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  1. Vagina has taken more of a beating than the oldest punching bag in Thailand. Can you wear out a vagina? Is there a point where it simply becomes a lady's handbag? Can you actually petrify a vagina through continuous sex with entire cities of men? Would a taxidermist say that her vagina was a completed piece of work? If you compared her hardest-working-vagina in Thailand to the 150-year-old severed ear of Vincent Van Gogh, could you tell the two apart?
  2. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    1500-1800 baht?! It's a 1000 baht from suvarnbahumi!
  3. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    Leave it to the Thais to build an airport near pattaya, which no one knows where it is, and it is virtually inaccessible without a car.
  4. A water quality check? A VISUAL water quality check will tell you that if the fish, who actually LIVE in the water, cannot survive, then probably you shouldn't swim there. But if you do decide to swim, and find yourself in distress, grab on to as much plastic as you can and float back to shore.
  5. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    You spelled ignorance wrong.
  6. Rollerblading

    What's in Ka Tring? A skatepark?
  7. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    What's the reason that Pattaya streets flood after it rains, even after it rains not that much? Is it bad planning, crumbling infrastructure, the garbage thrown everywhere getting in the drains and sewer system? And what's with the water? It is an ominous grey color or sickly brown. I'm sure that it is completely full of bacteria. Probably so full of bacteria that other bacteria get turned away until the next flooding. And if you have a cut on your leg or feet, you will catch something too difficult to get ride of. Whats the deal? Can this problem be fixed?
  8. If he was a Chinese tourist, people would be like, "what's he doing? I can't see anything."
  9. I think what's missing from this article is the phrase "big white cock" about five times.
  10. Sometimes you just really need to take a piss.
  11. Any Persian cat owners in Pattaya?

    And some cats aren't funny , and just actually boring pussies.
  12. In a civilized country, punching someone in front of a police officer will get you thrown to the ground and roughly cuffed. Not mai pen rai.
  13. Chinese tour groups

    They tend to come on the super cheap tours. Stay somewhere and spend $50:night on a room. That should keep the savages away.
  14. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Observer is correct. Are you guys ashamed to pay each time you get a drInk? Are you worried about what the staff will think about you? Maybe you think, after having a few beers, that as you leave, all the girls are thinking, "Well, there goes a really nice guy." You know Soistalker's rule: Not one satang extra.