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  1. Can somebody tell me who the Phuket forum moderator is ?
  2. They copy the picture from their phone to the computer and attach it to the application.
  3. Thanks for the information. I never used the online option for the 90 day reporting so i did not know that this is possible to check as well.
  4. In my experience it is always a hit and miss when the address is updated in the immigration database. Normally the TM6 addresses are not entered into the database at all and are only used in case they want to track down a person. Same for the hotels, most of them don't report the costumers but the number of hotels doing the reporting is getting bigger over time. My address is never changed over the years and i travel a lot to different locations.
  5. I never heard about this new form, i will try to find out. But they started asking for a map of the location of your house when doing a extension based on retirement.
  6. As long there is no problem (delay cancellation etc) they are fine. But as soon there is a problem they are bloody useless without any costumer service. Forget using the help desk in Turkey. I have better luck with the TK office in Bangkok.
  7. Just check if your address in the system if it is changed before doing the extension and you should not have a problem. (Unless you get a grumpy IM officer)
  8. Yes you should do the reporting again after your return from Laos. But It is possible that your old address is still in the system.
  9. Flights don't have to re-confirmed any more, This is a thing from long long time ago. Experience from my 100 + TK flights to and from BKK.
  10. I know that it is to late now but for next time. The prices for the toll booth are mentioned at the toll booth cabins. So it very easy for the passenger to see what the price is. Put this price with the 50 Baht surcharge from the airport to the meter price and you know what to pay. Never accept a price like what happened to you. Now the driver thinks that he can get away with it with every tourist. Better to step out of the taxi at your hotel (leave 1 person inside so he doesn't drive off with your luggage) and ask the hotel staff for help. Personally i always keep my overnight suitcase with me in the cab so i can get out if required without my luggage in the booth of the car.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Basically it's the same in Phuket. As long it is confirmed that your address isn't changed no new registration is required.
  12. I mean that the person needs to be sure that the address registration when he entered into Thailand is done. (via hotel, landowner or by himself etc) before applying for a long term extension. And that the registered address is the same as the address being use on the extension form TM7. Immigration will check this before accepting the application.
  13. No update yet. It's not implemented yet and therefore it's not possible to apply for it. Personally i think it will take a very long time or if all before it will be implemented.
  14. Phuket immigration will not accept a long term extension application without a up to date address registration.
  15. Homepro sells them and they are located at the cashier location together withe batteries etc. Just have a look at the different cashier booths.