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  1. Income letters from Embassy/Consul can be maximum 6 months old.
  2. The lady works now at the first floor doing long term extensions. So unfortunately you are stuck with the "old" officer.
  3. I don't see the advantage of this. You can get easily a one year extension based in retirement for 1900 baht. If you have the money for the 10 year visa and are forced to tie up the money why would you not go for the normal 1 year extension instead?
  4. Thanks for that, just a small question. Is there a cut of time when you have to be at the DL office or do you have to be there at 08:30.
  5. Thanks Stevenl and Schlog for the confirmation. As i don't return to Thailand until 13 July i don't have a great risk of driving without a valid DL in Thailand :-)
  6. Hi All, My 5 Year DL is expired on 24 May but i'm not able to renew it before 15 July. The information is not really clear but what i can find from the Thai Department of Land Transport website the DL can be expired up to one year before any test (Theory or practice) has to be done. If i read it correct i can do the renewal of a expired DL without any issue and only with the passport with 1 year visa extension copy, Certificate of residence and old DL. After the reaction, color blindness test and the famous movie i should get the new DL for another 5 year and 10 months. But i don't know if Phuket Land Transportation Department are using this guideline or that they have there own rules. Does anybody has some first hand experience with Phuket DL renewals.
  7. Yes it is the skinny IO and for sure he pissed somebody off as he is banned the "help" the costumers outside the air-conditioned office. Normally he is not to bad but he can have odd days.
  8. I have a kitchen which tiles are breaking and water is coming from the cement through the cracks. I suspect that they used bad cement when installed about 7 years ago and ground water is coming through the cracks. So I'm looking for a good quality company to replace all tiles with new ones (tiles or nature stone) and to repair the cement underneath or any other problem they may find. If they deliver good work I have more work for them in the future. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. I love riding big bikes and had several in the past (HD and Goldwing) but is just to dangerous on the Thai roads. You can drive safely yourself but there are to many nut cases on the road who make it to dangerous for the rest. Also the quality of the roads (open potholes etc) makes it dangerous to drive here in my opinion. Therefore i only drive cars even i miss riding bikes. Most of the people i know who rides bikes had at least one or more accidents in the past.
  10. And where does the car end up to ?
  11. Where in Phuket and not Pattaya. There is normal parking space at (almost) all police stations on Phuket which can be used without any problems. Bikes and most cars are stored at the police station and not in some storage.
  12. So after being scammed you stepped back into the same taxi for a 1 km drive which you easily could walk. And then you complain and be surprised that he scams you again. I would say that you asked for it.
  13. Normally 1 month fee for one year contract. ( i rent out several houses via different agencies and that's what i pay for the first year)
  14. Your right that they don't offer discounts when paying cash. I bought several cars (Honda and Toyota) and never had a discount when paying. But if i took a finance i received THB 50.000 discount with all the goodies and 1 year free fist class insurance. (Toyota Camry and Honda Accord) They where not happy when i insisted on 3M window film but they all excepted it. So i put the money on the bank and took lowest level 1 year interest free finance plan (special offer) and bought the car with that. In that way i did not lose money with using a payment plan and received the discount and all the free stuff and insurance. As Honda and Mazda are from same owner i expect the same deal at Mazda.
  15. YesYesYes your are technically correct of course but most people called at a extension. You also use the TM7 (application for extension...) form. And get the normal extension stamp in your passport. Most immigration offices (Phuket for curtain) will require a proof of the need for the extra days.