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  1. Yes there is the premium immigration hall (fast track) between the 2 big halls and next to the visa on arrival hall.
  2. Yes premium card (fast track) cards are handed out as normal for first and business class passengers, Only don't supp,y them as they never did so far i remember. (sorry i don't know how to attache a example which i have)
  3. It is not a complete automated system as a IO has to give the final approval. The discouragement started a few months ago. But if all information looks correct and he doesn't know if a private address he will approve most of the cases.
  4. No, If your wife can setup a account for alien registration that will then only for the address where she lives or has her business. The online registration is in general only for commercial businesses and private registration is discouraged by immigration, If you stay at a hotel and you provide them with your passport they (the hotel) will register you with immigration. If you have (short time) guest in your house they should be officially registered within 24 hr but i never heard of any problems when this was not done. Airport immigration does not check or care for the address registration.
  5. Like so many times it depends which IO you ask. Some will say don't bother and others will follow the rules very strict.
  6. The Phuket Immigration Volunteers created a dedicated website for Phuket immigration information at www.piv-phuket.com
  7. I only can tell from experience of one Tambom in Phuket. They have the requirements that you need to have a long stay visa extension and be in the country for at least 6 months without leave. In case of owning a condominium it is possible for a unmarried foreigner. In case of a house/land the foreigner has to be married with a Thai national. They needed my passport (no translation), proof of residence certificate, Marriage papers and Blue book. After acceptance the yellow book was ready next day as the boss was not in that day to sign it.
  8. Maybe if some under the table money is involved otherwise not, as police will say it is a civil case and nothing to do with police. But landlords sometimes like to threaten with involving the police even they now it is not really possible.
  9. merijn

    Apple Watch Series 4 from EU

    Activation should not be a problems and i did it myself a few time in the past with Iphones bought from the UK. But i don't think that AIS got Esim's available yet, Only TrueMOve has them at the moment.
  10. No copies are required as long you have a old 90 day reporting in your passport. Therefore never remove the old 90 day reporting slip even you left the country so the IO can see that you did the reporting previously. Make sure that the address registration slip is in the passport. (don't let the airport IO remove it from your passport when leaving the country)
  11. The bank letter and statement are valid for 7 days but some immigration offices require the letter on the same day or only a few days old Make sure that all balances (letter, Statement and bankbook) are the same as some immigration offices are doing difficult about this.
  12. Normally the bank letter will be in Thai as it is issued by a Thai bank for the Thai immigration. The statement (with the transactions) and the letter both have to stamped and signed by the bank.
  13. I understand that the change can create some confusion. But they released that handing out full information in Room 101 was creating to much chaos and delays at busy times. Therefore the IO decided that room 101 only would have volunteers to help room 101 issues and to hand out numbers and forms only. For any help or problems with immigration issues people can always go to the immigration volunteers in room 204 where they have the knowledge and time to help the people correctly.
  14. The immigration volunteers are working in Room 204 (second floor) on a daily basis. Room 101 (down stairs) only have most of the time some dedicated volunteers to help people in that room with handing out numbers and forms etc. This change was introduced a few months ago on request of the IO officers in room 101 to avoid delays in handing out numbers. Only room 204 have the trained volunteers to help people with all immigration related problems. They have also the immigration volunteer website where almost all the information can be found. ( www.piv-phuket.com )