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  1. tomato

    Bungsamran to close

    Thanks for that Impulse. I'm going to pay the place another visit before it closes (I'll need a month in the gym first though)
  2. tomato

    Gilhams on UK TV

    Just watched 'The big fish off' on British telly which was filmed at Gilhams in Krabi.For those that don't know what this is, its a series of fishing matches between Dean Macey,Ali Hamidi (2 well known tv angling presenters) and 2 'celebrities' who I've forgotten their names.It was an enjoyable programme with 2 very excitable pro anglers. Not many fish were caught however ( 2 tilapia,2 pacu,1 juliens,1 cahor 1 mekhong and 1 arapaima.)This was over 5 days! They seemed to be over complicating things by using British carp rigs and techniques.Not a lam method feeder in sight,it was all pellets and boilies
  3. tomato

    Freshwater fishing in Phuket

    Thanks for that Marksamui. I will give them a try.I like the sound of Bangla and Kathu.
  4. tomato

    Freshwater fishing in Phuket

    I will do. It is the local fisheries I want to fish.
  5. Is there any? A quick search on the internet suggests not.
  6. tomato

    SAKUNA observation

    Its not just a Thai thing. In the UK at club waters working parties are organised to clear up rubbish left by anglers. I go to Skunar every time I go to Thailand. I think its great. Yes the staff are a bit laid back,but they are Thai. The fishing is top class,only sawai and mekhongs but cheap as chips.I especially like the way they mix the bait for you.
  7. tomato

    Bungsamran to close

    Good news if true.I hope so. That place is great.
  8. tomato

    Bungsamran to close

    I don't know if this has been posted but I just heard that BSR is closing and the fish being moved to a new place in Chachensao.30000 Mekhongs will take some moving!!!! Don't know when this is happening but I for one willmiss the place.This was the first place I fished in Thailand and I just found it incredible. Anyone who hasn't been should go if they get the chance before it closes.
  9. tomato

    Hua Hin Fishing Club

    Just read your match report Sounds like good fun
  10. tomato

    Home Made Bread Paste

    Hi Jase There was a thread a few years ago when someone listed about 20 recipes for bread/lam paste. here is the link http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/272311-bait-again/ Hope that helps
  11. tomato

    Your best fishing venues

    Jase, here are the directions in thai to Sakuna,taken from the bangkokhooker website.It is in Samut Prakan. Directions in Thai/ทางไปบ่อตกปลา: ทางไปบ่อ สกุณา เขตสมุตรประการ 1.ไปทางถนนเทพารักไปทางบางพลี 2.ไปที่ กม. ที่ 8 แล้ว กลับรถแล้วชิดซ้าย 3.เลี่้ยวช้ายที่ เซเวนที่มีป้ายหมู่บ้านลลิล 4.ตรงไปเรื่อยๆ แล้วพอหมู่บ้านลลิลอยู่ซ้าย ตรงข้ามทางขวาก็จะเป็นทางเข้าบ่อ I gave that to a taxi driver and he found it OK. I have only caught sawai and mekhongs in here I don't know if there are cahor in or not.It's cheap as chips though and it doesn't get too crowded,whenever I've been during the week there have been a maximum of 10 other anglers. You buy the bait and they mix it for you,it's great.The first time I fished there I used a small carp rod and my first bite was from a mekhong so it took a while to get in so you might need something stronger but not as strong as the gear for Bungsamran.I now use a 30lb class boat rod with a shimano 6500 baitrunner reel,30lb line.You buy the foam paste feeders at reception,but I change the hook on them for a barbless hook as theyre easier to take out.The locals use jigging rods and multiplier reels. I like this place and I will be spending more time here in the future
  12. tomato

    Your best fishing venues

    I think for my next visit to Thailand I will bring a bait casting outfit and some lures. Are frogs the best lure? Near my hotel in cha am I have noticed several ponds. I'll give them a try I know what you mean about surface strikes being exciting. It's the same when you see a pike following a dead bait being 'wobbled' in the uk
  13. tomato

    Your best fishing venues

    You make it sound great tingtong.But don't you miss scraping dried up lam off your gear and the soles of your shoes?
  14. tomato

    Your best fishing venues

    I suppose I'm a lazy angler. I prefer to let the fish come to me rather than chase them. I fish for pike in the UK ,'wobbling' a deadbait which is similar to lure fishing. But in the UK winter it is just too cold to cast a bait out and wait for a bite. If I ever move to Thailand I may try wild venues for snakeheads,etc.
  15. tomato

    Your best fishing venues

    Gilham.s? I haven't been there so I wouldn't like to comment.