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  1. Just enforce the law ..... it is that simple but rarely happens.
  2. IamNoone88

    The collapse of Phuket’s lifeguards

    Funding Life guarding is simply not on any priority list and has not been for the many years I have been year.
  3. Its the latest in security. Escapees heading for the hills don't know it is there and slip up in it.
  4. Thailand, the preferred destination for all sorts of criminals.
  5. What an odd photograph. Just the perpetrators hand!
  6. What an odd photograph. Just the perpetrators hand!
  7. Pity that the insipid looking "Boss" cannot man-up and take direct responsibility for his own actions. Must be something in the water .....
  8. Just like the 3 line deathtrap Central underpass that was a disaster and is now a heavily divided 2 lane underpass............ been talking about this Patong tunnel for the past 15 years! Now thats progress.
  9. IamNoone88

    BBC says Thailand asks UK to extradite Yingluck

    You do the crime, you do the time! Well, maybe not.
  10. IamNoone88

    Feeling spurned, Khaosan sellers to march on city hall

    Little imagination other than to complain rather than explore new opportunities elsewhere .......
  11. Lucky it wasn't his head .....
  12. IamNoone88

    Hunt for man whose photo drove woman to suicide

    A vile and repulsive person if ever there was.
  13. IamNoone88

    Alcohol sales ban tightened for Asanha Bucha, Lent

    No ban on guns, drugs, random violence and crazy driving?
  14. Just look around the world at the people who run their countries. Corruption, scandals, poor decisions, unpopular policies, destabilising nations and regions ..........