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  1. Where can you find shoe Laces here in Chiang Mai. Thank You
  2. Is there anywhere to buy Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera juice in Chiang Mai? Thank You.
  3. sunoco27

    Buying Apple Cider Vinegar

    Where is the cheapest place to buy apple cider vinegar? Is there anything available other the expensive imported western brands? Thank You
  4. sunoco27

    Looking to buy glue

    I need to glue fabric to a piece of hard foam. There are many choices out there but most glues are garbage, a waste of money and on 3/4 of them you can't even read the labels. Does anyone know a glue that is proven to work well, If so, where can I buy it? Thank You
  5. sunoco27

    Khon Kaen Churches

    Is there a Catholic Church in K.K.? If so, where is it? Thank You
  6. Is there anywhere I can buy witch hazel and aloe vera juice in Chiang Mai? Thank You
  7. Where can I buy an elastic net with hooks to cover my motorcycle basket to keep things from bouncing out? It does not have to look exactly like the one pictured. See picture:
  8. I have a cloth and vinyl computer chair that I need to get reupholstered. I want to keep it the same (cloth and vinyl). Is there a good shop in Hang Dong or the City that can do this for a fair price? Thank You
  9. sunoco27

    K.K. Immigration

    Does Khon Kaen have an Immigration office and is it easy to renew your annual retirement Visa and get your re entry permit on the same day without making an appointment? It is very difficult here in Chiang Mai, as they are under staffed.
  10. All the bike shops I have been to stock only small or medium size bicycles. I am tall and need to buy a bigger bicycle. I am looking to buy a new Hybrid or mountain bike. I want a quality bicycle and not a low end brand. I am willing to spend between 15,000 and 25,000 baht. Can anyone guide me in the direction of a good bicycle shop with a good selection in stock? Thank You
  11. I'm looking for a long term Car rental, looking for fair price, HangDong area preferred, The City is my second choice but ok if you have a good place. Thank You .
  12. Is there anywhere in Chiang Mai where I can get money envelopes to put cash in to give as a Christmas gift? In America the banks usually give them out. If not available, where can I buy greeting cards with envelopes? Thank You
  13. Where in Hang Dong can I buy an Airline Ticket? Thank You
  14. I'm making a non alcoholic flavored drink and I need to find Essence Flavoring such as Vanilla, Spearmint, peppermint etc... Does anyone know where this can be bought in Chiang Mai? Thank You
  15. Does anywhere in Chiang Mai sell copper plumbing fittings? I need to buy some 1/2 inch couplers. Thank You