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  1. soistalker

    This thai girl

    Free sex? Like as in not with a prostitute? Is it your opinion that every sexual relationship in Thailand is a transaction?
  2. I use the weather.com app, but find it pretty useless. I would appreciate finding a reliable weather app or site so as not to get stuck outside standing in a corner while the 30~50cm flood waters receed (even after a mild downpour). Any ideas on a reliable predictor of the weather?
  3. soistalker

    MC Taxi Injuries

    First off, I cant stand these guys. They park blocking the sidewalk at my condo, and throw garbage and cigarettes everywhere. They piss into a funnel in the bushes. I walk past their cigarette smoke everyday while they say, "taxthi, taxthi" in a gay voice. So, no...I don't patronize them.
  4. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Go ahead and Google making kimchee. Then try to make it tomorrow in Thailand. You'll notice two things: it will not taste anything like Korean kimchee and it will be the least authentic dish on the planet.
  5. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    That's my question, son.
  6. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    If you haven't been to the country/place of the food you are cooking or have someone who has been, and learned it there, instructing you, you can't make authentic cuisine from that area. You can't Google authentic.
  7. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Wait..what? You drinking?
  8. This guy just boiled down Thai/farang relationships to its essence. You win the internet, sir.
  9. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    No. But I've had English food in the UK. I'd be up for pretty much anything to avoid a repeat (pun intended).
  10. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Why would I eat inauthentic food by people who have never been anywhere close to Texas? I ate in a Mexican restaurant in Korea a few times. The owners like to Google Mexican recipes and give it a go. They'd never even met a Mexican.
  11. soistalker

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    I keep seeing advertisements and infomercials for this place which talks about authentic Texas BBQ. How is this a Texas Grill when the owners are English and the cooks are Thai? Have any of them even been to Texas? Anyone been there?
  12. soistalker

    45 ladyboys arrested on Pattaya beach

    At least the Thai rats litter less than the Thai humans.
  13. soistalker

    Stationary stores in Pattaya?

    Yeah. I took spelling in school, but I was absent that day.
  14. soistalker

    Stationary stores in Pattaya?

    I am trying find a stationary store in Pattaya which sells cute notebooks and stationary. Any ideas?
  15. soistalker

    Thai baby lie?

    Did your mom say something?