mentioned?
  4. Tapster

    Flat roof waterproofing materials??

    @uwe_rayong Great, thank you. I suppose I can get that at HomePro, can I? Did you apply it with a roller or a brush? The roof is very small, approx 2m square. If I can't find the leak, I'll just do the whole roof. In fact, I'll probably do the whole roof anyway. You did just one coat? Is that what they recommend? Cheers
  5. I've searched the forum but I can't find any references. I have a leaky flat roof. What can I buy to waterproof it, and where can I buy it? Ideally, I want a simple paint-on coating, but I'm happy with any advice. Thanks for all comments.
  6. Thanks very much, please do check. Otherwise, I can check for you if you have the contact details, as long as they speak some English. I don't know if it's a small job. It'll be a full day for four or five men. Would they consider that small?
  7. @steelepulse Thanks for the reply. It's a one-off job, then I'll take care of maintenance. Ideally I'd like a gang of people to tame the jungle that is my garden!! Size: 10x30 metres/yards, with house in the middle. Sounds like your guys might be suitable.
  8. MS Pools in Rawai are too busy to help me with my garden cleanup. Can anyone suggest a similar service in the south of Phuket, please? Cheers!!
  9. Tapster

    Phuket in January

    The annual weather stats are there for all to see. It seems that you've read them a bit differently from me. Do you live in Phuket?
  10. Tapster

    Phuket in January

    @fullcave Cool season??? Non! The highest average daily temperature is in Feb/March and January isn't far behind, at 31 degrees Celsius. The waters are calm, and very clear for scuba, etc. Rainfall is very low in January, and slightly lower in Feb/March.
  11. Tapster

    Phuket weather 2018

    We had thunder and lightning in Rawai last night, and a lot of rain to follow. That was probably the same storm. Last week we had something special: a thunderstorm right above us, with a great light show of lightning in the clouds, illuminating the whole sky. It went on for half an hour before moving off north east. There wasn't a drop of rain.
  12. @Bogbrush I did my and my wife's 90-day reports on Wednesday. No paperwork needed, only passports. The receipt and notification of the next date was printed by the immigration officer while i waited. It's a pain to have to report every 90 days, but at least it can be quick. The online service sometimes works for me but never seems to work for my wife.
  13. Tapster

    Where to buy a real helmet?

    Bangkok for sure.
  14. Wow! His English was very good as well.
  15. Tapster


    Richy Williams is a builder from Liverpool. His work isn't the cheapest but it is properly done in my experience. He should have access to carpenters. Haven't spoken to him for a year or so. His number (available via PM) Good luck.