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  1. The headline says "lauded" but the text suggests 60 % and a meagre pass...must do much better is the conclusion to be drawn from it , not a praiseworthy effort.
  2. I too have some knowledge of these matters having been in command of a Chinese-made sub and a Japanese one. The Chinese one had distinctly inferior handling: it failed running the gauntlet under the hot water tap, was hopeless in collisions with the soap dish and went straight to the bottom when broadsided by frigates/light cruisers from a number of countries. General Prayuth might benefit from my insights and I shall write to him at once.
  3. True but this guy was a bit smarter than your average ponzi fraudster::he offered an interest rate that was (just) in the credible zone at 12%pa. It comes as little surprise that university people fell for it ; in Australia many of those stung in the African email scams ( so and so died in a plane crash , I have his 50 million USD, need help getting the money out etc, send me your account details for 5million US), were quite wealthy business people.....yes, hard to believe it but people seem blinded by the prospect of a windfall. They must lead sheltered lives.
  4. I suspect Trump has a sneaking admiration for things Australian: he appears to have mimicked some attributes of the great Les Patterson.
  5. £150,000 still goes a long way in most places outside London...but one would have to wonder how the younger, lower-paid workers survive. The prospect of saving a deposit while renting but always being caught out by property value increases....little wonder they still live at home and defer marriage until 30 or older.
  6. A dreadful betrayal of trust. The perpetrator should be jailed as well as having a life ban from working with children. The other two, who failed to intervene, should be dismissed.
  7. Shopping at Villa is *OK* but their bread is inedible ( in addition to being ludicrously expensive). The better breads are at Tops and Central Food Hall ( as well as the artisan places like Paul's in Embassy. )
  8. It does show just how far removed from reality they are. Maybe they thought this would be some kind of charm offensive in the manner of Jackie Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle c1962. Instead it's just creepy in regard to this girl and her Machiavellian husband. The adult sons are even worse but aren't getting a guernsey, fortunately.
  9. That would be a fine thing but, as we all know, the price of the imports to Thailand is borderline prohibitive. Is that because Thailand fails to honour its obligations under the various free trade agreement or that importers/retailers charge a huge premium ( or a combination of the two)? Australia has an FTA with Thailand but has just slapped restrictions on Thai copy paper: for dumping, below the cost of production. Meanwhile a 40 Baht can of spotted dick retails in Bangkok for 200 Baht ( admittedly not the best example)
  10. The family's point is well-made: their focus was on trying to prevent this hideousness and then on finding the victim rather than on deletion of the clip. For the rest of us, with lesser but still legitimate interest, the question becomes how to stop these psychos from using the readily available/accessible platform to be so repulsive. Facebook is a curse in many ways but it must be very difficult to limit these horror stories now that everyone seems to have an account ( 1 billion users according to someone on another thread).
  11. I have some sympathy for that view so far as it involves "news", but it begs the question "what constitutes news?"....and how far do we go in giving platforms to psychos to peddle and promote their sick fantasies. That debate raged over the execution video of Daniel Pearl (followed by others) about 15 years ago. As for being free....these companies at the forefront of personal freedoms and choices....Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Twitters, many others....are just about the ultimate controlling, spying, sly, deceitful, duplicitous, slimy, invasive creeps imaginable: they know every aspect of the lives of a vast number of people on the planet: our health, habits, preferences, finances, residences, travel, diet, personal circumstances, families, political views, alcohol consumption, internet history, car model, licences, criminal history, drug use, etc, etc. Their only interest in freedom is their own freedom to gather data in order to make a profit. Orwellian "freedom".
  12. Well, you're right of course: the genie is out of the bottle and would be very difficult to put back. But we can't go on having these teens bullied into suicide ...and now the overtly violent incidents in the past 2 weeks.
  13. Yes, premature to ascribe blame of any kind in this case. Not so , though in dozens or hundreds of other cases in which tourists have met with injury, illness, death as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of Thailand's unsafe environment ( road, sea, air, land) and the fundamentally duplicitous way tourism is marketed. More Brits and Australians die in Thailand than any place else; I dare say the same is true for China. Some...many, maybe most are natural deaths, others are avoidable.
  14. Zuckerberg says they are doing all they can to stop incidents/tragedies ( speaking in response to questions about the murder/suicide case in the US). Now this....and before it so many dozens and dozens of teen suicides due to cyber bullying. Apologists will say that Facebook only provides the platform. True, in a way but it is simply outrageous that the clip of this tragedy stayed online for more than 6 HOURS while FB's committee made some determination about it, presumably. That issue is squarely on Zuckerberg and he can continue to pose as the honest broker and 'hail fellow well met', but IMHO he's not much more than a rat with a gold tooth, squirrelling away billions but unable to introduce mechanisms to make his product safer ( and , in this case, when he couldn't reasonably be expected to be able to stop it, left the murder of a baby online for hours....only removed when the BBC complained). The product needs to be rendered safe , particularly for the vulnerable who are exposed to bullying, violence, harassment through it.
  15. We should take comfort ( perhaps discomfort in the act) that condoms are being used, safe sex practices).