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  1. Looks like he hit the truck at speed to me. Maybe he will be more careful next time time .... probably not.
  2. It's fate that Thailand will be No 1 in road accidents .... very soon. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Singapore would be pretty high up. Compared to the 90's they are getting chunky on a rich diet - more so than Thailand.
  4. I did not see anything cut in front of the bus? I saw a bus traveling at top speed - much faster than other road traffic in the video. Yet more speed lunacy with tragic consequences.
  5. Not to detract from the horrendous crime ..... but in another example of madness in the same video .... This street is clearly a one way street - you can see the arrows on both lanes - Then a whole bunch of cars and motorbikes are clearly driving the wrong way down the one way street?
  6. Obviously the Brit had his perfect night ruined. Must have gone well with being drunk, women and a good fight. Now in police custody, he will miss the traditional after fight curry and enjoy the fine cuisine served in the clink. He should have stayed in the UK, had the curry and given the lack of police funding, probably got away with it. He deserves what he gets.
  7. Sadly, he look quite at home sitting on a piece of cardboard with a cardboard sign for company.
  8. I wonder what the odds are on getting shot in an illegal gambling den ..........
  9. Another delusional "big shot" with an untreated mental illness in a country that has little capacity to recognise the issue and even less means to start dealing with it. This time bomb will keep ticking.
  10. Newly appointed deputy chief of the Tourist Police Bureau Surachet Hakpan - As the saying goes, "A new broom sweeps clean". Good job in rounding up the criminals.
  11. This idiot makes it worse for those that require genuine help. I have a lot of sympathy for the RTP when having to deal with the foreign dead beats/tourists that distract resources and waste their time. Same as the hospitals and staff and the constant influx from motor cycle accidents, drunken brawls, drug use etc.
  12. A fruit knife? He must be out looking for a nice juicy Pear .... and got tricked!
  13. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    The perversity of it is beyond comprehension. I hope he is locked up for a very very long time.
  14. "He was set for sentencing on Oct 12, 2007 but he skipped town and had never been located, until now" ........... America sounds a lot like Thailand.