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  1. I saw the 1995 total eclipse in Ayutthaya. It was quite something as it reached totality. It went very quiet, birds began to roost in the trees and the street light went on, thinking it was night. I don't think an eclipse is a non-event, rather it's a lifetime event!
  2. Fingers crossed. then! The manual for the router is not helpful in the description of the LAN ports, so we'll have to see.
  3. So, on Friday I went into my local 3BB shop and signed up for the 100/30 service. It was very simple and they said I'd have to wait up to one month for installation because the promotion was so popular. No problem. I paid 800 THB for the modem-router and was assured that there were no other installation charges. The modem-router is made by Fiberhome and isn't cutting edge. The wireless router is single band, at 2.4GHz. I will use Cat6 network cable to connect the 3BB router to a new dual band AC1900 (speed rating) wireless router which should maximise the wireless speed available. Can't wait!
  4. @Pib Thank you again for a very full reply. I'm going to the 3BB shop tomorrow, to sign up. I'd like to know the specs of their modem-router but I'm pretty sure I'll have to take what they offer. I'm sure it will be faster than my current router.
  5. @Pib Excellent answer, thank you! I have a query about the Fibre and my existing wireless router. My understanding is that when fibre enters the home it needs a modem to convert the fibre signal to digital. VDSL has a modem to convert analogue to digital. So with both, you have a modem which presents you with an RJ45 Ethernet socket into which you then plug your network cable, whether it's a hardwired system or a network cable from your wireless router. So, unless 3BB have an all-in-one modem-router for fibre, I should be able to use my own wireless router. My question on that was, if I use my own, will the speed be capped or won't it work at all? Do you have an all-in-one thing or separate modem and router?
  6. @glasswort *snappish* If you can't say anything nice, please <deleted>.
  7. @glasswort Rawai, Phuket, as in my OP.
  8. We live in Rawai, Phuket. Our internet is VDSL from 3BB. The rated speed is something like 30/10 or maybe 50/20, I can't remember. I wanted to check which package we have (as I clearly can't remember the speed), so I went to the 3BB site and came across this promotion of Fibre 100/30 for the same money that I'm paying for VDSL: 700THB/month. Changing over seems like a no-brainer. The installation fee appears to be 2,000 THB. Advice from fibre users, please: - Is 3BB fibre, fibre all the way to your house? - Will 3BB supply a new modem as part of the installation? - If I can't afford a new wireless router straight away, will my old router just cap the higher fibre speed, or do I have to buy a new router? - 3BB call this a promotion. Will the price ever shoot up? The website says cryptically, "* Apply within 31 to 60 can get a promotion. Lifetime" Does this mean that I can get the price fixed for a while, if I apply by a certain date? I can't make sense of it. - Is it quicker to apply online or to go to a 3BB shop? Many thanks for any assistance.
  9. Rang Hill or Khao Rang ("Khao" means mountain or hill) is in Phuket Town. It has two restaurants as pagallim says. I've only been to the 'international' one, which has great views. The food is good and their Thai food is OK as well. I have heard good things about the Thai restaurant as well. https://www.google.com/maps/@7.8929776,98.3799375,19z
  10. Long term motorbike parking - South Phuket

    @federicoP I have sent you a private message.
  11. Thank you, all! I think my curiosity in this area is well and truly satisfied!
  12. @cheeryble That's very interesting, thanks!
  13. Ha-ha! Any more detailed responses, please?
  14. Ketogenic (Keto) Diet/Lifestyle

    @Thainess Your last comment sounds a little like a troll post. You can, of course, say what you like but to say that no diets work is clearly not true. Many diets will produce weight loss, even if it's only as a result of the diet reducing the total intake of calories. The LCHF way of eating is definitely healthy and is based on sound science (see earlier posts). The Keto Diet is a more extreme method of weight loss, based on LCHF principles. It is not recommended as a long-term diet but will result in significant weight loss. These are facts, however your opinion is only your opinion.
  15. Here I am, visiting a hospital in Phuket. I went to the loo and it occurred to me.....if our little house uses a septic tank, do hospitals use very large septic tanks, or banks of them? In Thailand, how do very large buildings like hospitals and tower blocks deal with their sewage?