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  1. Er, of course, no passport!! Silly me!
  2. I didn't know that. It seems strange that someone can do the report for you when you might not even be in Thailand!
  3. Thanks for the fast reply Joe! I wasn't sure about that. I will do it today. Cheers!
  4. The 90-day report is due this week for my wife. She has been ill for several days and it's getting worse so we're off to the doctor today, and maybe hospital. Can I do the 90-day report for her, or does she have to be physically present at the immigration office? If she can't appear in person, can I get a doctor's note or something like that? Many thanks for any help.
  5. I know that the answer to the following question is almost certainly "Yes", this being Thailand, but..... Are there obvious vested interests in other areas of power generation in Thailand who might not want solar to succeed?
  6. I have a projector and screen. Please pm me and we can work something out.
  7. I think some of you are being unfair. I haven't watched a project done by UK or Euro/US workers in a long time but the speed at which the guys at Chalong have cut back the East side, South of the Circle, and placed the footings for ?electricity poles with streetlights, has been quite rapid and efficient. I pass there often. Not much happening in the middle, it's true. Who knows how they'll handle traffic flow when they start excavating the underpass. Obviously they won't be tunneling, just digging a big trench but the disruption may/will be significant. Are they still waiting for some landowners to sell, so that they can widen more of the road?
  8. +1 German Water Team Franz does pools as well
  9. I agree with the Phuket Yacht Club, and Happy Days is good but with no view, of course. The latter seems more a backpackers than a fancy meal venue. How about The Anchor, at the circle end of the Chalong pier road? Food OK and portions are enormous (if that matters). No view, though, and lots of traffic noise. I must try Sala Mexicali sometime. I have been going to the little Mexican place opposite Cheap-Ass Thai Food on Soi Sai Yuan in Rawai/Nai Harn (where does the one end and the other start????). It's very good. Enchiladas recommended! Incidentally, Cheap-Ass is good, fresh and healthy Thai food, and cheap. Many Muay Thai trainees go there for lean protein and fresh veggies. It's not fancy, but delivers as does Ronseal! Sabai Corner has wonderful views and good food.
  10. @stevenl Stammtisch is certainly very convenient for Rawai and southern Phuket people. Quality is good and portions are up to German standards....I could barely finish the eisbein with sauerkraut! However, I think Fatty's is better. The cooking is a little more upmarket (at a recent Sunday lunch, my asparagus bundle was even tied together with a bow of chives!!.....OK, might be a little pretentious but it tasted great.) Also, Fatty's has a greater selection of drinks and draws a large crowd of discerning expats for Sunday lunch. IMHO
  11. @NamKangMan Yes, you and I are not privy to the sales details and figures for estate agents or developers. So we can't say who buys or occupies the homes. Regarding expats arriving in, and leaving Phuket; there are no statistics available, so nobody can say for sure. Clearly, it cuts both ways. You can't say how many are leaving and others can't say who's buying what. Your impression/opinion is all you can give. You can't build a multi-layered argument on top of that. Expats come and go. Surely, if you've been here a while, it's more likely that you notice them leaving (because you know them) but you won't notice the new ones (because you haven't met them yet). It's cognitive bias, or something!
  12. @Flustered Firstly, "All Hail Hypnotoad"! Secondly, I'd hate to live in a gated estate, but there are many expats who like the (perceived) security that they offer. I know several families in Land and House, Chalong and for those with loadsamoney, Laguna near Bangtao is very popular........and there are many other developments.
  13. We're selling a 42" plasma screen in Rawai for 7,500 THB, if you're interested.