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  1. 45min wait at immigration is back

    Do you mean the PREMIUM LANE immigration section which is separated from the "normal" immigration halls. If so then it's No, Only people with a invitation are allowed to use the Premium Lane section. But i believe there is a desk in the normal immigration hall dedicated for the elderly. (above 70 )
  2. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    This issue creates indeed a lot of confusion even between the immigration officers them self. I'm informed by one officer that the address registration has to be done everytime you enter Thailand or went to a hotel in Thailand regardless if you move address or not. And another officer told to me that the address registration only have to be done when there is a address change of your permanent living address. Both officers work next to each other in Phuket Town Immigration office.
  3. New TM6

    New TM6 are not distributed yet and as UJ mentioned the old ones can be used until they run out.
  4. 45min wait at immigration is back

    You can't do that anymore as Thai nationals have to use the Thai autogates and you can use that. The Thai immigration desk are not (mostly) manned anymore.
  5. Non "Retirement 6 weeks before date ?

    Same for me, I travel a lot and never had to update my address registration. But i will check it before doing my yearly extension just to be sure.
  6. New TM6

    But the old TM6 had the (Occupation, Country of boarding, purpose of stay ) on the back and now on the front and the length of stay was never asked. As a resident i don't know when i leave again. Therefore i suppose i just leave it blank.
  7. Non "Retirement 6 weeks before date ?

    of course as the funds always have to be in the bank account for the required period at the day of the application. So it does not really matter when you do the application.
  8. New TM6

    I understand what you say but i think that it is a translation error as i heard anything that foreign resident (long term visa extensions) persons do not have to use the new TM6 form. I think they mean that all non Thai persons have to use the new TM6 form. I never filled out the back side of the old TM6 form so i'm just wondering how to do it with the new TM6 form. (i suppose to leave it blank)
  9. New TM6

    For people with have their residence in Thailand this new TM6 is a step backwards. The old TM 6 back side was only required for non residence persons. This difference is not there anymore on the new TM6. Do i leave the applicable sections (Occupation, Length of stay, Purpose of visit) blank?
  10. Non "Retirement 6 weeks before date ?

    Phuket will allow the application up to 45 days before the end date. No problem and no (extra) money required.
  11. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Believe me !! The big room downstairs for the Re-Entry, TR60, VOa etc etc which is sometimes a big zoo is room 101. The small office on the back corner where you get the new 1 year extension (for retirement) is room 103.
  12. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Re-entry permits are done in room 101 !! :-)
  13. Current Fast track immigration options?

    Fast track vouchers have to be requested and payed for and by the airline. Therefore not all airlines provide fast track vouchers. It depends on the airline and has nothing to do with the airport ground staff. I wish that they checked the fast track better for non compliance.
  14. terminal D

    Immigration does not mark your passport and customs does not check your passport. It is basically the same as Suvarnabhumi airport. First immigration then pick up your luggage and proceed to the exit. Before the exit your have customs who pick out people for luggage x-ray inspection. The only difference from before is that they now pick out almost everybody for x-ray inspection while before almost nobody was selected.
  15. terminal D

    Yes they do.
  16. terminal D

    Correct when arriving, Clear immigration in BKK and on arrival in HKT you walk from domestic to International where you pick up your luggage and clear customs. Be aware that from starting the new terminal they check a lot more of the arriving luggage (putting it through the scanner) Departing you have most of the time 2 options. Check in at Domestic and at BKK pick up your luggage and recheck in and do the immigration in BKK. Check-in at International (check your luggage all the way to your final destination) and clear immigration in HKT and stay in transit in BKK. Be aware that not all airlines allow this when you are separate tickets and on non partner airlines. For example Bangkok Airline with not check your luggage to a international destination (unless on own airline or partner airline). but you have first to fly to BKK and with your luggage recheck in at BKK and do all formalities in BKK. ( See Bangkok airways website http://www.bangkokair.com/pages/view/separate_ticket )
  17. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    They have indeed a new Chinese volunteer specially for the Chinese costumers who don't speak any English. The so called Indian guy is actually Australian.
  18. Thanks for the information. Better somebody tell the IO officers at Phuket Immigration then that they give out wrong information. :-)
  19. 1 or 2 Day Overstay?

    If you are stopped by the police on the street you will be arrested (unless you can make a arrangement!! ) for overstay and brought to court. You don't want to do this.
  20. The information i provided was confirmed yesterday by Phuket Immigration. Unless they are wrong .....
  21. Unfortunately it is correct. Only people with a valid Re-Entry permit can use the land borders unrestricted. Others with a VOA or multiple Non-O visa are restricted to 2 land border crossings a calendar year.
  22. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    No, still closed until further notice.
  23. For a extension based on retirement no other person is required expect for the applicant itself. This was always the case in Phuket.