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  1. If you have a low IQ population that is educated to a third grade level, you are going to have low IQ individuals with the minds of third graders doing whatever they want. And what they want to do is to destroy nature.
  2. I read that, you cheeky little monkey.
  3. I had to read nearly the entire story to find out where this is. I am 95% certain it is England. And it's an old story, so congratulations on your non-existent journalistic skills. Cut and paste much?
  4. It's too little money to get a lawyer involved. How much is the cleaning fee? If you are not a smoker, and not a complete slob, anything more than 1000 baht in cheating you.
  5. If it was a farang, they would never ever have said murder. Thais so simple. Him papa rich man. Him murder.
  6. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    I won't take them anymore. You go there and try to get a ticket. They'll have nothing you can get in for an hour and a half or two hours.
  7. Pattaya date

    Meeting them on the internet or meeting them face-to-face, "How much you give me?" Is a question 100% will put yo you.
  8. That's probably not her brother.
  9. Every time I see parents walking young children through walking street I just have to wonder what kind of <deleted>parents they are.
  10. Thai are sooooo interested in jamming up foreigners for crimes they don't care if Thais commit, and so interested in "educating" foreigners who are ignorant of Thai ways. They really, really need to educated their own uneducated masses of Thai people about very nearly everything in life. Ignorance is a character trait here.
  11. Thais attacking foreigners

    Is it common knowledge amongst Thai people that they can attack a foreigner and that the police will do almost nothing about it? Most Expats in Pattaya know what that this can happen, right?
  12. No. You're right. I'm sure the hygiene and cleanliness of the hospitals are commensurate in any country because we are all the same.
  13. How did your gender reassignment surgery turn out?
  14. Have you ever had medical care in the third world? You don't know what you've just written.