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  1. Certificate of Residence

    That is (sometimes) possible but then they did the address registration and Proof of Residence in one go.
  2. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    ???? No. Why ?? Forget it as i think that i know what you mean.
  3. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    There is no any problem when you where a polo shirt with shorts as long they are no to short. But it is a different story with people (man or woman) start wearing fish net shirts with their nipples sticking through, shorts which are 10 sizes to small, 2 weeks unwashed clothes or still have the beach sand between their toes. Call me old fashion but i don't think that this is appropriate besides not allowed in a government building.
  4. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Totally agree with your remarks. I always think by myself would they dress the same if they go to a government building in their own country.
  5. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    They are becoming indeed more strict on the dress code as mentioned by the billboard on the entrance.
  6. I drove all kind of big bikes my whole live but after a accident (no others involved luckily) i don't drive a bike (big or small) at all anymore in Thailand. As i live a Phuket the traffic is horrendous. My wife always said, You can drive safely yourself but there are to many nut cases on the road which you can't control. And she is right, I see to many accidents over here.
  7. Certificate of Residence

    As every person has be registered on the address where they stay you don't need the proof of address as mentioned by you. But you will need the address registration slip from your passport or print out in case of online registration.
  8. Certificate of Residence

    People who are registered online should indeed use the printout of the online registration confirmation. This is accepted by Phuket immigration and normally they will exchange this big paper for the small reporting slip.
  9. Certificate of Residence

    The requirements mentioned by you is for the address registration and not for the Proof of Residency. But the address registration has to be done before you can apply for the Proof of Residence. If the address registration is done (as it should be) you only need your original passport with passport copies, copy of the registration slip and passport size picture.
  10. True Vision Questions - Check here first

    I used my external eSATA drive (supplied by True) with my box and it worked fine.
  11. Darts in Patong

    The starfish bar in Sainamyen Centre Point has a dart league which is doing very well. Send me a pm if you need more information about the owner and location.
  12. It depends where you go but they can ask for proof why you need the extra 7 days. Phuket immigration for example will require a flight ticket to show that you need the 7 days and there is no option to change it.
  13. Looks like he did the conversion from a visa exemption arrival to a Non-O which is possible of-course.
  14. patong immigration still closed?

    You always can check the Phuket Immigration Volunteers website ( www.piv-phuket.com ) for the closure dates.