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  1. Do that in Thailand and you will probably get electrocuted.
  2. You seem a bit confused about the matter. People are not afraid of FB but rather hostile, wary, indifferent. It is a sinister site, with a strong, loyal following among those of significantly low IQ and preys upon that part of the population. BTW, the most likely reason for anyone to bump into a Thai chap would be that he was glued to his FB page and didn't see you coming. We all have to sidestep these morons...but it's not uniquely Thai, happening all over the world as the FB lemmings roam the streets, malls and transport systems.
  3. If it doesn't bother you, then that's your choice.
  4. Almost every newspaper service has a subscription requirement. You may read up to a certain number of articles free each month but are then locked out; more commonly these days they have "premium" articles, ie never free, only open to subscribers. I think you will find that there is a nexus between advertising on google, google analytics and the positioning of returns: for ALL businesses, including media ( but excluding services such as ABC, BBC, NPR , DW, etc). Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I have a dormant account. Can't see that I would ever use it. We sell every detail of our lives to these rotters at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitters, Instantgram, Pinterest.....they know, can trace, everything about your life. Everything. We give it to them in exchange for peanuts. Good on the EU to sticking it to Google...with other countries to follow suit and the other companies under scrutiny. Try googling a news item: before too long you are taken to a site high on the list of returns but likely to be a subscription site....not because the story is better than other sites, or more widely read....simply because that provider has paid Google to have it given greater visibility. Posing as an honest broker, Google is rotten to the core. Same as ALL those US companies.
  6. Yes, it is a good point. EG, the huge number of Thai fruit-pickers in Scandinavia and Portugal. Very highly regarded, in Portugal they are strongly preferred over other nationalities...reliable, hard-working, easy going.
  7. Typical US fast food crap. No one who ever tasted a genuine sausage roll would be confused. The Brits cannot be denied ownership of one of their 3 culinary triumphs . The Yanks will be after Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole before long.
  8. He'd been done before, so he knew he was playing on a sticky wicket. Some people just can't help themselves from helping themselves.
  9. You might well have an advance taste of the goods but you don't have the full buffet, as it were ( and particularly when you've had a prior warning about pawing the fare).
  10. My understanding is that there has been a huge, sudden increase in fire services testing right across very little , or nothing, for a decade or longer, but when disaster strikes on the other side of the world, fly into action. So fire testers/consultants will be busy for the next couple of months and then we will revert to the usual inaction.
  11. And the behaviour you describe is that of a control freak; nothing to do with lust, rather it's the alpha male demonstrating his power over his territory ( presumably the bar , in this case). Nothing to do with his nationality either...just a low-life overreacting when he is called out on inappropriate behaviour. Nasty piece of work.
  12. For some of the 'original' BKK condo developments, the value of the land on which they sit is greater than the sum total value of the condos. In some cases by a significant margin if they are in a prime spot. Imagine being part of a process to get 100% agreement to sell to a developer.....the 'theatre' would be superb.
  13. In Bangkok, developers continue to throw up new condos , matchbox size, in the outer BTS corridors. They are pretty "cheap and cheerful". At the top end, they don't seem to have much trouble selling even at 2, 3, 400,000 psqm. That said, there are still units in some of the upmarket condos that have never been occupied....some approaching 20 years old.