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  1. That helicopter might well be enroute to Waco, headquarters of the Trump government in exile. He can have a nice walled compound and tweet to his heart's content.
  2. I'm sure that's right and the outcome may well have been the same. But the issue is about the quality of care, from arrival to end. He didn't get the best possible care because he didn't get past step 1. The Australian system has had a significant number of similar cases over the last 5 years or so, some so egregious that commissions of enquiry were held, with scathing findings.
  3. The NHS and Australian system reached, passed breaking point because so many total ratbags turn up in Emergency with a cold, or a minor cut or a sore foot or some other trivial condition, sometimes even calling an ambulance for transport. Triage weeds them out but they still need to be assessed , putting huge pressure on staff. I don't know thai public hospitals but my experience in private could not have been better ( my issue with them is about the over-servicing in after care...that's a big rip-off).
  4. But that's the whole point: he should have been seen immediately he presented with those symptoms. It is not up to a poorly paid , marginally qualified triage nurse to make a judgement other than that his symptoms indicated a potentially ( tragically, actually) life-threatening condition. It's for the first-line doctors to diagnose, treat etc. The (possible)failure here was in triage...he should have been seen by a medic, promptly; he wasn't, he died on the waiting room floor. Frankly, I can't see your point as it's more than reasonable to ask questions about the quality of his treatment and ,if there were failures, did they contribute to his death.
  5. You are correct; I was extrapolating from the description of his inability to sit and read "severe" when it's not printed.
  6. Agree with that but for the description of severe pain in the article. IE, not just pain, not moderate, not strong...but SEVERE, indicating urgency, priority, immediacy. Who would leave a child in that state in a waiting room? I'm sure they didnt want him to die but the fact remains, admittedly at first glance and without all the facts, that a child died in the waiting room when he should have been assessed as an urgent case. Sometimes the system doesn't work and those responsible for it need to be questioned on their (in)action(s).
  7. I've seen it back more than halfway across the terminal....usually around 8-10am is the problem. Yes, Thai is a breeze ( but they screw their own gold card members out of that lane).
  8. The luck of the draw....sometimes the arrival guys don't ask but more often than not they do. And I've seen people turned away for not having one. Yes, the exit guys are red-hot in collecting them.
  9. Point taken but the fact remains that it is absolutely basic that a child presenting with SEVERE pain is to be seen immediately, top priority other than an unresponsive patient. The triage system has failed this kid, IMHO. I have no medical background ( other than paediatrician ex-wife ,a vacation job as an orderly c1969 , and watching ER) so I would defer to your judgement....but the point remains...that SEVERE pain ( not a grumbling stomach ache) is just about highest priority.
  10. The last time they did this they got nothing more than a token slap ( and that only after they denied for weeks that it was an organised campaign, before finally confessing).
  11. In this case any reasonable triage system would indicate urgency: severe pain including an inability to sit. At the very least that would be indicative of something like appendicitis, with the consequent need to get him in to be seen, STAT. They can be excused for not foreseeing the clot, but inexcusable to keep a child with severe pain waiting ( or any patient for that matter).
  12. It has taken yet another ugly turn with the reports from intelligence intercepts that Sessions did indeed discuss the Trump campaign with the Russian ambassador. Sessions will be gone next week, give Trump 3 way is he going to last until mid-terms. Never has there been such a blight on American govt. New depths being plumbed, far, far worse than Nixon.
  13. Vietnam Airlines does not give on arrival, even for J passengers. They do give on exit through BKK. They too try to push people to Louis' Tavern , although Air France Lounge is much better for anyone with Sky Team status ( although it's closed until they move into a new one next month).
  14. True , "be careful what you wish for" applies throughout the region but these Sauds are just so utterly repugnant, redefining human garbage and presuming to call themselves royal. One can only hope for a sticky end for the lot of them while being mindful that the successors might be even worse.
  15. Now Spicer has quit, unhappy over the appointment of the vile Scaramucci as Communications Director. I can't decide if it's rats leaving the ship so much as lemmings headed for the cliff face.