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  1. Probably inhaled Jomtien beach vender garbage. I regularly see them sweeping it into the water about sunrise.
  2. Hi guys, I just bought a condo in Pattaya. This trip will be the first one where I am staying in my own condo. Do I need to go to immigration and report my whereabouts? What do I need to do and when do I need to do it? Thank you.
  3. I have to be up in Bangkok today, Wednesday the 12th. I know Songkran starts tomorrow, but will there be people throwing water today? I have an eye infection and would like to skip the fun. When will the water play end in Bangkok? It seems to drag on longer as the years go by. Cheers.
  4. I'm surprised he didn't get away. How are the police going to catch him in their tight brown uniforms? And speaking of that, seriously...what's the deal with the two sizes too small unInforms?
  5. Which banks will let a foreigner on a tourist visa open up a bank account? What is required to open a new account? Thanks.
  6. I think it is called Export 7. It used to be outside of the Big C in Nirth Pattaya. Now it is gone. I heard it moved somewhere near there. Does anyone know where they are located in Pattaya?
  7. I've been coming to Thailand two times a year since 2001, so I don't know what you're on about. But thanks for the comment, Mister Helper. 🙏
  8. My budget is $30 a night. And I don't see how I can cook chicken breast in a microwave.
  9. Hi guys, I am coming to Bangkok to go to the hospital and hopefully take care of a stomach problem. The problem is, I'll be staying in a hotel, and need to eat very bland food. I have been eating nothing but chicken, broccoli and green vegetables, and rice for weeks. If I eat this, I don't get terrible stomach pain. I need to find a relatively inexpensive hotel with a kitchen in the unit or a restaurant near Nana BTS that has food of a similar bland nature. can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what the USD-THB exchange rate is, and where near Sukhumvit Soi 7 is the exchange place with the best rates usually? Thanks! First beer is on me!
  11. If you paid $1000-$3000 to go to one of his seminars, then go ahead and walk on the coals because you already got burned.
  12. The Germans...apparently....still good at burying things.
  13. The next night, he sneaks out while she's asleep and gets a Thai bird. When the girlfriend wakes up next to the naked Thai bird, the boyfriend should deadpan, "it's not like it hasn't happened before. Thais are a friendly bunch." Repeat every night.
  14. A shot of the attacker pointing at the victim. An instant classic. She hugs him and in his mind that's the invitation to the threesome. And Why wouldn't the boyfriend be up for it? He obviously has very little self respect to be going to Thailand of all paces with a common, lower class, fat, dyed, tattooed cow who goes around hugging random men in a country where the locals would never ever do such a thing. Recommend that bloke enjoys the rest of this vacation hugging random Thai women at B1000 a pop.
  15. I ordered Pad Thai, standing in the afternoon sun whilst the street food vender made someone else's order. There was a crate with 50 or 60 fresh eggs on it. As I waited, I watched him cook, looking over the ingredients. In the middle of the crate, I saw a singular cracked egg. It was then that I knew that cracked egg had my name on it. He chose eggs in order for the other person he was cooking for. When it was time for him to prepare my lunch, he chose the cracked egg from the middle. I just walked away hungry, but not potentially, and more or less deliberately, food poisoned.