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  1. IamNoone88

    Tearful apology from remorseful trio

    In this case, I cannot tell if they are in fact lying ...... simply because I CANNOT see their lips moving!
  2. He got a better welcome and more active participation in the Philippines than I read the British Police got when they came over to investigate the Hannah Witheridge murder ......
  3. If brains were dynamite, there would not be enough to blow their hats off.
  4. Thailand has more than 123,530 sex workers ...... come on some-one has to say it ...... 530 down and 123,000 to go ???!!!!
  5. Makes me wonder how these people can even stay here since 2014!!
  6. This is Thailand - You are guilty until proven innocent.
  7. I am surprised he has made it to 73
  8. Jimmy - a fool and his money are soon parted.....
  9. IamNoone88

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    You couldn't make this stuff up ........
  10. Clearly shows the size of the problem and may go some way to explain the madness we often read about in this forum.
  11. Another habitual liar and pathetic punishment. He'll be back to doing the same in 31 days, assuming he even complies.
  12. IamNoone88

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    The Unhappiness factor will always tip an election .... perceived or real.
  13. No that I give advice often ..... 1. Never pick a fight with some-one that buys paper by the ton and ink by the barrel 2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
  14. IamNoone88

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    The mental health issues are at epidemic proportions across Thailand, from teenagers battling each other in schools to murdering their ex girlfriends and rug abuse to adult road rage and bar shootings in anger. Dr Apichat Jariyavilasa should not be surprised simply because it never has been tackled and there is little resource or willingness to do so.
  15. Makes my blood boil .......... I will never forget the problems that this guy created for my Thai staff and business during the riots/demonstrations.