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  1. Her mess becomes the fathers problem .... I feel for him.
  2. Oh, how I wish I had an elite vigilante force at my constant disposal.......
  3. Interesting that the artists impressions shows no people ..... I wonder why!
  4. Phuket tour bus driver charged for underpass pile-up

    The world's worst designed underpass, originally with three lanes and no separation, ripe for head on collisions. Now a shonky two lane underpass with concrete barriers. Dreadful, embarrassing and dangerous.
  5. I thought they got off with a Wai and a bunch of flowers at the police station and were let free? Which is exactly why they are all here causing trouble..... because they can get away it.
  6. Be afraid, be very, very afraid ......
  7. Man killed in brawl over 'smelly' noodles

    There is a video of the beating on Facebook. The victim took a hell of a beating and was still getting up. The victim of more untreated mental illness ......
  8. He did not have any illness? Apart from a big mental one.
  9. I will keep saying it ............ untreated mental health issues are a huge problem and has a lot to do with crime rates ...
  10. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    Krissana also dismissed allegations that Thai police had helped the billionaire suspect evade arrest, adding that if anyone had evidence to substantiate such an allegation, they should come forward. ..... what a great line.
  11. Ghost police pickup truck focus of attention

    Obviously it was not the truck. The cops are not pointing at it!
  12. Detained Sorrayuth ‘in high spirits

    Another hi-profile person suffering from "Stress". Perhaps a new term is evolving - PSD - Prison Stress Disorder. Commonly afflicting high ranking officials, onset after sentencing to lengthy prison terms and bought on by unexpected abandonment by their closest allies. These allies possibly suffer from pre-PSD, commonly know as RFTHD - Run For The Hills Disorder. Both disorders are incurable.