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  1. This is the big bottle neck for the 10 year extension and therefore there is so far i know nobody yet who has this extension. Thai health insurance company's refuse to provide health insurance to the effected people and until that is solved the program is almost dead in the water.
  2. merijn

    Sources for NEW Fast track Passes ?

    The OP is not asking for the legit company's who provide fast track service but asking for the fast track passes which are meant for business class passengers. (at least that's how i read it) That is abusing the system en even illegal.
  3. merijn

    Sources for NEW Fast track Passes ?

    Just fly business class and your problem is fixed. Why try to get something your not entitled to?
  4. merijn

    Retirement visa Phuket

    That is correct the income letter has be obtained from the countries own embassy or consul. The German consul can provide sometimes in special circumstances the statement for other countries but only in case the consul of that country on Phuket is not available and the German consul has a agreement with them for this. They don't do it for countries which does not have a consul on Phuket.
  5. merijn

    Retirement visa Phuket

    No problem to convert your tourist visa to a non-o visa for retirement purposes at Phuket Immigration. Would advise to send a email to the immigration volunteers ([email protected]) to get the latest requirements. No need to use a broker which is a waste of money.
  6. The captain is off-course the responsible person as he is the boss on the boat. But unfortunately it isn't that easy in Thailand. The boat is owned by a "Chinese" company with "Chinese" bosses who only care about the money. They will tell/force the captain to take the journey regardless the weather as they will lose the money if the boast doesn't go. The captain doesn't have much choice unless he wants to lose his job and probable without the possibility to find another job in the region.
  7. merijn

    Calling all Phuket wine lovers.

    PM sent.
  8. Did you do the extension based on retirement ? If so the IO in the retirement section are indeed much more relaxed with he address registration ruling. I'm only surprised that the re-entry permit guys did not make a fuzz about it. And as mentioned before the address database is not always updated when leaving the country. It's a little bit a hit and miss exercise unfortunately.
  9. I'm talking about Address Registration. For this you need the house book, house owner paperwork etc etc as mentioned in previous posts. Proof of Residence certificate is something else and is used to supply to other government agencies in case you get a Thai DL or do a Car registration for example.
  10. The Power of Attorney paper with the tax stamps is only required if the person is doing the address registration himself without the land owner present. This was introduced some time ago.
  11. Officially the Address Registration should be done within 24 Hrs of returning back at your address. As mentioned before it depends of the interaction you have with Phuket immigration if they enforce this or not. 90 Day reporting is due 90 days after returning back into the country. Two complete different things.
  12. Very simple, Because TIT
  13. That's correct One notification slip for your 90 day reporting and another notification slip fir the address registration. One tip: Before leaving the country remove the address registration slip from your passport as airport IO sometimes remove them from your passport when leaving the country. I had already to ask the IO 2 times for not doing that as i will return back to Thailand and want to keep the slip as proof that i did the registration in the past.
  14. I know how you feel I'm here for 30 years and still have to jump through the same hoops.
  15. Did you leave Thailand or stay in a hotel etc after 2 09 2015 ? In that case you should indeed update your address registration. Other possibility is is that the immigration database was screwed up. I had this one time in which the address was changed to a address where i never heard of.