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  1. Possibly unrelated to the sad demise of Mr Patrick, but I do notice that middle aged and elderly friends and neighbours try to reduce costs by not running the aircon sufficiently cool. This is not the time of year to be trying to save a few baht. Distress caused by heat can sneak up on people quite quickly. Drinking beer is not the best solution.
  2. There seems to be some contradictory statements re the numbers. BKK passenger numbers increased from 53 million in 2012 to 56 million in 2016 ( as reported by the airport authorities). So where is this mega boom in tourism happening? DMK? Phuket? Chiang Mai? Land crossings?
  3. Some better pics and a pre-diagnosis story here:
  4. Lung Ou-an, Uncle Fatty....I like the name, a couple of political figures worthy of it.
  5. And still we bend over backwards to accommodate the evil regimes in the Middle East, pandering to their every whim and fancy, just in pursuit of the $$$$. They want formula one? Sure. How about the World Cup? No problem, just grease the right palms. Send legacy airlines to the brink vis subsidies? Just business. Abuse, torture, rape domestic workers? Ok, lower form of life anyway. No big deal if a few thousand die on construction sites or if they "jump" from buildings. Plenty more where they come from.
  6. Indeed. Buy 2, get 1 free. Just like the Evian offer at Tops. Surely they would have been negligent to refuse the offer only to see the likes of Laos, Nepal or Botswana snap them up instead.
  7. Madame Tourism is never going to quantify it, at least not "publicly", but the average old-fashioned sex tourist probably spends as much if not more than a well-heeled Chinese. Average 10 day trip: at least a thousand USD on "personal services" ( which is then spend in the community on goods and services), significant expenditure on accommodation ( more typically in smaller establishments), a LOT on F&B. Much of this expenditure is not readily seen , forming part of the black economy, but those in charge must be aware of it no matter how distasteful they find the whole sector.
  8. Maybe she can be Harold's new paramour and he can pay for the genuine frocks.
  9. That's true but in the case of taxi drivers there is a compelling case for cynicism. In my experience the majority of drivers are ok....but we tend to remember those that are not, maybe one in ten or so. Back before meters , negotiating a fare for every single trip was a complete pain...but at least once it was done there was never any confusion, deceit or attempts at ripoffs.
  10. While the shop people might have recognised the copy, I wonder how many customers would have done so easily. The K- Mart clones of high fashion items is becoming big (legal) business as more and more savvy shoppers baulk at the LUDICROUS prices charged by the fashion mafia. This case is simple theft, the prices charged by high end fashion stores is highway robbery.
  11. It's an interesting case. Quite clear that the authorities in the pockets of the family believed the fuss would blow over in time( just as it had with many, many similar cases in the past). Equally clear that public opinion is firming rather than weakening and little Boss is not going to be able to return any time soon. The irony for him is that if he'd faced up to the matter 5 years ago it would have been resolved with no jail time and quickly forgotten, written off as just another hiso brat. Now he is so infamous that the case will never be left to expire and the authorities will be forced to act. Boss is going to go to jail at some point, if only for a month or two....
  12. The headline says "lauded" but the text suggests 60 % and a meagre pass...must do much better is the conclusion to be drawn from it , not a praiseworthy effort.
  13. I too have some knowledge of these matters having been in command of a Chinese-made sub and a Japanese one. The Chinese one had distinctly inferior handling: it failed running the gauntlet under the hot water tap, was hopeless in collisions with the soap dish and went straight to the bottom when broadsided by frigates/light cruisers from a number of countries. General Prayuth might benefit from my insights and I shall write to him at once.
  14. True but this guy was a bit smarter than your average ponzi fraudster::he offered an interest rate that was (just) in the credible zone at 12%pa. It comes as little surprise that university people fell for it ; in Australia many of those stung in the African email scams ( so and so died in a plane crash , I have his 50 million USD, need help getting the money out etc, send me your account details for 5million US), were quite wealthy business people.....yes, hard to believe it but people seem blinded by the prospect of a windfall. They must lead sheltered lives.
  15. I suspect Trump has a sneaking admiration for things Australian: he appears to have mimicked some attributes of the great Les Patterson.