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  1. TrueVision scores with special EPL campaign

    Same here mine ran free all season just had to pay for my phone package 399thb
  2. Accident insurance

    Health insurance coverage I cannot get proper cover so I opted for pacific cross they have a decent amount of accident policies which may be worth a look, I have never had a claim with them in 2 years, I will start to look again later this month as my policy will be up and want to make sure I am the best I can afford so if there are any companies worth looking at let me know
  3. Buying supplements from iHerb in the US

    I have used my thai card and thai billing address and uk card with uk billing address, my current order is slow, it arrived Laksi 2nd feb not been delivered to me as yet
  4. thanks I will head office a call and see what I can do, I will have to do a search on thai credit union never heard of it
  5. I have had a mai tee account for 3 years now, I dont have work permit or house just yearly extension I tried a l&h before and they asked for work permit is uob and cimb the same? based in phuket? I could do with my money working a bit harder than 1.3%
  6. yes a statement would be nice, I had to do just do mine in person hope its sorted by April
  7. I have been hoping the system would come back online but nothing today, I have been doing online for over 2 years, I will have to do manually what currently is needed? copy tm6 and passport face pace
  8. Watch repairs

    No service here its because its a tennis score watch, reading reviews the plastic mold which hold the pins have broken often on this model, not as reliable as my last model. I will try a few more shops but it looks like I am going to send back to the usa for warranty & maybe customs headache on its return.
  9. Watch repairs

    Thanks I will take a look in phuket town, I tried big c and central both places said the frame was broken and could not repair so I may be out of luck & have to return to usa for replacement
  10. Watch repairs

    Thanks will take a look at big c today
  11. Watch repairs

    Hello I have a watch that needs a new band and maybe slight repair on the pins, tried a few little shops & stall in tesco lotus without much luck, does anyone know a dedicated watch repair shop? I am located Thalang side but can travel Thanks
  12. Retirement extension 2016 - latest requirements

    Are they open on Monday? Interesting they said you were early at just over four weeks, considering a couple of members have stated on this thread they've been getting their extensions six weeks ahead of time for years! I read baggies666 post to mean, the Immigration officer said "Yes I can do it now", I think the "couple of days early" was the poster's comment, not the Immigration officer's Yes that was my comment I have always done it a month early not had the experience of getting it 6 weeks before maybe try my luck next year, he told me open monday, I asked twice as he told me come back after 1pm Monday to collect my passport
  13. Retirement extension 2016 - latest requirements

    great experience today, nipped in to ask about Monday if open he asked to see my passport, my extension is June 1st so Monday was the day I was planning to go in, asked if I had all my paperwork I said yes he said I can do it now, its only a couple of days early but he could of told me to come back next week.
  14. Tenderizing Thai beef?

    How long do you Marinate for? thinking of trying Papaya juice
  15. Question for 3bb VDSL users .....

    I am suppose to be on the premier package vdsl 50/15 costs me 1284thb pm at the moment, I was on the 30/3 this package was upgraded, the new packages have confused me I will wait a while to see if this international restrictions is real on the 50/10 package