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  1. This was an easy, very soft target. Las Ramblas is absolutely packed with tourists at most times of the year, and especially now at the peak of the season....reflected in the fact that citizens of 24 countries are among the injured. There is little visible security in most parts of Spain. You don't see it on the metro or in the streets the way it is so obvious in Belgium and France ( and more recently in the U.K.) Even after the Atocha bombings in Madrid ( by far the deadliest terror attack in Europe), security was still low-key.
  2. It used to be all too common in many airports....the rope lines would open for the well connected male and the trailing harem....no security checks, not even x-ray. Not so common these days.
  3. Rupert Murdoch, Lindsay Fox, John Gandel, Richard Pratt. I'm not so sure things have worsened in Melbourne. 30 years ago, 2 police officers murdered in my very quiet inner suburban street, same time ( and linked?), nutters tried to blow up police HQ with a car bomb ( 200 metres from my office). Many other examples from Melbournes somewhat violent past. Melbourne deserves to be on that list for what it's like today and the other 'liveable ' cities as well, all great. Ive been to all the worst except PM. Been to a lot worse than many of them.
  4. She rails because it gets her elected. Under the Australian system she needs around 5-6 % of the vote in her state to win a senate seat; easy, there are at least that many xenophobes for whom this kind of theatre of hate is grist to the mill. She's no fool, despite what seems to be compelling evidence to the contrary.
  5. There is something to be said for some of that garb, male and female...covers a multitude of sins. Awkward when you need to pee though ( and probably explains why Saudi shopping mall toilets have about 15 cubicles for every urinal.
  6. Not to mention about 10 million Poohbars. Pesonally I like Odd. "Hello, I'm Odd"
  7. One of the lead stories on ABC Australia, as well.
  8. Just waiting for Basil Fawlty and "don't mention the war"
  9. I wouldn't be writing the Poms off just yet. Caught on a sticky wicket they usually show their best ( except in cricket of course...they fold like a house of cards). The French don't want to get too contented and might be wise to keep an eye on the Maginot Line, at least economically if no t militarily.
  10. It was very reminiscent of that. It hasn't been removed? I saw a mob pulling it down...maybe a different one?
  11. Indeed. However there was something disturbing about seeing a feral mob tearing down that statue, spitting and kicking on it when it had fallen. I can understand anger related to the deaths and to Trump's pathetic response but hate to see a mob in action, regardless of their poilitics. I would have left the thing where it was as I reminder of history and as a contrast with the present.
  12. In fact he is: a graduate of the Donald J Trump School of PR
  13. It's not anti-Semitic at all but rather poor communication. It transpires that some ultra-orthodox Jews had been swimming in clothes without showering...so the point was valid but the sign should have read to ALL guests. The fridge....the hotel permitted kosher food to be stored for guests , as a favour. Again, poor communication. The story is a beat-up.
  14. Yes, well I'm sure shoplifters were a pain. I'm not at all sympathetic to them, they force prices up for all consumers.
  15. Nor do I ever think about stealing but I'll be damned if I would ever pay to shop in a place that thinks it's more likely that I would pinch something, and consequently should be watched , because my skin is white. I'm pretty sure that's still considered racism, even among those who are not very PC.