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  1. terminal D

    Immigration does not mark your passport and customs does not check your passport. It is basically the same as Suvarnabhumi airport. First immigration then pick up your luggage and proceed to the exit. Before the exit your have customs who pick out people for luggage x-ray inspection. The only difference from before is that they now pick out almost everybody for x-ray inspection while before almost nobody was selected.
  2. terminal D

    Yes they do.
  3. terminal D

    Correct when arriving, Clear immigration in BKK and on arrival in HKT you walk from domestic to International where you pick up your luggage and clear customs. Be aware that from starting the new terminal they check a lot more of the arriving luggage (putting it through the scanner) Departing you have most of the time 2 options. Check in at Domestic and at BKK pick up your luggage and recheck in and do the immigration in BKK. Check-in at International (check your luggage all the way to your final destination) and clear immigration in HKT and stay in transit in BKK. Be aware that not all airlines allow this when you are separate tickets and on non partner airlines. For example Bangkok Airline with not check your luggage to a international destination (unless on own airline or partner airline). but you have first to fly to BKK and with your luggage recheck in at BKK and do all formalities in BKK. ( See Bangkok airways website http://www.bangkokair.com/pages/view/separate_ticket )
  4. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    They have indeed a new Chinese volunteer specially for the Chinese costumers who don't speak any English. The so called Indian guy is actually Australian.
  5. Thanks for the information. Better somebody tell the IO officers at Phuket Immigration then that they give out wrong information. :-)
  6. 1 or 2 Day Overstay?

    If you are stopped by the police on the street you will be arrested (unless you can make a arrangement!! ) for overstay and brought to court. You don't want to do this.
  7. The information i provided was confirmed yesterday by Phuket Immigration. Unless they are wrong .....
  8. Unfortunately it is correct. Only people with a valid Re-Entry permit can use the land borders unrestricted. Others with a VOA or multiple Non-O visa are restricted to 2 land border crossings a calendar year.
  9. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    No, still closed until further notice.
  10. For a extension based on retirement no other person is required expect for the applicant itself. This was always the case in Phuket.
  11. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    For all rooms, but 204 and 103 are more strict in this.
  12. I don't think any owner would agree to this. We give a discount when paying for the whole year up front but the deposit is still required.