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  1. A Chinese man moved into my condo. In the pool, he blew his nose in the pool after every lap. When he got out, he was wearing boxer briefs. I almost f%^king lost it.
  2. soistalker

    Suspects sought in Thai-Korean sex ring

    In sure they don't have any trouble getting thai women to go to Korea to get paid more than they do in Thailand.
  3. The dutchman lost by a nose. Sorry...I'll grab my coat.
  4. soistalker

    What is better? Cars made in Thailand or foreign imports?

    Volkswagen? I hardly ever see Volkswagen in Thailand.
  5. soistalker

    Bangkok hit by freak rains

    Freak rains? What's that mean?
  6. I make a photocopy of the photo page of the passport and fold my boarding pass into that and carry it around. Never been asked for it. I think that should suffice though. No?
  7. Sack the entire police force. Bring in outside police consultants to build and make a real police academy that teaches them the law and not how to get tea money. Require every police officer to do ACTUAL POLICE WORK. Increase fines for traffic violations exponentially. Get a few vehicular manslaughter cases up in the media and get courts to hand down long jail sentences for running over people because the drivers were retards and disregarding traffic laws and basic human mores.
  8. soistalker

    Refusing condoms boosts STDs among teens

    Over 16% have STD?! That's just nasty!
  9. soistalker

    No cold weather for Bangkokians this cold season

    I don't like the sound of Bangkokians. I think Bangkoks sounds better. What do you Bangkoks think?