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  1. Time to Man Up Scouse Lee and stop whinging. You got consequences to face now.
  2. It will take 15 days to investigate ....... to see if the pistol is registered or just a toy ..... the cracks start to appear.
  3. Ah, the practitioners of the Middle way and forward these six go towards ........... Enlightenment. Perhaps a hefty fine and few nights in a cell would allow them time to reflect.
  4. IamNoone88

    500+ Foreigners Arrested In New Nationwide Raids

    It's a problem in many Western countries - but at least the Thai's have the balls to do something about it. Respect.
  5. Noisy? I had the volume on my Mac turned up to full and could not hear a thing. Very muted for a story on noise.
  6. She should get 7 to 11 month for cheating.
  7. She apologise to her father. I have a daughter and he was probably beside himself with worry.
  8. Brings a whole new meaning to "laying some pipe" ...
  9. At 4am he could not them both matching SAME SAME T-Shirts, so obviously opted for the next best thing - SAME SAME haircuts.
  10. You couldn't make this stuff up ...........
  11. IamNoone88

    Junta never tires of tough-guy games

    I would have thought that there was bigger fish to fry? Like fixing a few things - education, healthcare, economy ......
  12. Sadly, unless she can irrefutably prove the rape she has already lost.
  13. I cannot hear the music but assume it was to something by "Simple Minds"