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  1. Not only that, but a total fabrication. Are we to believe that the reporter actually interviewed Thais who think the garbage is from farang?!
  2. Unless you catch Thai people littering, and fine them heavily, they will never stop littering. Never. Ever. But this would necessitate an honest police force, which Pattaya/Jomtien does not have. Thai people litter like dogs sh!t and p!ss: wherever and whenever they want.
  3. Just to put the 100,000 baht fine for smoking into perspective: that fine is equal to the combined fines of 200 Thai people who decide to stab you. The fine for a Thai stabbing a foreign tourist is 500 baht (see repeat offender watch seller who stabbed a foreigner on Beach Road). So, smoke on the beach and your crime is the same as 200 Thais all getting in a knife wound on you.
  4. I saw an accident on pattaya klang a few months ago. The lead paramedic, I.e. the guy working, was a white guy. I didn't take note of the company though.
  5. Are they loud and annoying? Just taking a shot in the dark here.
  6. They think that just increasing the tourist numbers is the best way to go. But Chinese aren't going to spend any money. The authorities made it so difficult for western guys to live in Thailand. The visa rules show that we aren't wanted. Most westerns would spend $1000+ a month at least while living in pattaya. That's probably 10X more than the average Chinese will spend in the local economy per trip.
  7. It now takes thirty minutes to get from Jomtien to central pattaya road in a Baht bus. Pretty much any time of day. with more tour buses, it will be worse. And city hall doesn't have, hasn't had, anyone smart enough to deal with even the simplest of problems.
  8. Why was everyone driving on the wrong side of the road? Is that a two-lane one way street?
  9. The Thai moto rider broke his fall with the least used part of his body: his head. and he looks like a Thai Curly from the three stooges.
  10. Chinese

    You are framing the comfort women issue in the simplest of terms. And are you a paid Chinese agitprop?
  11. So, as a first year student, they are subject to being beaten and punished by the second, third, and forth year students for any reason, like walking down a path? And standing on your head in a f#%king sauna for hours is torture. But of course no one will be punished for it. And the prime minister lied about him being sick often. Absurd.
  12. Chinese

    No you haven't . Listen, no one here is lying about dirty Chinese behaviors. We would appreciate your honesty.
  13. Chinese

    You need to see things from the Japanese perspective 75-100 years ago in the context of the geopolitical climate of the time coupled with their newly dominant position in all of Asia, and their relative lack of exposure outside of Japan. And Chinese of the 1930s would have been absolutely repulsive in their behavior and the total lack of hygiene and proper behavior. Plus, it is well known that the Chinese lied about the scope of Japanese military action, especially in Nanjing.
  14. Chinese

    Chinese complaint #1: No one told me I couldn't pull down my son's pants in public and hold his penis while he urinated.
  15. Chinese

    The Japanese are very very different from other Asians. They all follow the rules. They are mostly quiet, polite, and well behaved. And they are clean. Japan upon reaching Korea and china and seeing the filth and low level behavior of the masses caused them to react in an aggressive way. It's not all their fault.