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  1. I can order any internet service I want;there are no restrictions. As my wife and I are both farangs, getting information on this is very difficult.
  2. We just moved into our new apartment in Jomtien and currently do not have internet. My wife and I enjoy watching sports games from the US, and we want to get an Internet connection that is fast enough to be able to watch games uninterrupted. Of course foreigners need to pay a year up front. We were quoted 15,000 baht for a year for 200MB/second download speed and 100MB/second upload speed by 3bb company. The lower priced package is 7000 baht for a year for 30MB/second download and 10MB/second upload. Is this a good company? Is the price fair? Should I buy the 15,000 baht package or would the 7000 baht package be good enough to watch games?
  3. Air conditioner cleaning service?

    Would you be so kind as to provide their phone number for me? and I cannot use the search function on my iPhone. Thanks.
  4. Air conditioner cleaning service?

    No one knows any company that does this?
  5. Probably his first time out of Thailand, and he didn't know that if he got into a fight with the guy filming that probably every other farang in the area wouldn't joyfully rush over to get their punches and kicks in.
  6. The first woman to talk, the one who said she is Thai, admitted to the guy filming that she knew that it was off limits. I wish that the article didn't try to whitewash...I mean Thaiwash the article. The truth is in the clip, not in the article. And if this had happened in Thailand with foreigners tresspassing, the penalty would be in the thousands.
  7. My air conditioner is moldy and gross inside. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can come over and take apart and clean an air conditioner in Jomtien?
  8. I need to find a good urologist in Pattaya. Can anyone recommend a good doctor or hospital to go to, please? Maybe a local hospital? (Last time I went to an international hospital, one of the charges was 280 baht for the disposable latex gloves the doctor used).
  9. There are very very few crosswalks on 2nd Road. And from South Pattaya Road to Central Pattaya Road, it is a few kilometers with no stop lights, and the Thais take all advantage of this like they thought they were on Sukhumvit, with speeds easily exceeding 80kph.
  10. "A fight broke out and the taxi driver smashed the foreigner in the face knocking him out." A sucker punch to the face is hardly a fight breaking out.
  11. I saw the video, and the jogger was way out of line as he did push the woman with his hands, almost killing her. That being said, as a jogger, I may be seeing this from a slightly different perspective. The woman is on a collision course with the man. She does not budge, not a centimeter to the side, nor even move her right shoulder to the left a little bit. It is passive-agreesive on her part. This DOES NOT EXCUSE his behavior. He should have run far around her. Joggers have to deal with this a lot whilst jogging in public. He's probably fed up with it. but he should have gotten a severe beating for doing that.
  12. Hi everyone, I usually go to a place in Bangkok where the pharmacist is famous for good prices on medications. I cant get to Bangkok, and need my medicine. Where in Pattaya is a reputable pharmacist that has good prices and good quality control?
  13. THe funny this is that if the just made it easier for expats and tourists to stay, they could make up for not having to whore themselves for third world visitors who spend nothing.
  14. You are assuming the police did a proper investigation?
  15. How do you come up with the 1400 hours estimation, Oxx?